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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 10/24/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    RRRR     A    IIIII  N   N  BBBB    OOO   W   W
                    R   R   A A     I    NN  N  B   B  O   O  W   W
                    R   R  A   A    I    NNN N  B   B  O   O  W   W
                    RRRR   AAAAA    I    N N N  BBBB   O   O  W   W
                    R R    A   A    I    N NNN  B   B  O   O  W W W
                    R  R   A   A    I    N  NN  B   B  O   O  WW WW
                    R   R  A   A  IIIII  N  NN  BBBB    OOO   W   W
                SSS   IIIII  X   X      V   V  EEEEE   GGG     A     SSS
               S        I    XX XX      V   V  E      G       A A   S
               S        I     X X       V   V  E      G      A   A  S
                SSS     I     XXX       V   V  EEE    G      AAAAA   SSS
                   S    I     X X       V   V  E      G  GG  A   A      S
                   S    I    XX XX       V V   E      G   G  A   A      S
                SSS   IIIII  X   X        V    EEEEE   GGG   A   A   SSS
                              *Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas*
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas Walkthrough and Guide
    For Xbox 360
    Version 1.4 (10/24/07)
    Written by Brad Russell "TheGum" (email at bottom)
    Version 1.0 - walkthrough complete, don't expect any further updates.
    Version 1.1 - added FAQ section, and now don't expect any updates, ever.
    Version 1.2 - added a tiny credit, and I added the alternate ending
    Version 1.35 - updated the contact info
    Version 1.4 - added a tip from a fan for the Irena section at the end that
    seems to give everyone fits.
    Table of Contents
    Use Ctrl + F and type in the code to quick-find
    1. Brief Foreword
    2. Controls			lortnoc
    3. Weapons			snopaew
    4. Walkthrough			rhtklaw
    	Mexico			mex1234
    	Las Vegas		las1234
    	Fremont Street		fre1234
    	The Spire		spi1234
    	Dante's Casino		dan1234
    	Hoover Dam		dam1234
    Frequently Asked Questions 	FAQ
    5. Credits/Copyright
    * 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *
    Well, darn. Money is tight around here. I don't own this game, I rented it 
    for five days and I decided to get a guide going once I saw that no one else
    did. Geez, it's been a long time since this game came out, I would have thought
    I was hella late. Oh well, someone has to do this. And I'm sorry for all the 
    people who never got a guide for this game shortly after it came out. 
    I'll will begin by saying I'm no expert at this game, and I know many of my 
    solutions to the problems are horribly flawed. None the less, I did manage to
    get through, and some of my strats are rock solid, some aren't. Just bare with
    me and take the variations in stride; I don't have time to really analyze the 
    game top to bottom.
    This is a great game, though not as complex as GRAW. This game focuses on 
    intense fire fights since you can only do limited sneaking. If you played 
    Gears of War, same concept: take cover, scope out the bad guys, then pop and
    shoot. Raid rooms is the added dimension, and multiple entry points make for 
    some moments of sheer awesomenessicity. 
    My guide is on the normal settings, and yes, many of my plans will result in
    you taking a few hits - thankfully you can take a few. So maybe you need to 
    plan extra hard if you go for more challenging fair.
    The graphics and gun play are enough to make this a great game, though I could
    easily see not adding this to your collection; it is the same tactics and game
    play over and over, with very little variation. Still, something about the 
    fights make this a great game, and the tight spots are way cool. Worth the buy
    or rent (rent in my case).
    And sorry for short guide with the bare minimum, I'll do better for the games
    I own.
    Have fun,
    PS - stay tuned for RE5, that game will be super cool crazy!
    * 2. Controls lortnoc                                                         *
    A - Interact/Team move
    B - Throw Grenade
    X - Reload; Hold for weapon options
    Y - Switch Weapons; hold for inventory
    LS - Move; click to crouch
    RS - Look/aim; click to zoom
    LT - Take cover
    RT - Fire
    LB - Rules of Engagement (team orders)
    RB - Switch vision; hold for vision menu
    D-Pad - Team orders; Down will order team to hold or regroup
    Start - duh
    Back - Tag enemies; hold to toggle map (very important)
    There are some voice commands, but whatever (don't ask me).
    The rules of engagement change the team orders. Assault will give your team
    lethal commands, while Infiltration gives them passive ones, or at least more
    You can press A when your crosshair is over certain objects to do different 
    things, but it usually just sends your team over to a critical point. 
    The screen map is your friend, use it often.
    * 3. Weapons snopaew                                                          *
    I was going to go in depth with these things, but I don't have the time. Here 
    are their stats, for some reason. They all seemed pretty much the same to me,
    so go figure. I used the SCAR and mixed it up from time to time with another
    gun, to test it out. Only used a sniper rifle two times. Shotguns are better
    than you think, but I don't like them.
    DAM = damage
    RAN = range
    ACC = accuracy
    MAG = magazine size
    The drops are found on enemies and will be in your selection screen for the 
    rest of the game.
    I never used these things, but you can, I guess.
    DAM 5
    RAN 2
    ACC 8
    MAG 30
    DAM 4
    RAN 3
    ACC 8
    MAG 40
    DAM 5
    RAN 3
    ACC 9
    MAG 25
    DAM 5
    RAN 2
    ACC 9
    MAG 30
    MAC 11
    DAM 4
    RAN 2
    ACC 6
    MAG 32
    P90 (DROP)
    DAM 4
    RAN 2
    ACC 7
    MAG 50
    I like this one the best.
    DAM 7
    RAN 4
    ACC 4
    MAG 100
    DAM 6
    RAN 3
    ACC 6
    MAG 100
    M249 SPW
    DAM 8
    RAN 4
    ACC 4
    MAG 100
    MG36 (DROP)
    DAM 7
    RAN 4
    ACC 4
    MAG 100
    552 COMMANDO
    Decent gun, I like it.
    DAM 8
    RAN 7
    ACC 4
    MAG 30
    DAM 7
    RAN 5
    ACC 4
    MAG 30
    I like this one too, handles real good.
    DAM 7
    RAN 6
    ACC 4
    MAG 25
    DAM 7
    RAN 8
    ACC 5
    MAG 30
    DAM 7
    RAN 6
    ACC 4
    MAG 30
    DAM 8
    RAN 6
    ACC 4
    MAG 30
    This is my favorite, so far. It has a good scope, decent stats, and it looks 
    bad as heck, and that does count for something. 
    DAM 7
    RAN 8
    ACC 5
    MAG 30
    DAM 10
    RAN 9
    ACC 10
    MAG 05
    DAM 8
    RAN 9
    ACC 10
    MAG 05
    The better of the sniper rifles, but they are all pretty much the same.
    DAM 10
    RAN 9
    ACC 10
    MAG 05
    I think there is one more, oh well.
    DAM 8
    RAN 2
    ACC 3
    MAG 08
    SPAS 12 
    The best shotgun, but I don't like any of them that much. 
    DAM 9
    RAN 2
    ACC 3
    MAG 08
    DAM 9
    RAN 2
    ACC 3
    MAG 08
    DAM 5
    RAN 3
    ACC 6
    MAG 12
    DAM 4
    RAN 3
    ACC 5
    MAG 13
    Solid handgun, my choice.
    DAM 4
    RAN 6
    ACC 6
    MAG 15
    DAM 9
    RAN 5
    ACC 5
    MAG 06
    GLOCK 18 (DROP)
    DAM 3
    RAN 5
    ACC 4
    MAG 10
    DAM 3
    RAN 5
    ACC 4
    MAG 10
    Good for making traps, but really not useful otherwise. 
    Only good for guys directly in front of doors, and they supposedly stun the 
    others in the room. I never used them.
    Will blind the bad guys for a while, I say get these.
    Get these too; a must really. Has a big blast radius. Sucks when the bad guys
    toss them at you.
    Put on your thermals and run into a room with smoke. The enemy can't see you
    that well (maybe later in the game they do). Required for one spot.
    Ahh, brings me back to RE4. Almost as deadly as frags, but not as damaging. 
    Use them at some point though.
    * 4. Walkthrough rhtklaw                                                      *
    Read ahead to get a feel of what is to come. I'm just here to tell you what to
    expect and try to solve some tough spots, but you will find many variations 
    and I'm sure there are better ways. I'm just human, and I don't even own this
    game... Ha!
    Mexican Streets
    You start with the MP5N, and it doesn't have a scope, just a laser pointer. 
    Your 552 COMMANDO isn't much better, but use it for this mission. The MK.23 
    is your handgun, and it ain't too bad either. Go forward to the piece of 
    concrete and press and hold LT to take cover. Move the RS around and get your
    crosshair onto the bad guy, who hopefully did not spot you. With the crosshair
    on the enemy, push the LS either up or to the side to poke your head up, then
    press the RT to get some shots off. I know it sounds hard, but get use to this
    control scheme as you will essentially repeat these tactics through the whole
    Click the LS to crouch, hold the X button to bring up your weapon's options,
    and hold the Y button to pull up your weapons menu. Crouching is purely 
    optional and is best used when there are many obstacles between you and the 
    bad guys. On the weapon's options menu, you get to choose a silencer and what
    kind of fire you want; use the silencer for single enemies, and change your
    rate of fire depending on the intensity of the battle, but the rate of fire
    really doesn't matter (at least on normal). 
    Back to the game, take a shoulder to the wall's corner and look for bad guys.
    None right now, but it is a good habit. Go into the open and take cover behind
    the tiny wall. Two guys will appear down the street, get a read on them and
    take them out, shouldn't be hard. You get a message about an alley, so take it.
    I  say use the silencer and use a single fire rate. Peek around the corner and
    try to spot the lone enemy. Take him out, then move up to the corner and look 
    for three enemies up the street. Try to take them out with headshots. 
    You don't have to take the other hidden path, just keep going. Keep the 
    silencer on and enter the building by the dumpster. Sneak up on the lone 
    terrorist and splatter his brains. Ignore the doors and just go up the stairs.
    Follow the hall and take a left, then enter the room with a ladder and go up,
    then quickly take out the guy up here. Go the where he was standing and aim
    down to the streets (RS) and kill the guy you see moving. Look at the hook and
    go down; ignore the people in the window.
    Quickly take cover and scope out the way ahead. Go backward and snake your way
    down the back path. Take the corner down the second alley you find, so that you
    see down the original path, but aren't behind the enemies. You will see two 
    nearby and another down a bit further. Headshot the one near you, and hopefully
    the other will not see you, so take him out. The last one should take cover, 
    and if he doesn't see you, just poke out now and again to get his attention; 
    then off him.
    Go up and take cover behind the truck, but don't go all the way to the back 
    corner; you will be able to aim from the cover. You should see a guy on a
    balcony and another patrolling the streets. Shoot the one up high, then take 
    out the other when he comes into view. Now stand up and take cover by the
    corner on the wall. A third guy comes out to investigate, so kill him too. 
    Go where he came from and take the corner down the steps. There is one up high,
    and another will hop the fence nearby. The one on the ground will spot you, so
    get him quick and then the other. I sure hope you realize that all the shots 
    I'm taking are headshots...
    Climb the fence and watch the tiny cutscene. Quickly go down the steps and 
    take the corner. There are four on the streets and two of your guys on the 
    church. You should be able to get two-three, and then mop up whatever is left;
    you can see through the smoke by pressing the RB to bring up your thermals.
    Enter the church and meet your dudes up top. Take cover, leave your guys where
    they are. Enemies will pop up from both sides of the church, but only a few 
    from the direction of the stairs. Your guys should take out the ones behind 
    you, but if you are taking hits, then you know to look behind you for the 
    source. In front of you are three levels of guys, high, medium, low, and there
    are about three waves for each position. Take them out and go back down the 
    Press Down on the d-pad to rally your team, and press A to send them somewhere.
    Press the LB to change their priorities: infiltrate is defensive, and assault
    is self-explanatory. I say keep them on the offensive, but I'm sure the sneak
    option is for the other one. I use my team as bait and decoys so I can survive
    fights. And they are usually better then you in a fight, so sending them first
    is a wise tactic, just make sure you are close behind and providing cover. 
    Back to game, send your guys to the podium at the front of the church, then it
    doesn't really matter what you do. You can run to the seats in the center and
    provide support, I guess; just don't get killed. Watch for the guys on the
    right side of the church, and be ready for more to enter from the doors. The 
    tiny scene does not mean the fight is over, so wait for a calm. When it seems
    to be over, just send your guys in front of you as you leave through the doors.
    Go around and send your team to the doors, and then wait behind the truck. 
    After the bomb goes off, go to the edge of the doors and provide support. The 
    enemies should hide behind some slabs down the road. When it seems quiet, send 
    your team down the road and then follow; there are no more in the area. 
    There are three doors to the next building, and I say put your team on the 
    middle one, near the front. Go to the door and snake it by looking at the 
    bottom. Press the Back button to set a target on one of the guys. Go to the 
    other door on the right and look through for the other guy. Stand back and then
    press Up on the d-pad, wait for one second, then open your door, and take out
    the other one. I guess you can set a second target, do this so you will know 
    where the guy is that you are going to shoot. This is all too much, but you 
    should at least know how raid rooms. 
    Go out the door and stack your team on the door on the bottom. Look through, 
    set a mark on the guy up high, then go up the stairs. Snake this door and spot
    the two guys. The game plan is for you to tell your team to frag and clear, 
    you open this door, and then you take out the guys on the upper levels. Do this
    and take cover by the railing and simply pop and shoot to clear the upper 
    catwalks while your team takes out the guys on the bottom (what they do down
    there is a mystery to me, but they seem to do fine). When things seem quiet, 
    press and hold the back button to see if any tangos are in the area, then act
    accordingly. Might be one more guy when you move around up top, so just do
    whatever and then get to the fast rope to end this part of the mission.
    Get the assault rifle SCAR-H CGC, and the sniper rifle Scout Tactical, and 
    then trade your handgun for a 92FS. I say bring some frags and flashbangs, but
    it's up to you. Set your assault rifle to silent and single fire, then whip out
    the sniper. 
    Come outside and get in the middle of the trains and look up to take out a 
    patrolling goon. Go to the right and look down for another guy with plenty of 
    white and grey matter, trapped inside that skull. (the RS is the scope, in case
    you forgot)
    I say attack by keeping your guys in the center, and you move along the right 
    side of the trainyard. It's too much to explain, but you stay to the right 
    and keep moving your guys to cover. When you get toward the white train car,
    you should be able to see three guys, so snipe them all. Mover your team up,
    switch to your assault rifle, and then sneak to the very right corner of the 
    yard and you should see a guy on a turret. Take him out, and then send your 
    guys to where he was; might kill a guy on there way. 
    Keep following the tracks and keeping your team under cover (I'm not really 
    sure how many are in the area, or where they are, but you'll be fine). There
    are a couple of guys at the end, so be cautious. Keep your guys on the ground 
    as you take the ladder by the wall, and once you are on the catwalk bring your
    team up. Go inside and get through the door.
    Stack your team on the first door you see. Quickly snake it and set this order
    of marks: middle, left, and right. You will tell your team to flashbang, but
    you will enter from the other door on the side and take out the guy farthest
    away. Be sure to flashbang, and then wait for your guys to enter before you
    go in. Again, this is all too much, but you never know.
    Go through the door when all is said, and set your team to fast rope. Before 
    you send them down, get out the sniper rifle and position yourself next to the
    railing. Send them down and be ready to take out guy by the crate that pops up
    - it must be magic! Don't go down the rope, but send your team to the white
    train, and then keep scanning for targets. Set your team to offense, and wait
    for enemies, some of which will appear below you. Then move your team from 
    corner to cover along the trains, all from your perch. Send them to the crate
    by the building where you saw the first guy, then go join them; and some more
    bad guys might pop up, just do whatever. 
    Behind the crate is a door below. Stack up your team, then tell them to frag
    and clear. They should be able to clear so enter when it's over. Send them down
    to the back of the second train, down the dark hallway. Whip out the sniper and
    go down the right side of the other train car, but do it slowly. If you poke
    around the corner, you will barely be able to see a bad guy to the left, but
    get him with the perfect shot. Then put up the sniper and come back as some 
    more terrorists are engaged by your buddies. Send your team to one of the
    concrete blocks down the tracks. That should bring up a few more guys, and 
    there is another to the left, behind some crates. Send your team to the first 
    train car and you will provide some support.
    There is a ladder to the right. You could go down, but just make sure that 
    you don't get surprised by the ones that pop up. Work your team to the bricked
    wall that leads into the other room, and then move them around from cover to 
    cover so that the bad guys will pop out. When you want to send them in, make
    sure they are behind cover facing the fencing into the other room; and they
    should handle the enemies on the other side. Make your way to the stairs and 
    bring your team up. Send them inside the upper room, and be ready for one last
    guy on this upper level. 
    There might be some in the next, big room, so proceed by sending your team in
    first. Then put them on the hook, and line up with them. Send them down in 
    assault mode and they should clear the way. When they reach the bottom, just
    send them in and the mission is over.
    Go forward into the lighted area. You got two options: either take the door
    down below, or assault the room from the top. You don't got a good read on
    the enemies up high from the bottom. And the top is not going to be a sneaking
    mission. But I say take the top path anyway, and there are only four guys in
    here anyway. Put your team on a corner down the hallway and they should handle
    the ones up high. Keep advancing them and you will mop up the bad guys in no
    time. Get to the ground and set your team to blow up the door. Go through and
    get in her face to trigger a "scene." 
    You wake up with only your handgun, so be thankful for it. Go along the path
    until you run into a hall with a big hole on one side and a crate on the other.
    Equip your silencer and kill the guy through the hole. Slowly move under the 
    light ahead, and look up. Kill the guy at the top of the stairs, and then take
    his gun. Proceed until you run into a path with a fork and two guys at the 
    other end; it's a small fork, so check your map to find it. Hide behind the 
    first box and pop up to take out the first guy, then the next, and then another
    in the same area. There is one more, but you have to go down the path to spot
    him; go around the left path to use the wall as cover. Then get to the box 
    where all the guys were killed and play peek-a-boo with the last enemy. (for 
    all of this, be crouched and use the handgun)
    Keep on truckin' til you reach another fork, but creep down the steps while 
    taking aim toward the left so you can get the next terrorist. Pull out the 
    old shotgun and creep around the left and get ready for another guy around the 
    corner, hide behind the barrels. Go into the next section of hallway, and then
    take cover behind a trashcan that looks down the steps. There are two guys down
    the way, plus three more inside the room. Go forward and be cautious as you 
    aim to the left, then stay at the end of the hallway as you take out the 
    guys on either side of the room. You could run guns blazin' to the cover on one
    side, then take out the other from that side, or whatever works, just don't die
    on this part. Enter the door to end this mission.
    No enemies in the area, so follow the path until you find a rope on the wall
    and take it all the way up - no enemies in the windows. When you near the top
    you should be able to see the head of an enemy; take him out, wait, and then
    get the guy who comes to investigate. Hop out and take the door to the left,
    and be ready for a guy behind the door in the hallway. Enter the room for the
    next bit of info. 
    Pull out your handgun and enter the big room. You should be able to make out
    a guy on the ground and another in the room across the way. Kill either one
    and then pull out your shotgun. Just wait by wall and be ready for about five
    or so guys to appear; don't engage them when they are on the ground, just let
    them come to you. Then pull out your other gun and go around the ladder they
    climbed up, kill any left. Make your way to the railing (check your map first)
    and locate the two guys on a catwalk below, then off 'em. That should be all,
    but check your map and proceed with some caution as you follow the stairs to
    the ground level.
    Go up the stairs on the side of the room to reach a door leading to the last 
    part of this whole level. Look through the window to get a glimpse of a baddie
    to the left. Open the door and take him out before he leaps over the edge. 
    Then peek over the side of the catwalk to the ground. Check your map and try to
    spot the three or so enemies down there; they are usually behind something. 
    There is another one in the open, on the ground, and if you go to the railing 
    on the left and look that way, you should be able to take him out. There should
    be only two more remaining: one at the other end, and one outside. Follow the
    catwalk and get behind the turret quickly to take out the gunner before he can
    get to cover. Hit the floor and be ready for whoever may be left inside the
    building, and then get the last guy outside, to the left. Then go out and hop
    into the copter to end this whole level. 
    Inside, switch your shotgun for a SCAR, and then get your sniper rifle.
                              =LAS VEGAS=
    I've been to the strip, and it looked a lot like it does in the game; no, it
    was more chaotic in real life, and much more dangerous. HA!
    The Strip
    You get two new decoys, I mean teammates. Get out your sniper and move up while
    looking down the street, but be quick or you will miss the guys that appear. 
    Try to stay where you are and snipe as many as possible. Move your team to 
    cover, then you should go around the big bus on the right. You should run into
    a few guys nearby, so take them out and keep your team moving up. Get them 
    behind the big van looking down the small path, then you should slowly move 
    your squad along the path, in case some stragglers pop up. 
    Set your guys behind the nearby taxi at the end of the path, and then you go 
    all the way to the left, and poke around the big bus. There will be one guy
    back here, for some reason. Then move to where he was and direct your team to a
    small block that houses a tree (not the one near you, but down the way a bit).
    This will get the nest moving and a bunch of enemies will get set. They tend to
    try and flank you from the left side, along the sidewalk, so be ready. Get to
    where your guys are fighting, and then simply crouch and stand behind some 
    cover to take out the red spots on your map. Move your team to new cover after
    a while and keep up the routine. Work your way to the next path, where there
    should be two guys near its end. Watch the news.
    Go around the bus, and send your team to the truck across the way. Go to the 
    other side of the road and more bad men with guns will appear. Get your 
    fellowship of goodness behind another tree stand and be ready for more guys to
    take the sidewalk. Move them to the next tree stand and keep low as you handle
    the situation. Eventually move your team into the cars on the street. Should 
    have all the enemies done in. There is an outfitting station in the streets,
    but you don't need it, unless you do for ammo.
    When taking on the next area, I found that sending your team to the white car
    at the end of the path works best as you take cover behind the blue truck. 
    They should take out the guys around them, and you should aim for the enemies
    that move around by the palm leaves across the way. Check the map for anyone
    left on the either side, and then move toward the wall of the casino when the 
    coast is clear; may be one or two left over. 
    Go into the building and go through the door. Stack your guys up on the white 
    doors, then send them in to take out a bad dude. There are two doorways into
    the office, but use the door inside the small room to the left. Send them in 
    with frag and clear, then you go inside through the other door. Tossing a frag
    to the far corner might get a few, then just send in your guys to mop up. 
    Grab a GLOCK 18 from the ground, it is a cool gun. Send your guys into the
    next room to end the mission.
    Calypso Casino
    Go through the door to the right, and stack your men on the door at the end. 
    Set a mark on one of the guys, then come back and snake the other door. Look
    to the left to set one of those guys as a mark. You will send your band in with
    frag and clear, then you go in and take out the guys to the left of your door.
    Then go over to their position and move them along the rows of slots. When they
    go up, more guys should pop up. They will try to flank your teammates, so you
    need to snake through the slots and get them first. 
    Move your team to cover in the next section, then get them under the truck in
    the center. Men with dirty mouths will pour into the area and attack from all
    sides. You should cover one side, then move your team to the other side, and
    eventually get over there yourself; or at least that is what I did. And then
    make your way to the small room, where one or two guys might be hiding. Pick 
    up a Desert Eagle if you can, and then get some more ammo from the box of 
    Enter the next area and make your way to the rapple point; use it. Go around 
    the vents and put your guys on the openings, then you flank the bad guys from
    another point in the vents. Just send your team into the next room and you
    will take out all the bad men. Then send your team into the hallway through
    the doors in front of you, they should get both guys from both sides. 
    At the end of the hallway, to the right, stack your guys on the door and tell 
    them to enter and clear. Then follow and mop up. Go up the stairs and put your
    bff on the computer. Get ready for some guys to pop up that you were not 
    expecting. They will pop up from the left and right stairs. Then go out the
    door to the right to clean up, then stack your team on the door on the other
    end. Somehow, these two did not hear the magnificent gun fight outside, but 
    send in your team to clear their ears out. 
    Get to the floor and follow the path through another door; there may be a new
    in hiding. Stack them on the first door, and send them in there guns blazin'.
    Then go through the next two doors, and stack your guys on the doors at the 
    end of the hallway. Send them in for two more guys, and then go up the sets of
    Stack 'em on the door as you watch the scene. Set a mark and send 'em through,
    but you keep a read on the door across the way. Move in when all is well. Send
    your squad into the next section and put them behind the center thingy. Then
    wait behind cover as some more terrorists drop in. Clear them out however you
    please. Then send your gang up the steps, and quickly send them back to the 
    center thingy. Peek and shoot as you wish, then send them back up the stairs 
    when all is well again. Surprise! more guys will appear when they get to the
    top, so bring them back to the ground and pick off the enemies where needed. 
    This time you can go up the steps and no more fighting, that is if you cleared
    them all out, so be on your toes. From here, choose to go up with the stairs on
    the walkway, the other is behind some doors. Repeat the process on this level,
    then again, and again until you can't go up through these stairs. Take the path
    through some doors and then up to the next level, which is surprisingly clean.
    Past the save point, go through the doors, then go into the room on the left 
    for some ammo. Stack them up and snake the door. Set a mark on the guy on the
    floor, then position yourself so that you can shoot the guy on the stage 
    through your scope as soon as the door opens. Again, might be overkill, but
    just look cool saving the hostages. There are three more guys in the other room
    and once they are gone you can claim the hostages. Go to the last checkpoint
    to end this mission.
    Casino Floor
    Go forward and notice the two paths to the other side. Send you mates to one
    side as you take the other. You should be able to direct them from your side,
    so inch them forward; there are only two guys between both sides, but there are
    more on the floor that may come up. When you reach the end, about five enemies
    drop from the skies, so handle them and regroup on the stairs. Send your team
    to cover on the floor as you stay on the steps and direct traffic. Move them
    closer to the center gambling pit so that more guys drop into the fray, and be
    ready for them to attack from both sides. After that it is just a matter of 
    killing the ones in the pit. 
    Take the stairway to the right and stack your team on the door. Snake it and
    try to mark both guys, then send in the good guys and make sure you watch the
    door across the way. Set your team behind some of the blue things and help 
    them clear the area. Go forward to end this mission.
    VIP Escort
    I say assault the captors from above by using the skylight on the patio. Set
    your team to the fast ropes, then send them in when you get a read on the guy
    holding the hostage. Take him out, send in your team, then do your best to
    provide support from above. Tossing down a flashbang might help before you
    go down. Mop up and claim the prize. Make sure you make him follow you.
    Follow the path and round the corner down a hall, get the lone ranger before
    he gets you. Stack them dudes on the door and tell them to frag and clear, but
    make your follower hold in the hall. Keep a read on the door across the way
    as your team clears the room. Quickly send them to the next door down some 
    steps in the same room. Then you come out the door up top, and be ready for a 
    guy to approach from the upper level. Send your guys to clear and then take 
    cover behind the obstacle at the top of the bottom set of stairs; the thing 
    with the railings that you can see across the room to the other stairs as guys
    pour out. When your team clears out the room they were at, send them to one of
    the tables near your set of stairs. Then you need to take cover on the upper
    level behind the little walls next to the real walls up here, but be sure to
    clear out the guys on the walkway that can see you. With you and your team, the
    area should be cleansed in no time.
    Send them to the opposite set of stairs, go get the follower, and then get some
    more ammo. I don't care what you get, so long as you have something with a 
    good scope. Join the team and get to the top of the first set of stairs, look 
    at the hallway, but don't go inside. Look as far as you can down it and then
    toss a frag down there to clear it out, then send your team in the hall just in
    case. If no one is left, just get your friend and make your way to the chopper
    outside to end this mission.
    Have the SCAR, PSG1 (or whatever), Eagle, Frag, and Flashbang.
                             =Fremont Street=
    Red Lotus
    Watch the scene, then go to the sky light and look down for the two bad guys
    below. Get them, then go around and take out the other two on the top of the
    stairs (use the thermals if you can't see them). Set your team to the hooks and
    send them in on assault mode. Should be just two tangos left, so clean up and 
    move to the door up top. 
    Go to the door on the far right and snake it. Put a mark on the closest guy,
    then another on the other. Stack your team on this door, then you go to the 
    door on the far left. Snake it to scope out the opposition, two guys. Get ready
    and send in your team on frag and clear as you enter at the same time. You 
    have to help your team out, use your thermals when they toss a smoke, and get
    your team to you - put them behind the table near the middle doors if you can.
    Then simply snuff everyone out. Move your team along the walkway to the other
    side to test the waters.
    Go through the next door to be ready for the next setup. This area is more 
    complex than the last. Stack your guys on one of the two doors in this main
    hallway, then you go snake out the other door on the right. Just one guy in 
    here. This is the gameplan: send in your team, take out your one guy, then
    join your team, set them to cover facing the opposite side, and then you take
    the cover on the other side of your side. Essentially, you should put your 
    team on the right, and you get on the left of the staircase. Enemies will be on
    both sides on the second level, them come from the opening up high, and they
    will hide on the bottom too. If you keep checking your map, and keep a look on
    the opening on their side, you should be able to get what your squad misses. 
    And FYI, there was a stair in the hall behind you; they didn't take it when we
    stormed the balcony, but they did when we took to the room with the ammo, so 
    just know that. Send your team behind a statue on the ground, then get them to
    the opening across the way. Put 'em on the hooks to end this mission.
    Fremont Street
    Go forward and put your congregation on the door to the left. Quickly snake it
    and put two marks on the guys not holding the girl. Send them in, and you 
    should take try to take out the guy with the girl. Then put them in cover 
    facing the tables as you mop up the few guys above your position. Stay near
    the door after the reporter splits and just wait for the guys to rush your 
    team. When it seems clear, send your squad farther down the way as you cover
    them from the corner; whatever you do stay away from the short ends on the 
    tree stand things. There will be plenty of hard-to-shoot guys as you move up,
    so have some patience. 
    Move through the last bits of this casino into Fremont Street. Send your guys 
    to the central thing up ahead and provide support. Once the civilians are safe,
    you should go up the ladder on the left. Move your guys toward the center
    area and put them behind the cover of the tiny bastions sticking from the 
    things that hold some plants, the plant holders. From the corner of this upper
    area, you should be able to move from one corner of the corner, since you 
    can't see out the direct corner, and get good reads on the whole fight. Keep an
    eye on the right as that seems to be where a lot of guys come from, but 
    look from the left as the fight starts (it starts when your guys reach the 
    plant holders). From the left, be sure to check the ladder down the ways, as 
    I was killed one time by a sneaky fox. Provide support and move your guys if 
    needed to win the battle. 
    *Obviously the above gameplan did not work, or else I wouldn't have had this
    one. Bring your team with you to the upper path and set them to one opening 
    while you take the other. Battle goes much smoother. And yes, don't drop down
    the ladder, be sure to use it. 
    If you do this one, then when you get to the ground there might be a few guys
    under the path you took, and the explosion will make two more guys appear when
    you get to the intersection.*
    Move your team up and keep them in behind cover as another wave of guys pops
    up out of nowhere. Take them out and keep moving to a stair case (check map)
    where three more guys will rush you if you aren't ready. Go through the door
    down there and send your men down to end this mission.
    *There was an alley on the other side, but whatever, it probably wasn't as fun
    as this side.*
    Behind the Curtains
    Go and look down the hall, and send your guys to the wall at the end so they
    will kill the two patrolling enemies. Then move up and set them to the first
    flat column. You should stay on the corner of the original hallway and direct
    the flow of the fight. They should be able to handle the situation after a 
    certain amount of time, but then they won't be able to kill one guy down the 
    way behind a crate; and they might not be able to kill a guy two columns down.
    Check the map and intervene where appropriate, and use a frag on the guy in
    hiding. Move your team first up the path in case there is another enemy. 
    Move along until you reach a new setup. There are two doors, the one on the far
    right has a bad guy in front of it. Put your men on that one, then you go to 
    the first one and snake it. Put on the thermals for this fight, and crouch. 
    You will send in your team guns blazin', and you will use the cover of the 
    piping near your door for safety. If you are unable to get a couple of bad guys
    in here, then your teammates will most likely get hurt. So put them first 
    before anything, but just know that these enemies have some grenades. They 
    don't have frags, and you could probably use one for the last ones that hide in
    the center area.
    Proceed along the path and through a door to another ammo crate. Keep what you
    got, I guess, then stack your men on the door. Send them in, then you crouch 
    and go out the door, but be sure to get the guy that might be right near the
    door. Tell your team to fall in on you as you set up near the hooks. Take out 
    the guys on the ground and on the catwalks, use thermals if needed, and then
    go along the walkway. Stack and send in your team into the room up here. Come 
    back out and return to the hooks. Send them down, and look to the right to 
    provide cover fire. Try to send your men to cover, and use your thermals if 
    they smoke your vision. Hopefully your guys don't get wounded, and you can just
    stay up high and pick prey off. 
    I believe that when you start to move along the path, two guys will rush the
    hooks you took and try to sneak up on you, so be ready. And when you try to 
    enter the hallway, a guy will be in the opening to the left. Keep going and
    your guys will run into one guy in the small room. Go further to a ladder and 
    get to the next part of the level.
    Keep your team on you, and go through the door, then just wait for a guy to 
    come out the next door. Send your team in, or toss in a frag, to clear out the
    next room. Go through the next doorway on the right and there should be one 
    more tango. Go up the nearby stairs and through the door into a hallway with
    many doors. Check each out (snake): one is a bathroom, and the other two lead
    to the next room. Enter the door near the bathroom, and then put your buddies
    on the corner of the wall, then you take cover behind the overturned table up
    here. When the first group of guys are finished, move up to the railing that
    faces the bar and take out as many tangos as you can. There is one far down
    the path, behind a counter; he is the most dangerous, but some dam plants don't
    let you see him from up here. Send your team to the cover by the booths and 
    rub your rabbit's foot that they don't toss incendiaries and rush your guys 
    with shotguns. If they survive, join them and finish off whoever might still
    Go through the door into the next hallway with three more doors. Send your team
    to the one on the left, ignore the one on the right, and enter the one in the
    middle. Don't be scared to look out the window toward the objective. There is 
    one guy on the ground nearby, and another on the walkway across the road. Look
    down to the left for two more guys by the fence. Set these two with marks, and
    wait for them to be near the range of your guys. You will send your team into
    the streets as you take out the guy by the tree, then the one across the way.
    Do so, set your guys behind the white van, and be ready for one more enemy to
    shoot at you from the streets, but your guys should take him out. Grab some 
    supplies and join your team. 
    Send your business partner to the van and then take shelter behind the two
    blocks up the road. Leave your free man by the van and get ready for one heck
    of a fantastic fight. Be ready when they toss smoke, and watch both sides of 
    the road. They will try to rush you by running right up the center, so don't
    let them get behind you. Your cover fire is surprisingly accurate, so just 
    keep your gun active and you should be fine. Be sure to get the one guy that 
    takes a perch up high, to the left. And the fight is not over until the new
    objective pops up. Simply place a bomb and run down the road to end this 
                             =The Spire=
    Tower Top
    Don't take the sky lights this time. Turn around and locate the door leading
    to a stairwell, and go to the bottom. Put on the silencers and get your team
    on the door to the right. Snake it and tag both guys, then send 'em in. Pull
    back out and go to the other door to do the same, except you can only see on 
    of the tangos. Go in and watch the door across the kitchen as about three more
    will take interest. When it seems safe, go to the door with your team and take
    cover. Pull up your map and if it says there are two behind the bar, toss a 
    frag in there. Enter the room and make sure it is clear. Whip out the old 
    flashbangs and get ready to descend the stairs on the side of the room. Send 
    down your team first, then run down and toss a flash grenade toward the bad 
    guys to buy you all time to get to the cover on the floor level. Then it is 
    just a matter of not dying, as usual. Descend the next set of steps and set
    your guys on the wall to the left of the opening. 
    There are two ways to go from here, and the right side is a dead end with just
    two guys. Stack your team on the door taking the other path, but then check 
    your map. There are two other doors leading to two bathrooms. The first, bigger
    one will have one guy. Open this one and take him out. Then snake the door
    leading to the bigger room and watch the pattern of the patrolling guard. You 
    want to open the door when he is directly in front of it, and then take cover 
    by the door. When the other tangos have you pinned, send in your soldiers to 
    spread the field, then you can come out and take out the guys around the bar. 
    Go through the hall and stack your guys on the door. This is tricky, because
    you have to toss in a flashbang, let your guys clear out a few, then bring them
    back into the hall. You should take the safety of the wall by the door and try
    to clean house yourself; it will be hard since these guys can be anywhere. 
    When it looks clear, send out your team behind some cover (not much) and 
    then get out there yourself; I don't know what the spotlight does, but just
    ignore it. Not much to this next part but some dumb luck. Put your team under
    one of the little tents and hope they can see the enemies. They are on both 
    sides near each pool, so take cover and play the game. When all looks clear, 
    set your guys on the hooks and send 'em down to end the mission.
    Dr. Williams
    Take the red door on the left and descend the stairs. Snake the door down here
    and mark both terrorists to the right, then send 'em in. Now go the the door
    on the far left and snake it. You will hear some chatter about you, so tag 
    two enemies and raid the room. There is another shotgun-wielding enemy in the 
    Going out the door will put you in the sights of three enemies to the right. 
    If you got a frag, open the left door and toss it down the hall; I guess the 
    same with a flashbang, then take them out. Either way, there are two more guys
    inside the room.
    Get ready to save the hostage. Stack your dudes on the door and snake it. There
    are three enemies, and you need to tag the one holding the hostage first, then
    put a tag on the closest guy; you will take the one in the middle, on the
    other side of the room. Let them open the right door, and then you open the 
    left door as you got your scope fixed on the position of your guy. Should work
    perfectly, and your team will handle it if you don't. 
    Go to the room to the left and get some ammo only if you need some, otherwise
    just save it for later. Go into the room to the left with some stairs and get 
    to the top. Stack them on the door up here and snake it, tag the two
    guys by the railing to the left. There is one more guy around the tables, so
    try to open the other door and get him yourself. Once your team is on the top
    of the casino floor's second level, set them behind the square of tables close
    to the door. 
    The enemy is extremely random in this section. There will always be a bunch of 
    them on the bottom, hiding amongst the slots, and the rest will try to rush
    your level from either set of stairs. I believe they rush the sides that your 
    team is on. If they are near the doors and you are in the bigger square of 
    tables away from the door, expect for them to rush you from both stairs. I 
    found it much easier for you and your teammates to go into the square of tables
    away from the door, and for some reason you don't get hit by grenades nearly
    as much - oh yes, I believe these enemies carry frags, joy. Make sure to 
    rotate your guys from the two tables, so they can draw fire of the enemy and 
    they can usually see them better than you, or they can see better than me. 
    I don't know how to get through this perfectly, as there is just too much crap
    blocking your vision. So I really let my team handle the situation, as I just
    directed traffic. Don't let them get rushed, and then move around the top level
    when the bullets get slow. Cautiously send them down when it seems clear and 
    go through the next door on the bottom, to the right (don't forget the ammo
    if you didn't get it the first time).
    Snake the next door and tag the two guys talking to each other. There are about
    three others that are patrolling around the stairs, so be alert. Watch both 
    sides of the floor below for more as you descend the stairs. Stack them boys
    on the door and snake it. Don't tag anyone from here. Crouch and go around to
    the porch on the left. There is a bar near the door your team is on, and it
    has one guy behind it; tag him. Then cross over the door and get a read on the
    two other guys on the ground. One is near your door, behind a bar, and the 
    other is a bit away from that one; tag the one farthest away from you. You will
    send your team in, and then you take out the guy close to your window. Be 
    careful not to let the guys on the top level get you; if you are quick to kill
    your man, just hide behind the door and dash in when the bullets pause. Get 
    your team in and make sure you clear the top level. 
    Send a homeboy on the micro pulse bomb, oh the suspense! Now you got to get the
    heck out of here. Go back up the big stairs, and just one last guy to give you
    the jump from the door at the top. Then just tell them to follow you as you
    ascend, then rapple over the side and board the copter to end this mission.
                                =Dante's Casino= 
    Oh yeah, no, gambling is no sin. This place is nice.
    Hell's Gate
    Go forward and set your team on the railing, join them and pick off tangos. 
    Send your guys to the hook on the left, and then you get ready to take the 
    stairs on the right. Send them down and then you take the steps. Your decoys 
    should draw the enemy fire, and you should be able to sneak up on them. Put 
    your guys in cover and send them along the left side of the site; you take
    the right side. Just keep moving your team and move along with them until 
    you reach the ladder. Go up and set your team on the crates to the left of the
    small steps. They will distract the fire of the enemy while you rush them. You
    will first go to the first obstacle, then the one on the right, and then you 
    will take out the guy ahead, but don't forget the one above you (hard to see).
    Check the map as you clear the area.
    Hook on the right side and begin dropping. Tell them to infiltrate and get 
    positioned on the windows behind the guys below. When everyone is set, put them
    on assault and shoot one of the guys if you can. Go in and watch the bell fall.
    Slide down the ladder, and then put your team on defensive, also switch to 
    silencers. All you you go down the double hooks, and then check the map for 
    all three bad guys. I'm pretty sure they can't see you, so switch to night 
    vision (RB) and take them out one by one; pull up your guys if you want to 
    finish them off quickly. 
    Go to the stairs and send your guys down there under cover fire. Go down there
    if things get tricky - and use your thermals, they aren't the best, but they
    work okay. Just use the map and take out everyone. Then take the stairs and 
    repeat the process, but be ready for guys on all sides (use the dark to your 
    advantage). Enter the little room and go into the lighted room for the next 
    There are two doors into the next room. Stack them on the left door and just 
    send them in with frag and clear; you can enter through the other door, but the
    timing won't work, you will probably get blown away. Go through the next door.
    There are a few ways to get into the next room. Leave your team back and go to
    the door up on the left. Snake it and watch the guy patrolling. Open the door
    and kill him, silently. Then crouch under the window and look into the room 
    below. There are about four guys in here: three in the center and one on guard
    to the right on a walkway. Stack your team on the door. You will send them 
    through on frag and clear, and you will raise up and try to get the one guy on
    the right. 
    Enter the next section and stack your team on the next door. Snake it and tag
    the guy in the hallway. Frag and clear, and you can do something from the 
    window on the side if you like. Go into the next area and go to the left where
    you will find an ammo crate and a door. Stack them and get some ammo. You can
    tag the patrolling guy then send them in on clear. 
    The next section is a slot floor under construction. I say take the right path
    and attack from above. There is a guy up here, and after he is gone send them
    to overlook the area. You should help out, then take the stairs nearby that 
    lead to the open. Weave through the slots, toss frags, use the map, and take 
    out the large number of enemy tangos. Be sure to keep an eye on the opening on
    the opposite side up top. 
    Stack on the door leading to the next room. Tag the two on the left and send
    them in, they should be able to clear it out. There are three more guys on the 
    walkway above, so clear them out yourself. Move your team to the wall on the 
    left and be ready for about three more guys in the next hallway, the hall with
    a bunch of arcades (one is Splinter Cell). Pick up the XM-26 LSS, swap your 
    sniper rifle. 
    Go into the arcade and free your old buddy. Get ready for a big rush of enemies
    from the other side. Put your team behind the arcades on the left and you hide
    behind the one on the right. Should take a few hits, but you should do fine,
    just the same pop and shoot routine as before. There will be two guys that drop
    in from above, so be ready when you hear glass break. Make sure to check your
    map often and watch in the right corner as guys will try to run up the steps 
    and flank you guys, so get them first. Also keep an eye on when they try to
    rush you. All of the rushers have shotguns, so you know what you are up against
    in this one. Just keep patient, and if the action dies, put no call from the 
    girl, then send your team into the open and draw out the survivors, but pull
    them back if another wave comes from the doors. 
    When you get the call, follow Gabe to the bottom level; I picked up a FAMAS,
    swapping out the shotgun. When you go into the small hallway, a lone bad guy
    will try to get the jump on you. Put your team behind the center obstacle and 
    go to the wall on the left. Just take care of these guys, which is not that 
    easy, and get to the door to end the mission. Frags will help.
    Construction Yard
    Crouch and go through the door, keep going until you reach a small railing.
    Look over and toss a frag into the two enemies. Set your team behind the two
    blocks near where the other two were and just take out tangos. Take the small
    path to the right, but watch out for a gunner waiting for you, and another 
    above the path you took. There will be two more up high on the ledge. Bring 
    your team up and go up the steps. Make your way to a bigger area, killing foos
    along the way. Then hide behind another railing to the right where you can kill
    about three more guys all around. Follow the path and reach the target by 
    going down a ladder. 
    Outfit yourself with some ammo, then get ready for a tango in the hallway. Go
    along and use the fast ropes. Kill some people, but don't kill the friendly on
    the ground. Send your guys into the piping and let them engage the trap. Watch
    the sad "scene". 
    Go up the ladder and round the corners with your team. Put them on the railings
    near the turret and let them have at the enemies in the pit and around the high
    ledge. They will try to climb out, but see if you can stop them. Don't let the
    ones up here flank you from the left. Just stay low and go around this upper 
    level to flank the ones in hiding. Follow the path and get some more ammo when
    the fight is over. 
    Stack on the next door and set two marks on the guy you see and the patrolling
    dude. Send them in, and when the red marks go away, put your men on the small
    railing in front of the door. There will a couple of guys that fall on the 
    open doorways in this walkway part. So go toward the right corner and wait for
    them to drop in, then watch the path on the right. Don't let them flank you or
    your guys from either side. When they stop trying to rush, you should try to
    flank them from the left and move your team with you. Just keep checking the 
    map and play smart; they might try to flank you again. There is a gunner on
    the other side.
    Enter the Cerebus lobby. Set your team behind the wooden box and you take up
    point behind the black box. Get the gunner up high, and then just keep the mob
    at bay; there will be quite a few, but they never rushed me. Poke and shoot
    like you do. Then go up the stairs and end this mission. 
    Dante's Theatre
    Go up the path and up the stairs to the right. Leave your team on the steps and
    put them on defense. Make sure your silencer is on. Creep forward and watch 
    your map for tangos in the area, and stay down. One guy should patrol the 
    area up here, and he was very blind when I got him. There are two more guys 
    on the ground that are not by the doors. The guys by the doors talking should 
    be left alone, and they won't notice as you kill the others. Make sure you are
    getting headshots and no one will know what you are doing. When you are sure 
    that the extras are taken care of, and the two by the door are none the wiser,
    send your team to the center door in the lobby and send them in. Get some 
    ammo from the crate.
    Okay, go through the first door on the left and kill the two guys on the top
    of the stairs. From there, it gets tricky. I say leave your team in this room
    while you go and clear all the upper levels of bad guys. You can get the jump
    on a few, but after a while they will know you're there. Start on the top 
    level and kill as many from the shadows as you can. Then move down and clear
    the next level.
    When you reach the bottom level, you got two options: go back and assault the
    enemies with your team, or take them on yourself. It's not too hard to take 
    care of it on your own. Go to a stairway, open the door, get a couple by 
    surprise, and then retreat back into the stairwell. They will try to rush you,
    for some reason, so you can just pick them off. Or, you can do this and just 
    have your team with you (you can tell I did this by myself and didn't die). So
    you do what is best, and frags help. Bring your team to the floor and then all
    you you should engage the guys on the stage by the turret on the left. 
    *Oh, yeah, when you are on the top level, watch for a guy on a bridge high 
    above the stage.*
    Go up the path to the left, may be one or two guys, and stack your team on the
    door at the end. Snake it to locate one guy to tag. Send them in, but don't 
    follow or you'll get hit by a frag. Should be two more guys. Don't send your
    team through this next door. Open it and try to peek around the corner to the
    left. There is a door with an obstacle and a guy behind it. Try to peek and 
    shoot him. 
    Get on the stage and send a brother in arms to the computer. Don't get on the
    turret, it won't work. There are two spots to hide to the right of the computer
    and that is where you and your free man will take cover. You need to use the
    gun with the biggest magazine. Your goal is to protect the computer from the 
    waves of enemies. It is like whack-a-mole, as they will appear from all the 
    balconies and then the seats. Use any spare frags on the second wave and be 
    quick to kill the bad guys. If your guy falls, got to leave him, but he should
    be fine and he should help you a bunch. 
    Climb the ladder, and there will be a guy from the door on the other side of 
    the walkway. When you are in the next room, toss a frag into the room on the 
    right and that should get the other two bad guys. There will be one more on the
    steps ahead. Follow the path and get to the chopper to end this mission.
                                =Hoover Dam=
    I've been here too. Dam tourists! They call it the Nevada Dam, but I'm pretty
    sure it's the Hoover. I did a yahoo search and got the Hoover Dam as the
    Nevada Dam.
    The Bridge
    Go forward for a run-in with a worker. Hop over one of the railings to get on
    a walkway. Move your team along and eventually some guys will pop up from both
    sides when you get close. When it's safe up here, get to the rapple points and
    go down. Breach in and kill the terrorists, or shoot them through the windows
    first, your call (heck, you probably could've taken the stairs). Send a knight 
    of the brotherhood to the bomb. Oh the horror!
    Some dam bad guys will attack from both sides while the dialogue runs. Go down
    the path and snake the door. You can handle the guys, but you can send in your
    team, or whatever. Then go out the next door and kill the guy on the catwalk,
    then the guy down below. There is one guy behind the next door, so handle him
    however. Then get to the ground level and snake the red door on the left. Tag
    both guys (one is behind the fenced area) and then go around to the other door
    and try to get the main dude as your team enters the room. Meet the dam
    hostage to end this dam mission.
    Get outside. Tell the follower to hold, make sure your silencers are on, and 
    then look way over to the right to get one guy on a walkway. Bring your guys to
    the ground and get rid of the two terrorists on the ground, or whatever that 
    level is called. There will be about three more further down, and my team was
    able to kill them all, just keep 'em movin'. When the outside area is clear, be
    sure to collect the follower and set him below the walkway. Ascend the ladder
    with your team, then scope out the room below the skylight. You should be by 
    the hooks when your team goes in, and you will shoot from above; there are 
    about four or so guys in the room and you can hit three easily. Your follower
    will come in by himself when it is secure. 
    Take the stairs in the back. Descend and take the door to the left. Stack up
    on the next door, but snake it just to see the red barrels on the ground. Put
    targets on the guys so you can get a relative picture of where the barrels are.
    You want to hit the barrels so that when you are in that room you are not blown
    to heck. Get inside after you clear it and then get your guys to cover, then 
    watch out for guys to hide behind the forklift nearby (use the map) and set
    your men to a corner so that they can take out the guys down the path ahead. 
    *Hardest part of game upcoming.*
    Put a son of Hades on the dam computer. Get ready for tangos to come in sets of
    four from around where you came from. There will also be a couple from the 
    right side, but they sneak up on you after a while. There is only one way to 
    get past this part, and even then you need a lot, I mean a lot of luck; or else
    you will be really pissed with this dam situation. You have to stay in the 
    little room and aim at the opening door from out the window (it will be in 
    front of the area you came from). Try to get a couple of guys, then get the 
    ones that try to rush. If you don't get them, then it is all for naught. After
    those first few guys are down, turn around and look to the back for two more 
    guys, who hopefully did not toss grenades in with you. Once they are gone you 
    can focus on the main group, and pray they don't nail you with a frag. If your
    free man ever gets hit, you just got to let him bleed and hope you finish the 
    job alone. Again, the first few guys that try to rush you are the key to 
    success, if they get by you will restart from the last checkpoint. 
    *Brett Persons has noted that tossing a few smoke grenades around may help. 
    I would say that smoke should be thrown on your position, in the direction of
    the main flow of bad guys, and then to the garage door when it opens. The more 
    smoke the better.
    Go along the path. When you reach the door to the second level, just send in
    your team and they should get the one guy and then the two others guys that 
    come in from both sides. Go into the next room and put your guys behind cover
    as you get into the main section. There will be a few guys on the left, and a
    few that drop in from the roof. Then cautiously peer into the bottom area and
    take out the many enemies. Send your team to some cover down there and that 
    should cause a few more to drop in from above. Be sure to advance your team 
    into unknown places. Take the path next to the room, and then pick off the 
    tangos in the next section one by one; remember to move from cover to cover.
    Move up the stairs and put your men behind some cover as you engage the few
    men along the way. Send your team up and flank the enemy from the left as you
    approach the next room. Take the stairs and stack up on the red door. Snake it
    and tag at least one of the guys then send them in. Now go down the stairs 
    alone with silencers on. You will see an opening to the right with a guy 
    standing on the ground. Kill him, then go to the opening and kill the other two
    down there. Go where they were standing and send your team to the crate by the
    red door as some guys fire from way down the room. There is a something 
    opposite the red door, not good for cover but it has a space between it and 
    the wall. You should be able to look through this space to kill a few enemies.
    Then mop up whoever remains. 
    Take the red door, but be ready for the bad guys in the next room; tossing in 
    a frag may help, then handle the rest. Go through the door on the right and
    use the fast rope to end this mission.
    Secret Labs
    Go forward and talk to a friend. Send your team to the left wall of the entry
    way to the next area; make sure they are not on the corner or they will get 
    killed. There are a bunch of bad dudes with guns across the room. Two gunners
    in the booth and many more will spill out and try to flank you. You got to 
    get in this room, and I say take cover behind the light blue van. You won't 
    be safe from the left, as that is a popular place for bad guys to go to; just
    be ready to pop off the van and take your shot. There are two blue trucks to
    the right. You can't poke out and kill the gunners, but if you send your team
    behind the outmost truck, they will draw the fire and allow you enough time
    to get maybe both of them, but one is fine. From there it is the same poke and
    shoot as before (use your map). And send your team over there when it seems 
    There is another door in the back and it has three bad guys behind it. You can
    frag and clear, but just letting your team clear will work. Go into the next
    room and snake the door on the left. Set a tag on the guy by himself to the
    left, and then get the guy talking. Stack your team and then get to the door 
    on the right. You will send in your team, you will open the door and kill 
    the guy you couldn't see from the other door, and then you need to put your 
    team on the corner of the wall so they can get the other guy in the room. 
    Through the next door is yet another big fight. Put your team nearby and set
    them to infiltrate. Crouch, put on silencer, and go through the door alone. 
    You should be able to kill the guy straight ahead, and then the next one 
    through the left window. Go to the door if they haven't spotted you and snake
    it to scope your opposition. Yes, you won't be able to kill them all. Come 
    back to the booth and try to get one more, but if they spot you don't worry, 
    well, worry a bit. To your team on assault and put them in the booth while you
    go to the door and anticipate a fool rushing in. From the doorway you should 
    be able to get the guys to the right, in front of the booth. Then it becomes
    the same routine and you trying to spot loose tangos. One will be up high and
    another may be on the docks to the left. Send in your team to lead the way. 
    Snake the red door and find the patrolling guard to tag first, then get the 
    other one nearby. Send in your team when the moving target gets next to the
    door. Quickly send your team to the boxes near the door for cover. You set up
    shop on the wall by the left door. You got to use your thermals and map to 
    locate terrorists in this room. I got lucky and these guys torched themselves
    with a few incendiaries. You should be safe from fire, and your team can take
    a burn, or they will simply move (be sure to put them back where you got them).
    Again, when things are quiet, send in your team to act as decoys. There are
    usually a few on the left, under the stairs. 
    The big hole in the wall has two guys waiting on the other side, to the right
    of it; either send in your decoys, or toss in a frag, or whatever. Enter the
    labs. The path is in the room in the right corner. Go through the metal 
    detector and the door beyond. Look through one of the doors and locate one 
    moving enemy and another at the top of the stairs. Make the moving target the
    first priority, and the other as second. Wait for the big red target to get 
    near the other and send your team in. My guys could handle all the tangos below
    from that position as I went through the other door up here. But going down 
    the stairs may work too, but I doubt it. From up top you can spot all the bad
    guys and move around the top to locate them. Put your team at the foot of the
    stairs as you mop up (the last ones are hiding in the corner to the right).
    Follow the hall in the back. The next section is a maze of cubicles. Hug the 
    wall and take the small cover to the left of the door. They should spot you and
    start taking shots at you. Get the couple of guys that poke out from the path
    in the left corner, and bring your team to the wall nearby in the same little
    pathway. You can set them near the window in the wall and they should get a few
    guys; be sure to check the map for flankers. Then move them into the center of
    it all to hunt down any survivors. If you are sneaky enough, you can go to the
    back of the area and get the last two guys in a small room, if they haven't 
    already come out. Follow the path cautiously as a guy or two may yet live. 
    Check the map and find the path that has only one route. There will be a room
    adjacent to a long hall, and a red door in this room. Stack on this door 
    quickly, snake it, tag two guys, and then send them in to clear out the four
    terrorists holding the prizes. Go up the stairs.
    Go through the next door and don't worry, the bad guys can't see you through
    the openings in the doors for reasons unknown. Stack on the double doors to the
    left and snake it. Tag the guy way to the left and another in front of the 
    door. Silencers on, you can just look through the other door on the right and
    spot a lone bad guy. Open the door and kill him quickly without alerting the 
    others. Can't get the others through the windows without being seen. Send in
    your team, and you should watch the other door in your room for a flanker to
    come through. My guys were able to clear the room on their own, but feel free 
    to go through the door and help out. 
    Take the door on the left side of the room, go down a hallway, and pass through
    the door. Snake both doors to find three guys in two different rooms. Stack on
    the door on the left and tag the guy in front of the door plus the guy to the
    right, up high. The door on the right has one guy you should be able to kill
    silently, but the door opens toward you so you have to be a bit away to open 
    it without making a fuss. Send your team in and then open the door in this room
    to join the fray. There will be two more guys in the room, so eyes open. And 
    when you go up the stairs, be ready for a few more from all sides. The room
    with the target location will have one guy that is tricky to kill, I say just
    rush your team to his spot. Or, you can send your team in from one side as you
    go around from the other.
    In this hallway you will find two doors on the left. The far, red door has 
    just one guy for you to kill silently. Send your team to the door in this room,
    and then snake the door to see a guy nearby. Now, go back to the hallway, run
    along, crouch and go along the walkway at the end, hugging the wall to reach
    the other side with the stairs. Go down the dark stairs and snake the door.
    Put on your thermals and wait for one guy to get close. Tag him, but this tag
    is for you to know when he is in front of the door. The plan is for you to send
    in your people from one side, and then you open your door when the guy is close
    to get an easy kill. Then you should take cover by the door to finish off 
    whoever is left. 
    You can run into the lighted room from this dark one and kill the two guys, but
    I say go back up the steps, hug the wall, and peer over the edge so that you 
    can get a read on the two guys down and away; hard to explain, but it's just
    two guys. There are two points of entry into this room: the right door will
    put whoever goes through in harms way, and the left point will be the flanking
    position. I say just bring your team in from the left and put them behind the
    big crate for cover as you all battle it out with the tangos. Ignore the ammo
    crate until you win.
    *Another frustrating fight upcoming. And don't go up the stairs yet.*
    Get the SCAR and the MK46 (light machine gun) and some smoke grenades from the
    crate in the previous room; you need the smoke grenades, or else you can just
    start the game over, or whatever. Bring your team to the area with the 
    computer. I know I haven't been fond of the smoke grenades through the whole
    game, but this is the first time when they were the only answer. As soon as
    you put Jung on the computer, put Michael on the other open spot on the
    computer. You will also toss a smoke grenade in toward the box in front of the
    console and put on your thermals. Now they can't see you (at least they didn't
    fire at me) and you only need to keep the smoke up as you stand in the middle
    of it and pick each bad guy off as they drop in. This smoke made it way easy,
    so I hope it works for you too. 
    You have to make sure all the bad guys are dead, and some may be hiding in a 
    corner or behind something. Also, if your allies start talking, that is your
    cue that the fight is over. This part is a bit buggy, so play it a few times if
    you must.
    *NOTE: A reader suggested that you can run up the stairs, go all the way to the
    door, see a save checkpoint icon, then reload that save and you will be past
    the previous fight. I have yet to test it out, but it sounds like it could 
    work. Hey, if it gets you past this fight, no problems here.*
    Get ready to go up the stairs and kill two more dudes. Go around the walkway
    until you reach a blast door and just wait for your team. Head in and go around
    the corner. Send your team to the big wall for cover, and then you got a couple
    of cover points. If you made it this far I'm sure you know the routine by now,
    so I'll let you fill in the blanks (send in the team when it seems clear). Go
    up the stairs and round the corner and out-gun Irena to put her down. Enter the
    elevator to end this mission.
    I say keep the gun with the big clip, but stock up on ammo. You are going to 
    go up the stairs and kill two guys. Outside will be run and gun, but I don't
    think you are actually timed. Just get to cover and take out all the bad guys
    before you blow up the missile in spectacular fashion. Then follow the road for
    the big tweest!
    Go toward the chopper, but don't kill the first person you see, that will be 
    a friendly. Shoot at the guys shooting at you. Then go behind the van for a
    very exciting conversation. Dam to the ending, oh well. Here's to Rainbow
    Six Miami and Rainbow Six New York.
    *ALTERNATE ENDING ALERT: I found out about this much later, but you can shoot
    the fleeing helicopter and get a slightly alternate ending. The outcome is no
    different, but the words are changed a bit. As I hear, you see, I still don't
    have the game. You can check Wikipedia for more info on that.*
    Go play Terrorist Hunt, that is kinda fun.
    * Frequently Asked Questions FAQ                                              *
    Just two for now, they come up quite a bit.
    	I can't get past the Irena part in the labs, will you come to my
    	rescue sweet knight of the video game realm?
    	Yes, and stop asking.
    Darn, I hate this little part of the game. I will tell you what I did: I 
    hacked the computer, used the smoke to kill all the guys, my team started 
    talking, I killed two guys as I went up the steps, I waited at the blast 
    door, it opened, my team joined me, we went inside, had a big gun fight, 
    and then we killed the b*$#h. I think you are not waiting for the conversation
    between teammates to take place, once that happens you are free, and it will 
    only happen if all the enemies are dead so check the area.
    	I did the computer hack at the theatre, but the door won't open, can
    	you toss me a bone brotha?
    	You are possibly screwed. My askers did not report back to me, but I
    	believe they restarted the game. Do not go backwards in the level after
    	you hack and defend, or else the game's scripting will mess up. Hack
    	the computer and go up the ladder is what I did.
    Here is a tip sent from a reader. He explains it the best of anyone that has
    tackled this section. So I am happy to credit him for it:
    I know you mentioned no more info, and you classified your guide as complete, 
    but just in case you want to add it, I have an easier way to finish that part 
    you described in "Hardest part of game upcoming" .
    1. Send your team to the crates in front of the little shack where Jung will 
    hack the computer.  Not the crates near the back gate that will open up.  
    2. Once they are there, situate yourself  as close as possible to the first 
    gate that will open up with tangos rushing out, but still close enough to be 
    able to give the command to hack the computer.  That way, when you  give the 
    command, you can rush towards the gate before it opens. 
    3. As soon as you give the command, run towards the gate, and take cover at 
    the corner, and have your submachine gun ready, pointing at the gate.  I 
    tried to draw the position with text.  Hope it comes out right.
    _______ =========== ___________=============______________
                 This gate opens
                                                      |X <---- hide here
    4. As soon as the gate opens, waste 'em quickly.  You'll most likely get all 
    the tangos with one clip, and if not, only one will survive.
    5. When you run out of rounds, run to the back gate that will open.  If you 
    are fast enough, you will get there just before the back gate fully opens.  
    Try to run along the wall you took cover from earlier to prevent any baddies 
    from hitting you as you run back.  
    6. Shoot the two guys who come out of the back gate.
    7. After this you are left with maybe only 4 other bad guys that Michael will 
    be able to fend off on his own from the back of the crate.  By this time, the 
    hacking would have been done, and progress will have been saved.  If not, 
    just pick the remaining guys off, who will be sort of far away, with your 
    assault rifle or sniper rifle.  Whether you do this or not, since the 
    progress was saved, when you die, any tangos you hadn't killed yet will not 
    be there anymore, and you will just proceed to the next objective. 
    Oh yes, here is a quick add from a reader (Jason Prosser):
    qball8600 says that riotshields can be picked up and used with a pistol. I
    am not sure where the riot shields are (please, I don't need to know) but I
    trust him.
    * 5. Credits/Copyright                                                        *
    Brett Persons - for reminding me about the smoke in the dam level.
    JM Taylor - for the famous 'hardest part of the game' tip
    Jimmy Pribble - for the Irena part tip.
    Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want
    to talk, or if you want to ask a question. And if you must send a flame, please
    be nice so that I'll consider it. Also, if you have a cool trick or comment 
    that you want me to add to this guide, good luck, I don't accept just anything.
    You will have to present it well and I will have to like it a lot!
    Please have 'R6V' in the title.
    My email: 
    PS - If I don't respond, don't take it personally, but there is most likely a
    	good reason (lazy, heard it a million times, it's stupid, etc.).
    I have other guides floating around too. They are:
    Resident Evil 4
    Gears of War
    Lost Planet
    GRAW 2
    Dead Rising
    Oblivion (work in progress)
    Shivering Isles
    Knights of the Nine
    The Darkness
    I've also been published in GamePro magazine, June 2007. Pretty cool if you ask
    me, and all because I write these little guides.
    Here is my list of sites:
    GameFAQs (main host site)
    CheatCodeCentral (cheatcc.com)
    GamersTemple (http://www.gamerstemple.com/)
    and even a few foreign and other random sites
    *Not launched
    All other sites must ask permission if they want this. All I ask is that the
    guide be ad-free and in this text format.
    Here is my small site:
    Give it a visit, and see if you like.
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
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    of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2007 Brad Russell

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