Review by KyleKilltacular

"Good, but not as good as previous BF titles."

Ok so about a week ago I got this game for my dad's B-day (I don't even think he wanted it I just wanted an excuse to get it). So I install it and start playing it and, well got a tiny bit disappointed. I was thinking/ hoping it would be even better than the godlike game Battlefield 2. Well, it isn't. It's a good game, don't get me wrong, just, not good enough. Well here is my review:

Game play: 10

When is the game play from a battlefield game not good? It's easy to move, shoot, change weapons, sprint, get in vehicles, etc etc etc. No setbacks here.

Single player: 4

Single player in this game is like Paris Hilton trying to do something, you get no where. There are very little maps to choose from, in which you can only have the 16 player map type, there's no story mode, but no surprise there, you can't unlock weapons by doing it (I think), and it just gets boring really fast.

Graphics: 7

The graphics are ok, like you can tell weather soldiers running or walking hehe, but you would expect more out of a late 2006 PC game.

Story mode: 0

Well thats a no-brainer.

On-line: 10

Well come on, when does a battlefield game not have the best on-line ever? There's player made (bought) servers, scoreboards, friend lists, different kinds of game modes to play, all around greatness!

All new,"Titan", game mode: 9

Titan is a game play mode where there are 2 teams, each controlling a titan. The object of the game is, if you haven't already guessed, to destroy the other teams titan. First you need to take down the shield, and then the hull of the titan. There are missile silos on the ground which you can capture. When you capture a missile silo, it fires missiles at the enemy's titan. Pretty simple. When the titan shield is down, then you need to take care of the hull. You can do this using missiles, or you can land on your enemy's titan to go in the middle of it and destroy the core. It's a pretty fun game.

There you have it, now if the choice were up to me, I would tell you to go buy the game IF you have a lot of money spare. If you had to choose 1 game between a whole store, I'd suggest something else.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/06/07

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