Review by KaRath_

Reviewed: 02/19/08

This game is a must get... for a good computer.

"This game is a must get."

Honestly, I don't understand why so many people would give a low mark to this game. I know, people will chew me out for this, but it's because they have bad dial-up and a bad computer. And they don't even know how to set up graphics for that matter. Anyway, onto the review.

General Overview
It is the Year 2142. The Ice Age has covered the whole earth, only leaving a few spots with supplies. Countries fight against Countries. No one, Nothing is safe. The main forces are EU (European Forces) and PAC (Communist Forces). You're all asking, where's America? It got wiped out. :P

Graphics- 10/10
Look, I honestly believe people writing reviews because they say "Oh this lags bad" when they have a 1 GHZ computer to play this. Turn up the graphics to max, have a good processor and video card and BANG: this isn't poor graphics. This is excellent graphics. Everything is so detailed, you don't want to fight, you want to just stand around, look and absorb every detail. This is better than Halo 2. You stand near an explosion, concussion rings around you and your screen is distorted temporarily.

Sound- 9/10
This is one of the better features. You can actually chat to other people via microphone, and the command functions are really good. Genuine accents you know? And the Intro movie sound gives you a strange feeling of nostalgia, if you've played BF 1942 and maybe, BF2. (I haven't played the latter, so I don't know.)

Game play- 9/10
Get a high rank. Even if you have to play for 24 hours none stop. This is all about getting to the supreme commander position, in that case where you launch EMP 's, Orbital Strikes, Area Scan etc. I won't be surprised if you play this straight for 5 hours, because it's that good. And if you're hardcore, you'll play for 12 hours. Shoot, Heal, Revive, Assist. To get points to a higher rank (even get killed!)

AI- 8/10
Computers are smarter now if you set them to the appropriate level. They actually do something, although sometimes you still have to knife a bot to make him move. They capture, they shoot to kill, and they react instantly... ah yes. This AI is better.

Only get it if you have the hardware. Do not even go near it with a very bad lacking computer.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Battlefield 2142 (AU, 10/19/06)

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