Recruiting the natives?

  1. How do you get native races to fight on your side? I.E. the mandalorians or the twi'leks or the Noghri.

    User Info: Mrkaine

    Mrkaine - 8 years ago

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  1. Corrupt Militia gives you control over a planet's npc population, as well as forcing the planet to be evacuated of all enemy units and all buildings destroyed if the corruption is ever removed. In other words, the planet becomes unowned by anyone.

    Other methods include Bribe(Tyber Zann ground ability, bribing the npc's doesn't kill them and as such new units will not spawn until they are killed though if controlled units are killed you must bribe the new spawns again), as well as Force Corrupt(Emperor Palpatine ground ability that takes control of nearby enemy units though they continually lose health as they fight due to the bodies shock at being controlled through the force).

    When using Corrupt Militia however, you may only maintain control over the npc units until such time as the planet is conquered. Once you conquer the planet the effect from corruption is removed(though the game keeps track of all the different corruptions you've done in order to meet requirements for corrupting other worlds), and replaced with the benefits of conquering the world(increased credits from a palace, ability to construct buildings, etc).

    User Info: Algolagnia

    Algolagnia - 7 years ago 2 0


  1. It will depend on what faction you're fighting for. The Empire will always have the Noghri on their side during battles on Honoghr, as well as humans on Korriban and so on. There are a few races however that will not fight for ANY side(the Mandalorians are a notable exception). Some are more dangerous than others, too(the Hutts are pathetic compared to the Mandalorians).

    User Info: ChazA4

    ChazA4 - 8 years ago 2 0
  2. Chaz is correct but you can also do is what I believe are corruption missions for certain planets if u can meet the right requirments for it and one of the types of the missions make the natives on ur side.The missions appear on the yellow boxs next to the planet. However if u conquer a planet that can be corrupted without having it become corrupted first it is ur loss because every option u can do is worth it.Make sure u choose the right option for the right cause.

    User Info: ZWolf2198

    ZWolf2198 - 8 years ago 0 2
  3. I know that on Endor, Mon Calamari, and Bothawui, if you are playing as the Rebels, those natives fight for you.... so, yeah go w/ Chaz & Algolania's answers

    User Info: Knightrunner369

    Knightrunner369 - 7 years ago 0 0

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