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"Again a failing one"

Not very accurate.............. historically and graphically.

I bought this game a year ago. My expectations about this game were high. At my first run, so many flaws I've seen. Not a good one for me. I saved the money for it, but it's not worth it.

A very fair game, as I can say, but there's a lot better out there, lying on the shelves of a game store. Ad after ad showed up before its release. Nice effort in the ads but not worth it.

As far as I can tell you, this game is fair, so to new buyers, don't expect so much about this game. Going back, the game's ratings are:

Graphics: 6/10

Not a good one. Seeing your ships overlapping at each other makes you think if it's true in real life. It's not. Ships are ka-boom by now. I also noticed a flaw about the terrain. Some terrains are low and some are high. In the map Amazonia, could you differ the terrain if your team is position down there? It's an advantage to the enemies up there because they could distinguish it but unlike you, well, you can't. I just remembered a game when I can't build a trading post because of the terrain. Nobody did. The post stayed neutral through the rest of the game.

Sounds: 6/10

Put your ear plugs in now, because if you hear the sound of this game a million times before and still not changing. Boring..... but not a crap. The sounds change when you command your units to attack. A vigorous one and even victory or defeat, the sounds fade leaving you again with ear plugs.

AI Intelligence: 5/10

A passing one, if I can say. When you put the settings at expert, the AI attacks at the start. Not bad. See if you can watch them 3 hours after. If you request them to attack, they'll say that "My army is non existent" but I see their troops standing by their forts, d-o-i-n-g n-o-t-h-i-n-g!!!!!!!! And if they're attacked in the rear, their troops won't rescue their own settlement, but instead still waiting at their fort. They'll wait there forever, leaving you to rescue their settlement. Bad, so bad. Pathfinding really is bad. I just remembered when I attacked Ivan's settlement with cannons standing by. I just let Ivan's troops come and die as my cannons fire as Ivan's troops get nearer. A bad AI.... but still not a crap.

Story: 4/10

Still worse one, which only follows the life of the Black Family. How about the other Civilizations? Where's their campaign? The new Civ's ain't bad.

There you have it.
Just a word: If you want this game, buy this but if not, then I strongly advise NOT.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/21/07

Game Release: Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs (US, 10/17/06)

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