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"Good, but very very short... Nothing new or exciting."

Crysis does just what it says on the box. It pushes the envelope of graphics technology, however, it doesn't do much else. It is a run of the mill shooter, like hundreds you have already played. My main gripe is the length. It is obvious that the developers spent all their time and money building an amazing graphics engine, and sprucing up your tried and true FPS models. The game is beautiful, but there is very little depth, and even less length!

I beat Crysis in 3 days, playing about 4 hours a day. I hardly expected to finish the game over the weekend, but there you go. You can imagine my disappointment upon destroying what I thought to be the "Halfway Through Boss" and then seeing credits roll. I was so stunned that I checked an online walkthrough for the game in the hopes that it was a glitch and it shouldn't have really ended right there. Nope! The game was over... $50 in the toilet. Thanks Crysis.

Is the game worth playing? If you have $50 to spend, and a weekend to kill, sure! It is fun, and does provide entertainment. But, once you really start getting into it, it is over. There are only 3 enemies to fight. Yes, count them . . . 3. Not exactly a cornucopia of challenging opponents.

Call me old fashioned, but I remember the days of Deus Ex, System Shock, and other shooters that actually had some depth to them. These games had choices to make, moral dilemmas, and took at least a couple weeks to beat! Crysis falls into the modern day rut of all flash, no substance. It does nothing new, nothing particularly innovative. It is pretty, but the beauty fades quickly.

If you want my opinion, wait till this one is in the bargain bin for 20$, or better yet: bust out your old copy of Deus Ex and be entertained for a couple weeks.

Crysis falls short in the end:
1) Very short (obviously geared to get you to buy an expansion in a few months)

2) Few enemies (only 3 types of bad guys to face)

3) No choices to make (sure you can go after a secondary objective, but there is no reason to. And you simply have 4 different suit abilities to use, no choice in upgrading them or modifying yourself to be different than everyone else playing the game)

4) Typical FPS weapon choices, nothing at all special (You have seen all these weapons before. Don't expect to be wielding any super high tech alien freeze rays or antimatter bazookas.)

5) Linear plot development and area design (You could circle the enemy camp to the right or to the left. Woopty-Freaking-Doo. Don't expect to explore anything, at all, ever)

6) The aliens are just ripoffs of other movies (If you have seen The Matrix, you have seen these guys)

7) Maximum Strength ability is lame. I expected that when you turn on your suit's super strength mode and punched someone that they would go flying and smash into something 10 yards away. Don't bet on it. They might fly an extra 3 feet.

Good points:
It is pretty, if you machine can handle the graphics.
It is fun to snipe some poor sucker in the noggin (even if they can snipe you from twice as far away!)

Final thought:
Fun moments, but disappointing over all.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/25/07

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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