Review by maxbethy

"A good game with some disapointing flaws."

I bought both this game and its expansion Northern Strike, I did enjoy it but I think it could have been so much more especially from the battlefield series that has brought us games like battlefield 2.

Onlinemultiplayer 10/10- The multiplayer is great, there are great open maps and plenty of players to kill in them, with a variety of vehicles and weapons. Another good point of the online multiplayer is the ranking system which lets you earn more weapons however it forces you to specialise with a certain weapon type which can become rather repetitive, as a supplement to this is the badges that you can earn from doing special actions like killing 5 enemies with a titan defence gun or parachuting for >10 seconds.

Singleplayer 6/10- I did not enjoy the single player greatly, not because the AI is poor because its fine. However the game was made to be played against other people not a computer. The game has no storyline so there is no reason to play the single player when multiplayer is so much better. Though for players new to the game it might be useful to play a few rounds to get a acquainted with the game.

Game play 8/10- The game play is great, there are two game types Conquest mode in which you simply capture the spawn points until none of the enemy can spawn and you have killed all the enemies on the map, then you win the game. The new and interesting mode is Titan mode. In Titan mode you capture missile silos which fire rockets at the enemy titan's shields, when you have done enough damage the shields will disappear, once you have destroyed the shields you can either continue to damage it by firing missiles or fly onto the enemy titan and kill the 4 consoles that control the cores inner shield. When the consoles are dead you can attack the core to kill the Titan from the inside for a fast win.

Graphics 7/10- The model detail is nice but the character movements sometimes confusing. The map detail is great with dusty sand on the southern maps and swirling snow on the northern ones.

Sound 8/10- The sounds in 2142 are great, the guns sound great as do the vehicles. the music is amazing and is used to great effect. The extra sounds are great with radio static and distant gunfire greatly adding to the gaming experience.

In conclusion battlefield 2142 is a good game but it is lacking the greatness that has been in the other games of this series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Battlefield 2142 (EU, 10/20/06)

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