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"An unbalanced, outdated, yet overall okay game."

I hadn't heard much good about this game, but I thought "Hey, the original was good enough. How bad can the expansion be?" Honestly, it's not that bad. New units, new worlds, new features, and a new faction to tie it all together. So then I decided, why not write another review? It's been long enough.

It's good. It really is. Nothing much has changed from the original... except for the whole balance of the game going out of whack. The new faction, the Zann Consortium, is very powerful. As in, unfairly powerful. I've held off huge armies of empire space units with nothing but a level 3 space station and, when I'm lucky, a couple of fighters. It's good if you want an easy game, but for people who want a challenge... not so good.
The new corruption technique that the Consortium can use is very useful. You can cripple the garrison of an enemy world, steal some of their ship technology, and eventually even open a black market to allow for new technologies to be purchased. Naturally, all of this (with the exception of the black market) is utterly pointless considering you can just take over the planet normally without having to buy special units or anything like that. There are also a whole lot of new units - most of them obviously in the Zann Consortium - but only the ones in the new faction really do you any good. You'll still be sticking with the same old strategies you always used for the Empire and Rebellion.

SOUND: 9/10
I love the Star Wars music in pretty much every game and movie they've made, so how can I rate this low?I've heard about some people claiming that sometimes it messes up and plays the wrong sound or something, but I personally have seen nothing of the sort. Maybe my version was newer or something.

A few bugs here and there. Nothing major that I've seen. Just some major balance issues in regards to the Zann Consortium killing everything in sight without much effort, but I've already been over that.

STORY: 6/10
This is one of those stories that you need more background information to fully understand. Naturally, none of that information is provided. You are Tyber Zann, and you want to own the largest crime syndicate in the galaxy. To do this, you have to break out of jail, put Jabba the Hutt out of business, and destroy large chunks of the Empire/Rebellion. It's fairly limiting, as you only act in small sections of the map at a time, but you'll get over it by the time you finish. Not that it takes too long. I took over every available planet and it didn't take me very long at all. Stick with Galactic Conquest for best results.

I normally don't care too much about graphics, but this can get rather ridiculous. Everything has jaggy edges like you wouldn't believe, moreso than any other recent game I've played without AA. There are few details on ships at a distance, and close-up they don't exactly look spectacular. The lasers flying all over the place look nice, at least.

OVERALL: 6.6 (7)/10
The numbers say it's bad, but if you liked the original Empire at War then this is definitely worth picking up. It won't be the best thing you could've spent your money on, but for $20, why not?

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/11/07

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