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"Crysis Made Me Want to Cry"

I literally just finished playing Crysis and I am unfortunately disappointed. While I loved the visuals and the environment and the sounds of the game, the game itself was sub-par. Nitty gritty coming up.

Visuals, Sounds, and Environment
Starting off where this game really shines, the eye candy is FANTASTIC. You can shoot trees down, break shacks, plow through planted palms in vehicles, and pick up and throw turtles (and chickens!). Physical boundaries in the game aren't invisible walls but sharks and torpedoes. NPCs speak and move like you'd expect a human to speak and move. The voice acting is very good. Physics are (usually) fantastic.

One of the things I was impressed most about was that, while moving through the dense jungle, plants around me would actually react to me, moving as I'd brush past them. Even the water looks great. Some of the more exotic locations that you get to later in the game are mind blowing.

There's no doubt in my mind that the crew at Crytek knows what they're doing when they put together a graphics engine.

The story is pretty interesting. I really didn't expect a lot here, but I was definitely entertained. The game starts out dropping you on a jungle island where "something" has happened. The island is infested with Korean KPA soldiers who are trying to keep you from discovering the "something." By the way, KPA stands for Korean People's Army, something that I am 99% sure was mentioned ONLY in the manual.

You wander through the game destroying things, killing Koreans, and, in general, wreaking a lot of havoc. There are some secondary goals that get you some extra gear, but for the most part the game is linear and straightforward.

Whoo. Let's start with the AI. The AI in this game is so terrible that I really forgot it was 2007 for a little while. You can be standing in front of a KPA shooting him in the chest then stop shooting and cloak, and he will stop for a moment, then just spray a bunch of bullets, stop, and finally wait for you to get a bead on his head to kill him.

Not to mention the helicopters, which appear to be able to see you no matter where you are, even if you're cloaked, even if you're hundreds of yards away. That also goes for boats and turrets.

Throughout the game I was confused by the "Zoom/Alt Fire/View Mode" key, because I could only get it to Zoom. In fact, for most of the controls, you're left to figure them out on your own. When you pick stuff up (bottles, turtles, chickens), your only option is to throw it -- there is no "drop" key.

On the subject of controls, I've run into a few instances where boats were stranded on land. Unfortunately, the only way to get the boat into the water is by turning on your 'strength mode' and punching it in the correct direction. You will definitely damage the vehicle like this. Occasionally, you will kill yourself like this. Somehow.

At many points in the game you're supposed to complete some kind of objective. Well, you have this suit radio through which your comrades and officers can speak to you and tell you what to do. While this is usually good, hearing the same instructions over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again is pretty annoying. Although the voice acting was great, listening to the same thing repeatedly was frustrating and annoying.

Difficulty was laughable in this game. As mentioned, you can simply cloak to hide from your enemies throughout most of the game. Playing on Delta offers no real challenge as far as actual difficulty. Your bullets are just less effective, and their bullets are more effective. Difficulty, to me, at least, should have your opponents out-thinking you, or at least out maneuvering you. Numbers and strength just don't cut it.

The game is BUGGY. Granted, the first patch still isn't out, but when I have to cheat to get to the next mission, something is wrong. The final level is incredibly confusing because you're given a weapon that doesn't actually work until a specific time, and even then only if you point it at a specific area. It may not be a bug, per se, but while playing it sure felt like it.

However, despite all that, the game was still bearable. I did enjoy sneaking up on soldiers, grabbing them by the throats, and throwing them into destructible buildings. I loved getting in the tank and running them over and blowing them up. And I really enjoyed the flying levels, because the controls were familiar and the missions were fun.

I cannot speak for multiplayer, but single player replayability is just, well it won't happen. Unless you want to try something new in a previous level, there's no point. I have not played multiplayer and I don't plan to, but it may be better than single player.

Final Recommendation
I would not purchase this game at $60. The quality just is not there, especially coming from a "top of the line" game studio like EA. For all its beauty, all its coolness, and all the clout this title carries, it just doesn't live up to par.

If you're looking for a great shooter, get the Orange Box or Bioshock. While the visuals won't compare, you won't feel like you want to choke the developers while you play.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 12/10/07

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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