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Reviewed: 11/27/06

Welcome to the future, Soldier

Welcome to the future, Soldier

Intro: Its been 143 years since you last fought. A lot has changed, but get right into this fight soldier; we have a titan to destroy. Take those silos out using the hover jet, or strike fear into the heart of these greenhorns by using a Battle Walker, veteran.

Graphics: Soldier, we are using the same engine as your last fight, Battlefield 2. Slightly updated graphics, but the same experience. Since it is an ice age, there’s snow everywhere, and everything is drab, dark and dreary. Get used to it, since the PAC will not stop with their relentless onslaught.

Gameplay: Soldier, since you last fought, we have deployed titans. These modern behemoths are hard to destroy, but it is doable. Also, since you are a veteran of our forces, we will give you a leg up on the other recruits. Pick your unlock with care, soldier. There are 4 class, with the assault and medic, sniper and recon, and anti-tank and engineer being combined. It is a better system, do you not agree? The unlocks are also very helpful, since everyone has to start at the bottom. Once you master a class, I suggest you do not delay in helping your comrades by mastering the next one.

Sound: Soldier, the sound has not changed since your last battle.

Advances in Technology: We have a new medium of transport to battle, a titan. We use it to wage death and destruction to help our African comrades out. With this, we also have helojets, a hover tank, a Battle Walker. Unfortunately, you will need practice going up against these new marvels of technology, so we have perfected EMP technology. It is only for a few seconds, but that can be all the time you need to strike that tank of battle walker with your rockets. The new unlock system helps out those Veterans who spend a lot of time in the fight. We start you off with needed tech from your class, then you can choose a new weapon. Be careful in your choice, because all of your buddies in recon need your help taking down that new walker or tank. Hopefully, you will make our side the glorious victor over these last scraps of habitable land.

I will give this combat experience a 9/10 because it may feel too similar to the battle you have just walked out of unscathed. Serve our cause well, and give ‘em hell.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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