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"The Truth Behide War Rock"

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The truth behide War Rock...
Is it actually been free?
Answer: No, it has never did been free. Even if you do get to play for free, you will be very unhappy on the game because, people have better guns than you and many people started to hack the game. If you are willing to pay $15.00 a month, your better off playing World of Warcraft because, that company promise you of no-hacks or they can give you your money back. I'm not saying that War Rock suck or anything, is just that they needed to make good updates and stop with the money profit thing if they wish to have more players playing on the game.

Online Connection: 7/10 FAIR
Reason: Sometime, for example, you went to Europe server and you decided to join a game. It will not allow you to join the game because, of your bad connection of lagging in the game. Kicking out all the players who has bad connections to the game. Otherwise, your just stuck with just one server till you are able to get a better computer and faster internet speed.

Players that Play: 5/10 Poor
Reason: War Rock has about 3,000 people playing on it each day. Although you think is a lot, is not really all that great. People show up with different time period. If your on the west server and is like 2am in the morning, no one will be playing the game at all.

Hacks: 0/10 Extremely Poor
Reason: There has been to many hackers playing this game. They superjump you and kill you in a instinct once you get out of your base. Making a lot of players all stress up because, they pay $15 and now you can't have fun no-more.

Updates: 7/10 Fair
Reason: They always make a lot of updates for the game, but at a cost of 3 hours of shut down maintaince till they fix the game. But, yet, they make very little updates, making you think that there are some good updates there, but, no.

Company Support: 2/10
Reason: You pay $15.00 in your creditcard, they never respond back. Making them take your money without playing the game. You try to tell them that there is a hacker, they do not listen and they just go back to their work. Not the best type of game to play when money is on your side.

Conclusion: The truth behide War Rock, nothing can ever be free. Even if there is, there always going to be a cost to it. This game is not fun when there are hackers. If they kick every hackers out and they stop putting premium on items, then the game will be total fun.

21/50 42% F- Rating

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Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 04/14/08

Game Release: War Rock (US, 02/07/07)

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