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"One of the most revolutionary FPS's ever. Period. *Do not read until finished game, Spoilers*"

I have played quite a few revolutionary FPS's, from single player and multi player like Halo, Halo 2, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, Half-Life 2, Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament 1,2,and 3 to name a few. Well now I know 1 more game to add to that list. Crysis. This game inspired me and filled me with awe, with near perfect graphics, storyline and gameplay. Crysis raised the bar for future FPS's, and I doubt it will be passed in the following years, possibly only by Crysis Annihilation and World in Crysis.

Story 9/10

The story starts from you listening to a transmittion from Helena Rosenthal, an American Archeologist under employment by the Korean People's Army (from here on to be known as the KPA) in a slighty creepy environment. Then you're looking out of the eye's of United States Delta Force Lieutenant's Jake Dunn codename "Nomad", in a (I think) Globemaster cargo plane. You are wearing state of the art nanosuits that look sick and that can enhance key attributes such as speed and strength. You'll listen to Psycho's trash talk (you'll hear more of it throughout the game) and Prophet will give you a short brief before you jump. On your way down you get clipped by, something...... You'll be ok though. This is where you start. At the start two members of your 5 man squad are taken out by the "thing".You go to a trailer and find out the mission is commanded by General Kyong, who is in charge of the Korean Special Forces . You advance and find various things saving an archeologist as you go. Then prophet gets picked up by the "thing" and taken away, then Major Strickland at Opcom takes over. You travel through the jungle, killing any Koreans in your way. Then another archeologist gets killed then when your getting extracted you get attacked by Korean nanosuit guys. Then your in a level in a full scale battle with marines, helping them take over the area. Then you get a tank battle in a wide ravine with lots of packs of trees. During the course of the level you will see a huge mountain, the biggest on the island. You get to the next level seeing parts of the mountain breaking off revealing an alien structure, a ship actually. You travel through the level killing enemies. Then once you can see the mine where the rest of the archeologists are some of the "things" come out an attack koreans. You advance into the mine when you get hit by a Korean nanosuit then stripped of everything if front of the General. Then you see Helena Rosenthal and some other dude, the last two archeologists, the other one gets killed because the general was dissapointed with his performence. Then after the charges are blown to the entrance of the ship an energy think make Kyong stronger but kills all of the nanosuit guys. After you kill the general, you head to the elevator and go up but there is an earthquake and your blocked in. A VTOL (vertical takeoff or landing) comes in and picks up Helena then leaves. The elevator falls and you go through the entrance, then you chase a alien thing through these caverns in anti gravity. After a while you see a circular chasm going down for however long and see lots of the "things" and this huge thing. After you get out all of the "things" come out and apparently theres a sphere around the island and everything inside it is frozen. These little "things" come and are your main enemies now. You go to find Stricklands marines, and you find something more valuble then marines........Prophet. You go through the level until your outside the sphere go down to a crashed VTOL with Helena in it. After Prophet and Helena are extracted that huge "thing" comes and you run to the extraction point. You go to the extraction point for all the marines in the area. Its being attacked by aliens while the big alien is advancing towards the extraction point. The VTOL finally gets there but strickland stays and diverts the big aliens fire right before it kills you. After the pilot complains about the very bad weather the VTOL gets attacked and the pilot dies. You fly the VTOL, then get back to the USS Constitution. You go to a couple of places before the armory and after Prophets done in this chair thingy he takes this alien gun he found and leaves. I think I have said WAY to much but I'll leave the rest for you to discover if you disregarded my notice and you know what happens if you've finished. Overall the story is very good but not perfect. probably the one thing that doesn't make sense is that 2 times you lose your weapons. One with General Kyong after the nanosuit knocks you out and in the VTOl.

Graphics 20/10 (that isn't a typo)

Well, here is the reason this game got so much attention. I run my game on very high, with a good FPS. Lets do a comparison, CoD4 (Call of Duty 4)I could probably run on the highest setting with 70-90 FPS. On Crysis I get 15-45 FPS on very high. The graphics in this game are just unexplainable, they are just amazing. The light shines and reflects off of the nanosuits and weapons, it passes through the jungle canopy to it's floor, it's just the most amazing thing. The water should be a section on its own but I'll just put it here. The water is so real, I could probably just jump in and swim around, then bump into a sea mine and die but you get my point. You can go swim around the ocean floor following schools of fish and looking at the coral on the sea floor pop up onto the beach and clear out the korean camp. When you get up of the water, drops of water actually stick to your helmet visor, same if you go under the fire taps that are trying to put out a fire on the carrier. Inside the sphere if you stay put for too long your visor will frost up and you won't be able to see for that long. There are about 10-15 character face models for the American troops, not counting your team. The unifoms are a bit too advanced, with the neck guard and all, but are VERY well done. Your soldiers get visual recoil from there weapons, and react accordingly when they get shot. The game employs a weaker ragdoll mod for explosions but for killing with a gun they die like in real life, if you decide to puch them they also react like they are getting punched. They Koreans have about 5-10 face models and various uniforms depending on rank. The aliens die as if they just fall, away from you if your shooting at them from the kinetic energy.

Sound 10/10
Watch any war movie and listen to the sound that they make. I have watched Black Hawk Down 3 times and the sounds of the American fifty cal. and the Crysis fifty cal. are EXACTLY the same. The SCAR sounds much like a normal gun would, as with the Korean rifle.
The pistol sound is amzingly realistic, as with the sniper. The helicopter sounds very good and the jet on the VTOL sounds exactly like a jet. The tanks sound very good too. The other sounds, like the sounds of the aliens etc. is very clean and very well done. All of the explosions are presented very well. The Korean's when they're talking and don't know your there go around talking too. I can't say very much, you've (if you've disregarded my notice or) already heard it.

Gameplay 10/10

Only one word: amazing. Everyone knows Crysis is a revolution in graphics as a game but didn't buy it, they just aknowledged it. Everyone (well almost) who's play Crysis knows that the gameplay, not the graphics, really makes it one of the best FPS's ever

First of all, the nanosuit is the most important part of the game. You can switch to strength, which enables you to kill koreans in 1 hit, increases the damage of each shot, and steadies your scope when sniping. You can also change to speed which obviously makes you run faster, but it also makes you pull out your weapons faster, makes you reload faster and lets you punch/ hit faster. You can change to cloak mode, and you should know whats that does, but unlike peoplemight think it works for a long time when sitting still, but depletes very rapidly when moving. Last but definately not least is armor, which has saved my ass on more than I can remember occasions. This gives you enhanced protection, well when you get shot it drains your energy then it goes to your health if your energy runs out.

Another very cool thing in Crysis is that you can modify all weapons you get, to an extent. You can equip a silencer, flashlight, laser pointer, grenade launcher, tactical attachment, reflex sight, assault scope, sniper scope, and your normal iron sights. You get the scopes and the other attachments throughout the game. Both of the assault rifles can use all attachments, the submachine gun can use all but the grenade and the tactical attachment. The shotgun has the same as the submachinegun. The sniper can use same as shotgun and SMG, so is the gauss. The minigun and the MOAC (alien gun) can only have laser pointer or flashlight. The pistol can use a laser pointer,flashlight,and silencer. The point of this is so that you can change on the fly. Lets do a scenario. O.K. You enter a Korean camp, there is shrubbery around the camp, you stealth in go to strength take a Korean and throw him into another Korean. You go prone and recharge, then stealth into a building take out the Korean, put a laser pointer, sniper scope and silencer and start sniping. See what this does? You can change to fit the situation. Lets say then a humvee with a gunner comes, you take off everything and start peppering it with bullets.

Crysis was made to be NON-linear, giving you multiple paths to your objective. You could go by the jungle, dispatching patrols as you go, break out the sniper scope and snipe from the ridge. Or you could take the road in speed to get there faster. Or you could take the beach, with few units. OR EVEN take a boat and pepper the land with fifty cal. bullets. This goes for most of the game until you go inland, although you can still take the jungle the plain or the road. Once you get past Core, the game gets more linear, but you can avoid groups of enemies by switching to armor and carefully falling down cliffs. You have to watch out not to stay still in the snow level because your visor will freeze up and you could get ambushed. As almost all people who have played Crysis will agree, the gameplay, not the graphics that make Crysis truly great.

Replayability 10/10

As I said before, this game is non-linear, I've probably played the game 10 times and I'm still not bored. This game offers unlimited possibilities to get to your objective.

Multiplayer 8/10

The multiplayer isn't the most groundbreaking, although it makes lots of fun. It features an never before seen mode, Power Struggle. In Power Struggle, which is much like the Battlefield games, you must capture strategic points, such as capturing the TAC facility etc. You get prestige points by completing objectives and killing opponents as I believe. You then use these prestige points to buy weapons, attachments etc. To win you must capture the TAC facility and produce a TAC cannon or a TAC tank. I haven't played much but I think you can destroy it with a bomb or something.

Last Words

Crysis is a groundbreaking game that has set a new standard for RPGs and FPSs alike. Its best ever seen graphics,gameplay,multiplayer and plot makes this game a 10/10 on my list

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/17/08

Game Release: Crysis (AU, 11/15/07)

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