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    Unlocks Guide by nayhem

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                wWWWWWWWWWWWw   ,wWWWW         ,wWWWWW     wWWWWWWWWWWWw
               WWWWP™™™™™WWWWW wWWWWWW      ,wWWWWWWWW    WWWWP™™™™™WWWWW
               WWWW      wWWWW ™F™WWWW    wWWWWP™WWWWW    WWWW      wWWWW
                   ,wwwWWWWW™     WWWW  WWWWP™   WWWWW        ,wwwWWWWW™
                wWWWWWP™™         WWWW  WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW   wWWWWWP™™
               WWWW™              WWWW  WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  WWWW™
     _______    ___  ____________________     _________________________     ______
    |       \  /   \|__    __|__    __|  |   |  ____|  ___|  |  ____|  |   |   _  \
    |  ===  / /  A  \  |  |     |  |  |  |   |  ¯¯¯¯|   __|  |  ¯¯¯¯|  |   |  | \  |
    |  ===  \/  ___  \ |  |     |  |  |  |___|  ====|  |  |  |  ====|  |___|  |_/  |
    |_______/__/   \__\|__|     |__|  |______|______|__|  |__|______|______|______/
                            BATTLEFIELD 2142™  UNLOCKS GUIDE
                                     14 April 2008
                                   ©2008 Nahum Reduta
                              nayhem_5J5, the red<>diamond
    1.0  Notes                                       (To search for sections, type a
     1.1    Legal Notices                          forward slash "/" followed by the
     1.2    Version History                      section number in your search box.)
    2.0  Class Unlocks
     2.1    Recon: Sniper
     2.2    Recon: Spec Ops
     2.3    Assault: Battle
     2.4    Assault: Medic
     2.5    Engineer: Crewman/Anti-Vehicle
     2.6    Engineer: Area Denial/Anti-Air
     2.7    Support: Defense
     2.8    Support: Close Combat
    3.0  Personal Unlocks
    4.0  Squad Leader Unlocks
    5.0  Single Player
    6.0  Other Notes
     6.1    Common
     6.2    Class Specific
     6.3    Squad Leader
     6.4    Hubs and Supply Crates
     6.5    Destroying Deployable Items
     6.6    Suggested Upgrade Scheme
    7.0  Thanks
    = NOTES = /1.0
    == Legal Notices == /1.1
    This guide is copyright ©2006 Nahum Reduta. No part of this guide may be
    reproduced in any form without prior written consent.
    This document is primarily hosted on GameFAQs. If you would like to host this
    guide on your site, please contact me. With permission, the guide must be
    reproduced in whole, and must be kept up-to-date.
    For corrections or additions, gmail me at nayhem with the subject line beginning
    "BF2142". All other correspondence may be considered junk and ignored outright.
    == Version History == /1.2
    v1.31: 14 Apr 2008
    - Note about EMP points.
    v1.3: 12 Apr 2008
    - A few additions.
    v1.2: 15 Oct 2007
    - More little quirks.
    - A suggested upgrade path that may help newcomers.
    - Methods for destroying deployables.
    - How the spawn beacon contributes to the Squad Leader Badge.
    v1.1: 02 Jul 2007
    - Been a while, huh? Added a few things, but I'll need more time with the
    unlocks I don't know much of. My current situation isn't helping me one bit.
    Have a safe and sane Fireworks Day!
    - Notes for game versions 1.25 and 1.40 (beta).
    v1.0: 14 Feb 2007
    - Released in time to take advantage of EA/DICE's "all-unlocks" weekend.
    = CLASS UNLOCKS = /2.0
    Each kit unlock tree contains two branches, which each contain a useable item, a
    passive upgrade, another useable item, and a weapon, in that order. Items are
    unlocked by gaining ranks in multiplayer mode. Once unlocked, they are also
    available in singleplayer.
    The Northern Strike booster pack adds another unlock to each branch. Also added
    are a set of badges and ribbons which offer an unlock credit rather than career
    == RECON: Sniper == /2.1
    === Anti-Personnel Mine (2) === /2.1.1
    A one-hit wonder for area denial or deterrence. They are quickly deployed and
    active within 4-5 seconds. Anyone walking or running within the APM's active
    area (a 5m arc in front of the device) will be killed or seriously injured at
    range. FAVs are also vulnerable. Those who do see the devices in advance must
    spend time circumventing them, allowing for an opportunity to kill them via
    other means.
    The Rule of Mining: the best place to lay a mine is where the enemy least
    expects it. In the case of APMs, these would be around blind corners, behind
    boxes or barrels, around supply crates and parked vehicles, hidden by shrubbery,
    or anywhere out of plain sight. Conversely, this also includes in plain view.
    Open areas around capture points are excellent places because the player is
    normally focused on accomplishing objectives or perhaps combat.
    Because the APM is directional, you can trick enemies into walking into them by
    planting them in a direction and location that an enemy would normally think of,
    such as around the corner from a friendly flag. The mine will be in plain sight,
    but hopefully the enemy will think it is one of theirs.
    To avoid being harmed by APMs, either crouch/crawl past them, use the AE
    Defuser, detonate them with the Zeller-H rifle, or set them off with RDX.
    (1.40: The Clark RDX Shotgun can also detonate explosives.) If you see anyone
    moving with caution, assume the same or you may end up killing both yourself and
    your teammate.
    If you are within the active area of a mine, an orange explosives icon will
    appear on your HUD. A red crossbones marker shows you the location of mines set
    by allies.
    APMs count towards the Explosive Gallantry pin and badges.
    Explosive Gallantry
    Pin:                    8 kills      =   10 Career points
    Badge:                 10 kills IASR =   20 Career points
           50 total kills; 15 kills IASR =  500 Career points
          300 total kills; 20 kills IASR = 1000 Career points
    Titan corridors during a long match are an ideal area for mine kills, so long as
    ammo hubs are nearby.
    === Dystek Hi-Scope X4 === /2.1.2
    This passive upgrade adds a variable zoom functionality to any sniper rifle. In 
    addition, your movement will adjust to the range--when you are zoomed all the 
    way to 4×, you will move the rifle more slowly to adjust. Both features will 
    certainly help long-range sniping.
    If you did not already spawn with a Hi-Scope, you will not able to use one from 
    any sniper rifle you pick up.
    === Gruber 5 Scope Stabilizer === /2.1.3
    By pressing [Shift], you will momentarily reduce rifle sway. This will help at 
    extreme distances, or when you feel the need to secure a headshot. When using
    the Zeller in its anti-materiel role, the Stabilizer helps to focus on small
    targets such as motion mines and APMs.
    === Zeller-H Advanced Sniper Rifle === /2.1.4
    Moderately more powerful than the stock rifles, to the point where a body shot 
    to a lightly-armored target will kill. In addition, its higher-caliber 
    ammunition will detonate any explosives. (Be sure not to shoot explosives near 
    you or APMs pointing towards you.) Even if you drop the enemy to 10% health, 
    that still makes it easier for others to kill assist or for you to finish with 
    the pistol.
    Since the stock rifles can kill with a headshot, the Zeller isn't much of an 
    improvement for basic sniping. (1.40: Since light body armor is now the default,
    you may see an increase in kills towards unwary players.) Its anti-materiel role
    does make it a viable upgrade, especially on city maps to help vehicles advance.
    Shooting at explosives counts as a hit for accuracy purposes.
    === NS: DS-22 Sniper Decoy === /2.1.5
    This projects a false ping on enemy NetBat, causing a little confusion. When
    you are within 50m of the decoy, you are no longer detectable by enemy NetBat,
    your signature instead being positioned where the decoy is. It can be used to
    lure enemies into traps, or cause enemies to believe they are in sniper country
    and hesitate.
    Planting one aboard a Titan during an assault can help you evade infantry
    detection methods. Sentry guns are unaffected by the Ghost decoy.
    == RECON: Spec Ops == /2.2
    === RDX Demopak (5) === /2.2.1
    These are essential for destroying commander assets. They also make short work 
    of Titan components and allow Recon units to take out vehicles. They can be 
    affixed to any surface (including ceilings) and to vehicles (if you need a 
    "jihad jeep"). Pressing [Alt-Fire] will switch to the detonator; you will also 
    automatically switch when you have deployed all of your demopaks. (Be careful 
    and count your packs to avoid suicides and teamkills.)
    If you venture close to an allied Demopak, it will chirp to warn you and an
    orange explosives icon will appear on your HUD. A red crossbones icon will show
    you the location of Demopaks laid by allies.
    It takes two packs to destroy scanning bunkers, three for strike bunkers, four 
    for Titan consoles, and five to destroy a Titan anti-air cannon. (Assets on some
    servers require three regardless of type.) The Titan core may require up to
    twenty packs without the help of BLOC-3 missiles from outside. Because Titan
    components are sensitive to RDX, you should refrain from using it to defend the
    Titan; an opponent who kills you can use your packs to his advantage.
    One pack will finish FAVs, gunships, and stationary guns; use two or three for
    other vehicles. Against a tank, blasts on the main body and underside are most
    effective (60%+ damage); rear vents are 50% damage, rear of the turret inflicts
    the least damage. Against an APC, one pack averages to just over half damage,
    with the least inflicted on the wheels, and the most upon the rear doors. The
    battlewalker is pretty sturdy, with a single demopak inflicting at most 35%
    damage upon the main body. Each repair cell on the Goliath can be destroyed with
    a single pack. Unless they are destroyed, the Goliath can recover even from a
    full complement of demopaks.
    Because RDX can be applied to any surface, they are ideal for sabotage. It can
    be hidden beneath almost every vehicle, and in some rather conspicuous places
    that nevertheless remain out of sight to the occupants under normal operation.
    Tricky spots include the inside of FAVs and transports, the rear fins of air
    vehicles, and the barrel of tanks.
    Demopaks can also be used as area denial. Place them where you expect infantry 
    or vehicles to be, like choke points or objectives. Like mines, hiding them from
    sight will increase the chance that an enemy will wander into its killzone. 
    Placed on objectives, they can be detonated when the objective has been 
    neutralized, usually taking out enemies bent on capture. On Friendly Fire Off 
    servers, RDX can even be detonated at your feet for (perhaps unfairly) minimal 
    damage to yourself while ensuring enemy kills.
    RDX is lethal inside of five meters, and harmless outside of ten. Ideally, when
    used against equipment, you'll want to place them directly on the surface in
    Demopaks can be defused from a relatively safe distance or shot with the
    Zeller-H. Demopaks can also set off explosives dropped by other players.
    (1.40: The Clark RDX Shotgun can detonate explosives.) A player using RDX to
    defend himself can be caught off guard if you detonate his packs yourself; while
    he's switching from his detonator, you have a momentary advantage. If you pick
    up a Recon kit, you can pick up his deployed packs or set them off yourself.
    RDX kills contribute to the Explosive Gallantry pin and badges. Destroying 
    assets awards points; Titan components in particular contribute to the Problem 
    Solver pin and Titan Destruction badges.
    Explosive Gallantry
    Pin:                    8 kills      =   10 Career points
    Badge:                 10 kills IASR =   20 Career points
           50 total kills; 15 kills IASR =  500 Career points
          300 total kills; 20 kills IASR = 1000 Career points
    Problem Solver
    Pin:    4 consoles destroyed = 20 Career points
    Titan Destruction
    Badge:                    2 consoles               =   40 Career points
           10 total consoles;              1 core IASR =  500 Career points
           40 total consoles; 3 consoles + 1 core IASR = 1000 Career points
    Gallantry awards are more easily earned in low-player, high-ticket matches. RDX
    can be used rather impudently against infantry on FF-off servers. The Titan-
    related awards are more easily earned on low-player matches, when the enemy is
    distracted from defending their own Titan. To better your chances, bring along
    a support squadmate and destroy consoles 1 and 2 at the same time, since these
    long corridors are more easily defended than the upper ones.
    === NetBat Fade Delay === /2.2.2
    This passive upgrade increases the time that a NetBat marker stays active. This 
    helps you and your squadmates to keep tabs on concealed or distant enemies.
    === IT-33 Active Camouflage === /2.2.3
    This noisy little device will render you almost invisible. (Game versions prior 
    to 1.10 use the "Predator" lensing effect, which can be unintentionally detected
    at long distances. From 1.10 on, you appear as a dim shadow.) Using this in 
    front of an enemy will certainly get you shot. It is much more suited to 
    flanking and escape. Since the device emits a distinct chirping, you should turn
    it off when you are within listening range of an enemy.
    Your camouflage is broken when you land from a moderate fall or are struck by
    EMP. In the latter case, you will occasionally flash bright blue and static, 
    visible to others. You cannot use the device while climbing, falling, or 
    === Lambert Carbine === /2.2.4
    The Lambert is a much better fit for close range combat. Its stopping power lies
    between that of the Engineer's SMG and the basic assault rifles. Though low on 
    recoil, it is pretty inaccurate beyond medium range. This is the perfect 
    complement to the long reach of the sniper rifles for those who engage in close
    === NS: TL-S1C Camo Upgrade === /2.2.5
    This extends the duration of the Active Camouflage device, useful if you want to
    traverse the long distances around map perimeters or towards unguarded control
    == ASSAULT: Battle == /2.3
    === Herzog AR Shotgun Attachment (3 × 4 magazines) === /2.3.1
    This fires shotgun shells which rip infantry apart at close range. A hit to the 
    upper torso/head is fatal. The magazine takes a while to reload, long enough to
    suffer retaliatory fire.
    If you have both AR attachments and you've fired one or two rockets, you can use
    the third round in the shotgun attachment for a quick kill. However, expect to 
    get hassled by fallen teammates whom you can't help.
    For some reason, the Herzog does not contribute to the Close Combat pin.
    === NetBat Infantry ID === /2.3.2
    This passive upgrade shows your squad what kit an enemy is carrying, indicated
    by a red icon above their health meter. More of a novelty on the way to AR
    rockets, but it can help your squadmates determine what the enemy is capable of.
    === PK-74 AR-Rocket Attachment (3 × 4 magazines) === /2.3.3
    By far the most useful anti-sniper weapon. Primary fire will launch the rockets 
    in a slight arc. Targeting through the scope activates the rangefinder to 
    determine where the rocket will detonate; furthermore, the scroll wheel allows 
    you to adjust the range in 2m increments. Free-fired rockets will detonate on
    impact. (Be aware that the rockets won't detonate inside of 20m, instead
    inflicting light striking damage.)
    Each rocket can take off more than half the health of an enemy--sometimes your
    third rocket goes wasted, unless you fire it off for insurance. If you are also
    using the Herzog, you can use the last round as a shotgun blast.
    Until patch 1.20/Northern Strike, rocket kills are applied towards your assault 
    rifle. Afterwards, they will have their own cumulative stats, but remain tied to
    your assault rifle during after-match reports. (Accuracies greater than 100% can
    be explained by using rockets to kill multiple enemies at the same time. So long
    as your kill count is greater than the amount of combined ammunition spent, your
    rifle accuracy will be reported this way.)
    Though the Assault soldier has a disadvantage against mobile armor, rockets can
    be used to weaken vehicles at long range.
    === Baur H-AR === /2.3.4
    The Baur fires more powerful rounds than the other assault rifles, at the 
    expense of clip size and accuracy. It features the worst recoil, but many 
    players swear by its stopping power. At close range, it is possible to kill an 
    enemy with a headshot; three shots make short work otherwise. On semi-auto, it
    can be used head-to-head against snipers.
    === NS: Advanced Magazine === /2.3.5
    Adds one more Universal Round to your attachment magazines, of which you also
    get one more. (You now carry twenty total rounds instead of twelve.) This is
    most useful for those using rockets, since you now have two salvos of two
    rockets handy.
    === ASSAULT: Medic === /2.4
    === AED Defibrillator === /2.4.1
    Practically a necessity to the medic, the defibrillator revives fallen allies to
    full health. It can also be used offensively against enemy soldiers, delivering
    a fatal shock. The capacitor delivers three jolts before it needs to be
    recharged. Critically wounded teammates are indicated on NetBat with diagonal
    cross icons when they call for help (by pressing [Fire] while down). The icons
    persist for a while just after revival, so be aware of what's going on.
    Before reviving a teammate, it is wise to make sure that danger has passed. You 
    have 15 seconds to either clear the area of baddies, or decide that getting 
    killed yourself (or worse, falling into a revive/kill trap) is not worth the 
    risk. Also note that orbital strikes last for 15 seconds--unless the player was 
    specifically targeted, and therefore in the middle receiving half of the 
    shelling, you may have time to revive fallen teammates and escape to safety.
    Sometimes, you will have to pick the defibrillator off someone else. A fallen
    assault soldier on either side more often than not carries a defib on him which 
    you can use on comrades.
    You are not able to resuscitate players who have been "killed" rather than
    "critically wounded". These include victims of APC mortar strikes, and *direct
    hits* by tank shells, anti-vehicle rockets, TV guided missiles, railguns, and
    orbital artillery. You are also not able to resuscitate those who have been
    crushed to death, or those caught in constricting areas.
    The defibrillator contributes to the Emergency Rescue pin.
    Emergency Rescue
    Pin: 8 revives = 5 Career points
    === Advanced Med Hub === /2.4.2
    This speeds up the rate at which teammates are healed. You can also heal
    yourself and teammates inside vehicles. In addition, when you are in a vehicle,
    other passengers and those near your vehicle are healed. When inside a vehicle,
    your effective healing radius is increased depending on the size of the vehicle.
    As with the regular hub, holding onto the hub allows support to be given much
    faster than if the hub is deployed. (1.25: Support actions now have lower
    boundaries, so points are easier to obtain. You earn a point for healing roughly
    1/3 health. Hubs also have limits on the supplies they offer, visible as a white
    graph below the hub's 3D map icon.)
    It may help you attain Medic Excellence badges more easily, though time
    conditions remain the same.
    === SG-34 Smoke Grenade (3) === /2.4.3
    A rather lame upgrade, it creates a slight cloud of smoke. The concealment 
    effect to be honest consists of maybe four textures--walking past the grenade 
    totally breaks the cover. In addition, NetBat, pulse meters, sentry guns, and 
    other detection methods work through the smoke. Finally, both teams are 
    (slightly) affected by the smoke. It is considered by most an obstacle along the
    path to the Voss. (1.40b: The smoke generated is said to be more useful, though
    exactly how is not yet known.)
    One interesting use is to whittle that last hit point off an enemy with a direct
    blow. Smoke Grenades have their own kill messages, so finishing off someone in
    this way is extremely embarassing.
    === Voss L-AR === /2.4.4
    Whereas the Baur relies on high-caliber ammunition, the Voss features minimal 
    recoil and a large clip. Players are largely divided between the Baur and the 
    Voss. The Voss is great for spraying at close range, and is a stable firing 
    platform on semi-auto.
    === NS: CM3-N Radar Grenade === /2.4.5
    An advanced smoke grenade which includes a short radar sweep for the time it
    spends blanketing an area. A slight improvement on the regular smoke.
    == ENGINEER: Crewman/Anti-Vehicle == /2.5
    === AE Defuser === /2.5.1
    An invaluable engineer's device, used to neutralize explosives. It is so 
    invaluable that using it is worthless. No points awarded for removing bombs, 
    not even a full load's worth. And you're vulnerable to enemy fire the whole 
    time. Still, clearing a path is its own reward. As of patch 1.5 or 1.10, the
    working range has been increased--RDX and APMs can be cleared outside of their
    lethal range.
    Explosives marked with a red icon were planted there by allies. Unless
    absolutely necessary in those rare Mine FF-on matches, try not to defuse these
    The defuser works *against* an enemy's (or ally's?!) Explosive Gallantry awards.
    Grenades *cannot* be defused. (Believe me, I've tried.) RDX dropped by bunny-
    hoppers on FF-off servers can be, but it's very difficult. (I've also tried.)
    === NetBat Vehicle ID === /2.5.2
    This passive upgrade reveals to your squadmates how much armor is remaining on 
    an enemy vehicle. Definitely helps squadmates with anti-armor capabilities.
    === PDS-1 Vehicle Sonar === /2.5.3
    Detects enemy vehicles within roughly 50m. It can be affixed to any surface or 
    vehicle. Set around a capture point, it can alert others to impending threats. 
    Placed on a vehicle, it can detect others during its use. (Using it this way is 
    a little buggy--placing the device on the front of the vehicle doesn't activate 
    it.) If the vehicle is used by an enemy, the whole team can track its location. 
    It can also be used to detect pods--placing it on the Titan will alert defenders
    of incoming attackers. It can also be attached to Squad Leader drones, making
    its operation mobile for the squad. (Preferably, the sonar would be attached to
    your own squad's drone, but no one's stopping you.)
    During operation it emits a characteristic sound. If found, it can be destroyed 
    with a few shots.
    === Pilum H-AVR === /2.5.4
    The Pilum turns anti-vehicle duties into an exercise in archery or clay 
    shooting. It fires unguided rockets at a higher velocity than the basic weapons 
    with only the slightest of error. Aiming the weapon does not set off a vehicle's
    targeting alarm. With practice, the hind ends of tanks, FAVs, or even gunships
    can be taken down reliably. It takes about as long to reload as the guided 
    rockets. And like the regular Engineer weapons, it can kill infantry instantly, 
    rather than wounding them.
    === NS: MMB-5 Motion Mine Bait === /2.5.5
    An alternative to defusing motion mines, it is a grenade with a long delay fuse.
    It attracts nearby motion mines and detonates them. (Motion mines have a fatal
    blast radius similar to a grenade, so stand clear.) It is also effective against
    other kinds of mines, though they cannot be moved.
    Mine bait by itself is almost harmless, perhaps causing striking damage when
    thrown at soldiers. The bait detonates harmlessly, jolting anyone nearby and
    maybe causing some hearing dysfunction. Any explosives in the vicinity, however,
    are set off.
    Mine bait can be used offensively, guiding mines towards an enemy or hostile
    vehicle. Because the mines themselves still belong to their deployer, so do the
    kills. This means that you can use an enemy's mines to destroy an enemy vehicle,
    possibly forcing many teamkills upon the enemy engineer. It is useful against
    the Goliath IFV--you can quickly send all of your own mines at its side or rear,
    destroying it before it can repair itself. It is also useful to engineers aboard
    enemy Titans--you can send mines down a heavily defended hallway if you survive
    long enough to plant the mines and throw the bait.
    == ENGINEER: Area Denial/Anti-Air == /2.6
    === II-14 EMP Mine (5) === /2.6.1
    The EMP mine is as it does. They stun vehicles pretty effectively. Placed near
    active vehicles, it takes a few seconds to detonate. (1.40: The Clark RDX
    Shotgun can detonate explosives.) In Titan mode, the EMP mine can be placed on
    top of the enemy hangar, where it will disable departing aircraft, and often its
    Using these in conjunction with motion mines allows FAVs to be more easily
    defeated. They can slow down the vehicle long enough for the motion mines to
    catch up and do their job.
    You receive a teamwork point for every target pulsed, and an additional squad
    member bonus if a squadmate is nearby.
    The Rule of Mining: the best place to lay a mine is where the enemy least
    expects it. Problem with the EMP mine is that it needs to be placed where it can
    strike a vehicle within its 2m radius range. This makes the EMP mine hard to
    hide. It serves more of a defensive role, anyway, so go ahead and place it in
    plain sight. The glow of a pulse can warn other players that enemy armor is
    nearby, giving them time to prepare a defense or escape.
    === Dystek Repair v2.0 === /2.6.2
    This allows the engineer to repair at a faster rate, as well as repair vehicles 
    nearby when he himself is inside one. Therefore, you do not need to leave the
    safety of armor in order to repair an ally's vehicle. It makes the Engineer
    Service badge a little easier to obtain, but total time requirements won't be
    helped. (1.25: Support actions now have lower boundaries, so points are easier
    to obtain. You no longer have to fully repair a vehicle to obtain a repair
    Commander assets and Titan consoles can be repaired in one sitting with the
    upgraded tool.
    === II-29 Motion Mine (5) === /2.6.3
    The true anti-vehicle mine in the Engineer kit. When an enemy vehicle approaches
    its vicinity, the mine levitates and begins to chase it. Should the vehicle 
    continue moving, it will detonate upon contact. The explosion is fatal to 
    infantry nearby (i.e. those who attempt to escape from a targeted vehicle).
    A single mine can eliminate the occupants of an FAV or speeder; two mines are
    sufficent to destroy tanks and APCs; three will damage a walker. Five will 
    destroy a Goliath IFV provided they detonate together in a short time span, and
    do not explode against the heavy front blast shield.
    (1.40: The Clark RDX Shotgun can detonate explosives.)
    Placed around objectives, they can deter enemies from trying to capture them 
    inside their vehicle. Air transports often fall victim to this method of 
    defense. Gunships can also be struck if they venture too close. Because FAVs and
    speeders can boost past them, using motion mines in combination with EMP mines
    may help catch enemies using these vehicles.
    The Rule of Mining: the best place to lay a mine is where the enemy least
    expects it. In the case of Motion Mines, these are usually just beyond the tops 
    of hills, at the edges of roads, around debris or burning wreckage, near supply 
    crates, or around blind corners. If there are pickup trucks around, placing 
    mines in here can catch Battlewalkers by surprise (they won't activate around 
    other vehicles). Mines can be placed on enemy helipads to catch air vehicles
    attempting to rearm and repair. In Titan mode, mines can be placed on top of the
    enemy hangar; they will often destroy aircraft attempting to leave. Motion mines
    can also be laid underneath most vehicles without being noticed by future
    If you are operating a vehicle, a klaxon will sound if motion mines are nearby. 
    You have a choice of either remaining still indefinitely, or ditching the 
    vehicle. Switching to a non-primary seat will deactivate the mines. FAVs,
    Gunships, and Hachimotos have a chance of escaping motion mines by boosting past
    them. The Goliath's front armor is completely resistant to mines.
    Motion mines contribute to the Explosive Gallantry pin and badge.
    Explosive Gallantry
    Pin:                    8 kills      =   10 Career points
    Badge:                 10 kills IASR =   20 Career points
           50 total kills; 15 kills IASR =  500 Career points
    	    300 total kills; 20 kills IASR = 1000 Career points
    It is unlikely that you will earn the Gallantry awards using motion mines alone.
    A more likely scenario is that they are used to great effect in Titan matches
    during the shield assault phase, and then supplemented by RDX and APM kills
    === SAAW Squad Anti-Air Weapon === /2.6.4
    Changes your main weapon to fire missiles that track air targets. Each casing
    contains two rockets. Fired untracked, it falls in an arc greater than that of 
    the assault rifle rockets. It has the same infantry-killing ability as the
    other engineer rockets. They inflict significant damage against ground vehicles.
    In order for the missiles to track an air target, you must have a missile lock
    (long tone, rather than the "target nearby" chirping), *and* you must have the
    aircraft within your reticle. If your aim is off, the missile will not track
    regardless of lock status.
    Gunships can eventually outrun a SAAW missile. Your best bet is to acquire an
    incoming craft, one that is engaged in a dogfight, or one that is hovering.
    === NS: SMG Clip Expansion === /2.6.5
    Increases the number of rounds per clip in the engineer's sidearm.
    == SUPPORT: Defense == /2.7
    === V5 EMP Grenade (3) === /2.7.1
    A more portable version of the various EMP devices. Upon contact, it pulses a 
    moderate radius. With a deployed ammo hub, a vehicle can be locked down 
    indefinitely (although the operator can still fire weapons or dismount). It can 
    be used against sentry guns, temporarily disabling them so they can be 
    circumvented. Squad leader drones can be momentarily deactivated. As with any
    pulse, the effects are universal--you can even pulse yourself with a bad throw.
    You receive a teamwork point for every target pulsed, and an additional squad
    member bonus if a squadmate is nearby.
    === NetBat Active Camo ID === /2.7.2
    This passive upgrade reveals recon units who employ or disable their active 
    camouflage to your squadmates. No more surprises.
    === A12 Enforcer Sentry Gun === /2.7.3
    An extra gun for whatever need arises. Mainly used in a static defense, 
    especially aboard the Titan where its corridors provide the most ideal killzone.
    Its strength is roughly that of a submachine gun, but can fire indefinitely. It 
    can also catch enemies by surprise around corners or inside cargo containers, or
    at least whittle down whoever dares approach it. It is resistant to explosives.
    It does have a confined search range, roughly a 45º cone from its front. It can 
    track targets horizontally past this range, but not vertically. Support units 
    can EMP the sentry, stunning it for a short while. Anyone can destroy it with 
    their main weapon--it has roughly the same amount of health as infantry. Killing
    the support unit who deployed the sentry allows the player picking up his kit to
    deploy it himself after rearming himself with the ammo hub. (This destroys the
    previoiusly hostile sentry and replaces it with your own friendly one.)
    The sentry gun reveals its target and its status on NetBat. Because of this, it
    can work with the Accipiter squad leader drone, effectively providing two times
    the automatic fire.
    Any damage to the sentry gun can be repaired by an engineer, or it can simply be
    replaced with a new gun from the ammo hub. Should the sentry gun be recovered by
    its owner (press [G]), it is replaced anew when deployed again.
    Aboard the Titan, it has a habit of detecting enemies through walls, so it can
    also be used as an early warning device. Though it can track through walls, it
    still cannot fire through them. A cunning opponent can get a sentry to fire upon
    him, while another flanks the gun to destroy it.
    === Ganz HMG === /2.7.4
    Despite the "Heavy Machine Gun" designation, the Ganz is a personal weapon. It 
    fires higher caliber rounds than the LMGs. However, it has a long warmup time 
    and overheats more quickly. Once firmly planted, it is very accurate and very
    powerful, rivaling assault rifles.
    === NS: IDS-1 Infantry Sonar === /2.7.5
    This unlock works like the Vehicle Sonar, except on infantry. Like the Vehicle
    Sonar, it can be attached to any surface. This is especially useful on Accipiter
    Drones, which require NetBat input in order to function.
    It is a necessity where infantry assaults are common, like the Titan. If the
    enemy seems to be in your face with unusual speed, he is most likely being
    helped by a sonar device.
    == SUPPORT: Close Combat == /2.8
    === IPS Infantry Protection Shield === /2.8.1
    The shield deflects all firearms and offers some protection against grenade
    blasts. Though it can deflect vehicle weaponry, it eventually fails against such
    attacks. Supposedly, sharpshooters are able to destroy the control box at the
    bottom of the shield, rendering it useless.
    Its bright red glow is clearly visible, often alerting others to the user's
    If placed in a constrictive area, the shield can prevent movement through that
    area. For instance, it can be placed on top of ladders, sealing off that route.
    === Advanced Ammo Hub === /2.8.2
    Like the advanced med hub, the advanced ammo hub deploys ammunition more quickly
    than the regular hub. It also rearms players outside a vehicle or other
    vehicles. As with the regular hub, holding onto the hub allows support to be
    given much faster than if the hub is deployed. (1.25: Hubs now have limits on
    the supplies they offer, visible as a white graph below the hub's 3D map icon.)
    === Dystek Pulse Meter === /2.8.3
    The pulse meter shows where enemy infantry are at a given instant, transmitting
    to squadmates through NetBat. The marker is not updated as the unit moves; the
    enemy could be anywhere within a radius of detection. Supposedly, it also
    detects where enemy spawn beacons are, although I have never successfully used
    it in this capacity. It may also be spoofed by the Recon's Ghost.
    It takes about five seconds for the unit to recharge.
    === Clark 15B Combat Shotgun === /2.8.4
    Like the Lambert, the Clark changes the role of the Support, enhancing his 
    close-range lethality. It is a semi-automatic weapon with seven shells per 
    magazine. Aimed at the upper chest, the Clark can deliver a fatal blow in one 
    hit. Its tight spread allows the Clark to be used at mid range with moderate 
    success. (1.40: The Clark's rate of fire is increased.)
    The Clark alone contributes to the Close Combat pin.
    Close Combat
    Pin: 10 kills = 10 Career points
    Many players report great success when using this weapon with the pulse meter
    and/or infantry radar.
    === NS: RDX Anti-Personnel Timed Munitions === /2.8.5
    This upgrade modifies the Clark to fire timed explosives. (1.40: The Clark RDX
    Shotgun can detonate explosives.) They stick to objects and surfaces, detonating
    briefly afterwards. It can damage vehicles, but not effectively.
    It is not yet known if the RDX shotgun contributes to the Explosives Gallantry
    awards, but it should soon hinder an enemy from obtaining one.
    These upgrades are available to any soldier, regardless of class.
    == FRG-1 Fragmentation Grenades (2) == /3.1
    An indispensable weapon on the battlefield. Primary fire throws the grenade 
    at maximum power. Secondary fire allows for shorter throws or dropping, 
    depending on how long the button is held. (Your ammo gauge becomes a power meter
    when you use grenades this way.) Your momentum affects where the grenade will
    land; sprinting and jumping can help you extend your range. Be careful where you
    throw, as it is easy to kill teammates or yourself unintentionally.
    It is most useful at medium to long range, where time spent in flight reduces
    the chance that the target will escape. It is also useful when dropped in the
    path of an advancing intruder, especially when they do not see you doing so.
    Grenades are lethal inside of four meters, and harmless at nine meters.
    Everyone who throws a grenade yells out either "Frag (Out)!," "Throwing frag!,"
    or "Granata!"
    Grenades can destroy vehicles, but are not designed to do so. They do
    insignificant damage against battlewalkers, and at most 5% damage against tanks
    or APCs when thrown beneath them. They are particularly harmful to FAVs and
    transports if they stick inside. (It is possible to bounce a grenade through
    a transport to kill occupants on the other side.)
    Grenades do *not* count towards the Explosive Gallantry pin or badges.
    == SprintCor 20 Enhanced Endurance == /3.2
    This upgrade permanently increases the distance you can sprint. Your recovery 
    time remains the same until you apply the next upgrade. With light armor 
    equipped, you can now sprint the maximum distance allowed.
    == Staminar 9 Recovery System == /3.3
    This upgrade permanently increases the rate at which you recover stamina. You 
    can recover stamina from your increased sprint in the same amount of time that 
    an unaided solder does with regular stamina.
    == Sidearm Ammo Upgrade == /3.4
    This adds extra ammunition to your sidearm, either giving more rounds per pistol
    clip, or another clip for the engineer's submachine gun.
    == Extra Grenade(s) == /3.5
    This gives you an extra grenade for each type you have. If you carry smoke or 
    EMP grenades, or mine bait, you will recieve one more.
    == NS: SAB-1b Shock Absorbing Boot == /3.6
    These will absorb some of the damage you take from short falls (i.e. from
    buildings, over steep terrain). They also increase the rate of stamina recovery.
    They may also reduce the stamina you normally lose from jumping.
    = SQUAD LEADER = /4.0
    All of the squad leader upgrades can be destroyed with small arms fire. As such,
    they can be repaired by an engineer or rearmed by a support. Only the members of
    a squad can take advantage of these devices; there are membership requirements 
    for each device. Each upgrade emits a characteristic noise.
    Squad leader devices are connected to your kit. If you swap out your kit, you 
    lose your SL unlock as well (except a deployed spawn beacon). If you happen to 
    pick up a kit containing a squad leader device, you can use it if you are squad
    == SLSB Squad Leader Spawn Beacon (+ 1 member) == /4.1
    This device places a spawn point on the map where your squad can appear via 
    launch pods. This spawn point replaces the one situated upon yourself--you are 
    able to use your own spawn beacon, and can respawn with another squad leader
    item. Since reinforcements arrive via launch pods, they are visible to the other
    team. The pods can inflict damage or kill anyone caught below. The pods appear
    roughly 300 meters above a given spawn beacon.
    Spawn beacons must be placed in open areas--that is, anywhere it would be 
    visible from the commander's satellite view. (Before patch 1.5, it was possible 
    to place beacons inside the Titan, and have reinforcements appear at that 
    location.) It may help to place them in areas unreachable by enemies, although 
    it also reduces the chance that you can reclaim your own beacon. Placed near
    buildings, it is possible to access that building's roof if your pod lands
    Though the beacon can be easily destroyed by enemies, it can also be camped upon
    to take advantage of the unsuspecting. Unless the beacon can be recovered, the
    squad will not be able to spawn safely at the site nor upon the leader. If this
    occurs, there are some options available to reclaim the landing area and beacon:
    - Flank the area with a significant force.
    - Attempt a mass landing to overwhelm the guardians.
    - Remove the beacon from a distance using rifles or rockets.
    - Change squad leadership by having the leader leave (and rejoin).
    The Spawn Beacon is necessary for the Squad Leader badge; a count is kept of how
    many times your squad members use your beacon.
    Squad Leader
    Badge:                       10 beacon spawns =   20 Career points
          300 SL Success points; 20 beacon spawns =  500 Career points
          600 SL Success points; 30 beacon spawns = 1000 Career points
    The badge is more easily earned when you have a full squad and the beacon is
    kept near highly-contested areas, or perhaps when your squadmates die often.
    [Note: A half-speed version of the spawn beacon sound can be heard whenever a
    sentry gun is deployed.]
    == RD-4 Otus (+ 2 members) == /4.2
    This is one of the drones seen floating above squad leaders. It functions as a 
    short-range reconnaisance tool, similar to the pulse meter. It detects and 
    highlights enemies the same way--their location is not updated if they are not 
    in view. The scan is updated every five seconds.
    If the drone is pulsed, it falls down and temporarily loses its scan ability. If
    the squad leader is wounded, the drone will remain in place until he respawns or
    the drone is destroyed. If the squad leader is using active camouflage, the 
    drone will remain in plain sight--to recover the drone, press the pickup key.
    [In Latin, "otus" means "owl".]
    == SD-8 Accipiter (+ 3 members) == /4.3
    This is the other drone available to the squad leader. It carries submachine 
    guns with unlimited ammo. By itself, it does nothing and is harmless. Targets
    must be designated by the squad through NetBat--it will then fire upon the
    target until it is neutralized, out of sight, or the Accipiter is stopped.
    If an Infantry Sonar is attached, the sonar will provide the necessary
    NetBat info for the Accipiter. The two can effectively function as a mobile
    [In Latin, "accipiter" means "hawk".]
    == NS: SL-RPU Reinforcement Prioritizing Unit == /4.4
    This upgrade reduces the time that wounded or killed soldiers remain on the 
    When a squad leader from either team has this in their inventory, time is added
    to every fallen player's downed state. After the standard fifteen seconds of
    being critically wounded, the player dies and must wait longer to respawn. Those
    using the RPU do not suffer the time penalty, and are able to respawn at the
    beacon immediately via landing pod.
    = SINGLE PLAYER = /5.0
    - Until they are earned through multiplayer play, unlocks are not immediately 
    available to your character. The computer-controlled bots usually carry one 
    level of upgrades which you can use if you pick up dropped kits.
    - Bots do not carry nor use the following unlocks:
      - Any mines (I've only seen one set of motion mines in all my time playing.)
      - Any squad leader upgrade other than Accipiter
      - Gruber 5 Hi-Scope X4
      - SG-34 Smoke Grenades (carry but don't use)
      - AE Defuser
      - PDS-1 Vehicle Sonar
      - IDS-1 Infantry Sonar
      - SAAW Anti-Air Weapon (1.40: Bots now use this weapon)
      - IPS Infantry Protection Shield
      - Dystek Pulse Meter
    - Weapons used by bots deplete their ammunition. If you pick up a dropped kit, 
    all the available unlocks may not be fresh.
    - At close range, bots will almost always use their knife, but rarely their
    defibrillator. Just beyond that, bots will use their sidearm or shotgun.
    - Bots only use one RDX at a time, and only then to attack vehicles or defend 
    - Bots do not seem to be very accurate. They cannot kill you with headshots.
    - Bots will not go out of their way to avoid mines.
    - Bots will heal or rearm teammates so long as there are no enemies around. They
    never deploy their hubs, but will use those that are.
    - Bots will not repair unless asked to. They will return to combat once finished
    or if enemies appear.
    - Bots will not revive anyone unless they are just beside them, or until they 
    have cleared the area. They also will not revive anyone if they are inside a 
    vehicle. Bots seem to know when a fallen teammate is carrying a defibrillator, 
    and will swap kits to use it.
    - Smoke grenades, cover, and other visual disturbances do not affect bots.
    - Bots are proficient with guided rockets, almost always landing a hit. They can
    also use active defense against incoming rockets. Bots will only target vehicles
    - Bots do not place sentry guns in locations that human players would. They are 
    often deployed in the open, or whenever an enemy is encountered. Bots will
    attempt to circumvent these by running directly to the sentry's immediate flank,
    and dispose of them with their sidearm.
    - Bots do not take advantage of NetBat detections via the vehicle sonar, pulse
    meter, recon drone, or infantry sonar.
    - Bots do not use spawn beacons, although they can spawn on leaders. If you 
    deploy a beacon, expect the bots to spawn at flags instead.
    - Once you have unlocked the Otus drone, every squad leader will begin using
    Accipiter drones regardless of their squad size.
    - Save for sentry guns and drones, bots do not go out of their way to destroy
    deployed devices.
    = OTHER NOTES = /6.0
    == Common == /6.1
    - Almost every deployable object can be retrieved using the [G] key. You need to
    be right next to the object (0m away), and away from soldier kits. Picking up a 
    stray demopak can avoid teamkills, while picking up mines allows you to use them
    elsewhere. Retrieving your squad leader drone will help when you need to stay 
    hidden, or if you plan on using active camo.
    - If you pick up someone else's kit, you have access to his unlocked items, but
    not his upgrades. Deployed hostile items remain so and cannot be reclaimed as if
    they were your own. An exception to this are Demopaks, which are tied to your
    detonator--these can be picked up. If you do not have all five Demopaks on your
    person, you risk setting off deployed packs that may be in unfriendly locations.
    - It is always a good idea to check the kits of other soldiers. Assault always
    carries medic hubs; Support always carries extra ammo; Engineers always carry a
    repair tool. In addition, you can use the other unlocks for your own purposes.
    Picked up some mines? Lay them. Pulse meter? Have a look around. Pulling
    multiple duty this way is the key to getting high point-per-minute stats and
    better scores overall.
    - It is possible to carry deployables in reserve while you already have some
    active if you are being rearmed. However, you can only carry as many as you 
    originally had. Any new objects you deploy cause the older ones to disappear
    when you reach the limit for that item.
    - Deployed objects remain until the kit associated with them disappears. (Hubs 
    are an exception.) Thus, it is possible to place new items, and reclaim the old
    ones to keep a set out. Switching between kits will keep items deployed from
    both active for as long as you keep doing so.
    - Though you cannot pick up most enemy deployables, you can use his kit to
    replace them with your own when you are rearmed. The enemy deployable is removed
    due to the limit imposed on such items. Doing this for items missing from enemy
    kits you come across is highly recommended since it deprives the enemy of its
    use without having to search for the item in question.
    - If you are aboard a Titan and killed a Recon who defends using RDX, you can
    use the unused packs on consoles and the core. Similarly, if a teammate died
    before using or planting his packs, you can use them yourself.
    - Many assault units carry the defibrillator, which you can use on allies they
    may have wounded.
    - Most engineers who carry motion mines usually carry the defuser or mine bait.
    If you killed one planting mines around your vehicle, you can use them to clear
    the mines and be on your way. You can also clear the mines using the deployables
    limit trick above.
    == Class Specific == /6.2
    - APMs sometimes prove difficult to destroy by the Zeller.
    - All grenades have the capacity to kill. A grenade thrown at an enemy will
    inflict very light striking damage, at least enough to drop a player left with 
    1% health. Pelting someone in the head with a smoke grenade is probably the most
    humiliating way to kill an opponent, since it appears in the message ticker.
    However, records are not kept for smoke grenade kills. (EMP grenades, Frag
    grenades, Radar grenades, Motion Mine Bait, and AR rockets at close range can
    also inflict damage.)
    - The assault class is always highlighted with medic cross icons when someone
    calls for one. Since they might not carry defibrillators, don't expect every
    medic to rush to your rescue if you are critically wounded. They should,
    however, be able to heal you no matter the case.
    - Similarly, engineers and support are highlighted with wrench and ammo icons,
    respectively, when requested. On their end, the soldier requesting support is
    highlighted with a similar icon, showing who needs help. Look for these symbols
    on your minimap.
    - The debate over whether the Baur or Voss is the better assault rifle is a hot
    one. Some even claim the Krylov or the special edition BOFORS is supreme. (The
    BOFORS is almost exactly the same as the SCAR, save for its large mesh and a few
    - In multiplayer games, the collision detection of motion mines is severely 
    affected. They appear to drop into the ground, then reappear, due to lag. This 
    is normally not a problem except aboard Titans. When placed on the rear decks, 
    motion mines may fly away by great distances. To lay mines on Titan decks, lay 
    prone and look straight down at the point you want the mine to appear.
    (This appears to be fixed in 1.40, or may depend on Titan movement. When
    deployed from any stance, the mines stay where they first make contact with the
    Titan deck.)
    - Motion mines may also prove undeployable in a few cases. This usually happens 
    when you are right next to a building and you attempt to place it next to it. 
    The mine appears to deploy, but disappear from sight and reappear in stock.
    - Mine bait can cause some motion mines to bounce over improperly long
    distances. They may also fail to attract mines just around a corner or that get
    caught in obstacles.
    - Since the supply soldier can rearm himself, he can throw an unlimited number 
    of grenades, possibly locking down a hallway or vehicle. (1.25: Hubs have limits
    on the supplies they offer, visible as a white graph below the hub's onscreen
    NetBat icon.)
    == Squad Leader == /6.3
    - SL items can be reclaimed using the [Pickup] key. Do this to maintain a
    beacon-aided advance, or to prevent a drone from ruining your active camouflage.
    - Damaged SL items can be repaired by an engineer (and maybe the supply crate).
    Lost items can be replaced by hubs or crates. (1.40: Squad leaders can instantly
    replace drones without being resupplied.)
    - Non-leaders can carry SL items in their kit, possibly allowing for use by
    leaders who pick up their kit.
    - Once you have deployed a spawn beacon, you yourself can spawn on it. You can
    also use another SL item with the beacon active, but you cannot pick up the
    beacon. To relocate a beacon, you either need to pick it up (with the beacon as
    your SL kit item) or have it destroyed.
    - Because landing pods target the area around a beacon, it is possible to
    respawn out of bounds, or to descend in unlikely places (over walls, on
    rooftops). Rooftop access, though frowned upon by some players, is available to
    both teams. The rooftop squad has a tactical advantage over unsuspecting players
    which is negated when an enemy squad makes its own nest above. Roof-to-roof
    battles are not uncommon in city assaults.
    - An exploit exists that allows beacon podders to "surf", or travel to locations
    far from the beacon. Patch 1.40 mostly prevents this.
    - Collision issues can make the spawn beacon invulnerable when placed on certain
    areas of the Titan deck (usually when Friendly Fire is off). Though an
    exploit, it is also an opportunity for opponents to camp the beacon. The problem
    can also be solved by placing an object on top of the beacon (i.e. supply crate,
    medic hub).
    - Drones are easily damaged by collisions with surfaces.
    - Drones follow the Squad Leader even when he is inside a vehicle. The drone can
    keep up with everything but speed-boosted vehicles and the gunship at full
    speed. Some vehicles have bulky hulls that the drone may collide against.
    - Drones remain active until the squad leader respawns. Enemy drones should
    always be destroyed whenever possible.
    - It is possible to have both drones active by using your own drone and one from
    a dropped kit. The Otus will find targets for the Accipiter to assail. However,
    they constantly collide with each other, eventually resulting in destruction of
    one or both. (The collision issues seem to be fixed as of 1.40, allowing any
    number of drones to be utilized.)
    - Prior to patch 1.20/NS, it was possible to ride on top of the drones. As it
    would attempt to return to its position above your character, the end effect
    would be that the squad leader could ride his own drone skywards. To do this,
    the drone had to be lowered either through low ceilings available on Belgrade
    and Fall of Berlin, or by being pulsed.
    - Unfortunately, this and other patches cause the drone to accidentally kill its
    user when deployed in certain cases. This can be prevented by proning before
    deployment or patching to 1.40.
    == Hubs and Supply Crates == /6.4
    - Holding out a hub allows you to heal or rearm more quickly than if it was
    dropped on the ground. However, you cannot aggress an enemy.
    - A deployed hub can help players from either team. You do not have to be in
    sight of the hub--you can use hubs behind walls or located in unreachable
    locations above or below you. Just look for the hub icons in your HUD.
    - Like how multiple players can capture an objective faster, multiple hubs or 
    repair tools can work together. Three medics can return soldiers back to full 
    health in very little time.
    - Medics and suppliers technically have two hubs: the one they deployed, and a
    reserve that is always on-hand or recharging. It is possible to have both out at
    the same time, but only one hub can be deployed at a time. Whether this allows
    for an effective doubling of time with the hub deployed (counting towards the
    respective awards) is unknown. You are certainly able to heal or resupply two
    locations at once, or do so in one place at twice the speed. It takes time for
    your next hub to appear, perhaps the length of time it would take for the hub
    to recharge if you hadn't deployed it.
    (Pre-1.25: A glitch allowed for the second hub to appear much sooner than it was
    supposed to.)
    - If you are holding a hub, you cannot deploy it if it has been depleted. You 
    still heal or rearm, but you can't drop it. You can put away the hub, at which 
    point it recharges normally.
    - Hubs cannot be picked up. If you need to get rid of a hub (i.e. to prevent an 
    enemy from using your hub), you must drop one somewhere else or destroy the 
    existing hub.
    - Even though supply crates heal, repair, and rearm anyone in their vicinity, 
    deploying a hub near one still allows you to get teamwork points for the
    associated action.
    - Supply crates can be used for cover, but they can be destroyed. Engineers can 
    repair the crate. Hubs can also be used for limited cover, but are more easily
    destroyed. Supply crates used by enemy vehicles should be destroyed.
    - Advanced hubs affect you and your teammates the moment you enter a vehicle.
    - Stationary turret operators cannot be healed or rearmed, nor can you use an
    advanced hub while inside one.
    == Destroying Deployable Items == /6.5
    Every deployable item can be destroyed by either force through various means.
    Items that belong to your team are marked with a blue icon upon inspection.
    (Destroying a friendly sentry gun or non-squad allied beacon will result in team
    vehicle damage penalties.) Items marked with red icons belong to the enemy and
    should be destroyed.
    === Gunfire ===
    Firearms can be used against the following items. Grenades may also work, but
    are not designed to destroy devices. Explosives, vehicle weapons, and artillery
    can also destroy the items below.
    Recon: Sniper Decoy
    Assault: Medic Hub
    Engineer: Vehicle Sonar
    Support: Ammunition Hub, Sentry Gun, IPS Shield*, Infantry Sonar
    Squad Leader: All items (Spawn Beacon, Recon Drone, Assault Drone, Prioritizer)
    Commander: Supply Crates
    * The IPS must be destroyed either via its control box (located on the bottom
    center of a deployed shield) or by using vehicle weaponry.
    === Anti-Explosives ===
    Many explosive items can be destroyed with RDX Demopaks, the Zeller-H rifle, and
    Motion Mine Bait. (1.40: The Clark RDX Shotgun can also be used to counter
    explosives.) The AE Defuser can defeat explosives without setting them off.
    Grenades *cannot* be used to set off ordnance, nor can other firearms.
    Allied explosives are marked with red explosives icons in NetBat, and being in
    their proximity will light up an orange explosives icon in your HUD. Enemy
    explosives are unmarked.
    Recon: RDX, APM
    Engineer: EMP Mine, Motion Mine
    === Distractions ===
    Certain items can be distracted from their duty rather than/prior to being
    destroyed. EMP grenades and strikes will cause these items to temporarily falter
    like other machinery.
    Support: Sentry Gun
    Squad Leader: Recon Drone, Assault Drone
    In particular, the Sentry Gun--when placed in a defensive position aboard a
    Titan--will target an enemy whether or not it can actually reach it (through
    walls or other obstacles). It can only assail a single target at a time, and
    will not stop until the target is dead or has left its field of detection. One
    player can get the sentry to fire upon him harmlessly through a wall while
    others bypass it safely.
    == Suggested Upgrade Path == /6.6
    If you are a newcomer to the game, try unlocking items in the steps below.
    Unlock the items one group at a time, in whatever order satisfies you.
    Group 1 - Basics that help you keep yourself alive. They also make your dropped
    kit usable to other teammates. The defibrillator and the personal unlocks in
    particular should be among your first options.
    - Recon: RDX -OR- APM
    - Assault: Defibrillator
    - Support: EMP grenades (to lock down vehicles and generally screw with enemies)
    - Personal: Frag grenades, SprintCor, Staminar
    Group 2: Some weapons and teamwork upgrades added now that you're familiar.
    - Recon: APM -OR- RDX, Scope upgrade
    - Assault: Herzog Shotgun, Hub upgrade
    - Engineer: AE Defuser, EMP mines, Tool upgrade
    - Support: IPS, Hub upgrade
    - Squad Leader: Spawn Beacon
    Group 3: More aggressive - try focusing on one tree at a time from here on.
    Unlock NetBat upgrades as necessary to access further items.
    - Recon: Scope stabilizer and Zeller
      -OR- Active Camo, Lambert, and Camouflage Upgrade
    - Assault: AR-Rockets, and Voss
      -OR- Baur and Extra Universal Round
    - Engineer: Motion Mines, Vehicle Sonar, Pilum, and Mine Bait
    - Support: Sentry Gun, Pulse Meter, and Clark -OR- Ganz and Infantry Sonar
    - Personal: Larger pistol clip, Extra grenade(s)
    - Squad Leader: Otus and Accipiter (if you unlocked Infantry Sonar and like
      leading squads)
    Group 4: Final treats
    - Recon: Other unlocks
    - Assault: Other weapon, Extra Universal Round
    - Engineer: SAAW, SMG extension
    - Support: Other weapon, RDX shotgun (post-1.40)
    - Personal: Boots
    - Squad Leader: maybe Accipiter
    - Recon: Maybe Zeller (before 1.40 armor changes) and/or Ghost
    - Assault: Radar Grenade, and pre-1.40 Smokes and Voss if you don't believe in
      using the latter
    - Support: pre-1.40 RDX shotgun
    - Squad Leader: Accipiter and Prioritizer
    = THANKS = /7.0
    - Digital Illusions, CE for creating a wonderful and engaging game.
    - Electronic Arts, for distributing said game.
    - Planet Battlefield, for quick references.
    - CJayC, Sailor Bacon and GameFAQs, for hosting this guide, as well as my prior
      Metal Slug guides.
    - Everyone I've fragged with/against on BF2142, and everyone on the GameFAQs
    - BF Rules of Engagement, who work non-stop to keep the game clean of cheaters,
      griefers, dictators, and other wastes of space.
    - Michael Trathen, for some tips while I was missing in action.
    - Jeff Veasey at GameFAQs
    - Leo Chan at Neoseeker
    - Dennis at Super Cheats
    - John Powell at battlefield.bestgamefiles.com
    - Paul Ryan at Games Radar
    ==No Thanks==
    - Those of you who enjoy teamkilling. The lowest circle of Hell is reserved for
    Battlefield 2142™ Unlocks Guide
    ©2008 Nahum Reduta
    "Freedom is not free. Incarceration does have its benefits, though."

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