How do I defeat the Kraken on Boreas once you have sword?

  1. I can defeat all 3 groups in the Convocation but can't figure out how to maximize the spear strength, block attacks, and survive the big monster.

    User Info: spreidel

    spreidel - 8 years ago

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  1. To charge the spear, you have to be in range of monsters when they die. If you are using heroes and hench, this means you will have to carry the spear, meaning you won't be able to fight since your sword won't be equipped while carrying it. Although the Spear will charge while not being held, when it is dropped, any charge on it is used. An MM is a good way to charge the Spear, as any death counts, not just enemies.

    Best approach for a Warrior using hero/hench is to take skills that don't require a weapon. That or to make the hero/hench do the fighting while you hold the spear. Interrupting the Kraken is important to beating it. It will rez the guys near it, which can fuel the Spear by killing them again, but it also uses a long casting time Monster skill to deal a lot of damage. The Spear is not needed to kill it, but it does make it go much faster as a fully charged Spear will do 1900 damage to it.

    There are only a handful of fights you have to deal with while charging the Spear. If you can get through those allowing the hero/hench to fight without you, the battle with Zu Hanuku is pretty easy. Wiki has a pretty good walkthrough for the mission.


    User Info: Shadow1975

    Shadow1975 - 8 years ago 2 0

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