Review by foreleefcloevur

"Good game, but no skill required"

This game is a great game as long as you are fine playing a game with no skill.

A quick overview: You are put on a map with 2 teams, each team has to either capture a series of 5 missile silos over and over again for about 30 minutes, then you suicide yourself into a room full of guys for another 30 mins. The other side of the game is the same thing, minus just kill people over and over again for hours and hours.

Graphics (8/10): The graphics in this game are really quite nice. There is definately nothing revolutionary, but nothing negative to say about them at the same time. They serve their purpose well.

Story (none): This game has no story

Sound (7/10): Again, Nothing revolutionary; it serves its purpose

Gameplay (7/10): Once you've played 2 maps, you've literally played the entire game. Moderately addicting gameplay to get unlocks and ranks, but you'll quickly find out that most of the unlocks are useless and a few of them are massively overpowered.

Skill (2/10): This got a two because im pretty sure a 2 year old couldnt get it. Other than that there is no skill. Whoever you jump, you will kill; whoever jumps you, will kill you. In the off-chance that you have a face to face meet-up; It's a paper-rock scissors battle of whoever has the "right" kit. Ranks are excessively easy to get with revives and supplies as well as double points for titan defense you can easily get way more points than you deserve.

Community (5/10): It seems about 1/3 of the time you get a great squad on a good team that works together, 1/3 of the time you are on a team of people that dont really work together and squaddies are just in it for the points. The final 1/3 of the time you are on a team full of the worst players ever...they never work together, and most of the time will get in a transport, even with multiple people, just to suicide it and kill everyone inside.

In end, unless you have nothing else fun to play I recommend against getting this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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