Review by Techno_Man

Reviewed: 08/06/07

Great game! Bad support.

Gameplay: This game is simply a battlefield. Two teams against each other. Depending on your game mode, the objectives for winning change.

In Titan mode, you have to destroy the enemy Titan. It can be done by securing missile silos that will launch rockets at regular intervals, until it is captured or neutralized by the enemy. The Titan will eventually lose its shielding and then the hull will be destroyed eventually (the process is faster for the team that owns more silos). The process is faster if you own as most silos as possible. You can also weaken the enemy Titan to the point of destroying its shields with the same missiles, then board it and destroy four consoles that protect the core room. Destroying the core destroys the Titan.

In Conquest mode, both teams have a counter. Each time a soldier dies, the counter decreases by one. Each time a team's commander dies, that team loses two points. Both team counters will decrease at a certain rate, depending on the amount of flags they currently have captured. If a team loses all its flags, it loses when the last man alive dies. If a team's counter reaches 0, the opposite team wins.

The game divides the occupation of soldiers into 4 simple groups: Recon, Assault, Engineer and Support. Each kit has their own weaknesses and strengths and situational advantages, which is further influenced by custom kit setups. The game introduces a decent number of unlockable items. For each rank you receive, you will receive one unlock point to spend in the many kit trees or passive trees. How you outfit your soldier makes the difference.

The game has many vehicles. Tanks, walkers (robots), hover-tanks, cars, armored infantry transporters, aircraft, etc. All is well balanced: an infantry can actually take down an unaware tank easily with the right kits.

My only complaint in this game for gameplay is when you end up in the middle of nowhere, having to walk miles to reach the nearest silo/flag. It can be annoying, but the game hands you a suicide option, or you can have someone pick you up if you're lucky.

Controls: Default controls are fine and can be changed to your needs. The hovercopter is a little tricky to drive around, though.

Graphics: The game is sadly not that well optimized, despite the amazing graphics. It takes a really powerful computer to play the game at the full graphic settings (but they are worth it).

Sound: Perfect as it is. Sound effects can't be better and the music fits the mood of the game, although there's no music while playing in the actual maps.

Glitches/Support: A little bad, updates take a little too long to be released. Punkbuster doesn't work effectively to stop hackers and often is the cause of many problems that prevents you to play the game. Many critical game exploits have yet to be fixed. The game also tends to corrupt itself and is often incompatible with Windows security patches. You might have to open up ports in order to play the game and can be a complicated process for people lacking computer knowledge.

Overview: A very nice game that will hook you for a long time. The support for the game isn't that great, but once you can play the game, you don't really notice. If you are unsure about buying the game, give the demo a shot.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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