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"A disapointing game."

I'm writing this review as Battlefield 2142 is launched. The current version of the game as I'm writing is 1.01.

This was written without considering past Battlefield games.

Plot: The year is 2142 and a new ice age is underway. Fertile land grows rare and only a portion of the humans on Earth can survive. A war brought by hunger. The question is, who will survive? The EU forces, or the PAC forces? Only the player knows.

No score will be given to Plot, since there are no real story in the game.

Gameplay: The game is fairly balanced, for a few exceptions, namely the default weapons of the Assault class. The Scar 11 is obviously overpowered compared to its cousin. There are numerous problems, frequent disconnection issues, <slowdown in the Titan and many abuses. The game looks more of a beta version than a full version due to the amount of bugs. Vehicle controls are fluid and is not a problem. Is it strange that a car explodes when flipped, even if it wasn't damaged that much, or that the planes sometimes explode during landing because of a little crate in the way. The Titan mode would be lots of fun if the graphic engine could withstand it.

This game has unlockables and you gain them as you rise in rank. There are 2 upgrade trees per kit. You can also gain access to these earlier and temporarily if your squad gets upgraded during battle by working as a team and following orders.

Because of the big amount of issues in the game, I grant Gameplay a 7/10.

Graphics: Somehow, with the heavy hardware requirements, you would think the graphics would've been impressive. But they are not. Most maps look the same, with the excuse that an ice age brings that impression. It is either desert land, or snowy land.

Since this game has boring graphics and needs heavy hardware to display them, I grant Graphics a 5/10.

Sound: They fit the situation. But somehow I think they could've added some background music to all the fighting. I have nothing bad to say about this, or nothing good.

I grant Sound 9/10 because there's just nothing bad or good about it.

Addiction: This game is addicting, you want all the badges, ribbons, unlocks, ranks, pins and medals. Not to mention that you always want to kill whoever kills you. That's enough to be playing for months. Also, while you are away for a long time (vacation, trip), you will gain points to make up for your absence.

Since this game is addicting as hell, I give it a 10/10.

So, overall, this game is somewhat bad, but it can be fun if you can stand all those bugs. Chances are these bugs will be fixed in the future, who knows.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/23/06

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