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    Medic Guide by Yakizura

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    Medics - The Up-To-Date Guide
    Written by: LightofGod or Yakizura(1,2,3)
    Written on: July 02, 2007
    Introduction - Long
    Medics are those players in War Rock that can be used for both when you are
    grouping together to storm the Marien Hall in order to bring hell to those on
    the enemy team, and can also be great when it is 1v3, as they can heal
    themselves and every time they get into a fight with another player, they are
    healed to full and a force to be reckon with!  Medics are often taken for
    granted, most of the time, if you’re a medic, people would often just sit right
    in front of you, and simply stand there, as if, for some reason, you should be
    able to read their minds and figure out what they want.
    Well what do they want?
    They. Want. HEALING.
    The question now is, do you honestly want to risk yourself trying to heal them?
    Lets say your in Marien hall nearly 15 seconds into the match.  Think, you have
    this guy, staring at you, asking for medic.  His face is turned towards you, so
    you know he isn't watching for any enemy rushers, and you know he just wants
    you to help him.  My advice (which is the reason you came here) is to just
    leave him.  If he has the guts to ask you for medic, 15 seconds into the game,
    while blocking your view of the rest of Marien hall, while not looking out for
    other enemies, he deserves to die.
    A Note to those who want Medics to be their own saving grace:
    Learn to help medics when they are helping you, don't just stand still and look
    dumb while a medic is healing you, at least LOOK for a possible enemy.  Looking
    at the pretty medic will not help your team win, and in the long run, someone
    like me is going to come marching down the hall to murder both You, and the
    Medic with her Med-kit out.
    The point of this guide is to simply tell how Medic's should be used, and how
    they can be the most powerful unit in all of War Rock.  I will cover the
    tactics, weapons, and how to be one of the best in the map Marien (my favorite
    End Introduction
    Weapon ~ Level Requirement ~
    The mp5 ~ Base Weapon - Level 1 ~
    The Mp5 is the base weapon of both the Medic class, and the Engineer class.  It
    has a great rate of fire and does decent damage, capable of getting 3 - or more
    kills per clip in the hands of someone who can use it wisely.  The mp5 is
    capable of out sniping seeing as how there is barely any recoil and has good
    accuracy.  You will only see 30 bullets, and if you are used to the k2, you
    might think that 30 bullets don't last long, but with the mp5, it can last for
    at least 4-5 seconds in continuous fire.   The sound is also pretty low, which
    means those who use it in a 1v2 time would be stealthy if they were to crouch
    and shoot, seeing as how you can barely hear where a mp5 is coming from.  Plus,
    the price of the mp5, 0$, makes it a great gun for the price.  This, in my
    opinion, is the third best gun for War Rock medics at the moment.
    The Uzi ~ Level 1 ~
    Most people say the Uzi sucks just because of the rate of fire ~ The can't be
    more wrong.  The Uzi is deadly in the hands of someone who possesses the
    ability to AIM.  The Uzi has something that most other guns have, but it is
    noticeable in the Uzi the most, it is called "Spread"
    Spread- When the bullets, in fire, tend to move around from the crosshair
    The spread is what makes counter-sniping with the Uzi hard.  However, in close
    range matches, it is a great weapon with OK accuracy, capable of pulling out 4
    kills easy.  However, against the FAMAS or the G36, you will lose unless you
    pull off a tactic, which I will explain later.   There are at least 2 guns that
    can overpower the Uzi, the G36 and the FAMAS, both of which will win in a 1v1
    The Uzi is a good weapon for beginners because it (Uzi) will force them to
    learn to aim to conserve their ammo and will improve their game later on.
    The g36c (no scope) ~ Level 1
    The g36c is one of the most liked weapons in the game.  It has a great rate of
    fire, is OK in accuracy, and his good power.  However, if you are a spray and
    pray type of player (see: Tactics) you will notice you lose your ammo, fast.
    The g36c loses ammo about as fast as a beer from a drunk's fridge.  It can pull
    off 2-3 kills in a very short amount of time.  I myself dislike the g36 simply
    for that reason.  If you are in a fight with 4 different people (that you would
    be able to kill with lets say the k2, easy) you are screwed.  The g36c will
    bring the 4th remaining person to about half and then you will have to reload.
    The k1 ~ Level 6
    The k1 is the FAMAS for the Medic.  It has best speed out of all the weapons in
    War Rock, only matched by the FAMAS itself.  It can pull off 5 kills per clip
    using 6 shots (about 1.5 seconds of firing) it has deadly accuracy and can
    outsnipe someone, easy.  It has barely and spread and the best firepower of all
    the Medic guns in my opinion.  The only small drawback is the recoil
    Recoil - When your gun goes up while shooting, simple.
    The k1 has some recoil on it, it will make your gun go up about half an inch.
    I find this easy to overcome and practicing it in Training mode will help you
    in the long run.
    The g36c_d ~ Level 11
    This gun is the g36, but it has 100 bullets.  Read the g36 section for the
    details.  Oh, by the way, its heavier than before, so it makes you walk slower.
    The recoil is the same as the g36, but it is capable of pulling over 10 kills
    when used correctly.  This gun could be called the Minigun of the Medic, seeing
    as how the g36c_d has the largest clip size of the entire Medic arsenal.
    The p90 ~ Thanks to: ch3ssmasta ~ Level 11
    The p90 gun is the gun you want to have for almost all situations.  It has the
    capability to fire long distances with good accuracy, and is capable of busting
    out 4-5 kills per clip.  The 50 bullets helps you when you need to kill a
    lagger or if you are someone that has trouble aiming.  The only problem is,
    since you WILL be shooting many bullets to kill at long distances, you will
    draw attention to yourself, so if you are in a 1v4 CQC match, try not to shoot
    off your extra ammo and just reload instead.  Each shot of the p90 does about
    2-4 bars per hit.  On an added note, this gun was in a JAMES BOND movie, and if
    a gun was in one of those movies, you KNOW it is good ^_^.
    The mp7 ~ Level 21 ~ PREMIUM ONLY WEAPON!
    This is, in my opinion, the second best gun for the medic.  It has semi-high
    recoil, making your crosshair go about 1.5 Inches above where it started, so it
    is hard to contain when you first use it.  It has great firepower, capable of
    taking out at least 6 people on a single clip.  It's rate of fire is only
    slightly slower than the k1.  It, based on my experiences, cannot out snipe.
    The gun has spread that [u]will[/u] make your shots fly off in random
    directions.  In close range, it will lose to the g36 and the FAMAS.
    The TMP9 ~ Level UNKNOWN ~ PREMIUM ONLY WEAPON! (May or may not, most likely
    will be)
    The TMP9 has a very fast rate of fire, in close competition of the FAMAS and the
    MP7.  It also has a similar amount of damage to that of the MP7.  It is very
    precise from what I can tell and can kill an opponent within 4-6 hits, depending
    on where you hit the person.  The recoil is average, also close to that of the
    MP7, and can be controlled; very easily judging from how "pro" other people
    have used it as.  The spread is kept down to a minimum, but still there.
    The TMP9 is equal with any weapon, being able to beat and be beaten by any other
    main firearm.
    The Dual Scorpions ~ Level UNKNOWN ~ PREMIUM ONLY WEAPON! (Most Likely)
    They have a faster speed than the FAMAS and are capable of going through their
     42 bullet clip in 3 seconds.  The fact that there are two guns means your
    crosshair does not give you an accurate idea of where you bullets are going to
    The spread on the guns is what begins to balance them out.  Imagine a FAMAS with
    42 bullets that has the strength of a P90 (in terms of per bullet strength), and
    the spread of a Ak-47.  That's basically what the Dual Scorpions are.  They
    have weak damage but fast speed to compensate.  The recoil is also noticible,
    as the crosshair will move up fast if you don't control it.  Contrary to popular
     belief, these guns are not "all that", and are easily countered by hiding while
     the clip is emptied.  They can pull out 2-3 kills if you are very conservative
     with your ammo or make some headshots.  Another thing to notice is the reload
     time, as the dual scorpions seem to have the longest reload in the game.
    End Weapons
    Healing Items
    The healing kit 1 - Med-Kit1
    This little baby is capable of healing you 30%, or around 4 bars.  It takes 4
    shots to heal yourself or your teammate to full.  If you have retail, then I
    would suggest healing your teammate with this first, so if your teammate gets
    killed, you can run and heal yourself with the Med Kit 2.
    The healing kit 2 - Med-Kit2
    Special thanks to: ch3ssmasta for the correction to healing %.
    This thing can heal you for 45%.  It can heal around 4-5 bars and is a
    lifesaver.  If you have retail, heal your teammates using the MedKit1 before
    you bust out this bad boy.
    The Med Boxes
    These things are a pain in the butt for most cases now that everyone has them.
    this enough.  If you do, an enemy solider will come and he will take them,
    making your enemy that much harder to defeat.  However, these can also be
    called the Medic's landmine.  Toss one med box at the bottom of the Derb
    Sniper.  When an enemy comes along, he\she will see the med kit and pick it up,
    when you see the alert:
    "Tricked_Player has used Med Box 90%"
    You KNOW that is the time for you to jump down and murder that tricked person.
    I believe Med Boxes heal as much as the MedKit2 does give or take 2 bars.
    End Healing Items
    Note, these tactics can be found in almost any guide that discusses "tactics"
    give or take a few.
    1)  The "Switch to Secondary"
    When you are out of ammo for your Primary Weapon, switch to your secondary and
    continue the assault, because in the time it took to unleash all your ammo
    between you and your enemy, most likely he\she will switch to their
    secondary\fifth\eighth\sixth and kill you first.  So, don't reload, switch.
    The only time you should ever reload your primary is when you KNOW there aren't
    any more opponents around you, and you KNOW you can be safe for around 5
    seconds, which, seems like a small time, but it seems like a good minute when
    your in a fast-paced game.
    2)  Don't go down the same path twice.
    If you die within 10 seconds of a round, don't go down that same path.  Do not
    think you can outrun the grenade and make it the second time, most likely, it
    will not happen.  The opponent would think: oh, this guy keeps going down the
    same route all the time, I'll just toss a grenade each round to get a free
    kill.  Don't be the idiot who does this and is forced to play 90 seconds of
    game and ghost everyone else for the remaining time, it's not fun.
    3) When healing, DON'T BE STUPID.
    When you are healing, you have 2 choices, heal smart, or heal stupid.  I have
    seen my team lose COUNTLESS times because of Medics who just stand in the
    middle of the open field corpse-ridden battle field and just heal there, like
    no one would look for a girl dressed in green healing herself in front of the
    entire rest of the battlefield (the girl being the medic -_-)  Instead, you
    should look for a spot where there is another corpse of the same color, like a
    teammates, and prone inside his\her body to heal; this way, you won't look so
    obvious.  This technique also works when defusing the bomb in CQC.
    4) Don't heal your teammates when they are dumb.
    Look at the introduction, see? I was teaching even there.
    5) Have. Fun.  War Rock is not a game of ratios, but of fun.
    End Tactics and Tips
    ~End Notes~
    If you find a spelling error, post it here (or send me an Email if you are
    reading from GameFaqs).  Don't post about grammar nor should you post about
    capitalization, seeing as how I tend to abuse those subjects, hard.
    This guide took me along time to write.  I do plan to send this
    to a game faq website, so I advice you, don't rip this, I don't get why you
    would anyways, it's lame and rude.  This guide can only be seen on
    Gamefaqs.com. Do not post this guide anywhere else.
    My: Thank You List:
    -Ch3ssmasta, for reminding me about the p90 and correcting the MedKit2 %.
    -K2 Networks, for hosting the game "War Rock".
    -Dream Evolution, for making the game "War Rock".
    -The War Rock Forums, for giving me a place to type out my sentences and bring
     my WPM very high :D
    12/30/2007 - Updated to update with TMP9 and MP7.
    3/16/2008 - updated to add the Dual Scorpions and fixed some spelling issues.
    	  - also removed the "Marien Guide", as there is no "guide" to War Rock.

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