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"X-Men: The Official Game: Quite a good game, but, like most games, flawed."

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Well, I think this review will be pretty easy.I'm going to go by my classic Graphics, Controls, Plot, Missions, and Menus.
First off-

Graphics- 6/10
Well, I think the missions are pretty good graphic-wise, but the characters look a little off-set. 6/10 seems like a pretty good score, As the missions are generally detailed. Night crawler is the least detailed, he looks quite different. Bobby and wolverine are pretty good, Storm isn't seen enough to make much of a difference, and Colossus is also good graphics.

Controls- 8/10
The controls are quite easy, but they take some getting used to. They also get confusing to an inexperienced PC gamer with multiple characters. Still, they aren't bad. As long as you can use your peripheral vision and/or memorized the keyboard, You shouldn't screw up too big to mess you up in the game. Unless your in a Boss or you just have a freak-out moment.

Plot- 8/10
The plot of this game was extremely good in my opinion, but far from the movie in some sections. The plot is one of the best things about this all. More X-Men in the game would be better though. (Exe: Scott Summers, C. Xavier, Jean Grey, etc.) It feels so limited with such few good guys and about 10 bosses. Whatever the X-Men are payed, it isn't enough.

Missions- 8/10
I like the multiple missions at one time, and there's a lot of them. A con to this is that with so many, missions get confusing. Plenty of bosses, too, so that improves this score as well. I don't really like that bosses have their own missions (typically) because that just gives the game a whole bunch of short missions. But that doesn't add too much negativity.

Menus- 9/10
I love the Mission Tree menu, and the others aren't too bad. Even though menus is only a small bit, I still find them important. Menus are the other best thing about this game. I might just be crazy, but I really do like the tree-style menu. It's Epic :D

That concludes this, and I really enjoyed this game.
-- Rating --
Calculated Score: 7.8/10
Rounded Score: 8/10
If anyone disagrees, post their own review. I'll check it out.
Will N K

P.S.: Have fun with those X-Men. Oh, and, don't kick Wolverine in the balls. He'll take it personal. -X-Men 1

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/27/11

Game Release: X-Men: The Official Game (US, 05/16/06)

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