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"A free BF2? Not even close."

The Popularity

The game is pretty popular amongst the internet for being a "free BF2". Every forum I go to, this game manages to pop up somewhere. It may be "hey, last night on War rock was fun" or "Hey, check out this game! It's a free BF2".

The Download and registration

The download was pretty long, since it was free there is no retailer that stocks it, so you have to download it off of the internet. The download took me approximately an hour and a half. Not as bad as other free games like America's Army, since this game download is 600mb. After the download, I got in. There was no registration in-game, so you have to go to the website and create an account. The actual creation left me frustrated, it took me about 6 times to get it right. If it wasn't something wrong with the username, there was something wrong with the password, and so forth. Now I was registered and activated, so I headed on in. Now comes for the actual review.

The Graphics

The first thing you notice in any game is the graphics. The graphics in this game are amazing. They look somewhat like Counterstrike Source graphics. The guns are very well portrayed, as if the designers got their hands on the actual guns and went off of that. The environment is pretty nicely done. All around, it is a good job. Now in comparison to other games, it isn't as good, but still holds its own. It is a free game, so for a free game, it is very well done.

Score: 9/10. Beautiful, weapons are very realistic, environment is good to look at.

The Sound

The sound in this game is very well done. The weapons sound realistic, the vehicles sound nice, all around a very good job. Not much more to say, they are just good.

Score: 7/10. Well done, but is a bit mediocre.

The Gameplay

To get different guns, you must lease them. Yes, you don't buy them and then own the gun, you lease it. You start off with 30,000 dinar, which is enough for a couple new weapons. You choose how long you want to keep the gun, anywhere between 3 days to a month. Now for a little rant. I think it was a giant mistake that they put the AUG A1 as a sniper rifle. This gun should be placed in Assault. The AUG A1 is the standard issue rifle of the Austrian army, unless every Austrian is a sniper. Now that you have some new weapons, it's on to head into a server. There are 3 map choices, CQC (Close Quarters Combat), Urban Combat, and Battlegrounds. The map sizes are small, medium and large, respectively. This was an interesting feature, it was nice that they separated the three. There are a few game types, such as explosions (that is where the CS part comes into play) and death match. Now I own both BF2 and CS, and this game is nothing like neither of them. Most people mistake it for a free BF2 because it has vehicles. I assure you that it is nothing like the game. Besides, BF2 is now $20, so even the poorest gamer can afford it. The gameplay is terrible, I simply hate it. Some people do enjoy it, and if you do, good for you, since you just got a game you absolutely love for free.

Score: 3/10. A free BF2? I think not. There is something wrong with it that I can't put my finger on, but it is terrible.

Random Nitpicks

If the gameplay didn't turn me off enough, there was plenty of other stuff that did bug me. The first time I got into the game, the game crashed within three seconds. This might've been my computer telling me that the game sucked and it didn't want to even bother running it, or it might've been the fact that all throughout the beta, the problem was never fixed. It could very easily be any of the two.

After getting a good hit or two, you may not be dead, but you might as well be. After being shot a couple times you start to bleed and require a medic to come and assist you. Game over, bud, a medic is never going to come. Medics, if there are any, never come to assist you, so you start to slowly die in agony.

There are absolutely no way to protect yourself in spawn. Spawn campers are the most annoying thing to come to a video game since hackers. They sometimes come in a Humvee and switch the the mounted MG and just blow you all away until someone gets a rocket launcher and destroys the annoyance. Others camp with an assault rifle and just pick you off the second you spawn. And let's not forget the sniper hidden on a hill a couple hundred meters away! If you are facing an expert spawn camper, you might as well exit. Oh wait, you get punished for exiting mid-game.


Overall, this isn't all that great of a game. When it was in it's beta, I downloaded and played the game for about a week, and then just lose faith and deleted it on three seperate occasions. Now that it is out of it's beta, I download it. Yet again I force myself to play saying that I'll like it if I play it long enough. That feeling never came. Thankfully it is a free game, so there is no repercussions if I just delete it. Mind you that there are some faithful players who may convince you it is a free BF2 (that seems to be the buzzword with this game), but you are better off buying the real deal and putting in a couple hundred hours like I have. Graphics are good, everything else is mediocre to just plain suck.


The good
-Good graphics
-Decent attempt at creating a good free game

The Bad
-Terrible gameplay
-Crashes to desktop
-AUG A1 is a sniper rifle? Since when?
-I just bought a new gun! Oh wait, I didn't? I have to buy it again next week? Why?

The Ugly
-I need a medic! Somebody heal me! I'm about to d-

No one game pleases everyone, there are some people who hate Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I might be that one person that just can't stand this game. To only see if you like it, try it out yourself. It is free, after all.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/30/07

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