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    Mesmer Guide by Nobleman_Azure

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    Guild Wars: Mesmer Guide
    By: Nobleman Azure
    version 3.0
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    GWFM01: Introduction to the Mesmer Class
    GWFM02: Pros and Cons
    GWFM03: Difference between campaigns
    GWFM04: Fast Casting
    GWFM05: PVE and PVP
    GWFM06: The Basic Techniques
    GWFM07: Mesmer-Specific Techniques and Information
    GWFM08: Factions Mission Outlines
    GWFM09: Builds
    GWFM10: Helpful Links
    GWFM11: Closing FAQ
    GWFM12: Credits and Thanks
    GWFM01: Introduction to the Mesmer Class
    The Mesmer class is one of the many spellcaster type professions in Guildwars. 
    It is one of the core professions and is known to be the most unique 
    professions made in any game.
    Mesmers are casters who devoted their life to the study of the arts that 
    enables them to manipulate a foe's perceptions, 
    as well as destroy their abilities through their control over their minds.
    With this said, mesmers can perform effectively fill in several different 
    types of roles from direct damage to healing.
    Mesmer skills and spells however are more focused on manipulating 
    taregt's movement, spells, skills, attacks in different types of ways. 
    This debilitates the opposing force's ability to either do harm to your 
    party, or protect their party.
    The Mesmer has always been pegged as a profession with a steep learning curve. 
    This is because your abilities depend on what your party or the opposing force 
    is going to have for skills and spells: What will they use, 
    When will they use it,  How will they use it. 
    Knowing such will help a mesmer effectively choose which spells to bring 
    to counter the opposing force.
    It helps a player who wants to play a mesmer to learn the inner workings of 
    the game, as well as having a basic familiarity with every class in the game.
    If you haven't learned the game much and you still want to try a mesmer, kudos 
    to you for taking up the challenge. 
    It is not impossible, I've done it and I fail to see why couldn't you ^_^.
    GWFM02: Pros and Cons
    Here are the common Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages) of the mesmer 
    -Sets up for learning: Because your skills and spells require you to learn the 
    foe, the profession emphasizes the importance for the player to be aware of 
    both his or her teammates, the opposing force, the skills that both use, 
    and the environment in which the group conducts battles.
    -Alternative Nature: Instead of beating fire with fire, a mesmer would either 
    toss water into it or in a creative manner try to rob it of oxygen. 
    Mesmers will make battles shorter than it would without one.
    -The Satisfaction of Debilitation: Yes, it is considered an advantage! 
    Most mesmer players took this profession because of the sheer satisfaction 
    of debilitation. Why kill the person if you can just make a useless target 
    that runs around out of them?
    -Psychological Damage: Oh yes, believe me this happens. 
    Mesmer's skills and spells have the ability to make someone useless in a 
    matter of seconds. This causes the target to build up frustration, anger, 
    or panic. Albeit very little, this can cause a person to fail to think 
    properly and efficiently. 
    This enables your team to be presented with more foe-made mistakes to 
    capitalize on.
    -Clothes: Ok yes, this clearly is a matter of opinion but come on...classy no?
    -Poor self-healing or self-protection: You wont be able to keep youself alive 
    very well with the exception of some specialized builds.
    -Loner: You would face the situation where you have to take henchmen often 
    since the ignorant masses do not know and appreciate your contribution to a 
    -Target Painted on your forehead: In PVP, you are one of the enemy's priority 
    targets, this doesn't help the fact that you have poor self-healing or 
    -The Learning Curve: Yes, it most definitely can be a disadvantage. 
    You really dont want to fail your performance in a group and make the mesmer 
    profession's status on the public worse. 
    (Well That's why I'm here helpin' people out. So read on! =D)
    GWFM03: Difference Between Campaigns
    If I can welcome someone into factions I would say this phrase
    "Your wallet better not be malnourished"
    Faction's quest rewards plenty of skill points and it will be up to you to 
    buy those skills! No quest existing that will reward you with a couple of 
    skills like in prophecies.
    This is bad because mesmer's need a whole arsenal of skills and spells ready 
    when the area calls for it. 
    (moreso than most other professions)
    EXP gain is fast in factions. This is very helpful to mesmers because most 
    mesmer builds use every last one of those attribute points to the brim. 
    Yes every class does but mesmers would be number 1 on the list for classes 
    who would love to have more. 
    A couple more points would make a 'helluvalotta' difference to a mesmer 
    compared to most other professions.
    Almost all Mission rewards in factions are based on how fast you complete 
    factions. This is good and bad. 
    In areas where there are annoying healers in the opposing forces, 
    a mesmer anticast would make the mission get done faster, in those that 
    doesn't mesmers wouldn't matter much. 
    Don't fret, simply take that to your advantage.
    Change your build often: Control types against those with masssive healing, 
    Damage types on the rest.
    Lesser selection of elites: If you are a factions-only player, you 
    wouldn't enjoy the bigger variety of skills that tyrian mesmers have access to.
    (Not to mention those that have both). 
    Most elites that are considered great by many adept mesmers are tyrian.
    GWFM04: Fast Casting
    It's been long debated.
    The usefulness of fast casting has always been the topic of arguements and 
    debates in forums and in-game. 
    I will give you my position in this matter as well as an explanation why. 
    It is up to you to decide If I make enough sense to drive you into investing 
    in this primary attribute.
    Most of those who argue against fastcasting's viability conjure the fact that 
    Fastcasting (FC) has diminishing returns.
    The FC Atrribute gives you less additional cast time reduction the higher 
    you raise the attribute...and since it takes more points to raise an 
    attribute 1 more rank, it drives people away.
    However, fast casting I believe would be too overpowered if it gave a constant 
    value of cast time reduction per point. 
    FC has many uses, from improving your Spell per Hour rate or SpH significantly 
    to possibly deterring interruptions being cast on you. 
    FC also helps the mesmer (and possibly necromancer) more than other classes 
    as well because of the nature of mesmer spells. 
    Mesmer spells debilitate, this means you either want to add that hex 
    as soon as possible so it may catch more of the foes actions, 
    or allow yourself more room for faulty reflexes when interrupting.
    My suggestion? Play a mesmer with fast casting for a while, then take it off. 
    You will definitely want it back.
    GWFM05: PVE and PVP
    Know the difference, there are spells that does better in one or the other.
    Learn that tanking does not exist in PVP
    Learn that mindless charging can put your party into serious danger.
    Mesmers are very well known and needed in PVP. People are aware of the 
    advantages of crippling the abilities of the opposing teams.
    Mesmers, however, are not appreciated enough in PVE. 
    WIth the notion that only damage gets your team through enforced by Factions'
    mission reward system, you are left spamming LFG for an hour's worth.
    Most players start mesmers for PVP, however if you plan to start a mesmer for 
    PVE, brace yourself for many grievances.
    Not sure which spells does better in one or the other?
    Visit the GWOnline.net mesmer forums and read the Spell of the Day threads.
    GWFM06: The Basic Techniques
    A seasoned player of Guildwars should know these techniques well and practice 
    them in battle to be an effective member of a party.
    1. Positioning: This ranges from knowing when to stay behind the front lines 
    because you cannot take in so much damage to tactically positioning yourself 
    to gain an advantage. Tactical Positioning are as follows:
          -Standing on higher elevation to give you more range for your projectiles 
           as well as more damage for your arrows
          -Standing behind an obstacle to stop projectiles from hitting you 
           (This includes walls, rocks, trees even the ground you step on by 
           hiding near a cliff of an elevation change)
          -Dodging projectiles also enable you to ward of some damage done. 
           This is a very important skill to learn.
    2. Kiting: When a meleer or any opponent that requires themselves to be next 
    to the target to do what they do runs towards you, run. 
    You must know when you should flee and when you should stop to cast. 
    Yes, your healers can heal but you would be doing them and their energy 
    supply a favor by warding off some damage yourself.
    3. Aggro: Learn why your radar has a smaller circle around the center dot. 
    This is your aggro circle, any PVE opponent that enters this zone will notice 
    you and attack your party. Learn how to avoid aggro; choose your battles, 
    fight only when necessary.
    4. Pulling: Bring a longbow if you can, this helps in pulling a group of 
    enemies in PVE towards your party. 
    By doing this you are actively selecting a proper battle area for your party 
    (proper meaning an area where you wouldnt be attacked by other opposing forces 
    as you fight) and you may be separating the pulled group of foes away from 
    another group. 
    Simply fire the longbow at what you suspect to be a member of the party you 
    want to pull and back away.
    5. Call Target/Follow Target: As a mesmer this wouldnt affect you unless you 
    are a damager type. 
    A focused fire is more effective than spread fire in most cases, learn to call 
    a target (ctrl+attack) and learn to follow targets if you arent the caller 
    (T button will have your character target the called one).
    6. Calling: Players can also call several things by holding ctrl and clicking 
    at whatever they want to call. (This also could be called Pinging) 
    They may declare they are blind, they have low energy, low health, or even call 
    what enchantment or hex is currently on them. Use this to your advantage, 
    as a mesmer you should learn how to respond to certain calls as well as be 
    able to call them yourself. 
    Saying "I have Dazed on me" and having someone respond and remove it can 
    save you a bit of frustration and get you back into the battle.
    7. Directions: Learn how to direct your party of humans to places with your 
    This enables players to broadcast strategies without having to type it out. 
    Always pay attention to the minimap since anyone might be directing the 
    party or transmitting a certain battle plan.
    8. Be a good sport/Calm down: I don't know why several players seem to 
    forget one of the most important 'technique' in this game. 
    Taunting creates confidence, Confidence can create overconfidence, 
    Overconfidence creates mistakes, Mistakes creates Loses. 
    Also, be polite and dont frustrate yourself, as a mesmer you should know 
    what kind of difference psychological instability can cause in battle...
    even if its just a game!
    GWFM07: Mesmer-Specific Techniques and Information
    Aside from the basics listed above, you also have to learn some techniques 
    that are related to mesmers only.
    1. Knowledge is extemely important:
         -Know your skills: Know what your skills do of course. 
          Know what to bring where and when. 
          Since you are only allowed 8 when you head out of town.
         -Know the professions: Knowing what other professions do gives you a 
          better idea of which skill to use with or against them.
         -Know your opponents skills: Know what does what. 
          This helps a mesmer decide which is the immediate threat, what 
          needs to be removed, what needs to be interrupted.
    2. Recognize your ability to affect the opposing player psychologically: 
    Many sling mud at backfire for PVP purposes saying that only those that are 
    dumb would actually cast through it. 
    Nope, dealing damage is not the only use of backfire; 
    sure they get damage when they cast through it but if they don't...well then
    they dont! Isn't your opponent not doing anything a good thing? 
    Not only that, if they are backfired and they need to cast (for example a 
    monk being damaged and wants to heal but they are hexed with backfire) 
    they become stuck in a dilemma, this could cause a player to be pressured, 
    or panic...causing him to make even more mistakes during battle. 
    This is what makes a mesmer so great, the abilities of your skills and spells 
    do what is described as well as create mind games with your opponent.
    GWFM08: Factions Mission Outlines
    Here I will list the GuildWars: Factions missions and give a rough overview 
    of the enemies that exist in them along with suggestions in what skills or 
    type of skills I recommend to bring and mission-specific techniques that
    enables you to play through it with flying colors.
    **SPOILER WARNING: This section may contain spoilers, be warned and read at 
    your own risk**
    W - Warrior
    N - Necromancer
    E - Elementalist
    R - Ranger
    M - Mesmer
    Mo - Monk
    Rt - Ritualist
    A - Assasssin
    [[Minister Cho's Estate]]
    -The Afflicted
    -Dieseased Animals
    -W Afflicted Horror
    -N Dieseased Minister
    -Expert = Beat under 25 mins
    -Masters = Beat under 20 mins
    This mission is filled with afflicted, as a domination mesmer, you should 
    bring interrupts. This allows you minimize the caster's ability to deal damage 
    since they will definitely deal more once they die. 
    Anything that can hamper melee is also welcome. 
    Damage deterrants are very welcome here.
    [[Zen Daijun]]
    -The Afflicted
    -The Afflicted Xai
    -The Afflicted Kana
    -The Afflicted Xeng Jo
    -Experts = Beat under 25 mins
    -Masters = Beat under 20 mins
    Again, there are afflicted here so follow the same setup as Minister Cho's 
    There will also be those annoying areas where you will be affected by the 
    miasma, a type of degen. 
    The kirin that goes with your party will help you remove it but 
    it requires you to use a skill to trigger removal. 
    It is suggested to also bring any sort of quick recharging skill that 
    does not require an enemy target 
    (stances, a simple defensive spell)
    There are plenty of elevation changes here, use them to your advantage. 
    Use them as obstacles to avoid projectiles or to enhance your projectiles 
    by standing on higher ground.
    [[Vizunah Square]]
    -The Afflicted
    -Am Fah
    -W The Afflicted Ako
    -R Ranger The Afflicted Huan
    -Mo The Afflicted Miju
    -N The Afflicted Thu
    -M The Afflicted Li Yun
    -E The Afflicted Kam
    -A The Afflicted Soon Kim
    -Rt The Afflicted Hakaru
    -Experts = Beat it under 30 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 25 mins
    This mission is tough, talk to your team and ask them if they are bringing 
    edge of extinction. 
    This spirit can spell the end of you if you came unprepared. 
    Make sure you have an interrupt ready most of the time; 
    Afflicted ritualists use flesh of my flesh to ressurect his allies and you 
    really dont want them back only to explode again. 
    Power return is a recommended interrupt here since it recharges quick. 
    Degen helps lots in this mission as long as you know how to use them; 
    illusion degen mesmers can help constantly spreading degen on many enemies 
    (that arent the party's focus fire) so by the time parties gets to those foes, 
    they would be around half HP already. 
    Degenning the non-focused targets also help create a chain of deaths 
    with the use of the Ranger's Edge of Extinction. 
    If your build is domination, shatter hex is very useful with its AOE 
    damaging property.
    **Dammerung's advice**
    For Vizunah Square if you take multiple Monk hench you should notice how fast 
    monk hench tend to remove hexes, and they tend to remove hexes off melee ally 
    first which might or might not be a good thing for a mesmer who brought along 
    Hex removals either as energy management or offense.
    [[Nahpui Quarter]]
    -Star Guardians (Tengu Types)
    -Mo Kaijun Don
    -N Kuongshang
    -M Hai jii
    -E Tahmu
    -Experts = Beat it in 30 mins
    -Masters = Beat it in 25 mins
    Start from one corner boss and walk around towards the other end in an circle, 
    use your area map (Press U). 
    Star guardians are tengu types, they have a warrior, a ranger, and a ritualist. 
    There arent that many hexers in here so any hex removal that you might 
    be bringing would not be of full use. 
    Enchantment removal however can be a subtle replacement.
    **Nylock's Advice**
    If hoever you still want to bring hex removals (maybe because of damage done
    as in Shatter Hex) you may start the opposite direction fighting the mesmer
    celestial being first. This way mesmer celestial beings will be spread across
    the map upon kill and provide fuel for your shatter hex.
    **Dammerung's Advice**
    In Nahpui Quarter after you kill the monk boss the map will start spawning 
    monks Kirin, while they don't possess much healing power they do carry hex 
    removals with them, en mass they can quicky remove all of your hexes.
    [[Tahnakai Temple]]
    -The Afflicted
    -M Bound Kitah
    -N Bound Naku
    -E Bound Teinai
    -Me Bound Karei
    -W Warrior Bound Jaizhanju
    -R Ranger Bound Zojun
    -Rt Ritualist Bound Kaolai
    -A Assassin Bound Vizu 
    -Experts = Beat it under 25 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 20 mins
    There will be many casters here so anticaster mesmers would make the 
    journey smooth. 
    Interrupts or hexing both work equally well. The monk boss here can 
    hamper the party's progress unless there is someone to stop its heals...
    thats where you come along. 
    Backfire is OK but it helps if you could bring spell stoppers instead, 
    whatever your build can handle: Arcane Thievery/Larceny, Diversion, or Blackout.
    **Dammerung's Advice**
    Tahnakai Temple start out with plenty of casters, but as the mission goes on 
    you'll start to notice more physical attackers, and to top it off the last 
    boss is an assassin. The best method I have seen to minimize spell damage 
    would be have the monk cast Spellbreaker on the tank and have him charge in 
    to trigger all of the heavy hitting spells. What's left for the mesmer is 
    either anti monk or anti physical.
    **Jciardha's Advice**
    Tahnnaki Temple and Boreas Seabed I use Echo + Diversion, and proceed to spam 
    it on the bosses. Drops them in no time, even the non-caster bosses.
    -The Wardens
    -Stone Statues
    -The Dredge
    -R Ryver Mossplanter
    -M Milefaun Mindflayer
    -N Dark Fang
    -E The Ancient
    -W Stone Judge
    -Experts = Beat it in 35 mins
    -Masters = Beat it in 30 mins
    You will be facing wardens for the most part here: Warriors rangers and 
    Again, hex removal isnt very useful here because of the lack of hexes 
    being used by the enemies. 
    Make sure your team will bring as many res signets as they can. 
    If you are a monk secondary you may fastcast a res but the latter half of 
    the mission introduces falling debri that interrupts casting. 
    The interrupting debri falls regularly and alot nearing the end.
    Backfire works like a charm against the elementalist stone statues. 
    If you are domination, make sure you have it with you.
    Tyrian Illusionists can find use with ineptitude to ward off attacks from 
    both the onis and the dredge, their assassins/warriros deal tremendous 
    amount of damage if not debilitated.
    **Dammerung's Advice**
    In Arborstone it is possible to use degen to cliff groups of Wardens 
    who stay atop the stairs, not the fastest method but it helps thinning out 
    the crowd. Near the end of the mission when the final group of stone guardians 
    attack they will bring along the usual ele casters and an extremely heavy 
    hitting warrior boss, Ineptitude REALLY shines there to disable the boss while 
    your group work on the casters.
    [[Boreas Seabed]]
    -The Luxon Clans
    -W Seaguard Eli
    -R Daeman
    -R Aurora
    -Mo Seaguard Gita
    -M Seaguard Hala
    -E Argo
    -M Zhu Hanuku
    -Experts = Beat it under 25 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 20 mins
    Your main fight will be against the luxon clans. 
    If you do not have a prevalent stance used, try to use manta of resolve, 
    daeman can be quite a pain when hes locked onto you.
    Domination mesmers can be anti cast to take care of seaguard Gita, 
    Ignorance or Complicate also speeds things up to interrupt their ressurection 
    signets when a foe dies.
    You are a caster and is a good candidate for spear duty. 
    Learn how to use it, stand near dying enemies and allies to charge it and 
    when it is max, drop it for a full powered AOE damage with knockdown.
    The spear does tremendous damage to zhu hanuku and is recommended to be fully 
    charged before engaging him in battle.
    Zhu Hanuku's Jade Fury attack is something to be kept an eye on, it does 
    huge damage to your party and can spell the end of it. 
    Its strongly adviced for mesmers to use complicate and/or  cry of frustration 
    to interrupt this attack. 
    Mantra of Recovery helps keep them ready when Zhu Hanuku does Jade Fury.
    [[Sunjiang District]]
    -The Afflicted
    =W  Warrior's Construct
    -R Ranger's Construct
    -Mo Monk's Construct
    -N Necromancer's Construct
    -M Mesmer's Construct
    -E  Elemental's Construct
    -A Assassin's Construct
    -Rt Ritualist's Construct
    -Experts = Beat it under 25 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 20 mins
    Domination mesmers can speed things up by bringing unnatural signet. 
    The Portal spirits are indeed spirits and triggers the unnatural signets 
    secondary effect.
    Take the same precautions as before against the afflicted. 
    Again, interrupts is a must because of the Afflicted Ritualists that uses 
    Flesh of My Flesh.
    [[The Eternal Grove]]
    -Luxon Armada
    -The Afflicted
    -W The Afflicted Maaka
    -A The Afflicted Shen
    -Rt The Afflicted Xenxo
    -Experts = Keep at least 6 Tree Singers Alive
    -Masters = Keep all 12 Tree Singers Alive
    Know the pattern in which the enemies attack.
    Illusion mesmers are great in killing seige turtles, use maximum degen 
    on the turtles and simply leave and run back to attend to other matters. 
    The Rangers that accompany the turtles are nothing to worry about.
    Your priority here is to protect the tree singers from luxon attackers, 
    the seige turtle is a lesser threat than those who come by the grove to 
    attack the singers.
    Use the same precautions against the afflicted, when the warrior boss 
    finally comes, make sure you dispose or debilitate him because he can very 
    easily kill the tree singers.
    If you are part monk, its wise to bring a fastcasted monk res as well as 
    Infuse Health even without much points in healing prayers. 
    It helps you heal target that Danika simply wont attend to. 
    Infuse the target and run to Danika so she would get you back to 100% and 
    repeat when necessary.
    [[Gyala Hatchery]]
    -The Kurzicks
    -Experts = Keep at least 2 Young Turtles Alive
    -Masters = Keep all 5 Young Turtles Alive
    Protecting the young turtles is priority, Infuse health is recommended if 
    you are a secondary monk. 
    Elementalist secondaries can use a FC warding setup. Chaos storm helps and 
    works, because it is DPS AOE, it scares enemies away from the area it is cast. 
    Try to cast chaos storm when the warriors start attacking the baby turtles.
    Signet of Midnight + Epidemic also helps protect the young turtles from the 
    kurzick warriors.
    Movement reductions help slow down the juggernauts and buy your seige 
    turtles some time before they are assaulted.
    Taking only one smoke canister helps the turtles focus fire.
    [[Unwaking Waters]]
    -The Afflicted
    -A The Afflicted Senku
    -Rt The Afflicted Xenxo
    -N The Afflicted Lau
    -R The Afflicted Pana
    -W The Afflicted Maaka
    -Mo The Afflicted Jingme
    -E The Afflicted Shen
    -Experts = Beat it under 20 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 15 mins
    Skill Interrupts (Not spell interrupts) helps your team interrupters to 
    interrupt kuunevang. 
    It takes a few interrupts for her to actually get interrupted. 
    Cry of frustration, signet of disruption, leech signet, and complicate are 
    recommended interrupts.
    You face the afflicted again so bring the same skills and take the same 
    precautions against them.
    [[Raisu Palace]]
    -W Sword Ancient Kai
    -R Famished Ancient Brrne
    -Mo Untouched Ancient Ky
    -N Doomed Ancient Kkraz
    -M Arcane Ancient Phi
    -E Star Ancient Koosun
    -A Silent Ancient Onata
    -Rt Defiant Ancient Sseer
    -Experts = Beat it under 25 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 20 mins
    I recommend, as a mesmer to not bother using your celestial power, sadly 
    its sub par and your other available skills and spells can be better than this.
    Enchantment removal is VITAL! Shiroken Elementalists will cast silver armor 
    and can be a very deadly enchantment towards your party. 
    Remove it as quick as possible. Shiroken Monks will also have a plethora 
    of anticast enchantments, remove them and interrupt spell breaker as best 
    as you can.
    If you run illusion, run ineptitude if you have it and blind whatever you 
    can blind, especially shiroken rangers who keeps firing debilitating shots.
    If you plan on using henchmen or is the leader of the party, the best NPCs to
    take with you in game is Danika and Talon Silverwing.
    **Dammerung's Advice**
    Raisu Palace is probably the worst mission for mesmer. Both Shiro'ken monks 
    and mesmers can remove hexes (the dreadful Shatter Hex for the latter) and 
    Shiro'ken monks carries multiple anti spell skills. Getting your hexes to s
    tick is very difficult or in the case of Shatter Hex, very dangerous. 
    Interrupts are useful but most of the time your group should be facing a large 
    group of mobs so targetting and babysitting is difficult and chaotic. 
    I actually beat this mission playing fast cast nuker, not the most fancy of 
    ways but it gets the job done, and our Celestial skill actually get to be 
    pretty useful.
    [[Imperial Sanctum]]
    -Spirit Binder
    -Experts = Beat it under 5 mins
    -Masters = Beat it under 2 mins
    Once again, you wont need your celestial power as much as others do.
    Bring empathy, Bring Spirit of Failure and Bring signet of midnight. 
    Blinding shiro helps ward some damage off and empathy will give him constant 
    damage since he attacks fast and constantly.
    Help with DPS, when he does meditation of the reaper it is imperative that 
    your party deals as much damage as you can to him to end this skill. 
    Bring energy burn and wastrels worry to help with the DPS.
    GWFM:09 Builds
    Here are some examples of creative and effective mesmer builds.
    Remember that copying builds isnt the best thing to do, one should look at 
    someones build  to get ideas and be inspired. 
    Know how to use the build you are basing yours on. Don't be sheep: 
    if you see an effetcive build, dont copy it with the rest of the sheep. 
    You are a mesmer and remember that you dont fight fire with fire, 
    much like you dont fight other peoples builds by copying it and pitting it 
    against them. Use your creativity to develop counters instead.
    [[Inep-Clumsy Build]]
    Images of Remorse
    Conjure Phantasm
    Accumulated Pain
    Ressurect Spell/Skill
    This build is an all around damager in PVE. Because almost every enemy attacks,
    Ineptitude and Clumsiness' conditional trigger is going to be often anyways. 
    The build comes with 2 blank slots to take whatever skill you deem necessary; 
    usually utilities that double as energy management as well
    [[Patccmoi's Crippling Mesmer Build Anticast Variant]]
    Imagined Burden
    Drain Enchant
    Power Drain
    Ressurect Skill/Spell
    This build uses illusion to cripple or debilitate the abilities of opposing 
    forces, two variants exist. 
    This is the anticast variant and there is a variant that includes Crippling 
    Anguish for PVP that stresses importance on movement or simply to to be 
    anti melee/touch.
    [[Azure's Dillema Variant]]
    Mantra of Recall/Energy Drain
    Wastrels Worry
    Spirit Shackles
    Ressurect Skill/Spell
    This build focuses on the mesmer's ability to create dillemmas to pressure or 
    corner a target. 
    Hex the target with the appropriate spell to cause them to rethink their 
    actions while wittling them down with wastrels the longer they remain inactive.
    [[Azure's Anti Boon Prot En Denial Mesmer]]
    Mantra of Inscriptions
    Signet of Humility
    Signet of Weariness
    Energy Drain
    Energy Burn
    Wastrels Worry
    Mind Wrack
    Ressurection skill/spell
    This build is specifically for boon prot monks but this build works against 
    others as well. 
    Simply cast signet of humility constantly at the boon prot monk to lock his 
    energy gaining elite, dump all your energy denial spells on him while 
    repeatedly mind wracking and wastrel worrying him.
    [[Pattccmoi and Azure's 'No Running in the Hallways' Build]]
    Mantra of Persistence
    Crippling Anguish
    Ethereal Burden
    Kitah's Burden
    Conjure Phantasm
    Images of Remorse
    Accumulated Pain
    Drain Enchantment
    This build works wonders in Alliance Battles, being able to slow alot of 
    people means debilitating the opposing forces' ability to capture points.
    [[Azure's Restoration Spell Rain]]
    Mantra of Recovery
    Soothing Memories
    Mend Body and Soul
    Resilent Weapon
    Generous Was Tsungrai
    Energy Tap
    Power Drain
    Res Sig/FomF
    This is one of the best healing mesmer builds I've created and nothing works 
    better than this so far among my creations of healing mesmers. 
    The idea here is to hold tsungrais ashes at all times while spamming 
    soothing memories. 
    The rest of the other heals exist in case soothing memories arent enough in 
    a tight situation.
    [[Arredondo's Diversionator]]
    Mantra of Recovery
    Lyssa's Balance
    Drain Enchantment
    Mend Ailment
    Remove Hex
    Ressurection Skill or Spell
    This build focuses on enchantment removal and its main skill: Diversion. 
    When rapidly spammed, diversion can renderthe opponent's skill bar incomplete 
    with key spells unavailable for use. 
    This build is one of the most effective shutdown builds created.
    [[Azure's Spark Storm]]
    Mantra of Recovery
    Essence Strike
    Gaze from Beyond
    Spirit Burn
    Energy Tap
    Ether Feast
    Ressurection Signet
    This build takes the idea of my Restoration mesmer and puts it in channeling.
    With Mantra of Recovery, you are able to rain lightning damage on the
    opposition almost non-stop for heavy pressure.
    [[Signet Build]]
    Mantra of Inscriptions
    Signet of Humility
    Signet of Judgement
    Bane Signet
    Signet of Rage
    Unnatural Signet
    Signet of Disruption
    Ressurection Signet
    This is my variation of the long thought-up but less-popular signet build.
    This is basically signet smiting sped up by mantra of inscriptions and backed
    up by domination signet damage as well as inspiration's signet humility
    for utility skill-disabling.
    [[Patccmoi's Vengeful Was Mesmer]]
    Vengeful Weapon
    Soothing Memories
    Generous Was Tsungrai
    Revealed Hex
    Energy Tap
    Mantra of Recovery
    Flesh of my Flesh
    This build is a good secondary healer in battles combining offense and defense
    plus the ability to rapidly apply vengeful weapon under mantra of recovery 
    from the mesmer's fast casting line of spells.
    [[Patccmoi's Hydro-Utility Mesmer]]
    Mantra of Recovery
    Power Return
    Shard Storm
    Icy Prism
    Blurred Vision
    Spirit of Failure
    Rez Signet
    Patccmoi takes advantage of the fastcasting line once again in this build,
    applying it to water magic's similar ability to create control over power.
    [[Arredondo's Resilient Disrupter]]
    Power Return
    Power Spike
    Signet of Midnight
    Resilient Weapon
    Soothing Memories
    Resilient was Xiko
    Flesh of my Flesh
    This takes the nature of interrupt build's availability of skill slots and
    filling it with defensive skills from the Ritualist restoration line that
    relies on being conditioned. This being triggered by conditioning yourself
    from using Signet of Midnight.
    [[Azure's PVE Staple]]
    Mantra of Recovery
    Spirit of Failure
    Ressurection Chant
    This build is usually what I use in PVE. It comes with two slots so you are 
    able to select which skills you should take depending on the area. The 
    combination of Speed-recharged aegis and spirit of failure should be enough 
    to energize the build a bit.
    [[PVP Utility Mesmer]]
    Energy Burn
    Shatter Enchantment
    Drain Enchantment
    Psychic Distraction
    Ressurection Chant
    This build is what I use in HA and GVG. The build comes with alot of utility. 
    Choose from many different spells to use when you deem it be the best choice. 
    Diversion regularly, Assist spikes with shatter enchantment or energy burn, 
    hamper enemy's healing response time when your team spikes with shame, and 
    psychic distraction for threatening spirits and spells.
    GWFM10: Helpful Links
    Please look onto my other guides for more information about the mesmer and
    other classes.
    -The Path of the Chaos Fencer: Illusionary Weaponry Guide
    -Restoration Ritualist Guide
    Also look onto other GWOnline.net "professional's" guides
    -Patccmoi's Crippling Mesmer Guide
    -Arredondo's Guide to the Newbie Mesmer
    GWOnline.net forums Mesmer Section: 
    Here is were I actively participate in helping people. T
    here is no better place than here to fin Mesmer-specific Help
    Helpful online encyclopedia of everything Guildwars
    The main site of the game. Shows what updates were made and many others
    Cerulean Midnight [CeM] Forums: 
    This is my guild forums, if you would like mesmer help you are welcome to 
    drop by and ask me personally
    My In Game Name is Nobleman Azure. 
    You may contact me to ask me questions about the mesmer class or guild wars 
    in general. 
    I will give you an answer whenever I can
    GWFM11: Closing FAQ
    Will you join our Guild? Alliance?
    Well, I am already in a guild and alliance so sorry, nope.
    Can I join Your alliance?
    We are a casual alliance, know that first of all. We are currently in an 
    alliance with 2 otehr guilds, one of them are pretty active. If you are still 
    interested, send me a PM in-game.
    What is the best build/weapon/armor?
    This is guildwars, there simply is a huge variety of things that are equally 
    'best' It all boils down to what you prefer and/or what build you are using.
    I found an error in this FAQ, how do I contact you?
    I have a siggestion for this FAQ, how do I contact you?
    You may mail me error ammendments and suggestions at koori@graffiti.net
    I want to 1v1 you!
    I do not like 1v1, I have nothing to prove at such battles. 
    I remain convinced this is a team game and its about team coordinated battles.
    You're wrong!
    Contact me, I would gladly argue with you as long as it remains civilized. 
    I like argueing, it brings about knowledge and criticism.
    I want to join Cerulean Midnight. How can I join CeM?
    Just contact me in-game and you're in. 
    We are a laid back guild with no pressures. 
    No requirements of experience necessary, I am always glad to teach the 
    GWFM12: Credits and Thanks
    Thanks to GWOnline.net for providing a place for us mesmers to delegate
    Thanks to Arenanet for creating this game
    Thanks to Guildwikis for some of the info used in this FAQ
    Thanks to Patccmoi 
    (We pwn Alliance Battles man, we truely do)
    Thanks to Arredondo for his Diversionator Build
    Thanks to Hahnsoo for being Hahnsoo haha 
    (Yes a breakdancing dragon is like the end of Mulan)
    Thanks to GWOnline.net mesmer frequents for their input
    Version History
    07/15/06: Updated from v1 to v1.5
              (Updated to give more permissions and minor changes)
    07/28/06: Updated to v2.0
              (More builds added)
    08/17/06: Updated to v2.5
              (More Builds and information, added more question in closing FAQ
    10/16/06: Updated to v3.0
              (Changed the FAQ to be a mesmer FAQ across all GuildWars Chapters)
    Other stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    or private use. This FAQ also may not be placed on any other web site 
    without my permission. Give credit where credit is due.
    Permission granted for the following sites.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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    Copyright 2006
    Nobleman Azure

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