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"Overall good FPS."

Hi all. This is my first review, so sorry if I make any mistakes.

WarRock is a free online First-Person Shooter. It is very similar to games like Battlefield 2. The only major difference is that you don't have to buy WarRock.

I haven't played many FPS' in my life so far, but this one I find very good. The controls are set up neatly, there's 5 different classes each with unique weapons, and there's a nice level system that adds some extra competition. I've found that the biggest flaw is that you can't change the controls. Of course, this game is only in its Beta stage at the moment, so that could change at any time now. Also, the controls are set up pretty well already. The other thing it's lacking is a 1-Player mode. I've also heard that some people have troubles because their keyboard is different.
Overall: 8

Pretty good. This is one of the only PC games that I play with the sound on, mainly because it warns you of what other people are doing. If you hear footsteps, there's someone walking. If you hear an ignition, someone has hopped into a vehicle. They might not sound like much, but they help out alot. If there is BGM, I haven't noticed it. The music playing during the loading screens is fairly good though. It gets you pumped up, and ready to fire.
Overall: 9

Depends on how high you have them set. Like in most games, the higher the graphics, the slower the game runs(known as "lag"). I run it on the default settings, and they look fairly good. They don't live up to games like Quake IV and Doom III, but that's to be expected.
Overall: 7

You could play this game for hours. Days, even. On average, it takes me 4-6 hours to gain a rank. There is 55 ranks in the game so far, and the highest rank I've seen so far is a level 15. From what I've found, leveling up gets slower as you proceed. Also, while you're spending time levelling up, the game producers are constantly updating the game, adding new levels, adding new features to the game that you want to try out.
Overall: 10

Overall Rating: 34/40=8.5/10.(rounded to 9)
Age Rating: 13+

I highly reccommend trying this game, especially if you liked games such as Battlefield 2 or Star Wars: Battlefront.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/21/06

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