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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Arilayna

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 07/06/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dead Reefs
    Dream Catcher Interactive, Streko-Graphics, Summer 2007
    This is an attempt at a **SPOILER FREE** walkthrough.  I've 
    tried to mark all the puzzles so you can try to solve them 
    yourself and I've tried to leave out plot, so this is 
    pretty barebones.  I do have the solutions for the 
    puzzles, I just mark them in advance.  If I feel I have too
    much of a spoiler, it is clearly marked.
    I.  Controls
    II. Walkthrough
      a.  Opening Scenes/pier
      b.  Baron's Estate
        b.1 WARDROBE PUZZLE #1
        b.2 PIANO PUZZLE
      c.  Cemetry
      d.  Baron's Estate
      e.  Signal Cliffs
      f.  Madam Sue
      g.  Inventer Terril
        g.1  TIRELL'S PUZZLE
      h.  Cemetry
      i.  Baron's Estate/Town
      j.  New Location: Shore
      k.  Inventor Terril
        k.1 LIBRARY PUZZLE - The Fall of Darkness
      l.  Madam Sue
      m.  Town
      n.  Cemetry
      o.  Shore
      p.  Cemetry
      q.  Baron's Estate
      r.  New Location:  Lighthouse
      s.  Town
        s.1 CLOCK PUZZLE
        s.2 PIGEON PUZZLE
      t.  Pier
        t.1 SHIP PUZZLE
      u.  Inventor Tirell
      v.  Thunder Island
        v.1 FINAL PUZZLE
    **Please note there are many things that you can do in more than one order
    so my walkthrough may not be exact to what you have already accomplished**
    The controls in this game can take a little getting used to.  There is NO 
    mouse use in this game.  Everything in controlled via the keyboard.
    W, A, S, and D are for movement, while the arrow keys are for other 
    functions of the character.  These are unable to be changed at this time. 
    Or, at the very least, there is no option for it.
    Up Arrow – Speak, you will see a mouth icon for people you can speak
    Right Arrow – Use/Interact, you will see a hand icon on things with
    which you can interact, you will often also get an Eye icon (left arrow)
    see below.
    Down Arrow – Inventory, pushing the down arrow will bring up the
    items in your inventory.  Use D and A to shuffle through your inventory
    Left Arrow – View/Look, you will see an Eye icon whenever your character
    can take a closer look at something.
    Other controls of importance:
    N will bring up your notebook/journal.  Use D and A to shuffle
    through the pages.
    X allows you to use search mode, which will give you an Eye icon over
    items in the room that you can interact with, but only if you are standing
    close enough to the item.
    Q will bring up your documents, which is your notebook
    Combining items: 
    To combine two items in your inventory, you must shuffle through your 
    inventory to find the first item and then hit'W'.  Shuffle through
    your inventory to find the second item and hit the up arrow on your
    keyboard to combine the items.  From there, you can hit 'W' again to
    combine those two items with a third item, or you can hit the right
    arrow to use the combined items.  Note: only items that are supposed
    to be combined can be combined.  
    Using the Map:
    Press 'M' to open your map.  Use the 'A' and 'D' buttons to shuffle
    through the destinations on the map.  When you have the one you want
    highlighted in red, press space bar to go to that place.
    *With this walkthough, I will attempt to give hints before giving the 
    answer, and I will also try to not spoil the plot, although given that this 
    IS a walkthrough, there will be some spoilers.  Please be advised.
    A. Your character arrives at the pier, view cutscene, walk up the stairs 
    towards the man in black, Mr. Hooke.  View dialogue options.  Check 
    your notebook ('N').  This will update any time you hear the 
    scratching sounds or see the pen and paper icon in the top left corner 
    of your screen.
    After conversing with Mr. Hooke, walk around for a bit.  The locals 
    won't talk to you, but you should be able to walk up and examine one 
    of the symbols drawn on the wall.  If none of the others works, you 
    can examine the symbol on inn's door.  Enter the inn and talk to 
    Shedwick, the innkeeper.
    The innkeep will direct you to your right where Mr. Hooke is waiting 
    to speak to you.  Afterward, speak the innkeep again before leaving.
    Outside of the inn, go straight off the stairs and turn to your 
    character's left.  Walk under the archway into the next loading 
    screen.  Walk straight ahead and take the stairs to the left.  Keep 
    moving forward until you cross the bridge.  You should move through 
    another loading screen to the Baron's estate.
    B.  Baron's Estate
    Up the front steps and knock twice to get the steward to answer.  
    Once he lets you in, step forward and notice the left wing.  Follow 
    the steward up the steps to the landing and examine both paintings.  
    Speak to the steward.
    Once you are in your room, examine the wardrobe and desk for a cut 
    scene.  Afterwards, examine the wardrobe again.
      Use you walking stick to uncover a secret.  Interact with
      the secret to produce the puzzle.  
      To answer the puzzle, leave your bed room.
      The code for the puzzle in the closet corresponds to the
      family crest that is hanging in the hall outside your
      room.  The correct answer to the puzzle is:
       Top -    Fleurs  --- Lion
       Bottom - Sword   --- Cannon
    Enter passageway, follow the stairs up.  Enter hallway with 3 doors.  
    Enter 1st door on the right.  Be sure to examine: Bureau (diary entry, 
    open drawer, take key) chest, borded up door, and fireplace.  Leave 
    room.  The room across the hall doesn't open, so enter the room at 
    the end of the hall, you'll need to use the key you got from the last 
    room (use the down arrow to bring up your inventory, use 'D' to shuffle
    through your inventory to the key, press the right arrow on your 
    keyboard to use the key on the door).  Once you're in the room, examine
    the chair, music box, collections of stuff on the walls, and the
      You need to open the door through the fireplace.
      In order to open the door, you must go to the piano and play the short
      snippet from the music box.  Using the last three keys on the piano, 
      play them in this order: 2-3-2-1.  The passageway will slide open.
    Take the lamp from the right hand side of the fireplace and use it to
    enter the passageway.
    Go down the stairs and at the first fork on the path take the corridor
    to you character's right (your left).  At the second fork, take the path
    on your character's left.  View the scene and grab the key from the 
    pedestal.  Back track to the first fork and go straight down the hall
    you haven't been in before.  Go forward across the small bridge.  View
    the scene and use the key you just got to open the gate in front of you.
    Pass through the gate and use your right arrow to interact and leave.
    C.  Cemetary
    view the cutscene at the graves straight ahead of you.  Walk through
    the hold in the wall to the cemetary.  Pass through the archway to the 
    area with the mausolem and house.  View scene.  Walk up to the mausolem 
    and examine the door.  Turn around and go to the house behind you.  Enter
    and speak to Oliver.  Grab keys from the wall and head back to the
    family tomb.  Use keys on timb door.  Go back to Oliver's house.
    Loot the toolbox on the table to your character's left for a crowbar,
    key, and sharpening stone (looks like a flat rock).  Use the single key
    on the door to the tomb.  Combine the sharpening stone with the key ring
    and use them on the door to the family tomb.
    Once in the tomb, head downstairs. To your character's right is Patrick's
    body.  View the body (left arrow), interact with the body right arrow),
    view the body again (left arrow), and interact with the body (right arrow).
    Cross the floor to find Clarissa's coffin and examine it.  Use the crowbar 
    to open the coffin.  Leave the tomb.
    Walk straight ahead of you and speak to the witch.  View cutscenes.  Walk
    across graveyard to the wall and follow the walk to your right until you 
    find the v-shaped hole in the wall.  Examine the piece of man's clothing
    that you find there.  Go back and talk to the witch again.  Leave 
    cemetary through the gate near Oliver's house.  View cutscene.
    D.  Baron's Estate
    Leave your room.  Turn to the right.  Find the door on the left hand side
    of the hallway that is not barred or bolted shut and go through.  Walk
    down this hallway to the painting of Clarissa.  Turn to the character's
    right and walk down the stairs.  Head to the right and enter the right
    wing of the house.  In the hallway, turn to the left and go through the 
    door at the end of the hall.
    Speak to the cook, Mervin.  Go down the stairs in the corner of the room
    to the basement.  Examine the bottle on the shelf to the character's left.
    Go back to the kitchen and speak to the cook again.  Leave the kitchen.
    Go straight down the hall to the steward's room and speak to the steward.
    Leave.  Go back up the stairs to the portraits.  Turn right.  Go down the
    hallway to the doors opposite each other.  Use Patrick's key on the door
    and enter.  Examine the room.  Pick up the rope, map of the island, smelly
    bottle, and leave the room.  Back track down stairs to the basement and use
    the smelly bottle you just picked up while examining the bottle on the shelf.
    Exit via the garden door ahead and to the left of you after the mini scene 
    and view the footsteps on the ground in front of you.  Go back inside and
    upstairs to the kitchen.  Speak to the cook again.  Leave kitchen.
    Go back down the hallway towards the steward's room, but instead of entering
    the steward's room, enter the room to the right and speak to the laundry
    woman, Ms. Hemfry.  Leave.  Go back upstairs to Patrick's room, cross the 
    hall and enter Edward's room.  Walk up the stairs and towards the back of
    the room you will find Edward.  Speak to him two times.  Go downstairs and
    poke the fireplace with your walking stick.  Leave Edward's rooms.
    Head back down the hallway but don't leave.  Turn left and go through the 
    door at the end of the hall.  Speak to Sir Aurthor Wyndham.  After dialogue,
    leave and meet Mr. Hooke outside the front door downstairs.
    E.  Signal Cliffs
    Turn around and investigate the place you are standing.  Move further up 
    the hill and into the wooden pavillion built on the cliff.  Look familiar?
    It should.  Examine the boards of the railing on the far side over the cliff.
    Walk down past the place where you started and follow the path down and around
    the curve.  Head to the edge of the water and continue forward until you are
    underneath the wooden pavillion.  Use your walking stick on the ground in 
    front of you.  Walk back up the path and head up the stairs.  You should
    get a map icon in the upper left corner of your screen.  You can now
    use the map to travel.  
    You can exit the cliffs to you left and it will put you at the inn.  Enter 
    and speak to Shedwick briefly.  Afterwards, use your map to travel to 
    Madam Sue's hut in the swamp.
    F.  Madam Sue
    Travel to the swamp and walk forward, enter the house, and speak to the
    witch.  Watch scene and turn to the table behind you.
    The clues on the paper correspond to the runes that you need to draw
    King Frog -- Spider -- Ant Eggs -- Acorn -- 100 year old moss
    Use 'W' and 'S' to highlight the rune you want and spacebar to draw it on 
    the board.  After you're finished speak with Benish again.  Leave her hut
    and travel to Inventor Terril.
    G.  Inventer Tirell
    Please note:  In some places Master Tirell is referred to as "alchemist"
    and in others, "inventor".  It is the same person, either way.
    Walk forward and examine the machines.  Read the challenge left for you
    by Tirell.
    You could probably find a solution to this by doing a search if you need
    a visual to help you figure it out.
    Form an 'A' shape with three lines, or form an 'X' and then use the third
    line to separate the letters that are still together.
    Use the resulting message on the capsule in the machine.  Take the capsule
    and use it on the other machine.  Walk over draw bridge and enter the 
    inventor's tower.  Go up winding stair case on the right.  Turn left and go
    to the door at the end of the hall.  Speak to Tirell.  Go back downstairs
    and keep going further down the spiral stairs.  Pick up ladle to the left of 
    the door.  Interact with aquarium.  Pick up needle/thread from next to the 
    bed.  Combine needle and thread to make a fishing hook.  Pick up jar, pieces
    of food, and electrodes from table.  Combine the electrodes and jar.  Get the
    fly from the spiderweb to the left of the door.  Combine the fly with the 
    fishing hook and use it on the aquariu.  Leave the tower and use your map
    to get to the Cemetry.
    H.  Cemetry
    Head to the family tomb and try the door.  Go to Oliver's house.
    This puzzle cannot be solved right away, you'll need to come back for it.
    I.  Baron's Estate
    Try Edward's room.  Enter the Baron's room again and take the family chronicle.
    Grab the list of books for publication.  Speak to the Steward.  Leave the 
    estate and use the map to get to Town.  Listen in on the locals.  Use your 
    map to get to the Shore.
    J. New Location on Map: Shore
    Walk forward and watch scene, look at body.  Speak to Hooke, examine body again.
    Take amulet from body.  Use the map to get back to the inventor.
    K. Inventor Tirrel
    Speak to the inventor.  Head downstairs and take the candle from the barrel in 
    the room with the exit out of the tower.  Continue down the stairs to the 
    area with the aquarium.  View the machine in the right corner.
    K.1 LIBRARY PUZZLE - The Fall of Darkness
    Use the initials of the book.
    Point at 'T' using 'A' and 'D' keys.  Then use the lever.  Point and 'F' and
    use the level again.  The machine should get you the book.
    Please note: if you are using a different language of the game (Italian,
    German, etc.) the letters that you need will be different.  Some of them are
    listed on the forums.  Read the book and leave the inventer's tower.  Use
    the map to get to Madam Sue's hut.
    L. Madam Sue
    View Benish Sue.  Take the knife and leave the hut.  Follow the footprints to 
    your character's left to the forest.  Keep following the footprints on the
    ground.  Once you reach the first problem area, find a rock on the ground
    and combine it with your rope.  Continue to follow the footprints until 
    you find the ship.
    It is possible to die here.
    Step aboard the ship.  Interact with the bell and then QUICKLY walk forward
    to the rope on the left side of the ship and cut it with your knife.  Use 
    rope on the man on the deck.  Enter the ship.  Take the note and demon book
    from the table and the potion on the barrel.  You will need the goat's skull
    later, so remember where it is.  Leave the inside of the ship to interogate
    the man on deck.  Use your map to get back to town.
    M. Town
    Knock on Hooke's door, near the bridge to the Baron's Estate with the stag
    heads out front.  Note loose step.
    Return to inn and talk to innkeeper.
    N.  Cemetry
    At the grave where you first met the witch, note the vandalism.  Take the 
    shroud that you find there.  Use the shroud on the scarecrow.  Return to
    the ship you were just at for the goat's skull.  It shows up on your map
    as a new location: Sloop.  Get the skull from inside the ship and take 
    note of the man on the deck.  Travel back to the cemetry and use the skull
    on the scarecrow.  Use the candle on the scarecrow as well.  Take the keys
    to the cemetry from Oliver's house again.  Use the keys on the tomb door.
    Use fish on Patrick's body.  Leave tomb.  Use the map to get to the shore.
    O.  Shore
    Speak to the boy in front of you after examining his bottle.  Solve the 
    fish puzzle.
    Search for fish matchstick puzzle online for a visual of the solution
    Move the top three sticks symmetrically to the bottom of the fish.
    Take the fish the boy offers for your help.  Return to cemetry.
    P.  Cemetry
    Enter tomb and use the jar with the fish on Patrick's body.  Watch scenes 
    and try to leave.  Pick up two pieces of rope from around the body.
    Combine the pieces of rope and use them on the window.  Use the crowbar 
    on Clarissa's coffin.  Interact with the window to leave.  Use the map
    to get to the Baron's Estate.
    Q.  Baron's estate
    Talk to Mr. Belmont, the steward.  Talk to Ms. Hemfry.  LOOK at Edward's 
    door for a comment about pins.  Speak to Ms. Hemfry.  Use the pin on 
    Edward's door.  Use the pin on the Baron's balcony door.  Climb over
    railing and walk to Edward's balcony.  Use your walking stick on the
    fireplace.  Take the diary page from the fireplace.  View Edward's 
    painting that he woulnd't let you see upstairs.  Leave Edward's 
    rooms via the balcony.
    Go back to your room in the Baron's estate.  Open the wardrobe and
    use the puzzle to enter the passageway once again.  Go up the stairs
    and into the room at the end of the hall.  Use the piano to gain access
    to the second passage.  Use your lamp on the fireplace to enter.
    Follow the caves to the place where you originally found the key
    to open the gate (character's right at the first fork and left
    at the second).
    The answer to the roman numerals puzzle can be found in Edward's
    room...it is also copied by your character into his journal.
    Spin the disks with the roman numerals so that they show the 
    numbers in this order (top to bottom).  Use spacebar to cycle
    through the numbers and 'S' to move between disks.
    VIII, II, X, VI
    Go down the stairs and through the door that just opened.  When
    you are finished there, leave the caves via the well as you
    did the first time you were there.
    Speak to the innkeeper, Shedwick.  Use your map to get to the
    new location:  Lighthouse.
    R.  Lighthouse
    Climb the stairs of the lighthouse and speak to the lighthouse
    keeper, Skipper.  Use your map to travel back to the pier
    area and speak again with the innkeep.  Get the keys and enter
    the cellar.  The door is to the character's right in the room
    where you met with Hooke.  You will need to travel to the room 
    furthest in the back.  Pick up key on table nearby.  Use the keys 
    given to you to open the chest.  Leave the inn and travel back
    to the lighthouse.  
    Go up the stairs of the lighthouse and view the scene.  Use the
    spyglass to look at the cliffs.  Turn left a little and zoom in.
    After the scene shifts, follow the path around the curve.  Just 
    after the curve, there is a rope on the ground.
    Use the rope.  Watch the scene and choose wisely!  One of them
    is guilty and one is not.  If you choose the correct party, 
    speak quickly to him, or he will kill you.  If you are stuck I 
    will post the correct sequence of events to get you through alive
    below after a lot of space.  If you want to figure it out for 
    yourself, DON'T KEEP READING!!
    Don't keep reading if you don't want to know!  I don't
    want the guilt of ruining plot for people!  The guilty
    party is Hooke.  In order to get through this part of the 
    game, you must accuse Hooke, immediatly tell him the gun
    is empty, and hit the right arrow key to disarm him.  
    When you are hanging from the cliff, you have to hit 
    the right arrow key to pull yourself up, as well.
    Take the gun from the floor of the cave.  The other gun stayed
    hovered in the air for me, but you don't have to pick it up,
    so ignore it if that happens.  Enter the cave behind the
    non-guilty character and pick up the page.  Leave the cave 
    and speak to the "non-guilty character."  Use the map and 
    travel to town.
    S.  Town
    Straight ahead of you is Hooke's house, so walk there and 
    look at the door.  Use the crowbar on the loose step and 
    use the broken step on the ladder to the left of the door.
    Use the ladder to climb inside.  Open the wardrobe and view
    the cape.  Take the note from the cape.  View the hankerchief
    on the table and go downstairs.  View the clock and the scuffled
    floor near the clock.
    You must set the clock to the time mentioned in the demon book.
    You must use the 'A' and 'D' keys to get the clock to read 12:45.
    Move the clock aside and walk into the area beyond and up the 
    stairs.  View the birds towards the back of the room.
    **SAVE AGAIN!!**
    The paper you retrieved from the cape upstairs gives you the order
    in which you must click a certain 8 birds.
    2 * * * * * 7
    8 * 1 3 * 5 *
    * 4 * * * * 6
    click the birds in numerical order.  Do not click any other birds
    and don't click them in the wrong sequence!!
    Get the page.  Leave the house via the window that you came in.
    T.  Town
    Return to the inn and speak to the innkeeper.  Speak to the 
    fisherman on the docks all the way in the far corner.  Speak to
    Shedwick again, speak to Peet, watch cutscenes.
    Upper deck
    Examine the two doors and barrel
    Walk up the stairs and take the hook from the railing on the right
    Walk up more stairs and take the rope coiled on the ground to the 
    right.  Combine the rope and hook.  Turn around and cross the ship
    all the way at the other side there is a railing on the left side
    with a crack.  Use the grappling hook to get inside.
    Lower Deck
    Go to your character's right and pass through the doorway.  Walk
    to the door at the top of the hall, it can be hard to see.  Go
    up the stairs and enter the room.  Use the walking stick on the
    map behind the steering wheel.  Use the amulet on the wheel.
    Turn the wheel until the amulet is pointing at the letter B.
    View the back of the wheel for the code you need and use it like 
    you would a safe.
    View the letters on the back of the wheel while the amulet is
    pointing at the letter B.  The letters are YRFZ.  Return to the
    front of the wheel.  Turn the wheel:
    couterclockwise to point at Y, press spacebar
    clockwise to point at R, press spacebar
    counterclockwise to point at F, press spacebar
    clockwise to point at Z, press spacebar.  
    Retrieve the runes from the wheel, exit the room, and try to 
    leave through the door you came in.  Examine the cannon on the
    platform to the right of the stairs.  The object is to place
    three cannonballs on the platform with the cannon, and some
    extra weight.  Each cannonball must be placed before you can 
    pick up the next ball.
    Cannonball #1 is straight ahead of the cannon on the floor.
    Cannonball #2 is at the bottom of the stairs to your right.
    Cannonball #3 is on the same floor at the cannon, but across 
    the room on the left side in a chest.
    Near the chest is a barrel.  Use your walking stick on the barrel
    and pick up the shrapnel/buckshot.  Use that on the platform.
    Return to Peet on the little boat.  Once on the docks, use your
    map to travel to the inventor's tower.
    U.  Inventor Tirell
    Look at the front of the flying machine in the main room and
    at the barrier in front of the flying machine.  Look at the
    chalkboard next to Tirell.  Take the blue reactant from next
    to Tirell.  Go to the top of the tower and take the empty jar
    from the table.  Return to the room with the machine and grab 
    the empty jar to your character's left as he is coming through
    the door.  It's on the floor.  
    Go to the full jar across the room from the blackboard on the
    table.  Use the two empty jars on the full jar to place them 
    on the table.  
    You need 4oz. of the clear liquid, so pour the liquid between
    the three jars until one jar has exactly 4 oz.
    Pour 8oz. jar into 5oz. jar
    pour 5oz. jar into 3oz. jar
    pour 3oz. jar into 8oz. jar
    pour 5oz. jar into 3oz. jar
    pour 8oz. jar into 5oz. jar
    pour 5oz. jar into 3oz. jar
    You should have automatically picked up the middle jar with 
    exactly 4oz. of clear liquid in it.  Return to the front of 
    the flying machine.  Use the jar of liquid on the barrier and
    use the reactant on the jar.  Retreat to the front of the 
    flying machine and use the pistol on the flying machine.  
    Watch cutscene.
    V.  Thunder Island
    Try to climb the stairs.  Head left and look at mine entrance.
    Head to the right path and use the elavator.  Take gears from
    the wall and use them on the elevator panel (on the side of 
    the elevator).  Look at the crack in the floor.  Go to the 
    table and get the pick axe, tool kit, and mining shoe.  Go
    to the left side of the elevator and use the pickaxe.  Use
    what you get from that on the floor near the crack and get
    the nut.  Use the nut on the elevator.  Go back up and use
    the tool kit on the flying machine.  Climb the stairs that
    you tried climbing before.
    **SAVE NOW!**
    Use the book and pages that you've gathered to prepare for
    and conduct the ritual.  This is probably the toughest part
    of the game.
    *****FINAL PUZZLE WARNING!!******
    If you want to figure it out for yourself, don't read on!
    Giving directions here is tough, so look around and 
    familiarize yourself with the layout of the area.  Examine
    the small pillar on the left or in the back to see what runes
    are associated with which demons.  View the glass globe and 
    the stone spikes (there are five).  View pedestal where the 
    relic sits and the stone vein in front of it.  Use the pick 
    axe on the stone vein.
    Go to the glass globe and view where all the runes go on the
    stone spikes.  If you want to, you can place all five runes.
    You will know you have placed it correctly when the runes 
    light up above the pillar in the center.
    You only need to place 3 of the runes to complete the ritual.
    Place the 3 runes, Acra, Zeph, and Inus on their proper spikes.
    Acra - to the right of the bottom of the steps in front of the 
    glass globe.
    Zeph - Across from the glass globe, take the stairs leading down.
    The bridge should be on your right and the stone spike for Zeph
    will be in front of you.
    Inus - Near the pillar that lights up with the runes, the spike 
    is inbetween the two arches that look like something from stonehenge.
    (They kinda look like squared arches).
    After the runes are in place, place the relic on the relic pedestal.
    Once you have control of your character again, move a little forward
    and slightly left to interact with the stone vein that you moved
    earlier.  Watch the cut scene.
    ~THE END~
    If you have questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free
    to email me at: Unearthlydelite@yahoo.com.  Please state "Dead Reefs"
    as your subject.
    Thanks for giving this a read through!

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