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"Worthy Flagship of the First Person Shooter Genre."

Crysis is likely to be the crown jewel of first person perspective shooters for at least a half a decade starting from the year it was released. Unfortunately, it and games like it, are responsible for finally retiring most gaming rigs from the year 2004. A single core system with a Geforce 6800 or Radeon 9800 will barely be able to play this game at the worst possible settings, which will ruin the experience for the gamer unless he or she upgrades.

Story: 9/10
The story is fun and original. But let's be real; its in the realm of cheesy sci-fi; its not Citizen Cane. I'll avoid elaborating too much so that I don't ruin it. The cinemas between levels are a lot like scenes from a movie and have good acting. If you have played the demo then you know that you have been dropped in the middle of the jungle with a special forces group in order to rescue some scientists from a group of North Koreans who should not be on the island to begin with. There is immediately a hint that there are extraterrestrials involved.

Graphics & Effects: 10/10
Crysis is the first game that has managed to set itself apart and above all other FPS games for quite some time. This says a lot considering that games like Doom 3 and Quake 4 have astonishing graphics. The 'High' and 'Very High' settings have to be seen to be believed. Even the medium settings are better than most current games. A system that can only play the game on low settings should not be used for Crysis. It ruins the experience.

The scenery, whether in the lush jungle, the alien base, or the artificial arctic wasteland, is simply astonishing and breathtaking. In fact, the graphics are so good they can get your character killed due to being distracting. The sound was of high quality and utilized surround sound and had an elementary musical score. The voices were crystal clear and well acted. The explosions can be jarring enough to hurt your ears if you have the volume up too high. The visuals and other effects easily compensate for other short-comings in the game.

Gameplay (single player): 7/10
The gameplay of Crysis is innovative. You have a nano-suit that is strongly implied to based on reverse-engineered alien technology. It allows you to turn invisible (like the predator) or strong enough to punch someone and kill them instantly. You can even grab a KPA soldier and throw him 30 feet into the air and shoot him like a clay pigeon. There are also a number of vehicles you can commandeer and there is even a section where you must fly a VTOL in a dogfight with aliens. The aerial dogfight is the hardest part of the game until you realize how simple it is to trick the aliens into separating from each other to pick them off from a distance. They don't re spawn once you blow them out of the sky.

The AI is just passable. It some instances it is unfair and in others you have a ridiculous advantage. It sort of evens out in that way. For instance, you can run around killing KPA's in a base and as long as you don't do anything to alert them they will not notice all of the corpses laying around. Which is good because you cannot move the dead bodies into the foliage to hide them!

However, it does have the serious deficit that it is repetitive and the entire game is quite short. You only have about two different types of enemy characters; Koreans and aliens. The Koreans come in grunt, special forces, and officer varieties. The aliens come in a small and large variety. There is one human boss who is distinct from all others and one alien boss that is also distinct from all the others. Another issue I find annoying is that commanding officer, Profit, is constantly breaking radio silence to annoy you while you are trying to sneak up on people and kill them. This makes certain parts of the game impossible unless you turn off the volume. It's like trying to concentrate on shooting a basket with one arm and then having a mentally challenged person suddenly yell at you from behind for no apparent reason.

Gameplay (multi-player): irrelevant
I've never liked multi-player games. I use video games as a form of fantasy escapism from the jerks I deal with in the real world on a day-to-day basis. I fail to see the logic in letting them into my video game. I don't enjoy playing capture the flag with losers who spend their entire lives in their mother's basements playing counterstrike.

Overall: 9/10
Crysis is an excellent First Person Perspective Shooter. It is a unique and enjoyable experience despite having two major drawbacks: its short and it is somewhat repetitive. Many people will complain that it won't run on their hardware. That isn't an issue with the game; that is an issue with their hardware. You also can't play Crysis on an Atari 2600. It is just a fact of life that eventually your hardware will become obsolete; this is not a conspiracy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/01/08

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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