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""Can it play Crysis?" - Mine can! And damn was it a treat."

All the hype with Crysis over the years had me really wanting to play it, but I never had the chance until a week ago. I remember that I had downloaded the demo when it first came out and had fun with the game on my(then) crappy 8600GT. I waited almost a good 2 years to realize how awesome this game was.

I define a game's value based on how addicting it is, personally. Crysis was one of those very rare games where I actually found myself staying up 3 hours passed my normal bedtime telling myself "just a couple more minutes". Yes, I had that much fun playing the game. With the power of the Crytek engine just about anything is possible. That combined with extremely realistic graphics just makes enjoying the game that much more fun.

The game does start out a little slow, but it is alright because personally I found the game to last a lot longer than I was expecting. Many a times I was telling myself "it'll probably end here" just to play for another 3 hours and tell myself the same thing again and play for another 3 hours.

Now the game focuses on a group of soldiers from the US special forces who come in on a hostage situation which they soon discover to be a cover-up for a very huge threat to the planet. After the first mission you'll have an idea what you are up against but won't truly get to find out until much later in the game. You are mainly on a hot trail the majority of the time taking out Koreans as you go.

The amount of realism in the game is a true work of art. However it does have its flaws. Such as being spotted by a tank or small boat from several hundred yards away through the window of a house behind some trees and bushes. Which doesn't make sense when 99% of the time soldiers can't even see you from 10 yards away. Usually they don't until you put a bullet in them that doesn't kill them right away. Then they yell for backup and the fun ensues. Turn on super strength and throw a flammable barrel into the fray, put a bullet through it and watch the bodies fly! I personally had more fun playing sniper the majority of the game with the cloak on. I don't know why but I just really enjoy playing a sniper in FPS games. Which is probably why it took me longer than most people would take to beat Crysis.

Oh and by the way one unique thing about Crysis is the nanosuit you wear. It is essentially a high tech suit that turns you into a super soldier. The standard use is maximum armor. It is like wearing a dozen layers of kevlar that(ironically enough) doesn't really stop bullets. There is also super speed, super strength and cloak. Super strength is probably the most fun to toy around with. Picking up barrels and throwing them at an enemy 5 yards away to watch them eat dirt and not get up is absolutely hilarious. The physics are key on, which is a huge factor to the game's realism.

From taking it on foot, to driving a Humvee through a barricade or watching the boat you just jumped off slam into a few Koreans on the beach to manning a VTOL or controlling a tank and wrecking havoc over a click away on the watchtower and seeing it crumble through your binoculars is simply awesome. I never did get the chance to pilot a Helicopter though. And I know you can because it gives you controls for a Helicopter in the options menu. It is just every single one I ever saw I had to shoot down so it wouldn't kill me. I guess I'll have to sneak up on one that lands temporarily. It would probably make said mission I am on a lot easier, lol.

If there is one thing that I can say truly impressed me the most about the game was how MASSIVE each mission was. For only a 6GB install it is definitely a work of art. I can only hope they continue to make awesome games from the Crytek engine that sets new standards for PC gaming. Which is where the first part of my review title comes from. It is a fairly popular fad across the internet when people ask questions about Crysis or if their computer can run this or that game. I know mine can! :D

The music and sound effects were very well done as well. When you have 5.1 surround sound it is a real treat to be able to gauge the distance of an enemy from their footsteps or know when someone is sneaking up behind you as they plant their foot on a stick that snaps underneath them. I wouldn't have expected it from Crysis either, but they did a good job instilling a sense of fear in you at certain points in the game(namely a certain mission) as you explore the unknown.

Overall I would have to say I was very pleased with the game. I normally lose interest in a game after an hour or 2 and don't ever play the game again, but I played Crysis nearly 24/7 till I beat it. And that is what separates the games I write reviews about from the ones I don't, but have played. Not to mention this game(on the PC anyways) has something called Sandbox which is basically the game editor. You can literally do whatever you want. If you want to make a star wars mod of the game, go for it. If you want to make a MechWarrior mod for the game... well you have already been beat to it because it's in development. There is even a Jurassic Park mod in the making. And dozens if not hundreds of other small mods that others made for their own enjoyment to prolong the life of Crysis. Mods are one thing that makes PC gaming better than console gaming. And now I shall end this review. "Cloak Enabled"

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/10/09

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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