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    Memo FAQ by ChandooG

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    ÑÅ__qÑÑ`åÑM™™™™™ª ¯™Ñ#p_  ؆  Ñ       Ø ØÑ™™™™™™¹ [ ™Ñ¿  Å    3Ñ
    Ñ# ‘Ñþ  åÑþ          ¯™Ñ#‚؆  ÑL     qÑ ¶ÑL       [   Ñ#_Å    3Ñ
    Ñ#   ™Å_ ÑÑþ____„~   ___цņ  ÑL   __ØF  ÑÑþ____„ [    ¯ÑÅ    qÑ
    ¯¯¯    Ñp  ¯¯¯¯     ˆ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯   ˆ      `    ¯¯¯
                           ..                ______       
                         ,: .              _د¯¯¯¯™™ Ñþ     Ø´ˆ¶Øˆ ¯åÑ       
                       .tL,.               qÑ______   Ñ¿   Ø   [Ñ   ¶Ñ       
                     ..LGjLt:      .       Øѯ¯¯¯¯¯   ‘Ñ_ /`   [Ñ   ¶Ñ      
                  .. ;DLtitLGf;:           ‘Ñþ         åÅqÅ    [Ñ   ¶Ñ     ¸       
                   .fDjiitttjGKKt.          ˆÑÑþ¿¿m™    \Å    ,åÅ, ¸åÅ„„„„q#      
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          .tLi;;jtiiti:. :EEfjfL, .                                              
         ;Lf;iiiitLi:    :DGftjL;.                                               
       .tGi;,,ii;;;:  .  .tGfiiji.                                               
      jf;,,,,;ii,.,,,tfjjfit;itiij;   .           THE MEMO FAQ..
      it,,::.....:..    .,t;,,,,;;jGGL,.                                         
      ;i,.               :tt,,;,,::tj;,.                                         
      :;.                :ji:,,;,. .i;:.                                         
       :                 :t;,:,;;.  :;:                                          
                         :i;;i;,;.  it:                                          
                         :;   iijti,:.                                           
                         ..   ..   .             .                     MEMO FAQ
    * MEMO's
    Well, since there currently isnt a MEMO FAQ for resident evil 4
    so far, i thought it would be nice if i was the first to submit
    one, for those who dont get it, MEMO is the same as files and
    notes that you find in the game, its all here.
    7th FEB 2005, 
    Added the two missing Memo's, and the file is complete now.
    Thanks to Justin Sparks <js_ravinstorm@yahoo.com>
    Here are all the files in the game listed in the order that you come
    across them, read them for some revelaing story events if you haven't
    finished the game yet.
                                PLAYING MANUAL 1
    1. Shooting = Hold down the R button then use the control stick to aim
                  the laser sight.
    2. Combat Knife = Press and hold the L button to ready your knife and
                      press the A button to swing the weapon.
    3. Action Button = You'll be able to perform various actions by pressing
                       the appropriate button that appears on the screen.
                                INFO ON ASHLEY
    Name = Ashley Graham
    Age  = 20
    Daughter of the President of United States.
    She was kidnapped by an unidentified group while on her way home from her
    university. The kidnappers motive's are still unknown. Although there's
    reliable information that the perpetrator is an insider. Only a handful
    of people know about this kidnapping. Its been kept under the wraps
    mostly due to the fact that we cant determine who the traitor is.
    The guy's in intelligence say that they have reliable information that
    Ashley's been sighted somewhere in Europe. But until we find out  who
    the insider is, I dont want to believe. It could be a ploy.  We  have
    very few leads as to the where abouts of Ashley. But  members  of the
    secret service and anyone related to Ashley are being  questioned  by
    an investigative team.
    Even active agents are being investigated for some information. Its 
    just a matter before the kidnapper is exposed.
                                PLAYING MANUAL 2
    1. Reloading = Press the B button while holding down the firearm to
                   reload your weapon.
    2. Kicks = Approaching enemies that are either stunned or on their
               knees will allow Leon to perform kicks as prompted by
               the action button.
    3. Changing Inventory Screens = Use the L R buttons to switch back
                                    and forth between the weapon/recovery
                                    and the keys/treasure screens.
                                ALERT ORDER
    Recently there has been information that a United States government
    agent is here investigating the village. Do not let this American
    agent get in contact with the prisoner. For those of you not yet
    informed, the prisoner is being held in an old house beyond the
    farm. We will transfer the prisoner to a more secure location in
    the valley when we are ready. The prisoner is to stay here until
    further notice. Meanwhile do not let the American agent near the
    We do not know how the American government found out about our 
    village. But we are investigating. I sense a third party other
    then the United States government involved here. My fellow men
    stay alert.
    - Chief, Bitores Mendez.
                                ABOUT THE BLUE MADELLIONs
    15 Blue Medallions. 
    7 in the farm.. 8 in the cemetery.
    For those of you who destroy more then 10 medallions, you will be
    awarded. (The rest is illegible).
                                CHIEF's NOTE
    As instructed by Lord Saddler, I have the agent in confinement, alive.
    Why keep him alive ?! I do not fully understand what the lord's inten-
    tions are. I would however think he'd keep them separate. Not confine
    them together as has been ordered. I do not believe Luis will trust a
    stranger but by chance they did cooperate the situation could get a
    bit more complicated.
    If for some reason, an unknwon third party is involved, i don't think
    they'd let a chance like this slip by. But maybe its all Lord Saddler's
    ploy. Leaving us vulnerable so this third party will surface, if they
    even exit that is...
    It is an unlikely possibilaty, but if a prowler is already amongst us 
    then our plans could be ruined. I guess the lord thinks its worth the
    risk, if we're able to stop whatever conspiracy is at work. At any
    rate its the Lord's call, we will trust his judgement as always.
                                CLOSURE OF THE CHURCH
    Reguarding the two fugitives, the apprehension of Luis is our top
    priority. The american agent a distant second. What Luis stole from
    us is far more important then the girl. Unless we get it back the
    girl will become useless to us. We must get it back to execute our
    plan to the end. If it gets in the wrong hands the world would become
    a totally different place then what Lord Saddler has envisioned.
    At all costs we mustn't let that happen. Never the less, we're not
    letting go of the girl, to ensure that the agent does not get to
    her. I have locked the church door where the girl is being held. 
    Anyone who needs access to the church must first get approval from
    Lord Saddler. There is a key beyond the lake but it should be safe
    now that the Del Lago has been awakened by our lord. No one will get
    across the lake alive.
    Plus, our same blood courses through the agent's veins. It'll be just
    a matter of time before he joins us. Once he does, there will be
    nobody else left that will come looking for the girl.
                                ANONYMOUS LETTER
    There is an important item hidden in the falls, if you are able to
    get it you might be able to get Ashely out of the church. But i'll
    warn you, the route to the church isnt a walk in the park by any 
    means. They've developed whats called an "El gigante" so god bless.
    About whats been going on in your body, if I could help you, I would.
    But unfortunately its beyond my power.
                                PLAYING MANUAL 3
    1. Commands = Leon can give commands to Ashley to either Wait or 
                  Follow by pressing the X button.
    2. Ashley and action buttons = Depending on the situation Leon and
                                   Ashley can cooperate to get past 
                                   various obstacles.
    3. Ashley's health = You can use recovery items not only on Leon
                         but on Ashley as well.
    4. Ashley and game over = Leon has failed his mission if Ashley is
                              either killed or carried away by enemies.
                                SERA AND THE THIRD PARTY
    Where abouts of Sera are still unknown. Most likely he's using an
    old secret passage taught to him by his grand father who used to 
    hunt in this region long ago. Im pretty certain that he's hiding
    our property somewhere in the forest.
    If his grand father was stil alive, i would have used him to find
    Sera. But HOW did he find out about the egg injected into his body?
    And the fact that he was able to remove it before it hatched is
    concering. Another factor taht concerns me is that Sera escaped with
    our property just before the American agent arrived. I don't believe
    that was just a coincidence.
    There has to be another player involved in this. In order to settle
    this whole situation, we have to capture Sera and wait for the effects
    of the drug to wear off before we inject him with another egg. Once
    this is done, whoever is behind all of this will surface. Nobody shall
    interfere with our plas. Those who do shall suffer seera consequences.
                                TWO ROUTES
    Just a while ago, I was informed by Lord Saddler that our men had
    shot down a United States military helicopter. There shouldn't be
    any more outside interference for a while now. Unless the United
    States government determines who the traitor is, they can only
    initiate very small covert operations. We must use this time to our
    advantage and recapture the girl.
    The two Americans can only get out of our terrotiry by using one of
    two routes. This is where we'll stop them. We shall make use of our
    forces to the greatest degree.
    We will deploy a large number of Ganados in one of the routes to
    ensure that they do not slip by us. for the other route we shall
    leave the task to El gigante. Which ever route they take, the agent
    will never leave here alive. Not with the girl atleast.
                                VILLAGE's LAST DEFENCE
    I clearly underestimated the American agent's capabilaty. He's still
    alive. i thought that we could wait until the egg hatched, but at
    this rate he could destroy the entire village before it does. We
    must take care of this nuisance.
    We shall change our priorities, for the time being we will cease our
    hunt for Luis and ambush the two Americans. There is a building used
    to enlighten betrayers just beyond the point where you get off the
    lift. Its a perfect place for ambushing them. If all else fails, they
    still would need to face me in order o get past the last gate that
    leads out of the village. For only before my sight will the gate open.
                                CAPTURE LUIS SERA
    I have confirmation that Sera has entered the castle. Why would he
    return during his escape leaves me to question his motives. But we
    must seize this moment to capture him. We will get the other two
    Americans after we apprehent Sera. It appears he took some vaccines
    when he stole our "Sample". The vaccines we can do without but we
    must retriev the sample for it is our life blood.
    I feel there is somebody else or soem other group involved in this
    whole affair. if the sample were to get into the hands of that other
    entity, the world which we seek to create will not come. We must
    apprehent Sera as quickly as possible.
                                LUIS's MEMO
    There are some parasites that have the ability to control their 
    hosts.  It's basic knowledge among biologists but not much is 
    known as to how the parasites do it.  Studying these parasites 
    specifically might reveal some clues to as to how the powers of 
    the Las Plagas work.  And perhaps provide more insight on the 
    victimes of the Las Plagas, the Los Ganados.  Here is a list of 
    some of the parasites that have the ability to manipulate the 
    behavioral patterns of their host.
    Dicrocoelium = Once the larvae of this parasite migrates to the 
    ant's esophagus, it alters the behavior of the ant.  When the 
    temperature drops in the evening,  the infected any climbs to 
    the top of a plant and clamps onto a leaf using its mandible.  
    It stays there immobile until the next morning, placing the ant 
    where it's most vulnerable to be eaten by a browsing herbivore 
    such as sheep.  One could conclude that the parasite is 
    manipulating the host's behavior to its way into the body of 
    its definitive host.
    Galactosomum = The larvae of this parasite makes its home inside 
    the brain of a fish such as the yellowtail and the parrot bass.  
    Once infected, the fish make their way up to the water's surface 
    where they'll swim until eaten by seabirds.  Once again, the 
    peculiar behavior can only be explained by the parasite's desire 
    to get into the bodies of the seabirds.
    Leucochlordium = This parasite's sporcysts develop in the snail's 
    tentacles.  The sporocysts are vivid in color and pulsate continually 
    somewhat like a worm.  Surprisingly the infected snail makes its 
    way to the top of a plant where it is most visible to the eyes of 
    birds, therefore more likely to be eaten.  Once eaten by a bird, 
    the parasite will complete its metamorphosis into an adult.
                                CASTELLAN MEMO
    For many years the Salazar family has served as the  castellans  of 
    this castle. However, not everything is bright, for my ancestry has 
    a dark past.  Long ago there once was a religious group that had deep 
    roots in this region called the Los Illuminados.  Unjustly  however, 
    the first castellan of the castle took away their rights and powers. 
    As a follower of this religion and as the 8th Castellan, I felt that 
    it was my duty as well as my responsibility to atone for that sin. I 
    knew the best way to atone for that sin was to  give power  back to 
    those who we once took it away from, the Los Illunimados.  
    As expected  it  took  a little time, but we were able to rejuvenate 
    the once sealed Las Plagas.  With this success I was one step closer 
    to the revival of the Los Illuminados.   The  reason  why I released 
    the Las Plagas from deep under  the  castle  and  gave  them to Lord 
    Saddler was not  only  to  repay  for the sins of my ancestors but I 
    felt certain that  the  Lord  would make better use of this power to 
    help save the world.  To save those that  have sinned with the power 
    of the Las Plagas and to cleanse  the  their  souls creating a world 
    without sinners.  The way it  was meant  to be.  Once cleansed, they 
    would become  one  of  the  many  Ganados where they will find their 
    reason to  live.   And  after the Lord has succeeded in creating the 
    world in which  he  has envisioned,  then  the  sins  of  my Salazar 
    family will be atoned for.
                                FEMALE INTRUDER
    There seems to be a female intruder among us.  We believe she's connected 
    with Sera.  We also believe that she was the  one  who  removed  the  egg 
    injected into Sera before it hatched. She may have  had  him  retirve the 
    "sample" before the American  agent's  arrival.   It's  obvious  that her 
    objective is the "sample".   We  must  get  to  her before she is able to 
    reestablish contact with Sera.  
    There's also reason to believe that she's working  for somebody. We need 
    her alive  for  interrogation.  The female should be able to answer all 
    our questions.  After  we  have captured her, Sera will no longer be of  
    any  concern.   As  long  as  we  retrieve the "sample", you may dispose 
    of him as you see fit.
                                BUTLER's MEMO
    Knowing that Sr. Ramon Salazar has no family, Lord Saddler must have
     used his strong faith in the Los Illuminados to his advantage to 
    talk Sr. Salazar into undoing the seal of the Las Plagas once done 
    by his ancestor.  Sr. Salazar would never do such a thing unless he 
    was in some way being used unknowingly.  I should have sensed the 
    Lord's dirty scheme sooner.  I feel I'm partly responsible for all 
    of this.  I have no idea as to what the Lord is planning but Sr. 
    Salazar was just being used.  
    It is too late now however, Sr. Salazar has already taken the Plaga 
    into his body.  There is no turning back once the Plaga has turned 
    into an adult in the body.  The Plaga parasite will not die unless 
    the host dies.  There's no cure.  Perhaps, Sr. Salazar may have been 
    vaguely aware of the Lord's plan all along.  But it's so hard to 
    tell.  Nevertheless, there's nothing I can do about it now.  I have 
    served the Salazar family for generations.  I am prepared to continue 
    my services until the very end.
                                SAMPLE RETRIEVED
    As you may have heard, Luis Sera has been disposed of by Lord Saddler.
    The "sample" is back where it belongs.  I had hoped  that the whole 
    matter could be resolved without troubling the  Lord.  However,  as  
    long as the "sample" is safe we can all rejoice, for  our  time  is  
    nearly at hand.  Now that the "sample" is  back  in  our safe hands, 
    it'll be a bit more difficult for  that troublesome woman to get it.  
    In light of all this, it's unfortunate  that Sera had to go. Like us,
     he would have had a bright future if only he had shown more fiath in 
    our beliefs.  
    As for the other two Americans, the Lord has left the matter in our
    hands.  We must not disappoint the Lord.  We shall capture Ashley 
    and take her to the Lord and dispose of the American agent.
                                RITUAL PREPRATIONS
    Thanks to the efforts of the "Novistadors," we have been able to 
    recapture Ashley.  We shall prepare for the sacred ritual as 
    quickly as possible and make Ashley an official member of the Los 
    Illuminados.  While we prepare for the ritual, those of you who 
    feel inclined can attend to our American friend.  We should be able 
    to hold off our friend for at least a little while by jamming the 
    gears in the clock tower with something.  
    I think if we jam the gears in 3 places, it should give us enough 
    time to prepare everything for the ritual.  Now go and entertain o
    ur American tourist.
                                LUIS's MEMO 2
    The first castellan buried the Las Plagas deep underground below 
    the castle to hide their very existence.  But when Salazar released 
    the Las Plagas, no one thought he could bring them back  to  life.
    Because when Salazar found them they  were  all  just  fossilized 
    remains.  Everyone knew that the parasitic  organisms  could  not 
    survive without their hosts.  That they couldn't sustain life on 
    their own.  But when Salazar and his men excavated the remains, it 
    almost appeared as if the  Las  Plagas  were  just  waiting to be 
    discovered so that they could  resurrect.   Several  years  later, 
    unexplainable convulsions started occurring among  the  villagers 
    who helped with the excavation of the  Las  Plagas.  Then one day, 
    all of a sudden, these villagers turned into violent savages. 
    They later found out it was caused by the Las Plagas. Although they 
    appeared fossilized, they were able to survive the long years by 
    lying in a dormant state at the cellular level remaining in a 
    spore-like form.Apparently during the excavation, the villagers 
    inhaled the spores and within their bodies the parasites became 
    active again. This is how the Las Plagas were resurrected. Even 
    as I;m writing, the excavation of the Las Plagas continues. God 
    only knows how many of these Plagas have been resurrected. Not to 
    mention the countless number of Ganados that have been created. 
    Their inhumane activity must be put to an end.  If they are not 
    stopped, people around the world could turn into victims of this 
    crazy cult organization.
                                LETTER FROM ADA
    Once a Plaga egg hatches, it's nearly impossible to remove it from 
    the body.  But if it's before it hatches, then it can be nautralized 
    by medication.  If it does hatch you might be able to get it out by 
    surgery before it turns to an adult.  But it won't be easy.  There's 
    a high chance you won't survive the operation.  As far as I know the 
    girl was injected with the egg before you.   Her  time  is  ticking.  
    You should prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.
                                LUIS's MEMO 3
    The hideous creates such as the El Gigante and the Novistadors are 
    merely by-products of the diabolical and inhumane experiments 
    conducted on the specimens that were once human.  But there'son 
    type of creature that clearly distinguishes itself from the rest.  
    These creatures are called Regenerators.  Regeneratoes have a 
    superior metabolism that allows them to regenerate their lost body
    parts at incredible speeds.  I've never seen anything like it... 
    It is this characteristic that makes them almost invincible to 
    conventional weapons.  But like any living creature, there's a 
    way to kill it.  Apparently there are Plagas that live in its 
    body somewhat like leeches.  
    To stop its 
    regeneration process, these leech-like Plagas must be located 
    and then destroyed.  But they can't be seen with the naked eye.  
    They can only be located through thermal imaging.  As far as I 
    know, most of the Regererators most a number of these leech
    like Plagas.  The kill the Regenerators, each one of these leech
    like Plagas must be killed.
                                OUR PLAN
    Because of that agent we lost Chief Mendez and Ramon.  Never the 
    less, everything will proceed according to plan.  I must admit 
    however, the loss of my loyal men is a bit disheartening.  But I 
    will deal with it.  Replacing that loss will not come easy. I must 
    choose wisely; for the Plaga reflects the conscience of their hosts.  
    If chosen poorly, they could betray me. I need men who will swear 
    their allegiance to me.  I've learned my lesson when Sera betrayed 
    me. I will not make the same mistake again. In this important hour, 
    I cannot and will not have anyone stand in my way.
                                LUIS's MEMO 4
    I'll report my findings about the Plagas here. The Plagas have 3 
    distinct characteristics.
    1. As mentioned previously, the Plagas have the ability to manipulate 
       the behavioral patterns of their hosts.
    2. The Plagas are social organisms. By this I mean that instead of 
       living individually, they live in perfect social harmony. It is
       believed that they have a collective intelligence.  This type of 
       behavior can be seen among insects such as bees and ants. However 
       this kind of social behavior is rarely seen among parasitic organisms.
       Perhaps it was a learned behavior by the Plagas.  I'm finding out if 
       this has any relationship with their first characteristic.
    3. The Plagas have exceptional adaptation skills.  They are able to 
       live off many kinds of organisms by creating a symbiotic environment 
       quickly. This ability, when combined with their social behaviors, 
       allows them to interact intelligently between hosts regardless of 
       the host organism.  
    I am ashamed to admit that my pure fascination with the Plagas, in 
    hindsight, has blinded me to the true research objectives of the Los 
    Illuminados.  Even with the knowledge that Saddler was going to abuse 
    the results of these experiments, I could not pull myself away from 
    my research. As a result, I am just as responsible for this whole mess 
    as he is. I see now that I was wrong, but can I stop their evil plans
                                KRAUSER's NOTES
    It turns out that old man Saddler wasn't buying me from the start.  
    Even though I succeeded in kidnapping Ashley, I sort of sensed this 
    when Saddler didn't completely let me in the loop.  Under the 
    circumstances, I had no other alternative bu to call for her assistance.
    Perhaps she knew this was the way it was going to turn out all along... 
    My guess is that her ultimate goal might be different from Wesker's 
    and mine.  This is just the perfect opoporunity to find out. And after 
    I get rid of Leon and retrieve the sample, I'll put her in a bodybag
     along with Leon and send them both to Wesker.
                                LUIS's MEMO 5
    From the initial stages of the research, we have been searching for 
    a safe and practical removal of the Plaga. Ironically, it turns out 
    that the real objective of this research was not to find a way to 
    remove the Plagas from the infected persons but to find a way so that 
    the Plaga could not be removed from the body easily. In the end, we 
    were able to find out that the Plagas could be removed only by 
    exposing them to a special radiation.  
    The only drawback with this method is that is is a very painful 
    procedure. Since the Plaga attaches itself to the nerves, there 
    is a possibility that it may impair the consciousness of the host. 
    Another fact that must be mentioned is that once the Plaga grows 
    into an adult, the removal procedure could kill the host. But 
    perhaps death isn't so bad when you think about the alternative.
                                OUR MISSION
    The real power of the United States lies in  three  areas.  The 
    Justice Department, the Administrative bodies, and the Military. 
    In order to take control of these areas, we must  influence the
    minds of the people who advise the President. After this is done,
    the rest of the departments will quickly  fall  under  our  sway.
    If by chance the United States were to figure  out our plan, the
    damage caused should be minimal. We will still be able to conquer 
    the country as planned using our backup plan. Once we control the 
    country, we will use their international influence to our advantage. 
    The rest of the world will fall swiftly.  
    As already stated, if our first plan doesn't go as smoothly as 
    expected, we'll proceed with out secondary plan.  By sending in 
    our "special" forces we will infiltrate the country from within. 
    Fear and chaos will spread through the nation like a virus. It'll 
    only be a matter of time before the country loses its stability.  
    At that time, when they're most vulnerable, we will strike.  
    Rejoice my brethren; the world shall soon be cleansed.
                                TARGET PRACTICE
    -Game Rules- 
    1) Receive prizes by scoring above 3000 Points. 
    2)Bonus Points will be awarded for headshots 
    3)a High-Scoring salazar target will appear with 5 consecutive hits. 
    4)Shooting an Ashley target will deduct points 
    1) Normally one bottle cap will be awarded as a prize. 
    2) Special bottle caps will be awarded by either shooting as all the 
       wooden targets except Ashley or scoring above 4,000 points.
    3) There are 24 bottlecaps in all.  Each time you enter a new target 
       range, 6 new bottle caps will become available.
    -Special Bonuses- 
    1) each time you complete a row on the collector's base, you'll earn 
       bonus points.
    2) There are a total of 4 Rows.  You have 4 bonus chaces!
    -Note- Bottle cap collections can be viewed in the key/treasures screen.
                                PAPER AIRPLANE
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    of here by using the waste disposal vent.
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                       or adnanj@gmail.com
    * God of course for making the whole world like it is today
      and a special thanks for making me lol ;-)
    * My hands, i can say without a doubt that i may be one of
      the fastest typers alive, since i wrote this enter thing
      out in about less then 2 days. I RULE !
    * GameFaqs.com , for allowing people such as me to show off
      their writing skills, or even learn that common men can
      also make walkthrough's for games, i mean three years ago
      i didnt know what a FAQ was.
    * All the people who use this walkthrough for making their
      game easy, not for their profitable gains, a special
      thanks to the websites who use it by asking my permission
      first , and keeping it in its original unedited .txt format.

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