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"The Battlefield of the future is here today, and it's good."

Battlefield 2142 will not dissapoint those of you who wish a worthy sequel to Battlefield 2. Not only is the teamwork MUCH better, since they've merged the Medic class into the Assault class, brought the classes to a total of four, and given you MANY more points as an incentive for working together. More than anything else, you HAVE TO WORK WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO SURVIVE in this game, and it's a good change. My word of advice to you is to join a squad. You won't get far without one.

Ahhh, here's where it shines. The battlefield of nearly a century and a half in the future is fraught with assymetrical warfare, imposing vehicles that spell doom for those caught in it's crosshairs, advanced infantry weapons that chew through others with ease, and above all, fast-paced, across-the-map-and-back fighting. There are no combat lines in this game. Things change fast, and if you don't change with them, you're going to die. Enemies can pop out from any corner and you have to be prepared for everything. Every single moment playing this game is filled with apprehension and adrenaline-pumping excitement. The game does NOT fail to deliver here.

Not only that, but teamwork shines true, at last. Back in the olden days of the previous two Battlefields, there was a seperate Medic class, you got almost no points for healing, and the medic's weapons were poor. Nobody was a medic, a support, or anything else - everyone, EVERYONE, was either assault or special ops, and if they weren't, well, they were fools. I am not a big fan of Battlefield 2 because of that. Battlefield 1942 made up for it by the other areas of gameplay, but it still dissapointed me.

Now, the Assault class is the medic class, just as predicters have imagined. There will be no seperate medics, they say, in the future - EVERY primary soldier who's not carrying other kit will have medical equipment on him, small and accessible enough to use in the heat of battle. In the game, healing your teammates brings points galore, reviving them is just plain satisfying with all the fast-paced battles going on (just two soldiers respawning instead of being revived can turn the course of a battle - it's that fast)

What's better, they have a points system now. Every point you get earns you points towards your next promotion, and awards. Get a promotion, you most likely get an "unlock" with it, something that allows your soldier to carry something else, like a defibrillator, underbarrel shotgun for his rifle, grenades, high explosives, et cetera. It's very fun just wondering and finally choosing what will best serve you in the field of battle. Plus, with "field upgrades" if you're in a squad and your squad gets enough points, you can take an unlock for a one-game basis to try it out, meaning it's not likely for you to regret your choices later.

The only problem, is, of course, that all of this functionality comes with a downside...

Lag, lag, lag. Choose the right server, or your gun alone will be jumping around like it's a flea. On some it runs smooth as butter, on others you can barely play. The high system requirements should be met and exceeded by 1.5 at LEAST if you want to have a decent chance at finding a non-laggy server. Still, with all that functionality, you gotta expect some downsides. The game makes up for it in other areas if you can get around the performance issues, says I.

Graphics do not make the game, but EA has been known to make too many games that focus on eye candy more than gameplay, which I'm not a fan of. Thankfully they've made the right decision here and inserted BOTH beautiful graphics AND good gameplay. From crisp, falling snow to the trundling mech about to crush you under it's feet, it looks very real indeed, even on the "low" graphics setting.

Very few issues here. There aren't many shortcuts to remember (for instance, instead of pressing a seperate button to change your firing mode, you just press the same number as you pressed to select the gun) anymore, the aim is smooth and crisp, and even a five year old could jump in and expect to get at least two kills (though older players are sure to get more, of course).

No two games are alike here, and the unlocks keep you coming back for more. This game will give you MANY hours of enjoyment.

In the end, Battlefield 2142 has few flaws, and is being fixed every day. If only they could make the performance a bit better, the game would have earned a ten or at least nine here. As it stands, just make sure you have a good computer before playing it, and you'll be rewarded a thousandfold.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/04/07

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