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"All the words, in my mouth, that the scene deemed unworthy of letting out.... are released"

Ahhh da Crysis, such an overhyped and badly sold game. So, lets get into it now shall we?

Graphics: 10/10

You know I was going to say this. Shadows perfectly shine through bushes, and the effects are great. Facial animations are quite smooth, but not as good as Valves. All in all, the graphics blew me out of the water, but only if you've got a nice pc. Medium mode still looks amazing though.

Gameplay: 4/10

This is what really counts in a video game. Yes, the sandbox levels are intersting, and the Tank level was one of the cooler levels I have played in a while. Sadly, this game just falls short. You've got this nano suit, and it has maxium speed, armor, strength, and cloak. They all do what their names suggest. But after a while, you almost abuse the cloak. And even after that I found myself wishing for some superhero power or something. Its like being given a recies pieces with only a quarter of it left. But after the core leve, the semi amusing sandbox levels are replaced with boring, and frustrating, missions. Now, on to the next bit.

Story 0/10

I love games for their stories mostly. This game doesn't really have one. Aliens on island, koreans wake them up, you kill them, yadadada. Also, this game follows in suit of killing off characters, but this doesn't really go so well considering that nearly all of the ones who die you've known for about five minutes, which hardly helps to create a nice bond. I didn't finish the game actually, but I got to the last five minutes, gave up on it, and youtubed it, and it turned out to be somewhat halo 2 ish of an ending.

Physics 3/10

Thats right. Yes, the physics on the house look good enough, but if valve threw in destructable enviorments, this game would have nothing for it. When enemys are killed, it just doesnt look right. They fall at odd positions, and can be somewhat quirky.

All in all it was an okay game. I wouldn't play through it again. And I'm not even rating the terrible multiplayer, simply because it is full of hackers, and I can usually find about three games with enough people. Oh yeah, and I would play through it again actually. To make hilarious youtube montages of the terrible ai that the game has. Have fun taking cover on my side of the building, little korean. And try to spot that shadow right next to you, the one with the giant gun? Peace out guys.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 02/19/08

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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