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"Obviously free, but still good"

WarRock is still in beta but with time could be a solid alternative to the Battlefield and Battlefront series, especially if you are broke. In my review, I will rate each part of the game separately. The final total will be out of 100 but then I'll divide by 10 and round to get the GameFAQs total.

Gameplay - Overall the same team-based combat from the Battlefield and Battlefront games. It is fun, but could be better (my biggest pet peeve is that they don't let you remap keys. This means that my keyboard layout that I'm used to (this is still fairly standard, though) has to be changed. Classes can be somewhat unbalanced depending on the map (several tall buildings but mostly open space screws you over with just one or two snipers). This is still a beta, but these guys need to work on translation (the developers are Korean and there is some weird grammar that makes you have to read through some things multiple times)

Gameplay score: 30/40

Graphics - Okay for a free game. Many people have speculated that it was based on the Quake3 engine (it was apparently on the Jindo3D engine, but I don't know much about that one, so I can't offer another game on the engine for comparison). Therefore, they are dated, but definitely okay for a free game. One complaint is that the character models are really weird. In any case, it doesn't affect gameplay, but it is annoying. I would've liked more options for the graphics, too, but oh well.

Graphics score: 12/20

Sound - Average in all respects. No great music, no great effects, just stuff that seems like the same that you've been hearing for every game.

Sound score: 10/20

Online play - The main purpose of the game (there is no singleplayer and you must be online to play the game) is okay. You will always have the annoying little kids who feel a compulsion to trash talk. You will always have the pros who can beat you down blindfolded and both of those are in this game. I hate the server browser - it's clumsy and hard to use. Overall, the online play is average.

Online play score: 10/20

Tilt - none. I like how this game is free and still has elements as fun as BF2 and other great games, but it has a bunch of things that prevent the entire game from being as fun.

Total: 62/100

GameFAQs Score: 6/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/16/06

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