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"A Flawless Game"

The War Chiefs is notably different from any other Age of Empires game in the series because it literally focuses on three Native American tribes.The same Native tribes that ironically are all located in Age of Empires 3 on random maps. They are the Aztecs, Iroquois, and the mighty Sioux.

New Features: (10/10): New to the gameplay is the Treaty mode that allows you and your enemy to not attack each other for a set amount of time. The time can be set to 5-10 minutes to 40 minutes at the latest. An interesting feature is the Trade Monopoly which requires holding four trading posts during a game. A time limit soon starts once you have control of the trading posts and once it's completed, you win. This is very similar to the Wonders feature in Age of Empires 2 almost. Your enemies are notified that you have a Trade Monopoly and will try and attack it to end your trading. The European Civs get new cards in their Home Cities. You can have up to 25 cards in a deck in total, a nice feature compared to the standard 20 cards in Age of Empires 3. European Civs also has a new Revolt feature that literally allows you to revolt from your mother country. Once you completed your revolt, all villagers turn into Colonial Milta thus putting a stall on your resource production, Gatling guns and Iron Clads are obtained through various shipments, and you could build an unlimited amount of forts. These shipments can be shipped more than once. Finally, European Civs get a Saloon building that allows them to ship new mercenaries like the Fusillier or the Italian Elmeti.

The three Native Civs: (9/10): When I got this expansion, the first thing I did after installing it was setting up a random Skirmish using the Iroquois. Mostly because they are the most balanced out of the three. The Aztec are known for their large armies while the Sioux hit hard and fast. Though neither, the Iroquois can still mount a slow yet powerful attack. Each Civ has their own special units such as the Coyote Runner for the Aztec, or the Forrest Prowler for the Iroquois. The Sioux are the most interesting Native Civ because like the Huns in Age of Empires 2, they start out with a 200 limit population in each game. That means no houses, which allows the Sioux to rush their enemies early on. They are mostly a Calvary Civ with various units to counter the common Heavy Infantry, Artillery, or other Calvary. The Fire Pit is one of the most interesting features even put in an Age of Empires game. It allows you to gain various bonuses depending on how many villagers you have dancing at the Fire Pit. Example. I could have 25 Villagers dancing for a feature that allows my units to do more damage or spawn healers over time. I could also spawn new tech upgrades like faster unit production or gathering rates for resources. I personally am getting the hang of it but there are Native cards that can be shipped that allows new dances to be preformed.

Native Home Cities: Unlike the European Civs, the Iroquois and Sioux don't have a Home City to send shipments. They have a Tribal Council that works the same way. The Aztecs have their own though, which is Tenochtitlan. The Tribal Council is broken down into seprate parts which is The Chief, War Leader, Shaman, Wise Woman, and The Messenger. The Chief is mostly used for Economic resources while the War Leader sends Native Military units. The Shaman and Wise Woman have economic upgrades and building upgrades. Finally, my personally favorite is the Messenger mostly for one reason. Native Mercenaries. Yes, you heard me....Native Mercenaries. Each Native Civ gets their own type of Mercenaries from other tribes like the Huron or Cherokee. These can be shipped at a lower cost compared to the European Mercenaries. I mostly use the Hurons because they have great siege units. :) The Home Cities can go to level 130 which should last you for awhile.

Single Player Campaign: 7/10: I'm simply shocked at how much I loved playing the Campaign compared to the organial Age of Empires 3 campaign. Long time fans, there isn't any Fountain of Youth chasing here. The Campaign consist of only two acts with a character named Nathaniel Black and later Chayton Black. Nathaniel Black is the son of the great John Black from Age of Empires 3 that stopped The Circle from obtaining the Fountain of Youth. As Nathaniel, who is half Iroquois, he is caught between the splitting of the Iroquois Confederacy when the American Revolution occurs. He leads his men as a ragtag milita with Colonial Washington as they secure victory for American Independence. Chayton Black sets up the time of the American Gold rush in the west. The Sioux are preparing for war against the whites who have rushed onto Native soil in hopes of striking it rich. It is Chayton Black who decides where he stands in this conflict. General George Armstrong Custer makes his famous appearance for his final stand. I disliked Age of Empires 3 Campaign with a pure passion mostly because it had an unbelievable plot about chasing a Fountain of Youth. This one actually has some replay value because it focuses mostly on historical time line of events.

Graphics: (9/10) Simply stunning if you could run Age of Empires 3 on high settings without any problems. Anything lower would be much different from what I have in terms of a graphics card. It really depends on how well you can run Age of Empires 3.

Replay Value and Closing Comments:: It'll last you for a long time, I promise you that. I was a bit skeptical at first but after playing the game for a few hours, I can't stop. I'm literally addicted to WC as much as I was with Age of Empires 3. Ensemble Studios has done it again by adding three detailed Native American tribes that stood and fought long before the first European stepped foot on the new world. I only wish that they could have added more but I'm happy with what I have.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/13/07

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