Review by birddogtodd

Reviewed: 07/09/07

I love it!!! but it has its flaws like any other game would.

Many know that Warrock is a FPS that is suppose to be like a Battlefield. Well I have never personally played Battlefield so I wont sit here and say that it is similar to it. But Warrock is free and it is a good game!

To me the controls are set up perfect for one reason. And the reason is that you can change them to whatever you want which is something that I think not a lot of people know about. ( All you have to do is click controls then hotkeys.)But I am use to the default setting which isnt bad either. You can also play with a joystick or gamepad of almost any sort. (But I wouldnt recommend it as I have tryed myself to use a joystick and found it is very complicated.)

Well it is a downloaded game so the graphics wont be amazing of course. But the graphics are good for a downloaded game off the internet. You see object very clearly and there are no major blotches/discolorations. Of course if you do have a sniper sometimes it gets discolored when zoomed in all the way.

At first the gameplay is a little hard cause of course you are still learning and getting use to it. But it does get better as you get better weapons and learn how to use the weapons you do buy.

Well the money and rank can be annoying mixed with the system they have for buying weapons. One reason is that you have to work very hard to get money if you are not a premium user(pay to get benifits). Another reason is that you have to be a certin rank to get certin guns which I personaly think is good cause it gives you something to work towards. The last reason is that you have to constantly buy weapons cause you are not really buying them you are "renting them". Weapons are bought either 3,7,15, or 30 days at a time. The longer you buy them the more they cost of course. If you do become a premium member all of those problems should go away very quickly.

The Lag/ Hacks:
Well Im shure you have heard about bad lag in the game and a lot of hackers. The lag can be very devestating to gameplay but isnt very bad anymore. However the hacks can still be very annoying and can ruin a entire game. The Warrock website promises relief to the hacks but they say it could be a while.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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