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"One of the Candidates for the FPS of the Year Award."

The gameplay is great... but there are better games out there. Sometimes the path to take is not obvious in singleplayer... there are also a few bugs that can really be irritating. The suit functions are a nice way to take different approaches... but most players end up using the same strategy throughout the whole game. Cloaking is a little bit too powerful... it makes sneaking past enemies far too easy. The enemies can be dumb at times (example: they can't swim, they will die if they ever somehow fall into the water). There's a decent diversity of weapons and vehicles. Can't say the same for the enemies, though.

Game Support:
The game support is... okay... if you think releasing drivers is a form of support from Crytek's part. Considering it is EA who pretty much sponsors Crytek, there's no telling how bad it might go, considering EA's bad tendency to rip off their customers. No patches have been released yet and there's no word about something like that at this point of time.
As for multiplayer, it's pretty well done. Is it pretty balanced. Power Struggle might be a little overwhelming to play, though. Resetting objectives can be annoying and when you capture assets, it can be hard sometimes to figure out when you're done (a HUD capture display would have been nice).

The graphics are simply awesome and ahead of their time compared to other games so far, only problem being is that no PC at this date can possibly run this decently at the maximum settings. However, the visuals are still impressive in lower settings. You can also balance which graphic elements you want to boost... and those you don't mind throwing away.

Pretty huge amount of replayability here. There's the editor so you can create your own levels, there are the numerous ways to conquer the singleplayer levels and there's also multiplayer.

Sound: The soundtrack is nice, can't say much else. I don't listen to music much.

Here's a short summary of the plot: Aliens awake from slumber and you try to take them out. While a bit cliche, the game pulls it off well. I would have given a bigger score in that department if they didn't pull a "Halo" ending. Yes, they pretty much cut the fighting as it was getting interesting and action packed.

As a final note, this game was great, but flawed (like every other game, flawed that is). Hopefully EA will allow Crytek to release patches to fix the big glitches right now and maybe optimize the game further. Maybe the sequel (if there's any) will actually end the plot... who knows.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/19/07

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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