3d Engine LeadJanos Boudet
3d Engine R&dBertrand Augereau
3d Tools LeadTimothée Raulin
3d Tools R&dLionel Barret De Nazaris
Ai & Multiplayer LeadAntoine Letourneux
Ai & Multiplayer R&dSylvain Defresne
Fx IntegrationPhilippe Duparque
Game / Level DesignMatthieu Crépaux
Game / Level DesignMichael Mavros
Game Content LeadSébastien Brochet
Game Design LeadStephan Hernandez
Game/level DesignersSamir Asghar
Game/level DesignersKevin Choteau
Game/level DesignersMatthieu Filipic
Game/level DesignersMatthieu Le Mor
Head Of TechnologyCédric Le Dressay
Lead ProjectAlexis Le Dressay
ProgrammerGilles Alls
ProgrammerDamien Bastian
ProgrammerFlorent Bremond
ProgrammerThomas Carcaud
ProgrammerTony Carnal
ProgrammerPaul Chabas
ProgrammerJean Francois Couteau
ProgrammerArnaud Damme
ProgrammerFabien Deshayes
ProgrammerJocelyn Falempe
ProgrammerFrancois Xavier Gendrin
ProgrammerFlorent Goube
ProgrammerXavier Guillaume
ProgrammerRaymond Hak
ProgrammerThomas Heme
ProgrammerBenoit Jacquier
ProgrammerBenjamin Karaban
ProgrammerXavier Lemaître
ProgrammerThomas Lemont
ProgrammerBenoit Londero
ProgrammerNicolas Mercier
ProgrammerNicolas Moreau
ProgrammerArnaud Payement
ProgrammerNicolas PinÇon
ProgrammerFabrice Rasoamiaramanana
ProgrammerJounayd Id Salah
ProgrammerLudovic Sibille
ProgrammerTony Wattebled
R&d + Sound EngineChristophe Cavalaria


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, frasoami, and yngwe.

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