Review by Klasj

Reviewed: 11/16/07

Crysis is here!

The developers of Far Cry, now bring us Crysis. After the long wait this greatly anticipated game is finally here, but does it live up to all the expectations.

Story 7/10
The story in this game is kinda boring and not original. You, codenamed Nomad, are a member of Delta, a U.S. Special forces team. You're on a mission to find and extract hostages on an Island. the hostages are archeologists that made a stunning discovery. The North Koreans heard about this, overran the island and took the archeologists hostage.
This discovery is not what it seems to be, Because they actually discovered a big threat. Aliens.

gameplay 9/10
The gameplay in this game, is in one word. Incredible. It is awesome to kill your enemies in an very interactive, yet amazing looking world. With interactivity, I mean physics. Lots of things you see during the game will be destructible. From objects like table, to buildings and trees. There is also a lot of fun to be had with the weapons. You can customize them in several ways. You can add scopes, laser sights, attachments like grenade launchers, flashlights and silencers. This is all done in a very handy way. You just press C, Nomad will raise his weapon, and you just click on the attachments you with to add. You can find the buttons in the same place where the actual attachments will be placed. Speaking of customization. Nomad is wearing a specially made suit, called the nanosuit. This is a very useful tool for fighting your enemies. this suit allows you to ''boost'' your abilities like speed and strength. But it will also function as body armor and it will allow you to be cloaked for a short period of time. the world in which all this takes place is almost completely open. You are free to go whereever you want. Meaning you can take on every situation you encounter in a different way. The rason I gave this a nine instead of a ten, is the fact that this game is very demanding and even the best PC's will not handle it all too well in the big firefights or large explosions with lots of things flying around. After all a lot of things are destructible.

graphics 9/10
The graphics in this game are truly amazing,. they are the best to date. One of the reasons is that this game is on of the first games to make good use of DirectX10. And the result is spectacular. Sunbeams coming through the roofs of the jungle. Amazing water effects with real waves. Awesome looking characters. there are also motion blur and depth of field effects. it all looks very good. even in DirectX9 it still looks amazing. You're just missing out on some stuff. especially in multi-player. there is no day and night cycle for dx9 players, nor are there destructible environments for them. meaning there are directx9 and directx10 servers. Ofcourse. there is downside to all these amazing graphics. the requirements are enormous. Even the best computers can not play this at the highest settings. this is partly because Crysis doesn't support quad cores and SLI/Crossifre yet. This will be added via a patch. and will be finetuned with new drivers from NVidia and ATI. Now, just to reassure you. even on medium, it still looks very good.

Sound 8/10
The sound is good, but it's nothing special. The sound effects like gunshots are are good, but you will not be amazed by them. Other sound effects, like sounds from the environment are really good. A roaring ocean, animals in jungles, wind etc., the music is great though. it really adds up to the overall immersiveness. You can barely hear it when you sneak around, but changes to a great tune when you're in a big gunfights. These tunes are played at a nice volume so they won't drown out all the other sounds, and it's not so soft that you won't hear it.

Multiplayer and replayability 9/10
The game has alot of replay value due to all the different ways you can complete you objectives. And when you're done with that, you can always start playing multiplayer. The gamemodes are deathmatch, and a new gamemode called power struggle. You could think of this a battlefield on a much smaller scale. You capture control points and capture and develop alien technology. The ultimate goal in thsis gamemode is to destroy the enemy's HQ. This gamemode also gives you the opportunity to use vehicles. You can also buy new weapons and attachemtns. using prestige points. You gain these points by killing enemies and capturing control points. You can also still use your nanosuit functions in multiplayer. But beware, this time, the koreans also have nanosuits for game balance.

Conclusion 8/10
The game didn't quite live up to all the expectations. You will need a monster PC to run it in all it's glory. Even though it still looks great on lower settings. The gameplay is fantastic with lots of stuff to destroy and fun to be had with your nanosuit. Some people may think that Crysis is all about the graphics, but when you look underneath this awesome exterior, you will see that the game is very fun to play. In single-player, aswell as in multi-player. It's not really special tough.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Crysis (EU, 11/16/07)

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