Review by warmotor

Reviewed: 08/24/06

If Counter Strike and Battlefield had an ugly kid...

Let me first say that this game is currently in BETA, so if the final release is finally available when you read this you should take it with a grain of salt.

The general feel of this game is quake-ish. Gameplay is fast and loose, there is no 'ironsights' view on any of the weapons (although the sniper/rocket scopes are functional). The reticule grpws and shrinks to reflect your movement and posture, much like counter-strike, and there is a meter that governs sprinting/ jumping/diving a-la BF2. The jerky effect lag has on your enemies is odd, something I haven't seen in multiplayer games for a long time, suggesting that the netcode for this game is a little behind the times.

When it comes to game modes, this game really shines. There are three modes to choose from, the first is a Counter Strike clone that has both teams trying to bomb each others bases in small maps and strictly on-foot. The second mode sports slightly larger maps and are infantry-cenetered maps (think Karkand) with BF-style conquest rules. The third mode boasts huge levels with a full contigent of armor, aircraft, and wheeled vehicles. To simplify, there is a CS mode, a BF mode and mode that melds the two.

Also, dirt bikes. Yeah.

The graphics are on par with Quake3/Lithtech era engines. 32-bit textures, trilinear filtering, decent water effects... The best thing I can say about the graphics is that they will run smoothly on the humblest of systems. It's certainly not going to win any awards but not too ugly as to distract from the gameplay. Ragdoll effects, weapon models, textures are all decent. My only real complaint is the fact that the level designers didn't pay attention to scale, with stair steps knee high and door frames ten feet tall. Either that, or the people in whatever country this game hails from are four feet tall.

Final Digs - This game is currently a 300mb download and it's free. If you're looking to kill a few hours or a few days on a suprisingly robust freeware game, or if you're running on old hardware (64mb video, 800mhz CPU min) get it and try it. I've got BF2 and CSS installed on 2 systems on my LAN, and yet I keep playing this game for some reason... It's shocking how entertaining it is.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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