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"Kind of awkward but good overall."

This is the expansion pack for the popular game star wars empire at war. And it didn't turn out to be a bad pack either in my opinion. Though many find this game screwed up and unfair, I find it a rather interesting way to look at the star wars galaxy. Though I do see the screwed up vision too.

The changes.
The reason people would get this pack is so that they could get changes. The big and obvious one is that there is a new faction for use. The Zann Consortium. Many new and cool units come from this faction. However if you would rather stick with your rebal and imperial stratagies, You can add more units and heroes to your command with new units such as the lancet areial artillary and the dark troopers. More maps are also added such as Kamino and many maps such as alderaan have been rearanged to be more fair. You can also play one side agianst itself.

The story. 8/10
The story line behind Tyber Zann and his criminal empire is all located in a smaller planet range then they were in the other game so theere is less galaxy you need to take control of before taking on the next leval. There are also many levals where you cannot bring in huge amounts of units and win by size. So there is more challenge to many levals. However, there is no story about the empires second death star or Luke becoming a jedi.

Space skirmish battles. 5/10
This is were the game trips and falls. The sides are very unbalanced. The only battles that are worth doing are with the rebellion or the empire. The consortium overpowers the other sides by far. The plus? The lucas arts team has made a patch that will help fix many of those problems, but the side have not quite made it there yet.

land skirmish games. 9/10
This is were the entire game goes up. The land battles are the hte best part of the game. The consortium, rebellion, and empire are more even than they are in space. Outposts replace the mining facilities. You can still get your mining facility by building it the same way you would build a mining facility. Only you can also get the hutt palace, A structure that gives you the same units as the cantena did(there is no cantena any more). You can call down an orbital bombbardment that can not be stoped by any turrets like the bombing run could. The arenas are also more equal and fair than they used to be. However the graphics could still use a bit of work but the land battles are what really makes this game worth getting.

Galactic conquest. 7/10
This has also been improved. The 1v1v1 idea wads a great idea and can be a lot of fun. But this can get annoying when the consortium corrupts planets and sabatoges just about anything. You can also choose what units you want on the ground first when you attack. But overall this is almost no different than the first game. Just a few minor details.

Multiplayer. 9/10
The multiplayer just got better. Mirrior battles allow you to play one faction agianst the other which can prove to be a cool thing. Competing in ladders will allow you to choose your faction instead of it being chosen for you. You will find plenty of people to do a custom match with, However finding people to compete in ladders is a different story and not as easy, but still can be done.
This game is a worthy follow up to the original empire at war but weather it is worth another 10-20 dollars can be the catch and is up to you.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/20/07

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