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"War Rock, a free game thats well balanced."

War Rock. An FPS that can be downloaded with a modest size. Great if you can't handle huge downloads. Someone on Random Insanity suggested this to me and, since I've never played an online FPS (MMOFPS), I thought why not?

First look
At first glance, it looked cool. It had good balance (though the people who complain will make it seem that its impossible to win with level 1 weapons) and the graphics aren't that bad if you turn them up to high or so (but if you don't have a gaming monster, it might be laggy, I have about 560 MB of RAM and it works fine, but I turn it down cause its a little distracting). You have to rent the guns but it gives you something to do after you hit the h ighest level with new weapons.

Controls 10/10
Perfect. The defaults are absolutely great, and if you don't like them you can just change them. Absolutely nothing to complain about.

Graphics 8/10 (Varies)
Although it looks pretty good on high, if your computer sucks, the graphics will suck majorly. It looks good (for a free game) on decent/good computers, but if your using a laptop, or an older computer, it'll look blotchy.

Community 7/10
The community is overall, mixed. You'll meet elitest bastards, nice friendly people, and the people who think that theres no way you can kill them. Oh and of course hackers run rampant. Usually they get kicked or Punkbuster bans them before they do too much damage but still enough to annoy you.

If your not in a clan, you'll find it impossible to do teamwork (unless you get a friend). Small teams dominate games, but you can still break the teams apart.

Story 8/10
I gave it a point or two for actually having a storyline, (come on, its a FREE ONLINE FPS). Well not really, but it has a pretty good story line for a FPS. Its detailed, and goes over how the two warring sides (Derberan, the dictatorship, vs the National Independence Union, the rebels) go to war, and the mystery behind War Rock. They're continuiously posting new information about the storyline on the forums, and I read it occasionally for fun, but other then that its not really much.

Sound 9/10
Its great with sound. Hearing footsteps gives you the edge over that combatant (assault class) whos coming after you while your a sniper. Each gun has different sounds, and that'll give you an idea of what your up against. Only reason that I didn't give it a perfect score is because the music is bland.

Gameplay 8/10
Well now that thats over with, time to get down to the juicy stuff.
First off, you sign up, you enter a room (yes its a room thing, not a free roaming thing), and boom your playing ^_^.
Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault, and Heavy Trooper. Choose whatever you want to fit your needs.

The gameplay is fun and fast paced. Most people don't use tactics, but if you use them right, you'll be taking 5-10 people before you die and have people call you hacker all day long. Theres accuracy, and recoil in guns. Accuracy means that it hits closer to where you point your crosshair, and recoil sends your gun to the sky. Different guns have different statistics.

Theres CQC, small, terrorist, C4 planting operations.
There Urban Ops, which are medium maps with a few vehicles.
Theres Battle Group, which are huges maps with airplanes, boats, tanks, and helicopters. I think BG is epic and fun but without a good computer you probably won't be able to enjoy it fully.

Everything is well balanced, theres no gun that'll make you absolutely destroy everyone. Obviously, higher leveled guns are better than stock weapons, and its noticable, but not vastly huge.

You can play any kind of fighting style and still be good. You can be a stealthy kinda soldier, sneak to the enemy's flank and destroy them. You can jump in, go Rambo and try and kill everything that moves, or you can move stealthily and burst into a room, SWAT style.

You can buy premium to up your experience, with new guns, more dinar, and more exp.

Replayability Varies

If you like the game you'll be playing for hours, say good bye to your friends (heh, just kidding). If you don't like it, it'll be fun for a few hours and you'll ditch it. Just try it.

Would I buy premium?
There are 3 levels of premium. Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze is 6 dollars a month, Silver is 10, and Gold is 15. I'd totally buy gold premium.
Even with premium, you won't have an unstoppable advantage, you get a few extra weapons, more money, and more exp.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/13/07

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