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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Simon Moon

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    Complete walkthrough
    by Christian 'Simon Moon' Riesen (simon [at] gomp [dot] net)
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    Welcome to Safecracker. Your job is to crack all the safes in this house. They 
    are built on logical puzzles and lots of trying, so if you enjoy that you are 
    at the right place. This guide will provide you with lots of information on 
    how to crack most of the puzzles, but getting there still can be pretty 
    tricky. Just don't give up, every puzzle is solvable. Its a good idea to save 
    before trying a puzzle. When you feel the puzzle is very screwed up, simply 
    exit the screen and re-enter it, your puzzle will be reset to the original 
    state. So don't leave the screen unless you really want to.
    ==Small corridor== When you enter the game turn to your right and click 
    forward twice.
    This is the room called small corridor. To your left is a bolted door (you can 
    open it from the other side, inside the museum) but for now straight ahead is 
    your first safe. It has two green, two red and two blue dots on it. The 
    buttons move the dots over the surface. You can see the rings on the surface, 
    that's how it works, the dots move on those rings. To solve it you need to get 
    the same colored dots in the outer areas. The two green ones have to be in the 
    top left corner, the blue ones in the top right and the red ones on the 
    When you opened it you find two things inside. The first thing is a Resistor 
    (you will need multiple parts for another puzzle) and a piece of paper. On 
    that paper is a number: 4298. This is the code to enter the main building 
    part. Turn around, walk through the small sitting room back to the hall. Turn 
    right and walk up to the door. To your right is an access panel. Simply type 
    in the code 4298 we found in that other safe and enter the house. Turn to your 
    right and enter the door.
    ==Museum== First turn to your right there is a door there leading back to the 
    small corridor, open it so its easier for you to move around. Then turn your 
    attention to the safe very close to that door. The door has a pattern on it 
    that's scrambled. You can move the pieces by clicking the points at the edges 
    of each piece and it will move all 4 pieces around it. You have to recreate a 
    dollar sign on that door to get it to open. Its not only the dollar sign, but 
    it also has two rounded dashes in the top left and lower right corner. This is 
    not an easy puzzle as you have not much of a clue how it looks like. But when 
    you go to the menu, you an see there next to the phone a card with a dollar 
    sign and those rounded dashes. So that should help for that. The other thing 
    is that i saw people having problems in the endgame, getting all in place but 
    the last 4 to 6 pieces. Here is the trick. First do the upper row, that's 3 
    squares with something in it and the squares to the right most are empty. Do 
    the next row. Now make sure you have all the other empty squares (only 3 left) 
    somewhere on the left side. Now to the right most column that's left over then 
    the one next to it. Now you only have to fix the remaining 3 by 3 field in the 
    lower left corner. The trick is that the empty fields can be placed wherever 
    you want to, they are not different from each other, so try to fix the upper 
    row and right most column of that grid and you should be simply left over with 
    the last piece and 3 empty squares, that will fall into place fast.
    With the safe open, take the paper out, that says L=E. Now pull the lever in 
    the lower compartment. Three panels rise up. Each of those panels need 
    solving. Right in front of you (near the safe) is a number pad with a 4 digit 
    code. Near the window is a "Soduko" style puzzle with currency and next to the 
    door to the Winter garden is a "eat up" puzzle.
    The window puzzle is pretty easy. You have to place the symbols so on each row 
    and each column is each symbol only once. It will look like this (E = euro, Y 
    = yen, S = dollars and L = pound): E Y L S L S E Y S L Y E Y E S L
    The puzzle next to the winter garden door is easy once you know the rules. The 
    white dot eats the dark ones. It can only go straight, not diagonal and it can 
    only eat the one right next to it or one further away from it, and it doesn't 
    matter if the field in between is empty or full. So follow this guide and you 
    will eat up all 25 spots: One down, one right, two up, one right, two right, 
    one down, one left, two down, one right, two down, two down, one up, one 
    right, two left, two left, one left, one left, one down, two right, one right, 
    two up, one up, two left, one up, two down.
    The third panel with the access code you don't know yet and don't have yet, so 
    just leave it at that. Leave through the winter garden, go across the room 
    into the Main Sitting room.
    ==Main Sitting Room== With the paper you got from the museum safe, you can now 
    crack this puzzle. Go to the safe in the left wall. Adjust the dial in the 
    middle so the L from the inner part lines up with the E from the outer part. 
    Now you can start deciphering the text that's written on the lower end. You 
    translate from the inside tho the outside. So the inside Z is the outside S 
    and so on. Here is the whole thing:
    As you can see, i spaced it out a little there are numbers you need, 6 4 1 2. 
    Get the picture and the circuit.
    Cross the Main sitting room room and enter the study. Straight ahead is the 
    puzzle you have to solve now (glowing red).
    The puzzle box here is not easy. The ball on the plate is attracted by magnets 
    on the sides. If it falls over the edge you have to start over. You have the 
    magnets for up, down, left and right. You can only reach the hole in the right 
    lower area, the others are impossible to reach. Here is which magnets you have 
    to hit in sequence to beat it: up, right, down, left, down, right, down, left, 
    up, right, up, right, up, right, down, right, down, left, up, right, down.
    The box opens and you get a 4 pin circuit.
    Return to the Museum and go through the door on the left into the office.
    ==Office== Ignore the panel on the right wall for now but look at the one to 
    your left. Its a 4 by 4 grid with buttons that have arrows on it. The red 
    button in the lower right corner is where you have to press to get this thing 
    going, but its covered by a protective glass. To open it you have to press all 
    buttons in a sequence. If you clicked around you will notice sometimes the 
    buttons stay down and when you click another one they pop up again. Staying 
    down is what you want.
    First you need the starting point. That's one up and one to the left of the 
    red button. Its a single arrow to the left. This also shows you the trick of 
    this thing. Choose the button indicated on the button you just pressed. In 
    this example, a single left arrow, press the button directly to the left of 
    this one. Now this one is a double arrow down. So press the button not right 
    below, but the second below this button. This way you should not have any 
    problems getting through the whole sequence and you can press the last button. 
    A laser beam will appear above you. Follow the beam and you see something at 
    the ceiling where the beam stops. Its a mirror, click it and the beam will go 
    across the room. Go across the room to the globe, there is another mirror up 
    there, click it too. Now the beam hits the globe there and it opens. Take the 
    Transistor out that is hit by the beam.
    Now you should have all parts to repair the panel in the office. Go the the 
    door and click the panel. It will peel up and you can put in parts. The 
    resistor will go to the right next to the other two vertical resistors. The 
    Transistor goes to the left of that yellow round thing (that also is a 
    transistor). Add the other two components and the panel opens the door. Go 
    through the door into the workshop.
    The first safe we want is in the corner to the left. You see a dangling key 
    pad from it with a note 5841 on it. That's the code. The problem is, the 
    keypad doesn't do what it should. Each key has a sequence of 5 numbers it 
    repeats, but never the one labeled. So once you know the sequences its easy, 
    you have to prime the numbers first then enter the code. Here is the table 
    that displays you which key has what sequence. It starts with he first number 
    that appears when you press the keys from starting the puzzle fresh. The first 
    row is the keypad number, below in the column are the numbers it will conjure 
     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 6 7 2 6 7 3 9 6 7 8 5 8 7 5 6 7 8 9 4 5 9 4 1 5 6 1 4 3 2 
     2 3 2 2 5 3 8 1 5 7 2 9 4 4 6
    As you can see there are multiple ways to get there, here is one of them. Just 
    enter the following codes in sequence and in the end the display will show you 
    5841, the code you needed: 3255, 6699, 3256.
    The safe will open and you get the red magnetic card.
    Return to the study and turn to your left to the door. Enter the card into the 
    slot and look at the panel. 3, 4 and 8 are lighter (more used?) so the 
    combination must be something like that. Enter 834 and the door will open. Go 
    straight though the service stairs into the dining room.
    ==Dining Room== Turn left and you will see a red dot under a painting. Click 
    it and you will get the message there is a safe there. Turn to your left and 
    you see 4 paintings on the wall. Check the picture you have from the Main 
    sitting room safe. Now rearrange the pictures to match the photograph.
    Move the very left picture to the very right. Now move the picture from the 
    middle to the very left and exchange the positions of the last two pictures. 
    The safe opens and you get a letter. There it states that the laser will open 
    it by 8 nm under the color of a buttercup (yellow). Return to the workshop.
    ==Workshop second visit== The safe to your left, left of the broken keypad 
    one, opens with a laser. If you put it at 593 its red, if you turn it to 592 
    its yellow. At 584 it opens up. You get a small gold key and a T shaped key. 
    Exit the workshop, turn left in the museum and go straight through the small 
    corridor (first room with a puzzle you solved) turn right into the small 
    sitting room and use the T shaped key on the safe there. Take the piston, then 
    go through the winter garden and main sitting room to the service stairs, then 
    up the stairs.
    ==Kitchen== Turn left behind you is the dumb waiter. Keep hitting up until its 
    at the top most position. Then simply hit once down, and once up, repeat that 
    and it will level in the perfect position. Get the special pipe key. Go down 
    the stairs and again down into the basement.
    ==Basement== To your right is a switch for light, a pretty complicated one at 
    that. You have to make sure that all lights on the left are lit up. To easy 
    show it to you, i numbered the dials on top from 1 (most left) to 7 (most 
    right) and then the dials on the right from 8 (top) to 14 (bottom). Click the 
    dials in this order, if its numbered multiple times click it that many times: 
    11, 10, 8, 8, 5, 3, 3, 2, 12, 12, 12, 13, 14.
    ==Wine cellar== Go straight and turn to your right. Go to the puzzle at the 
    wall. You have to do a special path from the top left to the right upper side 
    (where its a bit more to the right than any other lights). The rules are 
    simple. You have to trace a path there, but for one, you have always a green 
    light and then an unlit one in between. Also you cannot go around a corner 
    unless the green light is exactly in the corner. You have to place 23 lights 
    for this puzzle to solve, so i will guide you through it to where the next 
    light is going to be placed. You will notice fast when it changes or a corner 
    is made: down, down, down, down, up right, up right, down, down, right, down, 
    right, up, up, up, up left, up left, up left, right, down right, right and 
    You get the brass key and the GPS key card.
    ==Store room== Turn around and go straight then turn right. There is some sort 
    of machine. Place the piston you got from upstairs into the middle position. 
    Now access the panel on the right hand machine. The goal is to fill the middle 
    piston to the marking (4 marks). Here is how to solve it: Large to medium, 
    medium to small, small to large, medium to small, large to medium, medium to 
    small. The fountain will start running, but we are not ready for this yet. 
    Instead go up, through the dining room and use the brass key on the door 
    ==Second floor== Enter the main Staircase and go up the stairs. Turn right 
    (unbolt the door to the kitchen ahead) and right again and go down the 
    corridor. To your right is a laser door. Use the special pipe key on the 
    access panel and you see wires. If you look closely they resemble numbers. The 
    priority is regulated by which one is on top. You should see the number 2493 
    after a bit looking and type it into the pad that will open the laser door.
    ==Yellow Room== This is the one behind the laser door. Go to the table and 
    then, simply switch that thing off to the left. The safe will open. You get 
    the snooker rules and the green magnetic card (for the game room). Lets go 
    there then.
    Turn around into the corridor (straight is the blue room, we go there later). 
    Turn left back to the stairs keep going then turn left where you can see the 
    billiard table.
    ==Games room== Go to the machine at the other end of the wall. It looks like 
    some racing thing. Enter the GPS card and turn the key. Now you have to drive 
    through the virtual map on the screen, although nothing changes. So simply hit 
    the directions as follows: right, left, right, right, left, right, left, left, 
    right, left. The machine will spit out a piece of paper with 6821 on it. 
    Before we pay attention to that, lets try something else.
    Go to the panel on the wall. There is a key card slot for the green key card 
    you have to enter. The code is not what you got from the paper, its different. 
    Take a look at the table (walk around it and note which balls are in the 
    pockets). Now check the snooker rules. You should notice two red ones missing 
    and the green and the black. So the code is (according to their points) 1137. 
    Take the Lever and the Fountain Plug.
    Go down to the museum.
    ==Museum clean up== Go to the remaining panel we didn't solve yet. Enter the 
    code from upstairs, 6821. Next comes a puzzle that seems hard but gets pretty 
    easy done. All rows and columns (and diagonal through the middle) have to sum 
    up to 15. The end result has to look like that:
     4 3 8 9 5 1 2 7 6
    The door in the games room that was locked is now open. But lets go to the 
    winter garden first.
    ==Winter Garden== Put the fountain plug in the floor where there is the hole. 
    Now comes the second part of the puzzle. Each plug has three holes. Only one 
    of those holes will make it sprinkle to the center and raise the key up. You 
    can change the hole by stepping to another position. Best way is to do the one 
    on the other side of the missing plug first, then do the others, as there you 
    can simply exit to another room and reenter without problems. Once all four 
    sides are sprinkling into the center the key rises and you can grab it. Now 
    head up back to the games room and through the door into the library.
    ==Library== Go to the left wall. There is a safe with a note there that says 
    "Call Sarah". Go to the blue bedroom or easier call up the menu. You see on 
    the phone in either case letters (not like on a normal phone). Spelling SARAH 
    on there gives you the code 86265 which will open that save and give you the 
    small wheel.
    Leave the room turn left and into the corridor, to your left is a locked door. 
    You should have all the key for it on you. Enter.
    ==Violet Bedroom== Go to the left and look close at the thing on the dresser. 
    Use the small golden key on it, then take the small iron key and key card 
    reader and screen from it. Return to the blue bedroom.
    ==Blue bedroom== Use the small iron key on the machine there to turn it on. 
    You have to guess the code in 5 tries. See the four lights? Red means totally 
    wrong. Flashing green means right number, but wrong position. Solid green 
    means right number and right position. To make it easier, the last number is 
    always 9. Write down so you wont make mistakes. Start with 1239 and see what 
    lights up. If for example the first two are solid green (the last one will be 
    anyways) then the third one will be red, as a solid miss. So you need to find 
    the last number, it could be 1249, 1259, 1269, 1279 and 1289. No number is 
    repeated so after a few tries you should get it. The code resets every time 
    you take too many tries. In a case above, you know for sure that 1 and 2 will 
    be right, so try codes like 4569 and then see on which number it might light 
    up to find it within the limit.
    You get a golden chip card and a letter from Margaret. In it she calls him 
    Walter, seems to be his middle name.
    Go back to the library.
    ==Library revisited== Go to the safe on the right. Attach the screen unit to 
    the safe. Now it shows the code in fragments below. One thing to note is that 
    every time you get a number right in the right spot, a bar moves. It doesn't 
    say anything about the position though. Trying all digits (each time 4 times 
    the same number) shows you quickly that only the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9 are in 
    that code. Using that knowledge we can assert where each one is. Considering 
    how the numbers look we can also make a few good guesses. 7 can only be in 
    second position. 6 cannot be 1st or 3rd, because of the upper right bars, so 
    it must be fourth. 8 and 9 could be either. So the code is 8796 and you get a 
    triple key for that.
    Go down to the workshop.
    ==Workshop revisited== Go to the big safe straight ahead and insert the golden 
    chip card. Now you have 6 dials. You can spell the name WALTER with that. Put 
    the dials in these position (top row left to right then lower row left to 
    right): LTR AWE. The door opens and you can enter the boudoir.
    ==Boudoir== Go to the safe and look at it closely. Take the round thing on the 
    left, that's a magnet. With it you can pull the pieces inside around, but only 
    in the direction they are laying in (lengthwise). Your goal is to get the key 
    out to the right side. I do not really have a good strategy that will help you 
    here. You just have to fumble through. Once you got the triple key, go 
    upstairs to the vault door.
    ==Vault door== Insert the small wheel in the vault door. Now each of the 5 
    handles controls a few of the bolts. Every time you turn a wheel, it will move 
    more than one bolt. Every second turn is a different movement, but they repeat 
    that all the time. If the bolt is completely in and you do a movement that 
    would close it more, locks the bolt again. I found a very easy way to do it. 
    Ignore the right hand wheels. Turn the top left wheel 4 times, then the middle 
    wheel 3 times then the bottom wheel 7 times and its unlocked. Enter the closet 
    and take the ladder up to the loft.
    ==Loft== Go to the puzzle to your right first. Insert the lever on that hole 
    on the side and the grate will open. Now you have a chessboard kind of thing. 
    It cannot have two sunken boxes on the same row, column or diagonal. So you 
    have to click the boxes accordingly. Solving it is very easy. Click the black 
    square in the bottom row, the one form the left side (second column lowest 
    row). Now go one row up and two to the side. Click that one and repeat that 
    (this one is in the right most column, third row form the bottom up). Now go 
    one row up from this field and click the left most column box, and repeat the 
    pattern, one row up, two columns over. The last one should be in the first 
    row, second last column. You get a triple key.
    Turn around and take on the next safe.
    This one needs to create a loop through the pipe system so its green all over 
    and runs back on itself. It's not really hard, just follow the path to the 
    left and try to connect them together logically (follow the flow). In the end 
    it will need a couple of adjustments in the upper left corner and you will get 
    it fast. You get a carved block.
    Go down to the dressing room, next to the blue bedroom.
    ==Dressing Room== Go to the wall safe and put the carved block in. Its a 
    polybius square, using the numbers for finding the position of the letter. Its 
    read from left then from the top, so 12 is B and so on. Decoding the whole 
    thing it tells you ONE TWO SIX FIVE which is the code 1265. Enter it and the 
    door will open and you have the last Triple key.
    ==Last safe== Go to the violet room and unlock the doors with all triple keys. 
    Enter and you find the secret room with the final safe. The combination is a 
    bit tricky. Each of the four rooms (violet, yellow, toilet next to vault, 
    dressing room) has a metal plate mounted on a door. Copy what you see on that, 
    and overlaying them all will give you the last code. To save you running 
    around, its 3528.
    Well that's it.
    As to whom you give it to, well that's up to you. Sarah and James will do 
    their best, the rest will end in squandering. Except if you give it to 
    yourself. Your choice, doesn't really influence anything though.

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