Review by Eremon

"Crysis is okay."

Okay, I've heard about this game for a while now about how it's going to be the greatest optimized title yet, blah-blah. First of all, unless you have a complete 'power-gaming' system don't even bother with this one. It runs terrible on anything less.

Story 4/10
The story, if that's what you can call it is lame, unoriginal and limited. You start out as a special forces guy named Nomad. You are heading to an island to rescue some scientists from the North Korean Army, who are very interested in what the scientists have discovered. The story is very linear and at times I felt as though I was being dragged along with it rather than happily following it.

Graphics 6/10
As I said, unless you have a very highend system, everything will pretty much be set to low and will look terrible. Since I don't have a dual videocard system everything I was witness to was mediocre at best. There is no scalability for systems that are somewhat less powerful. If I should upgrade my system in the near future perhaps I may update this section of the review, however I still feel there should be more access to quality level graphics for various types of realistic hardware configurations.

Gameplay 7/10
I admit, there were fun parts and some of the features in this game helped out with that. One of the features I enjoyed was the customizable armor that Noman wears. You can set different functions of the armor to give you special abilities like cloaking, super strength, super speed and lets not for get enhanced armor for absorbing those incoming bullets. The armor uses a rechargable energy system, so when you use an ability too long just wait a few seconds and you're back to full. The weapons can also be customized to suit the situation, such as adding a laser sight or silencer, etc. You also get to drive various vehicles throughout the game. There are many objects that react to weapons fire or melee attacks as well. The problem with the game play is that the game takes a very linear path with little chance for deviation to explore.

Sound 6/10
There was sound, I heard it. That is about all I can say, there was nothing spectacular that stands out in my memory. Weapons made weapon sounds, etc. All very average. I would have liked to have had more ambiance and enviromental sounds.

Multiplayer 0/10
I don't play multiplayer, I know that there are many players that are better than me, most likely they are all online playing right now. I don't have time to have my butt kicked by people who spend their entire days and nights playing online video games so they can brag about how they are the best, I don't care who's the best. If I want to play capture the flag then I'll get off my lazy cheeks and hit the paintball park.

Overall 6/10
There were some really unique and fun ideas, but the lack of decent weapons until the game is nearly over limits the overall replayability. If you have a wicked computer system and love multiplayer then this game may just be for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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