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"A game no one would remember if not for the mind-blowing graphics"

Before I begin, there are spoilers in this review, since I feel like I need to explain the story in order to review the single player portion of the game.

Crysis is currently considered the game that tests how good a computer really is. Almost every PC gamer has heard of it. However, graphics aside, is it really a good game in itself? In my opinion, not really. I mean, its campaign mode is okay, but a bit boring. The multiplayer also seems fairly lackluster.

Graphics - 11/10

Yes, I gave it an 11 out of 10. Crysis has the most insane graphics of any game to date. Everything is so detailed and atmospheric. Even on low settings, the game looks decent. On maximum settings, the game almost looks real.

Audio - 8/10

The audio is decent. It does not wow me by any means, but it is not bad either.

Controls - 7/10

This game is yet another first person shooter with an overly complicated control scheme. It is not bad, and most of the main functions are close at hand, but I had to really mess around with the settings to get a set up I was comfortable with.

Game Play - 6.5/10

The campaign mode is only okay. The major problem is that after a while, it gets repetitive. While it eventually picks up and becomes a lot more interesting, the first half of the game is all about killing North Koreans. Apparently they are doing some funky stuff on this island, and you are a special forces soldier with a fancy nanosuit sent there to investigate. Much of the game is centered around assassinating a North Korean general, who discovered some alien technology. However, he activates it before you kill him, and now you got to deal with aliens. After the general activates the technology, the game picks up, but it takes you like 4-5 hours to get to that point. Before that, you just run around in the jungle for hours killing wave after wave of North Koreans. The jungle setting eventually gets boring, and killing North Koreans get extremely repetitive. However, after you start fighting aliens, the campaign gets good. The scenery changes (finally!) and your new alien enemies are a welcome change of pace from the previous human soldiers. The bosses at the end were particularly fun to fight. The weapons in the game appear to be decent, and the nanosuit adds unique elements into the game play. For example, you can use this suit to become extraordinarily strong and fast, or even to become invisible for a short period of time.

One issue I have with single player though is the fact that helicopters follow you, even if you are invisible. You would think that if you activated your cloak, you could lose a helicopter. However, in one level, I had one following me for miles. I could not kill it because I had no weapons capable of doing so. After a while I pretty much decided it was better to outrun the thing than try to hide from it, since it would follow me anyway. It would not shoot at me when invisible, but it obviously knew where I was and I kind of thought this was a bit annoying and unrealistic.

The multiplayer has potential, but is still fairly flawed. There are two modes: deathmatch and power struggle. Deathmatch is what you would expect: a bunch of guys just killing each other with the weapons found in Crysis. The power struggle reminds me of Battlefield. While the game has potential, it is often plagued by a number of flaws. First of all, there is only a limited number of servers. To make things worse, many servers happen to be far away, making the game fairly laggy at times. Second of all, most servers do not use punkbuster, and this leads to a high number of hackers compared to other games. Third, many of the functions such as adding attachments to rifles and changing the mode the nanosuit is in are kind of clunky. Often if you try to scope your rifle or add a laser sight or something, you will be caught off guard and die.

Fun Factor - 6/10

The single player honestly could have been more fun if it picked up sooner. The first half of the campaign was boring. I can only stand shooting the same enemies in the same jungle for so long. After the game picked up and I started fighting aliens, I thought the game was pretty darn fun though. Unfortunately after I got to that part it ended a little too quick for my tastes.

The multiplayer is not that fun. It is pretty lackluster as far as I'm concerned; it has some potential, but the problems that plague it just ruin it for me. It is nice to play when you are tired of your other games, but honestly, it is one multiplayer I cannot see myself playing all the time. It is flawed and gets boring within a couple of hours.

Replay Value - 7/10

This game has a somewhat lengthy campaign, but nothing overly long (probably around 7 hours). If you actually like the multiplayer, it could provide you with hours of fun. However, there really do not appear to be many maps that are played often. Most of the power struggle servers play the same map over and over again. The amount of death match servers is very small, and even then, most play the same map.

Difficulty / Learning Curve - 8/10

The difficulty of the single player campaign is adequate. There should be a difficulty mode that fits your particular skill level. The multiplayer learning curve is about average as well. It is by no means a ridiculously difficult game to pick up, but it is also no cakewalk; there are quite a few good players out there.

Overall - 6.5/10 (Single Player - 7/10; Multiplayer - 6/10)

Overall, Crysis is basically a game that is overly hyped due to excellent graphics. Without the graphics, all you have left is an average game. The campaign mode could have been much better if it picked up sooner. However, it became a little overly repetitive for a while and this hurt it a bit. It was still okay though. I feel about the same way toward the multiplayer. It is okay, but honestly, there are just so many games I like better. Don't get me wrong, Crysis is by no means "bad." I would consider it to be fairly average. But on the other hand, that's the thing: it is an average game that is overhyped because it looks really pretty.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/04/09, Updated 08/23/10

Game Release: Crysis (US, 11/13/07)

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