What are some of the best units in the game?

  1. What are the best units for the different types?

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  1. I agree with Shika_Stoner, even if you just look at base stats the list is huge and almost meaningless. Particularly if you're playing campaign or a period skirmish. At that point it becomes irrelevant that a musketeer has the best ranged stats, if you cant use them.

    In short, better units are the ones that cost more and are usually available later. And some factions have more selection than others. If you still want a list tho:

    Artillery, Anti-Personnel: Serpentine or Monster Ribault (Serpentine has more range but has less potential max damage, Monster Ribaults are very inaccurate, take forever to load and have a short range but if used correctly can kill hundreds in a single firing)

    Artillery, Anti-Structure: Basilisks tho Mortars are the only gunpowder unit capable of firing over walls

    Artillery, Pre-Gunpowder: since there are only 3, and cats are a waste of space, it depends on how/for what you intend to use them. Trebuchets can fire rotting cows over walls and cause mild damage and nausate the rest as well as damage structures, Ballista are still solid anit-personnel tho.

    Cavalry, Heavy: Lancers (most elite heavy cav have very similar stats tho)
    Cavalry, Light: Mounted Sergeants or Jinetes

    Infantry, Anti-Armour: Dismounted English Knights or Dismounted Noble Knights
    Infantry, General Melee: Dismounted Chivalric Knights.
    Infantry, Spearmen: Swiss Pikemen or Landsknecht Pikemen

    Ranged, Gunpowder: Musketeers.
    Ranged, Pre-gunpowder: Retinue Longbowman or Aventeriers. (Aventeriers do more damage and are better armored but have less range)

    Ranged, Mounted: Reiters, though the elite Mongol units are pretty good as well

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  1. That question is pretty much impossible to answer. There are a lot of different variables including play style, positioning and the level of experience and gear a unit has . Just about any unit can defeat another higher tiered unit if used in the right way.

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  2. I would differ from poddgod on a few things...
    the best general melee infantry in my opinion are the Spanish "Dismounted Conquistadores" because of the stats,
    Conquistadores have 22 defense compared to the 23 of the knights i do believe
    and 16 attack, opposed to the knights 13

    I would have to say the Scottish "Noble Pikemen" are a bit better than the "Swiss Pikemen"..but i could be mistaken, but they are definitely better than the "Landsknect Pikemen", especially when you look at defense, 15(?) vs the Landsknect's 4

    The general "Musketeer" isn't the best gunpowder unit out their either, The russian "Cossack Musketeer" is a little bit better, just restricted to the russians

    And in special circumstances..the Imperial "Forlorn Hope" is great, at say taking walls and such, with the highest infantry attack in the game, tied with Aztec "Eagle Warriors" which have greater defense

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  3. OH! and the rockets are really good at anti infantry...but im pretty sure you cant use them in the campaign game

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  4. spear men: papal guard
    anti-heavy inf. : Venice heavy inf.
    heavy inf. : dismount. conquistador
    light inf. :
    missile inf.: Sherwood archers, and janissary inf.
    missile cav. : Mongol Heavy Archers, Mamluk Archers
    heavy cav. : Lancers
    light cav. : Stradoits
    these are in is Pre-gunpowder period

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