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"Oh goody goody"

There are very few games I follow from their announcement to their release and even fewer add-ons. Star Wars: Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption was one of those games. I was actually very lucky to get a copy the day it was released in Canada.

FoC is an add-on in the loosest sense of the word. Sure it adds a new “faction” to play and some new units but the campaign leaves a lot to be desired. You can only play as the newest faction: The Zann Consortium lead by Tyber Zann and his roving band of misfits. Sure there are some new units for the Empire and Rebellion, but you don't get to use them unless you play Galactic Conquest or on line.

The Zann Consortium is very over powered. For the most part, they can handle anything that is thrown at them. About the only time I had issues was in space battles. It doesn't take many fighters to over powered their ships until you get Crusader-class Corvette which can be upgraded with “Point Defense”, an ability that can destroy incoming missiles and torpedoes. They can also kill most fighters with ease making them a deadly force when paired with Interceptor IV's or some Keldabe-class battleships.

I found the campaign mode in FoC more of a chore to finish than fun. You can literally corrupt every planet, make enough cash, then conquer them without any resistance. Also, the building known as “The Palace” acts as a mine for the Consortium and you will likely have one on every planet so you will have no problems with cash at the end of the day. Of course one of the units you build can actually sabotage your opponents base without being detected, bringing down shields or, if you have the credits, you can bring down every structure and mop up the remaining infantry and vehicles.

FoC has some major bugs that should have been removed from the game before it even hit store shelves. One of the first noticeable ones is while playing GC with the rebels, you will not be able to get past Tech level 2, and if you try to skip ahead in the options before the game, you sometimes will not get the heroes you should. Also, another huge one I noticed and while playing campaign some of the missions you have to corrupt a planet before you capture it. Some corruption abilities require the use of a hero. Normally your hero come back when you successfully complete the mission, sometimes they don't. Meaning you have to revert to a previous save and not use the corruption option if the hero is required to advance the campaign.

In my opinion, FoC is more an overprices mod than an actual add-on. The lackluster campaign and overall bugs make this game hardly worth the effort and the overly small on line community that actually has the add-on makes it hardly worth the buy at the moment. I would recommend a demo before a purchase.

Star Wars: Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption
ESRB Ratting: T for Teen
Cost: 40 dollars Canadian
Score: 5

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 11/13/06

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