Review by SlickMal

"The ZC conquers all...."

When I first heard about an expansion to EaW, I was overjoyed, and stupidly, rushed to get it as soon as I could.

There's a glimmer of excellence in this exp pack, but it's under heaps of bugs and really bad design decisions. The new side, the Zann Consortium, is a totally overpowered, basically having everything. It's units are substantially better than anything the other sides have, their special abilities range from improbable to plain ridiculous. The abilities of the side are interesting, but likewise, totally overpowered - the corruption ability allows you to do everything from causing revolts on a planet if corruption is removed to simply building enemy units. Cash flow is never a problem. It's quite blatant that Petroglyph have simply slapped a side together with no regard to the universe and simply wanted to make an uberr0xx0r side. It ruins game balance.

The imperials get some interesting kit, though there are still some concerns about the ISD's potency. Items from previous star wars games - like the Tie Defender, Dark Troopers and the Arc Hammer are there.

The rebels get very little. Some new heroes, like Luke and Yoda, are pretty cool, but their new land units include a troop transport with no armour and an MDU (basically a mobile build pad) which is also given to all the other sides. Space units include a B-Wing that isn't as good as the Y-Wing and Torpedo frigate that, while being able to pack a punch, is extremely weak.

Bugs include everything from heroes not turning up because of tech problems to weird choices of voiceovers - rather than being told an enemy fleet is approaching, you get told an "enemy ysalamiri cage constructing". It's clear virtually no testing has been done on the exp pack, as it's balance and level of bugs are incredible.

The campaign is set only from Petro's new pet side, the Zann Consortium, so there's no way to play the rebels/imperials unless in Galactic Conquest.

My advice? Hang fire before you get this pack, and wait until Petro patch this mess. Up until then, you shouldn't approach this pack with a barge pole.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 11/14/06

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