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"Does not live up to the Battlefield name."

I've been a fan of the battlefield series for a while, and I've particularly liked BF1942 and BF2 and have played them both extensively. I was looking for a new shooter to play, and decided I'd pick up the latest PC installment of the Battlefield series. I expected a a fun shooter experience, with future technology thrown in. Pretty much only the second part of the sentence applies to the game.

Graphics- 6/10

Keep in mind that a 5 is average. There is nothing really wrong with the graphics, they're just not amazing in any way. It is worthy to note that the graphics are more or less the same as in Battlefield 2, but the game requires a much better PC to run. I can run BF2 on around mid-high settings, and on BF2142 I have to run EVERYTHING on rock bottom to get a decent frame rate. The intro movie also feels like it was slapped together real fast, and as a result isn't interesting or cool at all. The BF1942 and BF2 intro movies were pretty cool and got you pumped to play the game.

Sounds- 7/10

Again, the sound effects are what you'd expect. The cars sound like they should, and the guns do as well. The music is pretty good, as we've come to expect from the Battlefield series, and the intro movie has a cool remix of the original BF1942 intro song. I do think they tried to add too much "personality" to the soldier's voices. Back in BF1942 they said things simply. Like "Enemy Armor Spotted!" Now they say things like "Armor spotted! Definitely Hostile!" Which really isn't that bad, but it adds in unnecessary extra sounds to make it harder to listen for where gunfire is coming from or whatever.

Gameplay- 3/10

This is where it starts to fall apart. Good old Conquest is still in the game, and they added a new "Titan" mode to the game, where you have to destroy your enemy's flying carrier thing. Which sounds pretty cool, but it is destroyed by controlling bases that have missile silos that occasionally launch rockets at the flying "Titan." So it ends up being a very similar experience to conquest, since you're always fighting for bases on land. There is no Capture the Flag mode, but in my opinion CTF never worked too well with the large scale Battlefield combat, and that game type is more suited to smaller battlefields, like 16 player Halo matches and whatnot.

The big problem is the new kits in my opinion. When you spawn you can only pick from one of 4 different sets of weapons. They combined some classes, like giving the Assault medic packs, which I personally don't like. It doesn't feel right that the Assault class has the ability to heal. It makes the kits less specialized and makes for a less team orientated experience.

The machine guns are also very odd. Usually they're fairly accurate when you don't shoot. Then as you shoot they start to become less accurate. But for some odd reason they decided to make it the exact opposite. The longer you hold down the trigger, the more accurate the gun becomes, which makes it insanely overpowered, combined with the kit having ammo packs makes it even worse.

Replay- 1/10

The game takes 2 steps back... and maybe a sorta half step forward. I don't foresee anyone enjoying the game past a couple days.

As a quick recap:

New game mode
The future environment is cool if you like that type of shooter
They didn't terribly mangle the basics of the game

Maps are pretty boring.
Kits are really unbalanced
Many kits just don't feel right in Battlefield
Graphics haven't improved, but game requires more power to run
New game mode is far too similar to Conquest

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 09/29/08

Game Release: Battlefield 2142 (US, 10/17/06)

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