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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AtelierMana

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    Avatar : The Legend of Aang
    Copyrights reserved by : THQ, Nicktoon & Nick Games.
    By: R.D. Tockary (Ateliermana)
    Copyrights are reserved by the respective owners of this game. Any violation
    will be prosecuted according to the copyrights legal prosedures.
    This walkthrough may be copied only for personal use. But if you wish to
    mass-duplicate it for profit purpose...go ahead. I DON'T CARE! But at least
    do have some manners by giving credit to me. After all, I wrote this and
    you didn't!
    Don't bother to send mails to me. I rarely will reply. Infact, I never.
    Anyway, please, no critics...its useless.
    Check out my other walkthrough: Harvest Fishing (2005).
    The Author's Words of Wisdom
    This walkthrough is written based on my experience playing this game,
    twice. YUP! The first time playing, I almost completed the game but 
    was cut short because I killed several insects in the field in one 
    area before talking to the earthbender there. Anyway, that causes 
    the quest to be considered not yet accomplished, and in turn causes 
    me not able to get that earthbender to remove the rocks blocking 
    the final 2 areas in that final stage. That stage/chapter is 
    THE FORTRESS. Yup! The last stage.
    So I suggest if you decide to use my walkthrough, follow whatever 
    instruction I wrote down. There are also other quest that must be 
    accomplished by following certain sequence. If not, you have better 
    be prepared to replay the stage or whole game. But don't worry, I placed 
    notes on whether you may do certain quest by any sequence you wish, and 
    also those that must follow certain sequence. Just keep your eyes open, 
    so that you don't do the same mistakes I did. In fact, why not do as this 
    guide I made, at least you won't make the same mistakes, I did when I 
    first play it.
    This game is based on the cartoon series by Nickelodeon-(Nicktoon) of same
    title. But the ending is not the same though. You don't get to fight the
    Fire Nation's Gendral - whatever his name is.
    It's a simple game and easy to play. The dialogs in the game is repetitive,
    the clues can sometime be lacking, but the game eviroment is good. 
    Controlling the characters are also easy, but making the characters to 
    side step to avoid hits from Boss characters can be annoying. Still I have 
    to say, this game is enjoyable to play. If not, why would I play it twice.
    				@@ CONTENT @@
    Use [Ctrl + F] and type the codes I provide on the right side.
    The Author's Words of Wisdom
    1.  Playable Characters		[abc]
    2.  Key Characters		[bcd]
    3.  Controls			[cde]
    4.  Menu			[def]
    5.  Items			[efg]
    6.  Chests			[fgh]
    7.  Obstacles			[ghi]
    8.  Purple Items		[hij]
    9.  Set Items			[ijk]
    10. Moves			[jkl]
    11. Purple and Green Marbles	[klm]
    12. Things to Destroy		[lmn]
    13. Four Nations Game		[mno]
    14. Item Merchants, Crafters,	[nop]
        Blacksmiths, & Herbalist 
    15. Enemies			[opq]
    16. Waterbender Village		[pqr]
    17. Earth Kingdom Village	[qrs]
    18. The Forest			[rst]
    19. Omashu			[stu]
    20. The Hidden Island		[tuv]
    21. The Air Temple		[uvw]
    22. The Fortress		[vwx]
    Last Words
    				@@ The Preface @@
    Playable Characters [abc]
    Aang The Avatar	: He's the main character in the game. With the ability of
    		  Air Bending.
    Momo		: This lemur-bat like monkey is Aang's pet/sidekick. No
    		  abilities but is the so-call sub character to complete
    		  tasks of collecting hidden objects and open locked doors.
    Sokka		: This Water Bender simply don't use any water bending moves,
    		  instead he uses a boomerang made from frozen water.
    Katara		: Another of the Water Bender, has healing abilities.
    Haru		: An Earth Bender from Earth Bender Village. The last person
    		  to join the party.
    Another key character in the game is Appa - the flying 6 legged Bison. But
    this character is non-playable but is part of the "package".
    Key Characters [bcd]
    1. Village Elders : 1 elderly in each stage/chapter, usually can be found at
    		    the village centre area not far from merchants. Can be
    		    in the form of man or woman. 
    2. Merchants	  : At least 1 in each stage, normally near the village
    		    elder, but can sometimes be found in other areas in the
    3. Man/Woman	  : Those with Blue Dots shown in the map in each stage.
    Also pay attention to the dialogs each time you pass by people in each area,
    as they will talk about someone or something or about an incident at a
    certain area in the stage. That dialogs are clues about certain quests that
    you have not encounter, or informations on where to go to complete a quest.
    Controls [cde]
    There are many controls to remember, the controls are as follow:
    Main Controls
    L1		: Lock on Enemy
    L2		: -
    R1		: Show Advance Abilities List
    R2		: -
    L3		: Character Movements
    R3		: Zoom In/Out
    SELECT		: Character Menu
    START		: Game Pause Menu/Pause
    TRIANGLE	: Inspect/Interact
    SQUARE		: Block Attacks
    O		: -
    X		: Attack/OK/Equip
    <-		: Play as Katara (After Katara join the party)
    ->		: Play as Sokka (After Sokka join the party)
    Up		: Play as Aang
    Down		: Play as Hiru (After Hiru join the party)
    Other Controls
    L1 + O		: Play as Momo
    L2 + O		: Stealth (Available starting 2nd Chapter/Stage onward)
    L1 + X		: Attack at Locked-On Enemy
    R1 + Triangle	: Use Advace Ability
    R1 + Square	: Use Advace Ability
    R1 + O		: Use Advace Ability
    R1 + X		: Use Advace Ability
    L1 + R1 + Button: Advance attack on Locked Target
    (Button: Triangle/Square/O/X)
    Momo Controls
    L1 + O		: Play as Momo
    L1 + O		: Stop playing as Momo
    X		: Momo Scream
    SELECT		: Character Menu (Only map is accessable)
    START		: Game Pause Menu
    Character Menu Controls
    Inventory Controls
    L1		: Move left of Character Menu List
    R1		: Move right of Character Menu List
    L3		: Browse
    Dir. Pad	: Swap
    SELECT		: Exit
    X		: Equip
    O		: Drop
    Journal Controls
    L3		: Browse
    SELECT		: Exit
    Moves Controls
    L3		: Browse
    Dir.Pad		: Swap
    SELECT		: Exit
    Map Controls
    SELECT		: Exit
    X		: World Map
    Triangle	: Chapter Map
    Menu [def]
    The menus in this game are also several. 
    Main Menu
    This menu appears after the title screen.
    *New Game
    *Load Game
    Game Menu
    This is the real main menu. Divided as follow;
    * Play
    * Options - Game option
    	  - Sound option
    * Extras  - Code Entry
    	  - Gallery
    	  - Trailers
    	  - Credits
    * Title Screen
    Game Pause Menu
    This is the menu that appears when press START in the game.
    * Resume
    * Load
    * Options
    * Game Menu
    Character Menu
    This menu is divided into 4 parts;
    This section is the core of the character menu. Here you can equip/drop 
    items, use items, etc. It is divided into 4 parts:
    * Attribute	: - Health
    		  - Chi	: Effects your advance ability
    		  - Armor : Effects hit resistance
    		  - Life : Effects stamina
    		  - Focus : Effects how wide your focus ability
    		  - Agility : Effects speed
    		  - Strength : Effects attacks and hit damage
    * Armor		: - Head Gear
    		  - Robe
    		  - Boots
    * Trinket	: - Pendant
    		  - Amulet
    		  - Ring
    * Special	: - Herbs
    		  - Treasure Map
    		  - Items for quests
    		  - Potions
    		  - Metals
    		  - Honey
    		  - Leather, etc.
    Equipping Armor and Trinket will effect your Attribute level.
    Special contains misc. items such as health juice, chi juice, herbs, stones,
    cloths, etc. Items necessary for crafting is also kept in this slot. 
    This slot sometimes includes stuffs found for completing quests.
    (See also item classifications.)
    This section provides informations on the quests that you have received and
    must do to complete the stage. 
    Pay attention to the clues provided at the time you receive the quest. 
    And do also remember where that person is. Because you must return to that 
    person in order for the quest be considered done.
    People with quests for you to do are marked in Blue Dot in your mini map. 
    When have suceed in completing the quest, the person who gave the quest 
    will be marked in Green Dot in your mini map. Also, the journal information 
    will change after the quest is done.
    To see how many quests and things yet to do or get, check your chapter info 
    at the Game Pause Menu (press START in the game).
    This section is divided into 2;
    *Basic Attack Moves (4 moves)
    *Advance Attack Moves : - Offensive (+/-4 moves)
    			- Defensive (+/-4 moves)
    			- Distraction (+/- 4 moves)
    For this section, you can choose to AUTO ASSIGN any moves you get from 
    levelling up your character, or SELF ASSIGN the moves. This means, you 
    can choose what moves to use in the game for each of your characters. 
    For me personally, I'd choosen AUTO ASSIGN.
    Maps are divided into 2;
    * World Map
    * Chapter Map
    You can't return to the previous stage you had completed, so make sure 
    before you explore the whole chapter/stage before progressing to fight 
    the BOSS. World map is merely to show where you are in the world. 
    While the chapter map is more useful as it shows where you are in the 
    stage, where the hidden chests are, and which area you had not explore.
    ITEMS [efg]
    Items are divided into 3:
    - Armor
    - Trinket
    - Special
    Just like the one you see in the Inventory list of the Character Menu.
    Armor and Trinket items has attributes, that when wearing it will increase
    your attribute as you will notice in the Inventory. Special on the other
    hand, has no attribute in it, it can't be equip but can be use for either
    crafting, increase health and chi, or for completing quests.
    Armor and Trinket are also categories according to the colours of the names
    of the items (don't be mistaken by the item colour, but see the writing of
    the item name, its as follow:
    * White : Common items-prices are below 10-low attribute
    	  (Better sell for copper as its very common to find in all stages)
    * Green : Quite common-prices are moderate >10 <100-medium attribute
    	  (Its ok to sell if you feel its not important to keep)
    * Purple: Considered to be rare items-high prices-high attribute
    	  (Don't sell!)
    * Orange: Extremely rare/SET ITEM-priceless-very high attribute
    	  (Don't even consider of selling it!!)
    Orange coloured items are best equiped according to who should wear it.
    * Aang	: Best use Air/Element items
    * Sokka	: Best use Strength/Metal items
    * Katara: Best use Healing/Life items
    * Haru	: Best use Earth/Focus items
    The set items are mostly "Four Wind" items. So its better equipped on Aang.
    But all characters can be equipped with any items available, so long you
    consider the attribute in the inventory section.
    Not all items will only increase attribute, so often that an item will
    increase 1 part of the attribute but reduce the other part. You'll just
    have to consider what best to use on each character.
    Chests [fgh]
    There are 3 types of chest to find;
    * Small chests	: There's more than 1 in a stage but usually can be more
    		  than 1 in an area. There's no information on how many
    		  chest in each stage. So you just have to seach and
    		  explore each area in each stage properlly.
    		  In this chest there's usually not much things to find,
    		  mostly copper. Though sometimes there's also health jar,
    		  chi jar, etc. 
    		  It's easy to spot, since its usually lying on the main
    		  path from 1 area to the next in each stage. Rarely does
    		  it be hidden from sight.
    		  I don't consider finding it as so worthy. But go ahead
    		  and hunt for it.
    * Large Chests	: These chests are available in the last 3-4 stages.
    		  The content of these chests are the same as the small 
    * Hidden chests	: There's only a few of this chests. How many there are
    		  in each stage are mentioned in the Game Pause Menu and
    		  can be seen in the chapter map as large brown box. Boxes
    		  yet to be found are shown as a closed box in the chapter
    		  map and indicated at the Game Pause Menu how many has
    		  been found. Boxes that has been found and opened are
    		  shown in the chapter map as an opened chest.
    		  Usually there's only 1 per area. To find it, search around
    		  the location when a ? sign appear above the character in
    		  play. If you have the controller vibration turned ON, each
    		  time you are in the hidden chest location, it will vibrate.
    		  When that happen ( ? and/or vibrate), search around that
    		  area until a FOCUS MOVES dialog box appear. Press Triangle
    		  and follow by pressing what ever button symbol that appear
    		  on screen. Press exactly when it enter the small circles
    		  around your character.
    		  Each hidden chest can be open by a specific character.
    		  * Chests submerge in water can only be open by Katara.
    		  * Chests above ground (visible) can only be open by Sokka.
    		  * Chests underground can only be open by Haru.
    		  * While the rest are open by Aang.
    		  To know who to use to open the hidden chest, see the
    		  elements around the ? location. Katara's water, Sokka's
    		  the visible chest in crates, while Haru's is earth. But
    		  very often, Haru's and Aang's can be confusing. 
    		  To be able to see in which area the hidden chests are,
    		  you must first buy TREASURE MAPS from the General
    		  Merchant in the stages. After purchasing, the chests are
    		  visible in your chapter map.
    Obstacles [ghi]
    Obstacles are usual cut-off roads, that when approach will show FOCUS MOVE
    dialog on it. In this case only 2 characters can over come it.
    * Cut off by Water/River : Use Katara
    * Cut of by Land Slide	 : Use Haru
    * Cut off by Lava	 : Use Katara/Haru (depands)
    * Blocked by Branches	 : Use Sokka
    * Locked Door/Cage	 : Use Sokka
    Obstacles made by Lava Flow will either Katara or Haru can settle. So try
    using either one. If your first choice is wrong, the second is the one who
    For both obstacles and hidden chests, if you fail to punch in correct button
    into the small focus circles, don't worry. You can try as many times you
    need until you enter it correctly.
    Purple Items [hij]
    Here are some of the purple items I had found, crafted, or get from doing
    quests, or even purchase. Of couse it might not be complete, at least 
    I think its almost.
    * Armor:
    	- Robe of kyoshi	- Blue Shell Headband
    	- Swallow Tail Gi	- Purity Hat
    	- Renewal Headband	- Primal Headband
    	- Dark Leather Armor	- Vest of Power
    	- Whaleskin Boots	- Sun Slippers
    	- Blue Wooven Gi	- Might of Moho
    	- Transient Emperor	- Binding Sandals
    	- Inner Mind		- Evening Shadow Robe
    	- Ammas			- Ether Headband
    	- Malrize		- Kata Mastery
    	- Vigard		- Immortal Emperor robe
    	- Knihhlar		- Retribute
    	- Lifeskin
    * Trinket:
    	- Bearskin Choker	- Tongue of Silver
    	- Heavenly Pendant	- Crane Pendant
    	- Carved Charm		- Bone Charm
    	- Aftershock		- Giatri
    	- Cloud Band		- Iron Ring
    	- Minds Eye		- Soul Band
    	- Band of Heroes	- Instansia
    	- Karmic Amulet		- Moon Pendant
    	- Durzi			- Warriors Mark
    	- Meld			- Ressura
    Set Items [ijk]
    Here is the almost complete set items list from all areas in all stages.
    There are some that I can't get, or got but not appear in my Inventory.
    - Four Winds Charm	: Get from Master Wei in Stage 1
    - Four Winds Band	: Get from Village Elder in Stage 2
    - Soul Iron Pendant	: Get from Village Elder in Stage 2
    - ?			: Get from Stage 2 
    - Four Winds Sandals	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 3
    - Core Ring		: Get from Tyro in Stage 3
    - Core Charm		: Get from Injurd Earthbender in Stage 3
    - Lifebinder Charm	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 3
    - Lifebinder Ring	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 3
    - Four Winds Headband	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 4
    - Soul Iron Charm	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 4
    - Core Amulet		: Get from King Bumi in Stage 4
    - Core Headband		: Get from Tai in Stage 4
    - Lifebinder Necklace	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 4
    - Four Winds Amulet	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 5
    - Lifebinder Headdress	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 5
    - Lifebinder Sandals	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 5
    - Soul Iron Boots I/II	: Get from Artisan Quest in Stage 5
    - Core Raiment		: Get from Village Elder in Stage 5
    - Soul Iron Tunic	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 6
    - Core Sandals		: Get from Dexu in Stage 6
    - Lifebinder Robe	: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 6
    - Soul Iron Helmet	: Get from Huan Yue in Stage 6
    - Four Winds GI		: Get from HIDDEN CHEST in Stage 6
    ** ? = Can't find - For Sokka.
    Equip the SET ITEMS on each characters:
    * Aang	: - Four Winds Headband
    	  - Four Winds GI
    	  - Four Winds Sandals
    	  - Four Winds Amulet
    	  - Four Winds Charm
    	  - Four Winds Band
    * Katara: - Lifebinder Headdress
    	  - Lifebinder Robe
    	  - Lifebinder Sandals
    	  - Lifebinder Necklace
    	  - Lifebinder Charm
    	  - Lifebinder Ring
    * Sokka	: - Soul Iron Helmet
    	  - Soul Iron Tunic
    	  - Soul Iron Boots I or II (Depands, see walkthrough Stage 3)
    	  - Soul Iron Pendant
    	  - Soul Iron Charm
    	  - ? (My guess is its a Soul Iron Band, but I can't find it)
    * Haru	: - Core Headband
    	  - Core Raiment
    	  - Core Sandals
    	  - Core Amulet
    	  - Core Charm
    	  - Core Ring
    Moves [jkl]
    Moves are learned from 2 ways;
    * Fight often
    * From doing quests
    Each time you kill or do a quest, your experience (exp.) level rises.
    Low level enemies, like those you encounter each time you move from area to
    area are worth 5 exp., while higher enemies such as Mountain Captain are
    worth 20 exp. Higher level enemy will varies in exp. levelling. Simmilar
    exp. system apply to the quests.
    Each time a character reaches a certain level, 1/4th or 1/5th size white
    mark of 1 point value is awarded to the character. This is known as levelling
    up. After a certain amount of points gain and filled the moves's "pizza"
    portion, a new move will be learn and available for use.
    If you see the moves section, each moves are divided into 2 main groups:
    * Basic Attack Moves
    * Advance Attack Moves
    The Basic Attack moves are the same for all characters. As for the advance
    varies from 1 character to the next. The progress of moves learn are from
    left to right in the order shown in your screen. To get to the 2nd advance
    move, you must first fill up the pie in the 1st advance move, and so on.
    The default setting is in AUTO ASSIGN, which means that any point receive
    will automatically be assign to any random moves in the advance attack
    section. But don't worry about that, once you have more than 1 choice of
    moves in the advance attack section. You may remove a portion of the pie
    Here is the list of moves for all characters.
    * Aang;
    		- Eagle Attack (1 point)
    		- Tiger Attack (1 point)
    		- Dragon Attack (1 point)
    		- Jinlong Power Attack (1 point)
    		+ Offensive:
    			- Air Blast (3 points)
    			- Air Wave (3 points)
    			- Air Twirl (3 points)
    			- Tornado (1 point)
    		+ Defensive:
    			- Staff Twirl (3 points)
    			- Air Dome (3 points)
    			- Deflect (1 point)
    		+ Distraction:
    			- Whirlwind (3 points)
    			- Dust Blast (3 points)
    			- Air Scooter (1 point)
    	Ultimate: (Get during FINAL BOSS FIGHT when Aang turns into AVATAR)
    		+ Offensive:
    			- Ultimate Air Wave (R1 + X)
    			- Ultimate Tornado (R1 + Square)
    		+ Defensive:
    			- Ultimate Cannon Freeze (R1 + Triangle)
    * Katara;
    		- Eagle Attack (1 point)
    		- Tiger Attack (1 point)
    		- Dragon Attack (1 point)
    		- Jinlong Power Attack (1 point)
    		+ Offensive:
    			- Ice Shards (3 points)
    			- Wave (3 points)
    			- Maelstrom (1 point)
    		+ Defensive:
    			- Freeze (3 points)
    			- Ice Shield (3 points)
    			- Soak (3 points)
    			- Mass Freeze (1 point)
    		+ Heal:
    			- Single Heal (3 points)
    			- Group Heal (3 points)
    			- Group Rejuvenation (1 point)
    * Sokka;
    		- Eagle Attack (1 point)
    		- Tiger Attack (1 point)
    		- Dragon Attack (1 point)
    		- Jinlong Power Attack (1 point)
    		+ Offensive:
    			- Knockback (3 points)
    			- Chain Attack (3 points)
    			- Arc Strike (1 point)
    		+ Defensive:
    			- Scare (3 points)
    			- Stun (3 points)
    			- Mass Scare (3 points)
    			- Stand Strong (1 point)
    		+ Club:
    			- Enrage (3 points)
    			- Frenzy (3 points)
    			- Annihilate (3 points)
    * Haru;
    		- Eagle Attack (1 point)
    		- Tiger Attack (1 point)
    		- Dragon Attack (1 point)
    		- Jinlong Power Attack (1 point)
    		+ Offensive:
    			- Earth Punch (3 points)
    			- Line of Attack (3 points)
    			- Guardian (1 point)
    			- Stone Crush (3 points)
    			- Boulder Storm (1 point)
    		+ Defensive:
    			- Earth Wall (1 point)
    			- Entrap (3 points
    			- Quicksand (3 points)
    			- Stomp (3 points)
    			- Meld (1 point)
    The list for each characters are in order. For example, to get to use Aang's
    Tornado move, you must first fill up the points required to fill up the
    Air Blast, Air Wave, and Air Twirl, first. Then only you can add the points
    required to get to use the move.
    The number of points shown on the side of the name of moves, shows how many
    "pies" are there to fill. Each "pie" part worth 1 point. And, 1 point is
    equal to 1 level. And to get 1 level, you need to get a number of experience
    point (exp.), which you will get each time you complete a quest, or kill an
    enemy. To see your level, go to the MOVE section in your Character Menu.
    The bar on the left of your character is your level. While how many points
    you have can be counted by how many pies are filled. 
    A move that is marked as 1 point, means that there is only 1 pie portion to
    fill in order to master the move. While a move marked as 3 points, means
    that there are 3 pie portions to fill in order to master the move. While to
    advance to the 2nd move. eg. from Air Blast to Air Wave. You must fill up
    the Air Blast portions first, then fill up the Air Wave. 
    To remove a point is done in the opposite manner. You must remove a point 
    from the right side of the move learnt, eg. Air Wave then Air Blast. If
    you wish to move some of the points to place in another move. Lets say,
    you don't want to use Air Wave, but wish to use Staff Twirl instead. That
    is possible.
    Purple and Green Marbles [klm]
    These marbles are obtainable after killing enemies. Not all enemies have it.
    When it does appear, don't ignore it. Take. 
    These marbles will replenish some of your Health and Chi, that way you not
    need to use your health and chi potion too often.
    * Purple	: Chi
    * Green		: Health
    Things to Destroy [lmn]
    Among the things in each area, there are things that can be destroyed by
    hitting a.k.a attacking it. By destroying it, you might get some coppers,
    herbs, special items such as leather, potions. Rarely will you get armor
    or such. Even if you do get armor, its best sold for copper. Here's the
    list of some of the things that can be destroyed.
    * Jars
    * Bushes
    * Scrubs
    * Rocks
    * Branches
    * Crates
    * Hay Stacks
    * Stalagnite
    * Jugs
    * Pile of Snow
    * Mushroom
    Four Nations Game [mno]
    In certain stage, and only available in 1 area, usually at the village where
    merchants and the village elder is, there's this mini game much like the
    Dominos Game. Instead of dots, you will play with symbols.
    There are 5 symbols in the game. Each tile has 2 symbols. The symbols are
    as follow;
    * Red	: Fire
    * Green	: Earth
    * Yellow: Wind
    * Blue	: Water
    * Black	: Avatar
    If you had played Dominos and UNO Card games, I'm sure you will understand
    the game easily. As for you who don't, here's how the game is played;
    * A single tile has been lay on the board. Who ever start first will have
      a choice of what tile to place next. But the choice is restricted to
      what ever tile in hand that has either 1 of the side of simmilar symbol
      as the tile on the board.
    * The game then continue, with each player taking turn to place a tile to
      match the previous tile already placed on each turn.
    * The objective is to either make the opponent run out of tile to link
      the existing tile placed, or end up with no more tile in hand.
    * Simple? If you win, your opponent will give you prizes, if you lose,
      a sum of copper will be lost.
    Here are the possible combinations available:
    * Red - Red
    * Red - Green
    * Red - Yellow
    * Red - Blue
    * Red - Black
    * Green - Green
    * Green - Red
    * Green - Yellow
    * Green - Blue
    * Green - Black
    * Yellow - Yellow
    * Yellow - Red
    * Yellow - Green
    * Yellow - Blue
    * Yellow - Black
    * Blue - Blue
    * Blue - Red
    * Blue - Green
    * Blue - Yellow
    * Blue - Black
    Anyway, Black symbol can be translated as any symbol. It is the substitute
    fo Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue. So if you run out of a symbol but have a
    wild tile, then that tile will replace what ever tile symbol you are lacing
    Other than the prize you get from winning a Four Nations Game, after winning
    all available prizes, you will get an Avatar or a Double tile.
    Before each game you are to draw a set of tiles to play, much like a Jackpot
    Game. There are 3 rows, and what tile will be in hand are random picked from
    the tiles you have on the 3 rows. The avatar tiles are on your right. Not
    often will you be able to get the avatar tile in this random condition.
    The DEAL Board is made up of 3 groups;
    * Left Group	: Doubles Tiles (4 tiles)
    * Centre Group	: Linking Tiles (6 tiles)
    * Right group	: Avatar Tiles (4 tiles)
    Once you click DEAL HAND (X), then the computer will randomly choose 6 tiles
    to play picked at random from the 3 rows. And so, you will have 6 tiles to
    play against your opponent.
    * A Double tile is a tile with 2 simmilar coloured tile, eg. Red - Red
    * A Linking tile is a tile with 2 different colour on a single tile, this
      exclude the avatar face tile, eg. Red - Yellow
    * An Avatar tile is a tile with one of the face in black, while the other
      face of other colour, eg. Black - Red
    There are 2 type of players to play against;
    * Four Nations Player
    * Four Nations Grandmaster 
    So long you plan your moves before placing any tile on the board, you should
    easily win the game.
    You can play as many times you want even after all prizes are won, expect
    that you can't play further with the Grandmaster once you win all the prizes
    from him.
    Item Merchants, Crafters, Blacksmiths, & Herbalist [nop]
    There are these people in each stage that sells, buy, or make items in the
    game. For item merchants sells almost all what herbalist sells, especially
    item merchants which are known as General Merchants.
    Crafter and blacksmiths(Artisan) are able to create utilities such as armor, 
    while herbalist can create special items, medicines and chi potions.
    For these group, you need items from your special list, which you collected
    from breaking things, chests, etc.
    Actually, there is no need to craft stuffs, except at 2 event in 2 different
    stage where the blacksmith in that particular are offer to create boots for
    you and in another stage where the blacksmith/Stable Man offer to make Appa
    a sadle.
    For that you must collect Hard Leathers and Metal Sheets. So make sure to
    have it for that events.
    But, all of these people sells and buy stuffs too. You can sell anything to
    them. Prices at each vendor are the same as far as I had noticed.
    Here are the names of these seller/creator;
    * Merchant
    	- Item Merchant/Merchant
    	- General Merchant
    	- Royal Merchant
    * Herbalist
    * Artisan (a.k.a Blacksmith)
    Some Merchant, Artisan, and Herbalist are crafters. There are those who
    are pure traders that only do selling and buying. Crafters are those who
    makes things from 2 or more special items, such as combining honey and
    soft leather to make a hard leather.
    Enemies [opq]
    Here's the list of enemies:
    1. Wolf
    2. Dark Wolf
    3. Hog Monkey
    4. Fire Nation Soldiers
    	- General (Only in cutscreens)
    	- Admiral
    	- Mounted Captain
    	- Captain
    	- Spearman
    	- Soldier
    5. Stomper
    6. Tempest
    7. Soaker
    8. Guarder
    9. Inferno
    11.Wolf Bat
    12.Ferral Cat
    15.Platypus Bear
    16.Canyon Crawler
    Here's the list of Bosses:
    1. Collosal Machine
    2. Jailer
    3. Ancestral Bear
    4. Earthbender Consul
    5. Prototype Dreadnought
    6. Geo-Tunneler
    7. Dreadnought
    8. Ultimaton
    9. The Maker (Only in cutscreens - Lian)
    I don't need to explain what these enemies looks like or what their abilities
    are. I don't feel its important anyway.
    				@@ THE GUIDE @@
    So here we are at the walkthrough section. I hope this be helpful. As I had
    mentioned, please pay attention to the "(...)". In it will be writen, 
    "Any Sequence" or "Do as Follow". For the first, you may do the event in any
    order of your choice as it has no effect how the game will progress, but for
    the second, you must do according to the sequences I mentioned in this
    walkthrough if you want to be able to progress to the next stage, or complete
    a quest and has an over 95% completion rate for each stage.
    Of cause there is no need to do the "any sequence" quests, but not doing it
    might not trigger the important quests that will open the Boss Fight to be
    able to progress to the next stage.
    If you want to play safe, then just do the quests as illustrated in the order
    as I played. That way, you will get 100% complete stage and guarenteed of
    completing the game.
    A bit of info, save points are those blue spirals that you must step on to
    trigger the SAVE sign, as for BOSS Fight are the Red Spiral that you can
    find after doing the important quest. 
    And that I will refer 'Chapters' as 'Stage'. And sometimes I will use the
    word 'Blacksmith' instead of 'Artisan'. Just so that you know what I'm 
    referring to. Its doesn't matter.
    The game start of with an openning sceen of Katara's Naration about how they
    (Katara and Sokka) end up accompanying Aang on the quest to unite the four
    nations, and free the nations from the Fire Nations Conquest,etc.
    				@@ ITS PLAY TIME @@
    / 4 Hidden Chests ; 8 Momo Objects   \
    / 1 Set Item ; 4 Areas ; 5 Quests    \
    / Enemies : Wolf, Dark Wolf, Soldiers\
    / Boss Fight : Collosal Machine      \
    You then will take control of Aang, with Momo on your shoulder, and Appa
    will stay lying on the ground at what ever starting point in every stages 
    that follows from here on.
    Water Temple (Area 1)
    Make your way to the village following the river bed, on your way there you
    will find your first HIDDEN Chest. Continue walking until you meet the 
    second fisherman name Gen Li. A dialog will take place.
    Now go to the village, and Katara will greet you and tell you to meet the
    Village Elder - Master Wei. He will give you your first quest of finding a
    missing water bender name Hiryu who was missing after leaving to hunt in
    a cave northeast from the village.
    Go to the Iceberg Cave, follow the path in the cave, pass the ice bridge to
    the ground openning. There you will find a MACHINE PART and a WATERBENDER's
    POUCH. Examine the drag mark also.
    Return to Master Wei and report the findings. He will reward you with a 
    SET ITEM - FOUR WINDS CHARM. That completes the quest.
    Go to the fountain, there a man will ask for help. He wants to practice a
    new move, but need ICE CRYSTALS. 
    Play as Momo and explore all the Water Temple and Waterbender Village area.
    All 8 crystals are there. Here's the list:
    1. 1st bend from START point
    2. Behind 1st Fisherman
    3. Next to the SAVE point near Gen Li
    4. At the rows of pillar infront of Master Wei
    5. At the tower behind Sokka
    6. At the bench next to the Old Lady asking for wick and lamp oil 
    7. At the circular stairs to the far north of the Item Merchant
    8. At the tent next to the Item Merchant
    After collecting all 8 crystals, go back to the man. End of quest.
    Also go to the upper part of the circular stair at the north of the village
    to get a small chest. And a Hidden Chest to the left part of the stairs,
    where a man with high hat standing next to 2 simmilar shape wall. Use your
    Focus Move in the centre part between the walls.
    ICEBERG CAVE (Area 3)
    Its located at the northeast part, pass the snow cliffs from the steps past
    the item merchant.
    There's many wolfs there too. No chests there. But its where you must go to
    do the MISSING WATERBENDER quest.
    If you had been listening to the conversation through out the village after
    completing Master Wei's quest, you will get a clue about a fisherman in need
    of help.
    The area is to the left from the cave. Pass the pebble path, on your way to
    the location you will get a small chest. You will also get another Hidden
    Chest at the pillar behind the first fisherman that you encounter while 
    passing that area.
    Go accross the large iceberg there is a fisherman and a net lying on the
    ground. There is a small chest also there. Time to do the quest.
    QUEST 3: HARD CATCH (Do as follow)
    Talk to the fisherman, and he will ask for help to cast his net. Next, go
    over to the net after he step aside next to the net. A FOCUS MOVE wil
    appear. Do the move.
    Once done, talk to him again to get the LAMP OIL. Finish.
    Now return to the village to hear another clue.
    Now, go up the stairs directly infront of the fountain. Turn right to the
    house there. There is a small chest there, and an old woman. Go over to her
    and offer your help.
    QUEST 4: LAMP AND WICK (Do as follow)
    Once you get the quest, give her the LAMP OIL to trigger the next part of
    the quest. 
    If you have not done the HARD CATCH quest, then do it first. After that
    give her the LAMP OIL to get to the next part of the quest. 
    She will then give you copper to buy a WICK. Go to the Item Merchant for it.
    If you have bought it prior to doing the quest, its ok! Give it to her. If
    not, go buy it and give it to her. End of quest.
    Now get ready!!
    A cutscreen will appear showing Fire Nation battleship arriving at the
    village. Soon, several part of the village will be cut off by cannonballs.
    Fight your way to Master Wei. He will give you another quest, which is to
    hurry and help Sokka. If you don't know where he is, well, he is to the
    right steps from where Katara is. Now go!
    QUEST 5: Help SOKKA (Do as follow)
    Make your way through the fountain area to reach him. Once there, if you had
    not talked to him or passed him. In the far end of where he is, is a small
    chest. If you have, then go help him fight the soldiers.
    Once over, a cutscreen will again appear showing Katara being kidnapped. Once
    over, go to Master Wei. He will give you another quest, this time that quest
    is part of the next stage quest - RESCUE KATARA. He will also urge you to
    hurry follow the trail to the battleship.
    Now, don't rush to follow the trails yet. Remember the chest you can't open
    infront of where Master Wei is at the start of the game? Well, now that
    Sokka is with you, go there! Follow the fountain path. And open it.
    Now then, make your way to where Appa is. Don't remember? Its the starting
    point when you start the game.
    There you will see a RED SPIRAL simmilar to the SAVE POINT. That is the BOSS
    FIGHT. When you step on it or get close to the point, you will be prompt and
    ask FIGHT or NOT. If you choose to fight, a prompt will ask SAVE or NO.
    Hanging from the Water Temple front entrence (behind it is where Appa is),
    is a Machine that spit fire ball and hits using a spatula like arm.
    Fighting it is not difficult. Keep hitting it until the machine life bar is
    finished. Block the attacks or avoid by hiding behind the rocks to the left
    and right of the machine. 
    It can't move around, but has a 90' vision. By now, you should have noticed
    that you can use Sokka as your alternative character to play as. Make use
    of their abilities to gain the advantage.
    / 6 Hidden Chests ; 7 Areas      \
    / 8 Momo Objects ; 3 Set Items   \
    / 8 Quests		         \
    / Enemies : Soldiers, Hog Monkey \
    / Boss Fight : Jailer		 \
    At cutscreen will show Aang and Sokka following the ship from above the
    skies on Appa. And then landing on the beach. You will also be informed
    that you now can use a new skill - STEALTH.
    PORT VILLAGE (Area 1)
    Make your way in stealth to the village. Ignore the HIDDEN CHEST sign first
    as you will need Katara to open it.
    At the village entrence you will be greeted by the village elder. Talk to
    her to get the quest to find some disguise. But before you do it, go to
    the left of the village to talk to a girl in need of medicine for her
    grandfather. (These 2 quests are connected.)
    QUEST 1: DISQUISE (Do as follow)
    Still in stealth, make your way to the SOLDIER BARRACKS via the west exit
    of the village. You will see a large house at the top centre of the barracks.
    You can't enter via the main door, its guarded and most of all its locked
    from the inside. Make your way to the side door. Open it and enter in
    stealth. Make your way to the second floor.
    Turn right to the far end, you will hear 3 men talking, 2 of them are small,
    the same men you saw in the cutscreen. They will argue and then make their
    way to the bathroom. Make sure you don't alarm them or the others. Keep
    out of sight while waiting for a cutscreen showing them entering the
    Make your way there in stealth, to get their cloths. Now you don't need the
    stealth mode. You are now free to move around the soldiers so long you don't
    pick a fight with them. If you do, they will attack you. 
    Go to the village elder next to the girl who asked for herbs to get another
    quest from her. End of quest.
    Still linked to the QUEST 1! Ohh! And don't forget about the small chest in
    the centre part of the 2nd floor of the barracks, next to the room where
    you heard the 3 men's dialogs.
    QUEST 2: HERBAL REMEDIES (Do as follow)
    Remember what the girl asked for? Well the herb she need is next to the 
    soldier cloths you took at the SOLDIER BARRACKS.
    Take the herb to her. End of quest.
    After talking to the village elders once you got the disguises, you might
    want to spend some time playing the FOUR NATIONS game. Talk to the man who
    mumbles about no one wanting to play the game with him.
    Once you had enough, lets go back to the story shall we?
    Next to the FOUR NATIONS game is a General Merchant. Yup! Another quest for
    Momo. He will as for help to get TOMATOES.
    Play as Momo to collect the tomatoes, this time you must travel to many part
    of the areas in this stage. Clue? Tomatoes grows on trees?? Yup, go search
    for it. Want more clues? Its not available at the Soldier Barracks, and
    Ship Dock. More? Its mostly at the soil path that links all the other areas
    that I didn't mention. Here's the list:
    1. 1st road fork from the Dock to the Widow's Home
    2. Before entrence to Widow's Home
    3. At the position where you fight the Tax Collector
    4. Far Left of the Tax Collector's house in the OUTPOST
    5. At the first bend after the bridge to the HIDDEN CAVE 
    6. At the entrence of the HIDDEN CAVE before the SAVE POINT 
    7. At the fork by the Hog Monkeys near the Fire Nations Commoner event
    8. At the fork after the Fire Nations Commoner event before the PRISON
    Once done, go back to the merchant to get a reward.
    This place is heavily guarded, if you are seen when you try to get into the
    barracks, be prepare to fight. The best way is to always hide behind crates
    or barrels, and make your way to the 2nd floor of the barracks to get the
    cloths as mentioned, in order to be able to freely explore all the areas
    that the soldiers guards.
    There's a HIDDEN CHEST to the left from the entrence. Use Sokka to open it.
    Other than that, there's not much to get.
    SHIP DOCK (Area 3)
    Once you have got the disguise and talked to the elder, who in turn will
    tell you to go to meet the dockside item merchant. Head your way to the
    dock. Its to the right after you exit via the west of the village. There
    are 2 lefts at the dock entrence. Go to the first left from where you are.
    Leave out the second for you'll go there later on after completing another
    Now, make your way to the dock, at the main dock gate, you will meet the
    merchant. Talk to him for info about Katara and Zuko. Don't worry about
    finding this Zuko guy, because later on you will find out that he has
    escape leaving Katara behind in the cell.
    After that, you might want to trade with him. Then, explore the dock, go
    to the far left side of the dock, there's a HIDDEN CHEST there. After that,
    leave the dock.
    Proceed upward past the 2nd left, keep going straight to the forked road.
    There you will get a small chest, then go to the left to get to the
    WIDOW'S HOME (Area 4)
    At the entrance you will meet a woman. Before talking to her, make sure you
    have at least 100 coins/copper! You will need it to get the next quest, and
    this quest is the 2nd longest quest after the elder's. Once you do have
    the 100 coppers, talk to her. She will grief about having no copper and about
    the Fire Nation's Tax Collector. After giving the coppers, a cutscreen will
    appear showing the Tax Collector asking for coppers.
    QUEST 4: HELP THE WIDOW (Do as follow)
    Catch up to the collector who should be already at the forked road leading
    to the OUTPOST. Defeat both of them. You will get the 100 coins/coppers back
    (sometimes you might get up to 102 coins/coppers), and a Tax Collector Key.
    Now head to the OUTPOST to do the next QUEST.
    OUTPOST (Area 5)
    The post is to the left when you walk from where you defeat the collectors.
    To the centre left, behind the pagoda like statue is a HIDDEN CHEST.
    Time to continue to the next quest that follows after getting the key. Also,
    there is a small chest to the right of the front buiding door.
    QUEST 5: RETURN THE TAX MONEY (Do as follow)
    Go in and make your way to the 2nd floor, turn right to find a chest there.
    Retrieve the tax copper. Then the alarm will trigger and soldiers will attack
    you. If you are quick enough, before they come, use stealth and quickly
    move to exit the building. If you are quick, once outside, you will not
    have to fight any guards outside the building.
    Once out, make your way to the widow and return her share. Her quest is not
    over yet! You still have to go to the elder to return the rest of the
    But! Don't do it yet. Save it for later. Time to go to the HIDDEN CAVE.
    HIDDEN CAVE (Area 6)
    The cave is quite a distance, from the widow's home, continue ahead to the
    far north pass the OUTPOST and the bridge. Continue until you get to a
    SAVE POINT and a waterfall with stone steps. Go to the far left, pass the
    second stone steps.
    There's a big rock there, next to the soldier on the left of your screen,
    not the one on your right screen. There's a HIDDEN CHEST there. Next return
    and head straight to see green branches/ropes guarded by the soldiers.
    Time for the second part of the elder's quest.
    QUEST 6: DISAPPEARING FOOD (Do as follow)
    Switch to Sokka, make him do the FOCUS MOVES. Enter the cave and defeat all
    the soldiers in the cave. There's a small chest at the far side of the cave.
    After doing so, leave the cave, and make your way via the bridge and make
    your way to the village to report to the elder. You will get a SET ITEM from
    her - SOUL IRON PENDANT. But before reaching the village, you will have to
    do another quest first.
    As you walk pass the bridge path, you will come across a cutscreen showing
    2 villagers trowing fruits at a Fire Nations Commoner. Get going to do your
    next quest.
    QUEST 7: FRIENDS AND ENEMIES (Do as follow/Any Sequence)
    This quest can be done in any order but you can do in the order as this
    guide illustrate. Anyway, all you need to do is to go up to the bullies
    to scare them away. If they don't leave, give 1 hit. You can't kill them.
    After helping the commoner you will then get another quest, but this time
    there's no clue or order for that. Anyone could miss doing it and fail
    to complete all quests in this stage.
    But first, lets go back to the village and report the findings and return
    the coppers and give info about the cave. As I had mentioned, you get 2 SET
    ITEM, 1 for retrieving the coppers and another for the food. The SET ITEMS
    Time to do the unmentioned quest. This quest is very easy.
    This quest can only be done after you help the commoner and clear the cave.
    If you enter the prison door prior to doing this, then there is no use doing
    it. As to do this quest, you need your disguise. Without it, the good captain
    will attack you.
    Talk to the commoner at the main gate at the 2nd left of the SHIP DOCK,
    which I had previously said to ignore. Next, enter the heavily guarded
    location to talk to the captain on the left side. 
    A captain is the one with hands on fire. Inform him about the guards stealing
    food from the villagers. I've never tried talking to the captain on the right
    side of the building. Maybe if you do that, the captain will attack.
    End of quest.
    Time to save Katara!
    PRISON (Area 7)
    Go to the prison, once near the entrance, a commotion will arouse. Zuko has
    escaped. He's the other waterbender caught together with Katara. Walk over
    to the right door from where your position is, to get a HIDDEN CHEST that
    only Sokka can open.
    After that, enter the gate. You will be facing the 2 guards you took the
    cloths from. Fight your way through to the 2nd level basement. Right next to
    the ramp from where you entered is a cell with a Fire Nation soldier in it.
    He will screem for help. You can't help him yet. Continue down the ramp.
    (This is not considered as quest but more as part of the story.)
    Once infront of Katara's cell, fight the captain infront of her cell. You
    will need the JAILER KEY from him to open the cells and the door to LIAM,
    a Creater as Katara will mention. Once you get the key, free all the
    prisoners including the soldier.
    Since you are already near the prison gate, remember the HIDDEN CHEST that I
    said to leave? The chest at the beach from where you started! Now, you have
    Katara in your party. Use her to open it. Once done, make your way back to
    Katara's cell. YOu will notice that there's a soil ramp down from the front
    of her cell. Make your way there. There's lava river.
    Use Katara to froze the lava in order to cross. Then go to the BOSS FIGTH.
    A cutscreen will appear showing Lian in the Jailer's cell behind the Jailer.
    Lian is a creater, she can create machines. 
    Fighting the Jailer is quite tricky. You see, he moves fast, and throws a
    series of fire ball, 4 in a row for several seconds. After that, he will
    rest for a couple of seconds before attacking you. And he can "teleport"
    once his life bar is 1/4 left. 
    Use each of the character's attacks that doesn't require getting too close
    to him when he is still attacking, and quickly hit him from up close when 
    he starts to rest. Block his fireballs too.
    Once done, a cutscreen showing Lian had escaped while you are coped up in
    the fight. Time to go to the next area.
    STAGE 3: THE FOREST [rst]
    / 8 Quests ; 5 Set Items     \
    / 5 Hidden Chests ; 5 Areas  \
    / 6 Momo Objects	     \
    / Enemies: Wolf, Soldiers,   \
    /	   Mountain Captain  \
    /	   Poachers	     \
    /	   Stomper Machine   \
    / BOSS FIGHT: Ancestral Bear \
    You will start of at the village. Once you reach there, you will be greeted
    with a cutscreen showing a man name Choi who is badly hurt by machines that
    attacked the earthbender's camp. He will ask you to help the earthbenders -
    quest 1.
    Once the cutscreen is over, go to Appa, a quest for momo. Before you do it,
    go to the village elder at the northeast of the vilage, infront of a hut
    facing the well. There at the hill, next to the well is a HIDDEN CHEST.
    Go northeast to reach the camp area. Remember, don't turn right at the
    junction from the village. Continue straight ahead to get to a cutscreen.
    Then make your way inside, and time to fight the machines.
    Just for fun, the bells in the area can be sound by hitting it. No effects
    QUEST 1: THE EARTHBENDERS (Do as follow)
    Go over to the village elder infront of the hut facing the well from opposite
    of your position when start of the stage. Speak to her, and she will urge
    you to hurry and help. After that, go directly to the path from above her
    position (north east). Continue ahead, don't turn right at the junction
    until you reach the camp gate. Fight off the 17 Stomper Machines. Once over,
    the Earthbender Chief - Tyro will ask for your help to inform the elder
    that the camp is back in peace, this is your next quest.
    Tyro will reward you a SET ITEM - CORE RING, and will assign Haru to join
    your party. Now that your party is complete. Time to do a quest there
    berfore doing Tyro's quest, as the quest from Tyro is made up of a couple
    of part.
    Go over to all of the earthbenders around the camp that are bending down,
    to do the first part of the quest from Tyro.
    First go over to the guy to the Northeast of Tyro. Use Katara to do a HEAL
    MOVE. Then go over to the next guy Southeast from them to heal another guy.
    Then to the Northwest and lastly to the North. 
    The final guy will hand you a CORE CHARM - SET ITEM, as a token of 
    appreciation to you. Now that your job is over here. Time to return to the
    Go over to the elder to report on the situation at the camp. A cutscreen
    will show of an earthquack. The elder will request you to check out the
    mine at the southwest, where the Kai family runs the mine. And to give
    time to Tyro in his search for more information.
    Return to the village to talk to the elder, but don't do the quest as yet.
    Lets leave it out first. Instead of going southwest, we go southeast first.
    To do a quest not mentioned in the earlier part of the stage.
    Make your way via the northeast gate and take the right path from the
    junction, or go via the southwest gate and go straight downward. In any case,
    just get going to that area.
    At the end of the grove, you will get a quest.
    QUEST 3: TRAPPED! (Do as follow)
    Go over to the left of the grove, a FOCUS MOVE will appear. Switch to Haru.
    Do the moves to free 2 men trapped in the cave. They then say thanks and
    gives reason how they got trapped in the cave. End of quest.
    Why do this first before the Mine? Well, because in the later part, this
    area will change 180'. Once that happen, the quest is no more available.
    That's why.
    Back to the village. Now still not time to do the Tyro quest. Talk to the
    lady named Liang at the hut to the south of the well at the southest gate.
    She will ask for help to find her daughter's toys who is sick. Time to move.
    QUEST 4: CHILD'S PLAY (Do as follow)
    Though you may do this quest before doing the QUEST 1. But in the name of
    efficiency, lets just do in this order. Anyway, go north from where Appa
    There are 2 toys to find, a doll and a ball. But have to do in the order as
    A few meters from the north gate, just before the pack of wolfs, the first
    toy - PANDA DOLL is there. Next return to the village to give the toy back to
    Liang. Next, walk over to the lady just outside the southeast gate. Ask her
    about toys. She will give a clue to find among some thick bushes.
    Up to this moment, you might not have seen thick bushes in the areas you
    had been to. Well, to find the other toy, go to the southwest gate, not
    far from the gate, you'll find the BALL and a small chest. Return to LIANG
    to end the quest and get a RENEWAL HEADBAND, its not a SET ITEM.
    Go back to the north area where you found the doll, at the end you will see
    a junction. Go to the left first to find a small chest and a HIDDEN CHEST 
    that Katara can open, a LIFEBINDER RING - SET ITEM. Next, go to the other 
    At the stone path over the stream, use Katara again to get another HIDDEN
    CHEST. In it is a LIFEBINDER CHARM - SET ITEM. Just ahead is a bear cub. And
    its hurt. Time for a quest made up of 2 parts.
    QUEST 5: THE POACHERS (Do as follow)
    Use Katara to heal the cub - HEAL CUB. Then, follow the tracks to the far
    end of the road. You will reach a new area, POACHERS HIDEOUT. Go to the far
    end of the centre path. Next to the tent is a cage.
    Use Sokka to free the mother bear, then lead it to the cub. End of quest.
    Return to the village.
    This area is infested with poachers. These poacher are also disturbed by the
    machines. So to get them to get together, use FOCUS MOVE using Aang to sound
    the bell in the front centre of the entrance.
    Then make your way to the far left side, where 2 poachers stand guard facing
    oppsite directions. There's a HIDDEN CHEST that Haru must open. Don't forget
    about the mother bear to the right centre of the chest.
    Once done, back to the village.
    Momo must collect Moon Peaches for hungry Appa, Aang's Bison. You must get
    6 peaches. The peaches are found on the Blue coloured Trees found around
    the paths that leads to the village in all directions.
    Here's the list:
    1. North to the junction to the poachers area
    2. Northeast to the junction to the camp area
    3. Southeast to the junction just outside the village
    4. Southwest to the junction just outside the village
    5. Southwest across the hanging bridge
    6. Southeast to the junction to the grove area
    Once done, go back to Appa and feed it. End of Quest.
    Back at the village, go over to the Artisan a.k.a blacksmith infront of
    Liang, next to the well, facing south. He will ask for help to get a Black
    Ore from the Kai family mine.
    And so you will have to do 2 quests at the same time, 1 is the Investigation
    quest and the other is the artisan's.
    Make your way there via the southwest gate from the village. There's a small
    chest next to the Blue tree, another chest is near the large rock once you
    cross the hangging bridge and another one is to the southeast near the log
    Anyway, right around the large rock is a HIDDEN CHEST that Sokka can open.
    Make your way to the west to get to the glade. Once there, go to the far
    side to get to another HIDDEN CHEST that Sokka must open. 
    Then talk to the Kai brothers, Jun Kai and Jen Kai. they will inform you that
    their uncle is trapped inside the mine because of the machines. Open the mine
    using Haru which is just next to where they are standing.
    Time to do Tyro's second part quest.
    Make your way in. Use Aang to clear the cloud of dust using FOCUS MOVE, Haru
    to make earth bridge, and Katara to make ice bridge, as you make your way
    around the mine. 
    Anyway, use the left road, passing 2 cloud of dust, and make 1 earth bridge.
    If you use the right road, you must make an ice bridge. In any case, any
    road is the same. You will end up in the centre mine, where a SAVE POINT is.
    Save the Kai Uncle behind the dark coloured wall. Use Haru's FOCUS MOVE to
    free the uncle. Inside, a dialog will take place, then use Katara to HEAL
    him. Take him out of the mine to reunite with his nephews. 
    He will give a DARK IRON ORE and a SUN SLIPPERS, both not SET ITEMS.
    End of quest.
    Report to the elder.
    But, after healing the Kai uncle, don't leave yet. 
    QUEST 8: IN SEARCH OF ORE (Do as follow)
    Actually you may do the quest before saving the Kai Uncle, but its the same.
    Just infront from where the uncle is, pass the SAVE POINT, is a BLACK ORE.
    Take it. There's a small chest there too. Take the ore back to the Artisan.
    Give the ore to the Artisan, don't sell it if you wish to get a reward - 
    TRANSIENT EMPEROR ROBE, not a SET ITEM. End of quest.
    Once done, go over to the elders to report about the mine. Then, the elder
    will tell you that Tyro wants to talk about his findings. He's next to the
    elder if you not noticed.
    He will tell you to find the FOREST SAGE in the southeast area.
    You may want to play FOUR NATIONS GAME, the player is to the southwest, at
    the hut next to Appa. You'll get a linking tile from him.
    After the dialogs, time to end the stage. Yes, BOSS FIGHT.
    Make your way back to the ENCHANTED GROVE, this time the area has changed
    180'. That's why as I said earlier, if you do the Tyro quests first and not
    do the trapped! quest first, you might not have any chance of doing it.
    Now, enter the cave. Until you get to the BOSS FIGHT Spiral. Approach it and
    enter the fight.
    The bear is the other form of the SAGE. You must defeat it before getting to
    talk to it a.k.a him. If you played TEKKEN fighting game, well the SAGE is
    like Heihachi Kazama.
    Its attacks are conventional, mostly like bulldozer. Occasionally it will
    stand on 2 feet and then drop itself causing major damage. After that, it
    will usually stand again but this time to regain strenght. That's the best
    time to attack from up close. Other than that, attacking from a distance is
    the only option to avoid much damage.
    Once defeated, a cutscreen will take place. End of stage.
    By Now, you will get the LEVEL ART GALLERY, that you can preview from the
    EXTRA at the GAME MENU.
    You will start in the tower above the city central market.
    / 6 Hidden Chests ; 5 Set Items \
    / 8 Momo Objects ; 5 Areas	\
    / 11 Quests			\
    / Enemies: Ferral Cat, Bandit,	\
    /	   Ranger, Soldiers	\
    / Boss Fight: Earthbender Consul\
    Make your way down via the left stairs. You'll meet a FOUR NATIONS PLAYER,
    play against him. Once you win, he will tell you to try fight the FOUR
    NATIONS GRANDMASTER. But we are not going to do this quest as yet.
    Make your way further down, to meet with the General Merchant. He will ask
    for pumkins. Get momo to do the quest. Still, lets not do it yet. Don't
    forget to buy the map from him. 
    Talk to the lady name ZI at the east stairs at the market. She will talk and
    ask for help to get into the library in search of her missing artifacts - the
    OCEAN SPIRIT and MOON SPIRIT statues. Still we don't do this one first.
    Lets go to the stable first. Its to the most left part of the market. There's
    2 ways to get there. If you go via the path south from where you start, you
    will pass a HIDDEN CHEST, must use Haru to open it, and a small chest next
    to 2 guards by the city circle. From there you continue passing the large
    tree and make your way northward then left to the stable.
    Another way to get to the stable is via the stairs behind ZI, go up and you
    will meet with an Earthbender Guard name Tai. He is searching for a jewellary
    theif in the area. Aang then will give him an idea on how to catch the theif.
    But to do so, he will need a Gemminite Ring. Don't do the quest yet. So, now
    after talking to Tai, turn left, up the stairs, then left again to follow
    the long winding road to get to the stable, which should be to the right from
    this road.
    You will pass a merchant there. When ever you meet a merchant, buy the
    leathers, honey and silk. You will need it for the later part of the quest.
    Make your way left from the merchant, or left from the guard at the end of
    the road. There you will reach the stable.
    ROYAL STABLES (Area 1)
    Talk to the Stable Master, he will then offer to make a new saddle that he
    designed that can carry 30% more items. Aang will ask for him to make it for
    Appa. The Stable Master will ask for 5 Hard Leather Strips.
    Further from him is a HIDDEN CHEST, use Sokka to open and get a SOUL IRON
    CHARM - SET ITEM. Left from there is a Large Chest.
    QUEST 1: APPA'S NEW SADDLE (Do as follow)
    After talking to the Stable Master, make your way back to the city market.
    Not far from the General Merchant is a Herbalist. Ask for her to craft HARD
    LEATHERS. You might already have at least 2 from the previous stages. Anyway,
    just make 5. 
    Then make you way back to where you started and left Appa. The Stable Master
    should be there by now. Give him the leathers, and he will take Appa to his
    stable for a bath and to fit the saddle.
    Catch up with him to the stable. To receive the saddle. End of quest.
    Now go to the market again, this time from where Tai is, go right. Go to the
    right first. Down the stairs to get a small chest behind the stairs. Then,
    Now return via the same road, this time to the left, to reach the mail centre
    where Aang keen on using.
    MAIL CENTRE (Area 2)
    At the mail centre, move to the carts that kept appearing from the ground.
    A cutscreen will appear showing Momo running off using one of the carts.
    Hurry and catch up with him, using the next cart using USE move.
    QUEST 2: RETURN TO SENDER (Do as follow)
    Once on the cart, a cutscreen will show you landing on a cart of cabbage at
    the southwest part of the city circle from the market area. The monger will
    the screen for guards to catch you.
    Don't leave yet. There's an item near the monger which is your other quest.
    This quest is not mentioned. So take it. Then make your way left from the
    monger, to make a round trip to avoid the quards that by now should be at
    the scene. There's a small chest just before the exit.
    Once you outside, turn left to the path that leads to the stable area. End
    of quest.
    Now make your way back to the road that leads to the stable. Remember the
    guards to the right of the road at the end of that path? Well, turn right
    and talk to the far end guard. He's the Earthbender Guard that operate the
    Earthbender Lifts. Talk to him, and he will tell you that King Bumi wants to
    talk to them.
    A cutscreen then appear showing you in King Bumi's Palace. But it won't be
    registered as found area in your map. Talk to King Bumi after the cutscreen.
    QUEST 3: GOOD GOOGLES (Do as follow)
    Remember the googles you found at the stack of cabbages you destroyed? Well,
    return it to King Bumi. The googles are his mail cart riding attibute.
    He then will give you a CORE AMULET - SET ITEM.
    End of quest.
    Next, talk to him once again. For this, you need to already talked to Tai
    about the theifs.
    QUEST 4: CREEPING CRYSTALS (Do as follow)
    You must have talked to Tai by this time, simce if you noticed in this guide
    I made, you at least had passed him 3 time. If you not stopped to talk to
    him, then too bad. You can't do this quest.
    If you had, then good for you.
    Talk to king Bumi and ask for the Gemmanite Ring his is wearing. Then, take
    the ring to Tai. He will reward you a CORE HEADBAND - SET ITEM. End of quest.
    Now back to the central market. Switch to Momo, to do its quest.
    The pumkins are found in the stalls at the markets except for 1. Anyway, here
    is the list where to find it.
    1. Stall infront of the General Merchant
    2. Stall infront of the Herbalist
    3. Stall infront of ZI
    4. Stall above the stairs from ZI
    5. Hay stacks next to the pack of Ferral Cats under the stairs to the south
       market from the city circle
    6. Stall next to the SAVE POINT above the Ferral Cats, at the south market
    7. Stall to the north market before the Royal Palace
    8. Stall to the north market before the Royal Palace
    Once done, take the pumkins back to the General Merchant, who will give a
    Crane Pendant - not set item. End of quest.
    Now it is time to do all the quest that has to do with the library.
    TEA HOUSE (Area 3) 
    Enter the lift, and press USE to get the earthbender operator to earthbend
    you to the new area. Go left to get to the tea house.
    A cutscreen will show you where to go. You need to get a password to enter
    the library. Of cause you can come here later after going to the library
    main door, and get rejected because of not having the password. But you
    can do the quest of getting the password before going to the library.
    QUEST 6: PASSWORDS (Any Sequence)
    As I said, this quest can be done after you reach the library. Which when
    you first use the lift, turn right and make your way up. Where Haru will
    refuse to join, but you continue ahead to the main library door and talk
    to the 2 guards who will ask for the passwords to enter. Once rejected, go
    to the tea house. Or, to save you from the trouble, do as I did.
    Anyway, sneek to the back of the tea house via the left or right side. Make
    sure you are not heard. If heard by the guards, leave the area and return
    to try again.
    Listen to the guards mentioning the new password as : Zoomy Bumi, which the
    passwords are made up by King Bumi himself. Now make your way to the library
    door guards to pass the main door. End of quest.
    After getting the passwords, I choose to go to the central path first to
    get to the Shifty Precince.
    SHIFTY PRECINCE (Not an area)
    There's a fountain at the centre, use Katara to open the HIDDEN CHEST. You
    Then go to the far right, behind the hangging cloths, there's the FOUR
    QUEST 7: GRANDMASTER (Any Sequence)
    Go over to the grandmaster, and play the game with him, until you win all 
    the rewards he has. Once over, he will reward you an AVATAR TILE for use
    the next time you play the game with other players. End of quest.
    Time to go to the library. Its to the right from the shifty precince. 
    A cutscreen showing Haru not wanting to enter the library since he is not
    a master bender. 
    Continue upward to reach the library.
    ROYAL LIBRARY (Area 4)
    Before you enter, go left to the fountain. Use Katara to get the HIDDEN 
    CHEST. Now, there's 2 ways to enter the library. Once you have the passwords,
    you can enter via the front door/main door.
    The other way is via a ventilation at the far left from the fountain. And
    this is part of the quest.
    QUEST 8: MACHINE RESEARCH (Do as follow)
    If you have not noticed from the start. This quest is already registered in
    your journal. This quest is a long one. The first part has been done by now,
    which is you meeting King Bumi after the earthbender lift operator told you
    to meet the king.
    The second part is this one, getting into the library without getting caught
    by the guards. To continue the quest, I suggest you first open the side door
    using Momo that entered the ventilation via the far side of the fountain.
    Direct Momo southwest via the maze, you will end up in the west wing of the
    library 2nd floor. You will notice there's an item to get. But you can't use
    Momo to get it. Make Momo open the door to his left. End of second part of
    the quest.
    I'll continue after I explain something else after this info about the quest
    given by ZI.
    Once the door is openned by Momo, enter to get the MOON SPIRIT STATUE. Then,
    decent via the right stairs and go to the other stairs to get the OCEAN 
    If you go via the main door, that is to complete the Password quest, enter
    to the right to get the OCEAN SPIRIT STATUE first, then decent via the left
    stairs, then make your way up the other stairs to grab the MOON SPIRIT STATUE
    from the left wing. Take the statues back to Z to get a SOUL BAND - not a
    set item. End of quest.
    In any case, after getting both statues, make you way to the centre part of
    the library to see 2 guards. From this point on, make sure you are not seen
    by the guards through out the next part of the library.
    Make your way down. You will see 2 guards and a row of jars. Time to do
    the scholar's quest.
    QUEST 10. THE COnFOUNDED SCHOLAR (Do as follow)
    After getting the quest from the scholar who wants to know about the other
    name for "Shrinking Crystal". 
    When you reach the second part of the libary area, where a row of jars block
    a path.
    You can choose 2 ways to get to the scroll on the right. 
    1. Destroy the jars with a possibility of causing the guard there to spot
    2. Decent further via the stairs, then up the other stairs to get to the
    In any case, READ the scroll to get the "Minimite", which is the other name
    of the crystal in question. Get back to the scholar at the front of the
    Royal Palace to end the quest.
    Make your way to the further right side stairs, to get to the last section
    of the library area.
    Make your way to the far side of the right stairway, there a cutscreen will
    appear showing the 3 of you nearing a large stone tablet. On the tablet is
    a map and record of battles previously fought by the earthbenders.
    Soon you exit the library with a BATTLE RECORD from the tablet you read in
    the library, and be in the Royal Palace talking to King Bumi, about the map
    you found in the library. But he won't answer anything. Instead he gives
    another quest to buy him a mollifying pasta from the Royal Merchant.
    End of quest.
    After the cutscreen ends, exit the palace. Go to the south market at the
    southern part of the central market, left of the city circle. Up the stairs
    left of the pack of cats infront of the hay stacks.
    Make your way to the left, just behind the statue is a small chest. Go to
    the far left.
    QUEST 11. MOLLIFYING PASTA (Do as follow)
    Now that you are in the south market, at the far left, talk to the merchant
    at the area. He will say that he only trade with the king or the palace.
    Buy the pasta from him. Once you bought the pasta, a cutscreen will show. 
    Fire nations has come to invade the kingdom. Then, Haru urged Aang to go 
    with the other 2 of your party to quickly go to the palace, while he help 
    the commoners there.
    When the cutscreen ends, make your way back to the palace as Haru, defeat
    15 Fire Nations soldiers. You will end up fighting more than that number,
    at least 20 soldiers in the end to reach the palace.
    Once you enter the palace door. A cutscreen will appear again. End of quest.
    This time the cutscreen will show Haru giving the pasta to King Bumi and
    asking Aang to present the Map for him to see. He will then use the pasta
    as lips gloss!! Then he shows you an "Island" not visible in the map, named
    Fo Fo Island, or something... 
    (Apperently not part of the quests.)
    Anyway, then the cutscreen moves to show a
    secret exit from the back of King Bumi's throne.
    He then tells you to leave via that exit. When you step close to it, a prompt
    to the BOSS FIGHT appear.
    A cutscreen then appear showing the exit via the secret exit is blocked off.
    The path is blocked of by none other than the Earthbender Consul, who then
    said that he's duty is to protect the kingdom at all cost by any means that
    he felt necessary. You will have to fight him to escape.
    He has the ability of teleportation, shots earth, and uses earth to trap
    you which causes you to be paralized for some time.
    The best way to fight him is to keep moving, and block any distance attacks
    from him. Then, each time he knee down to rest, approach him and attack him
    at will.
    Once done, a cutscreen will show Haru openning the exit, the once your party
    has entered, he closes it. And the Fire Nations Genderal will show up trying
    to open the blocked exit. End of stage.
    At cutscreen of Aang and friends on Appa, searching for the island King Bumi
    pointed in the map. But of cause the island is not clearlly drawn on the map.
    Then they found it, and land on the beach just outside the village.
    / 8 Hidden Chests ; 8 Momo Objects  \
    / 5 Set items ; 5 Areas ; 7 Quests  \
    / Enemies: Wolf, Stomper, Shirshu,  \
    /	   Tempest, Platypus Bear,  \
    /	   Wolf Bat, Guarder	    \
    / Boss Fight: Prototype Dreadnought \
    Start at the beach, go northward to reach the centre village. Find the elder
    and talk to him. He then speaks about some ruins, and that the one likely
    the party seeks lies at the north east of the island. 
    Infront of him is a staircase next to a pool. Go up to get your first 
    HIDDEN CHEST. Use Sokka to open it. Next, go to the left to meet the Artisan
    who will offer to make you a pair of boots from the right items that you
    must gather from around the island.
    Quest 1: THE CRAFTER (Any Sequence)
    Go around the island to collect 3 strips of palm bark. There's many around
    the island. In fact gathering from around the village is sufficient. Its
    under the coconut trees if you not know.
    Go to the north east ruins at the Ruined Shrine area to gather 5 smooth
    Return to the Artisan to get a SOUL IRON BOOTS I - SET ITEM. If you still
    have the Dark Iron Ore from Uncle Kai from the previous stage. You will get
    a SOUL IRON BOOTS II, instead. Anyway, its still be recognised as 1 set item.
    End of quest.
    Go over to the right to meet a man name ONN next to the herbalist, who said
    he needs a Frozen Toad to cure his sick son, but not know where to aquire
    it. He then also inform about a fresh water pond at the east of the village.
    QUEST 2: FROZEN TOAD (Any Sequence)
    After getting the quest go east, from where a General Merchant is. There is
    a path that cut the sea in 2. Go right to get a cutscreen showing the toad.
    Its a darn big frog...not a toad. Anyway, Use Katara to get near the toad.
    Then use FOCUS MOVE to freeze the toad.
    Take it back to ONN. End of quest.
    There is a Four Nations Player to the east of the elder's location, just
    next to the General Merchant. If you win he will give a tile as reward.
    Next go to the east, to a small house ruin to meet the General Merchant,
    you can buy the treasure map there. He will ask for help also. To find some
    coconuts for him. Use Momo for that.
    You just have to collect it from the Arena Ruins and from around the village.
    Here's the list:
    1. To the west of Appa, at the tent
    2. To the west of Appa, at the tent
    3. To the right of the waterfall west of Appa
    4. To the left of the waterfall west of Appa
    5. To the left of the waterfall west of Appa
    6. At the beach at the Arena Ruins left of 2 wells
    7. At the beach at the Arena Ruins left of 3 pillars further left of wells
    8. At the beach at the Arena Ruins at the far west side
    Once done, give it to the merchant.
    I went to the Ancient Pillar Ruins first, then Arena Ruins, follow by going 
    to the other 2 ruins on the east side. But you may do it in any manner. In
    any case, the main objective is to collect 4 keystones + 1 centre piece,
    then bring it to the elder to get it fixed as 1 piece. I will tell you
    that the first piece is at the Northern Ruins, the second is at the Ruined
    Shrine, the third and fourth is at the Arena Ruins, and the centre piece is
    at the Northern Ruin's Hidden Chamber. But I will guide you the same manner
    that I played which is as follow:
    Go via the west of the elder, there is a path that leads to the north. Go
    to the left to reach the ruins that the elder means.
    Go to the left part to see the set of "holes" and a centre altar. At the
    wall is 2 "wells" and in between it is a stone door. You can't open it yet.
    But to the left of it is a small chest. And at the centre of the area is a
    HIDDEN CHEST that Sokka can open.
    Now go South, down the path towards the beach. A few meters from the junction
    to the village at the south is a small path. At the cliff use Haru to get a
    HIDDEN CHEST there.
    Continue downward, and walk pass the beach to get to the third area.
    ARENA RUINS (Area 3)
    At the ruins, go to the centre circle there, to get the FORTH KEYSTONE piece.
    Go to the right side to a small openning. There is the THIRD KEYSTONE piece
    Now back to the village using the east road that leads to the left side of
    where Appa is. There is a HIDDEN CHEST at the beach infront of the right tent
    from the Arena Ruins, use Katara to get a LIFEBINDER HEADDRESS - SET ITEM.
    Next, go cross the sea via the east side of the village. Go to the right to
    do the frozen frog quest, then go to the back of the pond to get another
    HIDDEN CHEST, use Haru.
    Then go southward from the pond, there you will meet a man name Tai near the
    crossing that leads to the Arena Ruins. You will get a quest from him.
    QUEST 4: MAKESHIFT DAM (Any Sequence)
    Talk to him, he wants to make a dam there so that during wet season it 
    be safe to cross the stream. Go across from where tai is, go up the hill 
    to see from where tai is, go up the hill to see a large boulder. 
    Use Haru to move the boulder to block the stream.
    Talk to him again after blocking the stream. End of quest.
    Now, backtrack from the pond and go to the left this time. You will reach
    another area.
    RUINED SHRINE (Area 4)
    Around the shrine you will get some smooth stones for your artisan quest.
    Go to the centre part of the shrine to get the SECOND KEYSTONE piece. From
    there go futher northeast to get to the last area.
    Go to the left part to see steps. At the bottom of the steps is the FIRST
    KEYSTONE piece. Up the steps is a HIDDEN CHEST. Behind the steps is a small
    To the north of the small chest is a brick platform to the beach. Go to the
    end of the platform and use Katara to get the HIDDEN CHEST, in it is a
    Then go to the right side, next to the SAVE POINT is a large square on the
    ground. Its a hidden chamber to an underground path. Use Haru to open it.
    QUEST 5: MYSTERY OF THE PAST (Do as follow)
    Talk to the elder at the start of the stage to find out about the location
    of the said ruins.
    Go into the underground path to reach a series of statues to the left and
    right of the path, blocked by spikes.
    Step on the first switch on the ground. Then go further to USE the switch on
    the small pillar. That will turn the 1st right statue to face the ground
    Step on the second switch to make the 2nd spike to spring up the ground.
    Back to the statue that turned, use Haru's Focus Move to make the statue 
    drop on the switch. This will make the spikes at the 2nd switch drop.
    Make your way to the 3rd switch. But this time the switch is behind the 3rd
    spike. Use Haru to pull the statue behind the 3rd switch to fall on the
    switch, thus make the 3rd spike drops and make way for you to reach the
    circular staircase, and a cutscreen showing what you much reach at the top
    Make your way upstairs. Use Haru to make steps to fill the missing steps on'
    the staircase. Once at the top floor, you will see the object shown in the
    cutscreen and a small chest. To the wall is a tear like object simmilar to
    the one hanging. But this one is cover with dust. Use FOCUS MOVE to reveal
    light to pass to the centre tear piece and drop to the centre map at the
    ground floor and reveal a CENTRE KEYSTONE piece.
    Go down the steps to grap the piece. Then make your way out and go back to
    the elders. Talk to the elders to get a COMPLETE KEYSTONE piece. End of
    Long huh?? Yup! Very long indeed. Anyway, you will get a CORE RAIMENT for
    showing the 5 pieces to the elder.
    Make your way back to the Ancient Pillars. Remember the altar? We are going
    to open it.
    QUEST 6: THE SACRED CAVARNS ( Do as follow)
    Place the Completed KeyStone piece on the altar. A cutscreen will reveal 4
    pillars with symbols on it. Here's what written on the symbols from left to
    * Courage Glyphs
    * Spirit Glyphs
    * Strength Glyphs
    * Integrity Glyphs
    Now ACTIVATE the Spirit and Strength Glyphs. Then go to the altar again, and
    use FOCUS MOVE using Haru to move the 2 pillars to the left and right of the
    wall. A secret chamber will reveal. End of quest.
    Make your way inside the cavarn. Go to the left to see a Badger blocking the
    path to a series of statues.
    QUEST 7: ANCIENT TREASURE (Do as follow)
    Go over to the Badger, who is the Earth Spirit. If you talk using Aang or any
    one other than haru, the Badger will deny access to the area behind it.
    So talk to the spirit using Haru, because to pass through, you need to be
    an earthbender. Once through. You will see a hill of earth in the centre, 6
    statues, and on the wall is 6 portraits of moves. 
    You'll have to ACTIVATE the 6 statues in the order as illustrated on the wall
    to unleash an earthbender item. Here's the order (1 and 6 is the statues on
    the left and right nearest to the Badger, while 3 and 4 is the statues 
    nearest to the illustrated wall):
    			3		4
    			2		5
    			1		6
    ACTIVATE the statues in this order: 6-4-5-3-1-2
    Then a cutscreen will appear showing the hill of earth now gone revealing
    an Ancient Tablet. Make your way out and back to the elder to give it to
    him. End of quest.
    Now, back to the cavarn. To the right to where the Badger is, are 2 path.
    Both path will take you to the same place. So don't worry about which path
    to take. The path are marked with 2 stones with the same symbols as that of
    the pillars you activated outside the cavarn. Still remember?
    The spirit and strength pillars. Well this time the same symbols are on the
    rocks/stone at the beginning of each path. 
    The writting on the 1st symbol is "Only those with true strength may pass", 
    which from this point on I shall refer as "Path 1", while the 2nd is "Spirit
    is the essence of the soul", which from this point on I shall refer as "Path
    Which path to choose will end in the same path at the far end of the cavarn.
    Except....as I love to spoil the fun. I will tell you what's diffirent is
    that Path 1 is more difficult than Path 2. If you enjoy spending more time
    in this stage, take Path 1. If you are in a hurry, take Path 2.
    But I will give some guide so that you don't miss anything from both path.
    In any case, any chest or items can be aquire by any path taken.
    Lets start from where the Badger is:
    Take Path 1 and walk to the end to get a small chest. Or if you take Path 2,
    make a bridge using Haru, then at the junction go left to get the same small 
    If you want Path 1, go over the bridge until you get to the river of lava. Or
    if you take Path 2, use Haru to desolve the Boulder to rech the river of
    Then, make your way further and get the small chest next to the river of lava
    and another small chest across the bridge. Then the road split in 2 again.
    Take the left to do the Path 2, use Katara to make 4 Ice Bridges to get to 
    the large chest, then 1 to get to the end of the cavarn. Or take the right
    to do the Path 1, walk until you see the bed of water. Make 2 Ice Bridges to
    get to the same large chest, return to get to the end of the cavarn.
    So...I bet you know what awaits. Yup! Boss Fight. Lets do it.
    A cutscreen showing a girl on top of the cavarn. The party then urge for her
    to come and leave immediately. Guess who the girl is? I'll give you clue,
    she's the girl that ran off during your rescue in the prison area. Don't
    remember? She's Lian - The Creater a.k.a The Maker.
    This dreadnought is best describe as an Inferno but bigger and has more
    ability. If you not yet know what an Inferno look like, well lets just make
    it simple, a tank.
    It spit fire, ice trap, it can levitate, and shoots ice. Anyway, just attack
    it. Its best hit directly on the centre body, or on the chain of wheels.
    Once you defeat it, a cutscreen again. Lian is running away. The party then
    try to catch up.
    Then,....end of quest.
    By now, you will unlock the Storyboeard Gallery.
    A cutscreen showing Aang and friends on Appa, heading for the Air Temple to
    go protect the Avatar Santuary.
    / 8 Hidden Chests ; 8 Momo Objects	   \
    / 6 Areas ; 5 Set Items ; 10 Quests	   \
    / Enemies: Hog Monkey, Stomper, Tempest,   \
    /	   Guarder, Soaker, Platypus Bear, \
    /	   Shirshu, Inferno		   \
    / Boss Fight: Geo-Tunneler		   \
    You will start of at the left/southwest side of the village. There's a
    General Merchant there. Talk to him first. He will ask for help to get some
    wildflowers to make jam.
    Wildflowers are found on bushes. Not all bushes though. Its on bushes that
    stands alone. To see what bush you should be searching for. Go to where the
    elder is. Just behind her is the first bush to get the wildflowers. Go find
    the rest. Here's the list:
    1. Next to the village old flag pole
    2. Next to the entrence to the garden
    3. South of Lin at the east village entrence
    4. South of the shipwreck
    5. Northwest of santuary
    6. Northwest of Dexu's home
    7. Next to where you met Aiyu for the first time
    8. South entrence from the old flag pole
    We go up the steps next, Go over to the guy on the right side. His name is
    Huan Yue, he is mending a damaged statue. He need a Pure Metal to repair one
    of the statue part. 
    To the left of him is a merchant, to the far left in a Four Nations Player.
    To the right of Yue is a Herbalist. Now that you have known some of the
    villagers, time to go up the steps left of the herbalist or right of yue.
    There you will see 2 person talking above the step. Ignore them. Go left of
    the building. A HIDDEN CHEST there. Now back down to where Yue is.
    This time go up the steps to his left. You will reach an old flag pole with
    the village elder infront of it. Talk to her. She will talk about machines
    infesting the sacred santuary at the south area.
    Talk to her again, she will this time talk about the village flag that the
    Fire Nations took from them some time long ago. She will also tell you where
    it might be, the shipwreck.
    Near the elder is a HIDDEN CHEST, use Sokka to get SOUL IRON TUNIC - SET 
    ITEM. Now, go up the steps to the right side. You will see a windmill. Talk
    to the guy there name Ming Yue, the one on the right. The one on the 
    left is a girl!!!
    He will talk about the mill, and mention that the mill need some bamboo and
    an airbender to start it.
    Go over to the back of the girl this time. Hidden from sight by bushes is a
    small chest.
    Go back down, this time down the stairs next to the hidden chest you opened.
    Make your way down southwest. You will meet a man name Caretaker Aiyu. He 
    will groan about no plants want to grow in his garden. Then he gives some
    Blossom Seeds that won't grow. He hopes for someone to make it grow again.
    Continue southwest, not southeast. If you go southeast you will end up at 
    the beach. Lets not go there yet. Continue down the southwest road. There
    is a house to the right. 
    Meet Dexu, he hopes to meet his mother who was lost in a solstice event that
    happens twice a year. He also explains that a solstice is an event that 
    takes place caused by the intersection of the natural world and the spirit
    Then, continue southwest, you will get a HIDDEN CHEST, use Haru near the
    large boulder at the centre on the road. Near it is the santuary the elder
    This area is the place of the Forest Spirit, an owl that is. The santuary is
    more like a garden with statues and a pond in the centre part.
    QUEST 2: OLD WRONGS (Do as follow)
    First things first, anniallate the machines, there's 4 of it. If you want,
    you may talk to the owl, just for fun.
    Then, use Haru to lift up the 3 statues to the left of the pond. Then use
    Katara to open the blocked waterfall that waters the pond in the centre
    of the santuary. Lastly, use Aang's air twirl or tornado to clear the
    meditation circle infront of the statue to the right of the owl.
    The owl/spirit will say thanks, the disappear. End of quest.
    Time to do the Aiyu quest,
    QUEST 3: NEW PLANTING (Do as follow)
    Go over to the meditation circle, and MEDITATE. Then, go over to the owl at
    the same place you saw it before cleaning the santuary. You will talk about
    the garden and the plants. Then the seeds Aiyu gave you will now become
    Blessed Blossom Seeds.
    Return to normal world, take the seed to the Caretaker Garden to east of the
    village. Plant it, there's 8 to plant. End of quest.
    Next, its Dexu's quest,
    QUEST 4: THE SOLSTICE (Do as follow)
    You may do this quest together with Aiyu's. Anyway, in spirit mode, which is
    what you will be when you MEDITATE. Go to the direction of Dexu's house.
    Now, the first time playing this game, I met Dexu's mother near the hidden
    chest just above the santuary area, during the second time playing, she was
    next to Dexu. Anyway, in any case, talk to her, then take her to where you
    mortal body is, press MEDITATE and whallah....she's back in the normal world.
    Go over to Dexu's house, talk to him to get CORE SANDALS - SET ITEM. End of
    Now that its done. We continue via the southwest road from the santuary
    downward to reach the beach. Its the same beach if you go southeast from
    where you first met Aiyu. Except this time we are further down south.
    There's a guy there, name Yoku. Next to him is a small chest. Make your
    way north, to the right just before the path to where you first meet Aiyu,
    at the beach is a HIDDEN CHEST, use Katara.
    Up north at the beach, you will see the shipwreck.
    Go in, to the left is a dead end. To the right as well. So go straight.
    There you will see 3 path, left, straight, and right again. Go right first
    to get a small chest. Then go right. Don't go straight even if an OPEN sign
    appear!! Its a trap.
    QUEST 5: BROKEN STATUE (Any Sequence)
    In the shipwreck, go left from the booby-trapped door. There you will get
    a Pure Metal.
    Take it to Huan Yue. He will give a SOUL IRON HELMET - SET ITEM. End of
    Now you know what item is to the left from the trapped door. Continue west,
    until you see that at the far end is a large chest. Careful! Approach it
    slowly, you will see that a thin blue string is there. Use FOCUS MOVE to cut
    it before entering. If you ran over it, you will end up at the dead end to
    the left of the entrence. If that happen, just make your way back to the
    place you fell.
    Then turn left further into the wreck. You will see a large brown chest in
    the centre, and to the left of it is a blue door. Now, you may open the chest
    but it will cause the blue door to shut. Don't worry if it does shut. You
    still can continue inward via the right side of the chest.
    Now, to the left of that particular chest is a chamber with 3 small coloured
    circles on it. Well don't enter it. There's nothing inside. But if you do
    entered it purposely or by accident. The door will shut, then the boiler
    behind you will lit. Quickly switch to Katara to extinguish the flame, which
    in turn will open the door.
    Continue further inward. This time, a blue string lies in the centre of the
    path, and clearly show a trap door underneath it. If you step on it, you
    will again be at the left dead end by the entrence. Use FOCUS MOVE to pass
    through it. 
    QUEST 6: VILLAGE FLAG (Any Sequence)
    Make your way to the far end of the shipwreck, passing through the traps
    inside the ship, to find the flag in a chest under the platform. Take it
    to the elder. End of quest.
    Now that you have got the flag, go to the right side or further east to the
    beach. There's a HIDDEN CHEST, use Katara, get LIFEBINDER ROBE - SET ITEM.
    Go north from the shipwreck to get to the village. On the way there you will 
    meet a lady name Lin. She need help to give her husband his dinner which he 
    left before going to work. Once you have return and talk to the elder.
    Go back to the southwest.
    QUEST 7: BAD HOME COOKING (Any Sequence)
    Remember Yoku? He's at the beach southeast from the shipwreck. Give him the
    food. End of quest.
    Now go northeast from where Lin is, or east from the village. You will see
    the garden.
    There's nothing to get there. There's Caretaker Aiyu behind the centre
    statue, and 8 holes to plant 8 blossom seeds. 
    Once you got the Blessed Blossom Seeds that the Forest spirit has imbued,
    plant it there.
    Go further northeast from the garden. Over the bridge and you will see a
    QUEST 8: BROKEN WINDMILL (Any Sequence)
    To the left of the northeast area, you will get to a bamboo grove. You will
    get the bamboo there.
    Take it to the windmill. Install the bamboo, then use FOCUS MOVE to start
    the windmill. End of quest.
    At the far end of the bamboo grove, you will get a HIDDEN CHEST, use Haru.
    To the right of the bamboo grove is another area.
    There's nothing there but empty land with some tank tracks on it.
    Just go back to where the elder is. A cutscreen will appear showing villagers
    shouting that a flock of birds is heading towards the air temple.
    Quickly head towards Appa. FLY to the temple. A cutscreen will appear showing
    Aang seperate with the rest of the party.
    Aang then land on a clearing south of the temple. Go straight to see a 
    junction, west, north, and east. We go east first. 
    There you'll get a HIDDEN CHEST.
    Then continue north, then another junction this time left and right. Go right
    to get to the last HIDDEN CHEST, in it is FOUR WINDS GI - SET ITEM.
    Now go left, to get a small chest. Then enter the air temple.
    AIR TEMPLE (Area 6)
    You can't enter the temple, its lock from the inside. Switch to Momo. CLIMB
    In, then make your way to the western part. A cutscreen then appear showing
    non other than Lian trying to unlock a door. 
    QUEST 9: PROTECT THE STATUES (Do as follow)
    At start you have talked to the village elder. Next, at the air temple you
    Use Momo to steal Locking Device Key from Lian's side.
    Then go back to the door to open the door so that Aang can enter. Then, back
    as Aang, go to the door you saw Lian tried openning. 
    Step on the red large circle (Fire Symbol). It will lift up to the 2nd floor.
    Don't step anymore circles yet. You will see to the left is a board. READ
    the board. It read, "The elemental sequence is AIR-WATER-EARTH-FIRE."
    Now you understand? Go step on the small yellow circle (Air symbol), then 
    follow the path to step on the large yellow circle to activate the AIR
    Then, step on the small blue circle (Water symbol), make your way through to
    reach the large blue circle, step on it to activate the WATER SYMBOL. 
    Then, step on the small green circle (Earth symbol), then follow the path
    to reach the large green circle to activate the EARTH SYMBOL.
    Lastly, step on the small red circle (Fire symbol), you have activated the
    large red circle when you first step in to get to the 2nd floor, remember?
    Now, follow the path to get to the Avatar Statue Room. Enter the room, and
    defeat 8 machines. Then a cutscreen show Aang locking the room. End of
    Make your way out of the temple. A cutscreen showing a flock of machines
    heading for the village. Then you switch to the party in the village.
    A cutscreen will replay the part when Aang seperate from the rest of the
    party. Now, you can control any of the 3 other member.
    Personally, I've choosen to play as Sokka. But its your choice. Anyway, you
    still can switch character everytime you want. You will get a quest of 
    finding out what and where the machines are up to.
    QUEST 10: SEPERATED (Do as follow)
    If you want, listen to the dialogs among the villagers. They will mention
    about machines in the northeast. But of cause you should also know, that
    among the areas you've been to, there is one particular area that has track
    marks on the ground. Yes...the construction site.
    Head there to get a cutscreen. Then you will switch back as Aang.
    Make your way back to the village using Appa. Then catch up to the site.
    Another cutscreen appear, this time its a large machine. End of quest.
    At the entrence to the site, is a prompt to the Boss Fight. Enter.
    The machine is a larger version of the Prototype Dreadnought you fought
    You'll just have to defeat it in the same way as you previously did.
    Once over, a cutscreen appear showing Aang, Appa, and Momo making their way
    into the cave made by the Tunneler.
    A cutscreen that continue the previous cutscreen of Aang in the tunnel also
    show that Aang instruct Appa to wait at the exit of the tunnel.
    / 8 Hidden Chests ; 8 Momo Objects   \
    / 0 Set Items ; 5 Areas ; 8 Quests   \
    / Enemies: Soldier, Canyon Crawler,  \
    /	   Stomper, Tempest, Guarder,\
    /	   Soaker, Inferno	     \
    / Boss Fight: Dreadnought, Ultimaton \
    So here we go, we start just outside of the village, which is to the left
    of your location. At the cross road you will meet a guy name Lucci. He will
    urge you to meet the elder. So make you way to the village.
    If you continue ahead ignoring the village to your right, you will notice
    that the village has 3 points of entry. Anyway, we go to the first one from
    where you start. Head down to meet a girl name Leanne.
    She will talk about her necklace being stolen by the Fire Nation Soldier at
    the north camp. Then make your way down further to the large house at the 
    bottom of the slop. There's a HIDDEN CHEST there.
    To the left is the centre exit, we go to the far right. Go up, to meet a
    girl name Chin. She need to make some potion for her poisoned husband.
    QUEST 1: POISONED HUSBAND (Any Sequence)
    After talking to her, give her the ingredients she needed. 1 pot of honey,
    1 Shi Take Herb, and 1 Bai Don Kon Herb. Give it to her. End of quest.
    Make your way further up to meet a General Merchant in need of some gem to
    meet his customer's order for bracelets. He will also explain where to find
    the gem in the areas. Which is to find the gems in small cracks and chasms.
    You need Momo for that.
    The gems are red in colour when first found, but actually its white. Its
    not difficult to find. But here's the list:
    1. Above the SAVE POINT from the west of the village that leads up to the
       Fire Nations Camp
    2. Behind the 2 Fire Nations Soldiers at the entrence to the camp
    3. In the far left side inside the Fire Nations Camp
    4. At the southeast to the right of the creek to the right side of the farm
    5. Next to Fang at the creek
    6. Near SAVE POINT after clearing the blockage
    7. Further north of the blockage
    8. At the tree infront of the dam to the fortress
    Return to the merchant. End of quest.
    Go further up from the merchant to meet the Four Nations Player. Then near
    him is the village elder. Talk to the elder. He will tell you about what
    had happened earlier when machines passed by the village then blocked the
    path to the fortress. He will also inform you to meet Jedd at the farm, and
    that Jedd has some problem of his own.
    By the way. If you talk to the girl with umbrella walking to and fro the
    west SAVE POINT and the hidden chest you had found earlier, her name is Jing
    Mei. She will give you a quest of saving a lost deer.
    I suggest we go up the west SAVE POINT and go to the camp.
    Make your way to the camp. There is a path to the left of the camp, its
    just outside the camp but above the path you came from. There's a HIDDEN
    CHEST there.
    Then make your way into the camp.
    QUEST 3: LADY LUCK (Do as follow)
    Once you had talked to Leanne, go to the camp. At the centre part of the
    camp is an Admiral. Fight him. Once defeated, he will from the Old Necklace.
    Take the necklace to Leanne, she will give you a Lucky Coin.
    You will have to find a place to drop the coin. Normally its drop in a pond,
    fountain, or well. Well, this time its bigger than that. You'll need to
    open the blockage at the road to the fortress and the blockage at the
    upstream of the creek.
    Once the dam is cleared. Go up the steps to the west of it. There's a place
    to drop the coin. You'll get something there. I got a Four Nations Tile.
    End of quest.
    Now, we go to the centre village entrence. But we go south to the farm.
    At the end of the path is a junction. At that junction is a HIDDEN CHEST.
    We go right first. You will see that there is a girl across the creek. Her
    name is Fang. Next to her is a Small Chest. Talk to her. She will ask for
    help to check out the upstream to see what is blocking the creek.
    If you notice that, at the time you open the Hidden chest near the farm,
    a large deer with its cub is there. That's the deer Jing Mei means.
    LUSH OASIS (Area 3)
    The oasis is located to the right side of where you met Lucci at the start.
    Once you met the lost deers, take it back to the oasis.
    In the oasis, make your way to the right side. There is a small chest and a
    HIDDEN CHEST in the pond.
    Go over to the deer. Then take it back to its santuary at the oasis. End
    of quest.
    Now go to the left side, which is southeast from Fang. Just outside the
    farm is Jedd. Talk to him, and he will mention about the farm infested with
    Canyon Crawlers.
    FARMING FIELD (Area 4)
    The farm is made up of 3 parts. The northern farm, eastern farm, and 
    southern farm. Once you talk to Jedd, a cutscreen appear showing what the 
    Canyon Crawlers look like.
    QUEST 5: INFESTATION (Do as follow)
    Help Jedd. The farm is infested by crawlers.
    North Farm	: 5 Crawlers
    East Farm	: 5 Crawlers
    South Farm	: 6 Crawlers
    Enter the farm to the left, its the north farm. Defeat all the bugs there.
    Then to the south farm. There is a small chest to the south of the south
    farm. Then make your way to the east farm. There is a HIDDEN CHEST on the
    second level of the east farm. At the left side of the house on the second
    Return to Jedd, and take him to the blocked road. He will perform a lift
    which will clear the path. End of quest.
    With the path cleared, you sould be able to get to the dam.
    QUEST 6: BAD WATER (Any Sequence)
    Remember Fang? Well, here's what we must do. Go across the bridge to INSPECT
    the pump at the dam. You will notice that a HIDDEN CHEST is nearby, but you
    can't open it. And there is a staircase next to the pump. Ignore that for
    now, go back across the bridge. Then use FOCUS MOVE on the pile of woods
    that blocks the dam.
    Once done, go up the stairs to toss the lucky coin. Remember? End of quest.
    And yes, at the time you reached the dam, a cutscreen shows many machines.
    Its a quest.
    QUEST 7: A MACHINE-FREE WORLD (Any Sequence)
    You must be wondering why I marked it as any sequence. Well thats because
    you can do this quest along with doing the Fang's.
    Anyway, you must defeat 66 machines. Don't expect it to regenerate each time
    you leave the dam area. Its not like that.
    You must defeat all machines in the dam area, infront of the fortress, and
    all that is found in the fortress. And there's exactly 66 of it. There's
    5 types of machines, Inferno, Stomper, Tempest, Guarder, and Soaker.
    Once done. End of quest.
    Now make your way to the fortress.
    FORTRESS (Area 5)
    Each time you meet machines just defeat it as your quest 7 is not yet done
    by this time. As you are still alone as Aang without your friends. Ignore
    the left path, as you need Katara's help. To the right is Haru in a cage.
    But ignore him too, as you need Sokka to open the cage. Sokka and Katara is
    up north.
    QUEST 8: RESCUE FRIENDS (Do as follow)
    I did not explain this quest from start of this stage. Anyway, now I will.
    You had talked to the elder, which is part 1 of this quest. Then you asked
    Jedd's help to open the path to the fortress, which is part 2. Then now
    this one, which is part 3.
    Go north into the fortress. To the left is Sokka. Use FOCUS MOVE to open
    the flying cage. To the right is Katara, but you can't help her yet.
    Go back to the entrence, help Haru first. Next to him is a Large Chest.
    Then make your way back to where Katara is. Use Haru to make bridges out
    of stalagnites. To the left is a small chest just before reaching Katara.
    Once you freed Katara, she urges the party to go after Lian. End of quest.
    But we are not going to do that as yet. Remember the HIDDEN CHEST I said to
    ignore at the dam? Well, go there and use Haru to open it. Then go north
    towards the fortress, to the left of the dam, is a waterfall. Use Katara to
    open the HIDDEN CHEST there. Then back to the fortress. Just outside the 
    fortress is a HIDDEN CHEST, use Sokka. 
    Now enter the fortress, go left. Use Katara to make a bridge over the lava.
    Make your way in. At the end of the path is a cutscreen showing a Fire
    Nations General hidding behind some rocks. He then tried to make haru drop
    the rock he's trying to move to get to the next path. But then the general
    fell into the rapids below after letting go of Aang's helping hand.
    Make your way further, until you reach the far northwest side. By now your
    quest 7 should have complete. Time for Boss Fight.
    A cutscreen appear showing the party running after Lian, but then got trapped
    in the room. Then a machine appear.
    Like the previous 2 machines, this one is much larger than the second. Except
    this machine can drop 3 smaller machines to fight you. Its twice more
    difficult to defeat. But to defeat it is the same way as defeating the 
    previus 2 machines.
    Once done, go to the right side of the room. There is an Earthbender Scroll,
    INSPECT it. Then go to the left door. Use Haru FOCUS MOVE to open the door.
    Another cutscreen. This time its a much larger machine. The largest of the
    4. The silly thing is that all the machines looks simmilar, except for some
    minor differences here and there.
    A long dialog between your party and Lian. Then she shows 3 person behind
    her. A waterbender name Zuko, An Earthbender from the forest stage who is
    a friend of Haru, and a Fire Nation Soldier.
    Now you know that the 2 benders which is Zuko and Haru's friend is not
    kidnapped but ran off to team up with Lian to build the machines. Then, the
    machine light up.
    Time to fight the last Boss in the game. Its so darn difficult to destroy
    it. You'll have to wait until the machine stops and the wheels turn red.
    Attack the wheels and the centre part. In time, you should defeat it. But its
    not the end of the machine.
    A cutscreen showing Aang and friends thinking that they had destroyed the
    machine, while Haru was injured by a machine part that fell and hit his
    arm. Then Katara jumps to protect Aang. And was injured too.
    Then Lian brags about her machine. Aang then turn into an Avatar. 3 new
    skills are learned.
    The screen will also turn blurr. Use Aang's ultimate skills to destroy the
    machine for good.
    A cutscreen appear showing Lian lost, then haru going over to his Earthbender
    friend and help him up.
    Then the party rides on Appa and make their way back to somewhere....I don't
    know. Maybe Haru and his friend goes back to the Forest, while Aang and the
    rest goes back to Master Wei. Who knows !!! Just some wild guess.
    				@@ END OF GAME @@
    1. What happen if I don't follow doing the quests in the order in your 
    	Well, in some cases nothing will happen, especially if you not do
    	in the order illustrated in this guide for those marked as, "Any
    	Sequence". But for those I marked as, "Do as follow", well be 
    	prepared to play the game over from the stage 1. Of cause this does
    	not apply for some of the stages. But it can cause you not able to
    	complete the stage in 100% completion, or cause you not to be able
    	to progress to other areas in the stage, which in turn causes your
    	game to freeze a.k.a must start over the stage. This of cause apply
    	if you saved the game after every boss fight, but not in the middle
    	of the stage. But you will have to start from scratch if you saved
    	the game each time you see a save point but had made a mistake,
    	causing the quest to not be able to complete. This happened to me,
    	I killed the bugs in the fortress area, saved it, then talk to the
    	earthbender there. Thus I got the quest to kill the bugs later after
    	already killing it and saved the game.
    2. Will the enemies regenerate each time you re-enter an area?
    	In most cases yes. But enemies to kill such as the bugs in the
    	fortress area and the quest to destroy machines, NO! it don't.
    3. Can I complete a stage with completion level of less than 90%?
    	Yes, so long you did the essential quest. Essential quests are the
    	quest you see at the top of your JOURNAL section in the Character
    	Menu, and is viewable each time you start a stage. Completing it
    	will open the BOSS FIGHT. But you do still need around 60-80%
    	completion on each stage.
    4. Can I talk to the Good Captain after Katara is Rescued (in stage 2)?
    	You can't. By the time you enter the prison gate and a cutscreen
    	appear showing the owner of the cloths recoqnising you. At that very
    	moment, you will lose your disguise. The captain will only talk to
    	his subordinates in uniform. Other than that, he will attack.
    5. How do I know where the Momo Objects is?
    	Simple, each time you use Momo and explore the areas in the stage,
    	if you have the vibration turned ON, it will vibrate. And you will
    	know of its exact location by looking for a tear-like fire.
    6. How to unlock the Galleries?
    	I'm not very certain. But it must have something to do with how many
    	SET ITEMS you have collected. By Stage 3, you should have unlocked
    	the Level Art Gallery. By stage 5, you should have unlocked the
    	Story Board Gallery. While the Character Story Board Gallery will
    	be unlocked after Stage 6, that is if you have collected all the set
    	items in the game. Unfortunately I didn't. I missed Sokka's last
    	set item for the Armor. I got it the first time, but missed the 
    	second time I play.
    7. I can't aquire the Ball for the Childs Play Quest in stage 2?
    	After you get the quest from Liang, go north to get the Panda Doll,
    	return it to her. She will ask for help to get the other toy. Even
    	if you go to the southwest area, you won't get it. You have to talk
    	to a lady walking around near the well where Liang is. Ask her for
    	info about toys. She will then say something about animals like to
    	hide things they found in bushes. Only then can you get the ball in
    	the southwest. 
    8. I remove points and place it in the other moves that I want to use, but
       but I can't use it. Why?
    	That's because you're in Auto-Assign mode. Switch to Manual-Assign.
    	That way you'll be free to assign the moves you want to use.
    9. Where is Sokka's second SET ITEM for the trinket in Stage 2?
    	I have no idea. I completed stage 2 in 98%. Which is the only stage
    	that I completed less than 100%. With the quest all done. Maybe I
    	forgot to go back to one of the person in stage 2 after doing his
    	or her quest. You should go back to talk to the very same person
    	who gave you the quest, because he or she will reward you with
    	something or nothing.
    Last WORDS
    So that's wrap up my walkthrough guide. And will be my last, since from this
    point on, its PS3 in season. While I don't have PS3 up to this moment, and
    may not have it for 1 or so years ahead. Since I'm not certain yet about the
    prospect of owning a PS3 at this time, since its still relatively new.
    This guide takes 3 days to complete, as I have to type and play the game 
    at the same time. I hope my readers appreciate it. And ignore the bad
    grammer and spelling mistakes. I'm too lazy to edit it.
    GOODBYE !!!!!
    				     @@@@    @@@@@
    				     @@@    @
    				     @@	@  @
    				@@@ ENJOY THE GAME! @@@

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