Review by Boda3000

Reviewed: 12/06/07

Crysis lets you play it in various ways you can imagine and this is revolutionary on the FPS world.

Crysis is, without a doubt, the best PC game released this year. It just not excels in amazing graphics as it does in advanced gameplay, great AI, gigantic maps... With so many great things, it is actually difficult to say what makes Crysis the big game of the year. Let me cover each approach from the game at a time.

Let us start with the graphics. Naturally, you have seen some screens of it. If you have not, I urge you to do it. Crysis at very high settings on those screenshots looks exceptionally great. I have not actually tried, as my PC is not high-end. However, even running on medium, it still looks great. In addition, facial animation is the most realistic I have ever seen.

Advanced gameplay is another aspect of Crysis. You can play Crysis in different ways: being the Rambo of the jungle and killing everyone as crazy as you can get and, at the same time being the stealthiest spy ever or the mad-for-headshots sniper. The game leaves you room for that with the different powers of your nanosuit (strength, speed, cloak and armor). You can play Crysis in various ways you can imagine and this is revolutionary on the FPS world.

The AI is one of the best I have seen on FPS games. They seem to think rather than act like programmed robots who always hit you. They can actually hear you and, as stupid as it may seem this comment, this is greatly realistic.

The gigantic maps are what characterize Crysis as revolutionary in the FPS world. Think about your last FPS game. On a regular FPS, you follow, even though it sometimes does not seem that way, a prearranged route and you stick to that until the end of the game. Every time you play, does not the game feel the same because of that? Well, on Crysis, it does not. You can take different paths to reach your objective. On the first part of the game, for example, you can go by the beach or go stealthily inside the jungle. The map is enormous on each part of the game and that leaves us a lot of room to act and plan our strategy.

Concluding, if you have a PC, you should at least try the Crysis demo. I consider Crysis to be for the PC what Halo 3 is for the 360 or what Super Mario Galaxy is for the Wii. Crysis is a wonderful experience and, if you consider yourself a PC gamer, get it, for it is a great game. I am sure that you will not regret any dollar you spend on this game.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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