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    Beginner's Guide by Providence53

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    Beginner's Guide to Guild Wars
    By: Providence53 AKA Sentience
    "Promote quality, discourage crap."
    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History
    III. The Basics of Guild Wars
    	N1. Hero (H)
    	N2. Skills & Attributes
    	N3. Combat
    	N4. Partying and Quests
    	N5. Gear & Items
    	N6. Saving GP
    	N7. Observer Mode (B) & FAQ About Observer Mode
    	N8. PvE Builds
    		X1. Dragon Slasher
    		X2. Minion Master
    		X3. Fire Nuker
    		X4. Heal Monk
    		X5. Spiteful Necro
    		X6. B/P Ranger
    		X7. Protection Monk
    	N9. Heroes
    IV. Crossing Into New Territory
    	H1. Welcome to Cantha!
    	H2. Cantha FAQ Section
    	H3. Welcome to Elona!
    	H4. Elona FAQ Section
    V. Choosing the Class that is Best For You
    	C1. Ranger
    	C2. Monk
    	C3. Warrior
    	C4. Mesmer
    	C5. Necromancer
    	C6. Elementalist
    	C7. Assassin
    	C8. Ritualist
    	C9. Dervish
    	C10. Paragon
    VI. Introduction to PvP
    	P1. Great Temple of Balthazar
    		Z1. Isle of the Nameless
    		Z2. Zaishen Challenge
    		Z3. Zaishen Elite
    	P2. Learning Your Role
    		L1. Warrior
    		L2. Mesmer
    		L3. Elementalist
    		L4. Monk
    		L5. Necromancer
    		L6. Ranger
    		L7. Ritualist
    		L8. Assassin
    		L9. Paragon
    		L10. Dervish
    	P3. Better Builds: CA/Single Player Builds
                    A1. Melandru's Warrior
    		A2. True Warrior's Bane
    		A3. WoH Monk
    		A4. Shattered Necromancer
    		A5. Battle Rager
    		A6. KD Warrior
    		A7. Toucher
    		A8. Illusionary Weapon Master
    		A9. Misty Eyes
    		A10. Monk's Nightmare
    		A11. Slice Slice Dead
    VII. Terminology
    VIII. Emote List
    IX. Guild Creation & Conscription
    X. FAQ
    	Q1. General Game Related Questions
    	Q2. Guild Related Questions
    	Q3. Miscellaneous Questions
    	Q4. Chapter II Questions
    	Q5. Chapter III Questions
    XI. Contact Information
    XII. Credits
    XIII. Copyright Information
    I. Introduction
    Hello!  Chances are you are reading this because you have just gotten into
    Guild Wars and want to know the basics of it before you dive right into it.  If
    that is the case then welcome to the wonderful world of Guild Wars!  If you are
    a seasoned veteran, then remember to bear with all the Newbies you will see in-
    game.  You were one at one point as well!  When I first started this guide, I
    did it out of a love for Guild Wars and the community.  To the casual player
    this may sound a little weird, but having followed Guild Wars since July 2004
    and having played every single beta yet, I felt like it was time to start
    giving something back to the community.
    I used to think that anyone who did a guide for Gamefaqs was a loser with too
    much free time on their hands, but this is not the case.  Some people are just
    compelled to write this kind of thing.  This guide combined 3 things that I
    really like; Writing, Helping out, and playing Guild Wars.
    Having said that, I hope you enjoy and find my guide to be useful.
    II. Version History
    Version 0.5- Finished up the majority of the guide
    Version 1.0- Finished the original guide for GWU
    Version 2.0- Added several new parts to the guide and fixed it up for posting
    at Gamefaqs
    Version 2.3- Redid some parts due to changes in retail, added an FAQ section as
    well as a few new explanations on the guide itself.  So stop e-mailing me about
    the Dye Traders :)
    Version 2.6- Added more to FAQ section, added a Terminology section, explained
    Bork!  Bork!  Bork!
    Version 2.8- Added emote list, added to FAQ section, added Guild Creation
    section.  Also added a section or two here and there and revised spelling.
    Version 3.0- A few minor tweaks and content additions here and there, guide is
    probably done unless a new feature is added in the future to GW(Update, okay so
    I lied :P).
    Version 3.1- Updated contact information, added a few new questions to FAQ
    Version 3.4- Gave the entire guide a facelift and categorized the information
    Version 3.6- Observer mode, detailed class choosing information, and a few
    other tweaks here and there.
    Version 4.0- Probably last update before Factions hits, added info on
    Ritualist, Assassin, added to FAQ section, and an entire section devoted to
    PvP.  Possibly my biggest update yet. :)
    Version 4.1- Added Cantha Info
    Version 4.2- Elona and various large updates
    III. The Basics of Guild Wars
    Before you can run head-first into Guild Wars, there are some basic subjects
    that you need to understand first.
    N1. Hero (H)
    Hero (H) refers to the Hero menu, opened by pressing the H key by default.
    This is where you will be doing all your attribute tweaking and stat tracking
    +Experience Points- Experience Points (Or XP for short) are gained through
    killing monsters and the completion of quests.  The higher the level of the
    monster is, the bigger the XP reward is for killing it.  You will notice a bar
    in this screen as well as a bar on the interface itself that says your level
    and has a bar below it.   As you gain XP this bar will slowly fill up.  You can
    check the bar in your Attribute Table to see exactly how much more XP you have
    to go before you level up.  Currently the maximum level you can obtain is level
    +Fame & Ranks-This is related strictly to PvP.  By winning matches in the
    "Heroes Ascent" you gain points of Fame.  After getting a certain number of
    Fame points your Rank will increase by one and you will be given an emote that
    you can use to show off your accomplishment.
    +Faction Points- Faction is gained from kills/victories in PvP/GvG.  With
    faction you are able to unlock upgrades/skills/runes for use in PvP only
    characters.  You do NOT get these items directly; you only unlock them for the
    account itself.  Different amounts are gained based on the PvP areas you fight
    Titles- Titles are gained through various actions, such as exploring a certain
    percentage of Tyria or by spending a certain number of minutes Drunk.  Most do
    nothing as far as affecting combat, but the Lightbringer title grants you
    damage reduction and damage boosts vs. Abaddon's minions.
    N2. Skills & Attributes.
    +Skill Points-Skill Points are another essential part of Guild Wars.  Through
    gaining levels you also gain Skill Points.  You can also obtain them by
    completing some quests and you will get one per mission you complete in
    addition to getting more by gaining "Ranks" from having Fame.  Every time you
    purchase a skill from a "Skill Trainer" one point is deducted from your total.
    Even after you achieve level 20 you can still get more skill points by filling
    up your XP bar.  Granted, you will not get extra attribute points for this but
    you will get one skill point for it.  The amount of GP a skill costs is
    increased per skill you purchase.
    +Skills-Skills are a defining part of your character.  Some skills enhance your
    attack; Judge's Insight gives your attacks a 20% armor penetration.  Other
    skills like the Elementalists Flare attack deals fire damage to a target.
    Every time you obtain a new skill, the skill is "Unlocked" for your account.
    Meaning that any PvP character you make will have immediate access to this
    skill.  Most skills cost a portion of your mana to cast, but some use
    adrenaline instead.  Let's take a look at a skill called "Smite".
    The 10 with the blue circle next to it represents the mana consumed by casting
    Smite.  The 1 with the clock next to it represents the cast time for the spell,
    for this one it takes 1 second to cast it.  Lastly, the 10 with the curled
    arrow represents the recharge time for the spell, for Smite it takes 10 seconds
    before the spell is usable again.  Adrenaline skills are a bit different
    however.  Adrenaline is how a Warrior charges up many of their skills for use.
    Each time they hit someone they gain a hit of adrenaline in their adrenaline
    charger.  When this charger reaches the amount necessary to use an Adrenaline
    Skill, the skill is then usable.  Skills are obtained by purchasing them from
    Skill Trainers, obtaining them by completing a quest, and by using Signets of
    Capture on bosses.  There are also skills that are called "Elite" because they
    are extremely potent skills.  You may carry only one Elite skill into any given
    battle and they are obtained exclusively through Signet of Captures.
    +Skill Trainers-Skill trainers are the people who will teach you some of your
    skills.  The majority of your skills, however, will come from Quests you obtain
    from NPC's.  For one skill point and some GP (GP amount based on the number of
    skills you have purchased) you may purchase a skill from the Trainer.  Many of
    the Official Guild Wars fan sites have lists of where the Skill Trainers are
    and what skills each one offers.
    +Attributes- To open your attribute table, press K (Assigned by default).  Here
    you will notice a listing of the available attributes.  These attributes will
    vary based on what character class you chose for a primary.  For example, a
    Ranger will have listed Wilderness Survival, Expertise, Marksmanship, and Beast
    Mastery.  It will also tell you how many points are needed to raise the skill
    to the next level.  Each attributes max is level 12 unless you obtain skill
    runes to raise it further.  Each class also has an attribute that is available
    to only the Primary class.  To gain attribute points to raise these skills you
    must gain experience points and levels.
    N3. Combat
    +Basic Combat-To begin combat, you must first go to either an explorable area,
    a mission, or a PvP area.  Before you can stand a chance at winning, you must
    first have a weapon equipped.  To begin attacking, simply click on the desired
    target and your character will run to them to attack.  If you are using a
    ranged weapon, then your character will get within the minimum distance
    required to attack and will then do so.  Use skills to inflict greater damage
    on your enemy and to heal yourself if it becomes necessary.  Many of these
    require mana, so keep an eye on your mana bar as you attack.  If you find
    yourself losing the battle, then you can attempt to run away.  Most enemies
    will chase you for quite a long distance before disengaging.  Your HP will
    slowly regenerate so long as you do not get hit but so will your targets, your
    mana will regenerate regardless of your total HP.  Some skills will hinder your
    ability to regenerate mana for a short time such as Panic and Ether Lord should
    they be casted on you.  If your party dies in a mission then it is game over,
    if you die in an explorable area then you will be taken to the nearest
    Resurrection Shrine and resurrected with a "Death Penalty".  For each time you
    die, you will suffer a temporary loss of -15% health and mana.  You can slowly
    work this penalty off by killing monsters or gaining morale boosts which will
    give you a +2% or by leaving the area entirely and warping back to a town or
    outpost.  Gaining morale boosts when you do not have a DP to work off will give
    you a bonus to your life and mana up to +10%.  If you get down to a -60% DP
    then you will not auto revive and must be revived directly by a teammate.  Note
    that this applies to PvP only.
    +Target Calling/Following the Target-Sometimes when you are playing you may
    notice a message pop up from another player that says, "I'm attacking X target!
    Press T to attack my target!"  This is referred to as a Target Call.  To target
    call, hold control and double click the target of your choice.  People Target
    Call in order to focus attacks on one central target and thus kill them
    extremely quickly, usually they designate a person to carry out this job; they
    are most often referred to as a "Target Caller".  In PvE, it is always a good
    idea to first target the monk type healer, whether it is a Charr Shaman or a
    White Mantle Abbot, a mob without a healer is as good as dead.  Following the
    Target Call greatly increases your chance of survival by quickly eliminating
    key targets.
    N4. Partying and Quests
    +Forming a Party-When you are forming a party to head out on a mission or
    quest, you should form a balanced party.  You want to have a balanced party to
    ensure that you survive the mission to completion.  In Old Ascalon it isn't
    really anything you need to consider since you form parties of 2 people and the
    monsters are pretty easy.  Later on though, you should put some thought into
    the process.  Ideally a four person party consists of a tank, a nuker, and at
    least one healer.  The fourth slot you may do with as you please.  A six person
    team should be constructed similarly but you may want to have 2 healers as
    opposed to just one and an extra tank with you.  An 8 person team is ideally 2
    Healing Monks, a Protection Monk, 1-2 Tanks, A Nuker, an Anti-Caster, and
    whatever else you want.  Making an unbalanced party is a recipe for disaster in
    most cases.
    +Missions & Quests-Missions are the meat of the game; they are what advances
    the main story and introduces you to new areas and towns.  Missions only occur
    in areas that have missions, such as The Wilds or Fort Ranik.  Before heading
    out on a mission you should gather yourself a party.  This party should have AT
    LEAST one primary healer, a tank, a caster (Preferably an Elementalist nuker),
    and then whatever you want for the rest of the slots.  Quests work much
    differently then missions do.  To get a quest, simply look for a NPC with an
    exclamation mark over their head.  Talk to them and they will explain their
    dilemma to you and should you choose to, you can accept the quest that they
    want you to go on.  Keep track of this quest by going to your quest log (L) and
    select it as your active quest.  An arrow will appear on the compass that will
    tell you what direction you need to go in to complete the quest and will also
    appear on the main map (M).
    +Talk to People!-Before you head out of town, take a moment to talk to the
    NPC's.  Some of them offer tidbits of information on the storyline; others will
    offer you a quest to play through.  Either way, it never hurts to talk to
    people and you can only gain from doing so.
     N5. Gear & Items
    +Inventory- To fight you need weapons of course. To equip one press I, that
    will get you to the inventory. There you can see your backpack space, your
    character view and your equipped items. You can drag equip-able items to/from
    the backpack space, and later on, you will be able to buy bags and a belt pouch
    witch will grant you more inventory space, and they'll work like the backpack.
    There are also runes for purchase later on that will double the space of a bag
    when used on it. You also have 4 quick item setups configurable. By default the
    first is selected, but you can change with F1-F4 keys by default, and you can
    set all of them up. You can also use them to configure two weapon sets (like
    sword and shield for warriors) or 4 two handed weapons (like bows).
    +Item selling / trading / modifying NPC's-There are some NPC's in the Guild
    Wars world who you can talk with in order to get some items you will need in
    your adventures.
    * Collector
          - You can find collectors throughout the World. They will offer you a
    selection of items if you bring them what they ask for.  You will know an item
    is for a collector if it is not a weapon and does not mention craft material in
    the description.
    * Crafter
          - The crafter is one of the most visited NPC's of Guild Wars. They can
    craft you important items if you get the needed raw materials and their payment
    for them. This way you can get hold of new armor and rare raw materials.
    * Dye Trader
    	- Sells Dye and buys Dye.
    * Outfitter
          - He is also a very important NPC. He sells you starter weapons, dye
    removers, salvage and identify kits (read about them later), Rune's of Holding,
    and Bags. You can mostly sell your loot to him too.
    * Weapon smith
          - These guys can create new weaponry and foci (Plural of focus).  In
    addition to this they can customize your weapons for 20% bonus damage, but keep
    in made that customized weapons can be used only by the character they are
    customized to.
    +Salvage Kits- With salvage kits, you can get raw materials from an item. Raw
    materials you get depend on what the item was made of. For example you can get
    steel from swords, or wood from bows. There are two types of Salvage Kits. ,
    the normal and the expert ones. With expert salvage kits, you can get rare
    crafting materials and runes out of salvaged items. Salvaging is a good idea if
    you get salvage items (You can only salvage and sell them) or if you want to
    get rid of an older customized item of yours, as the trader usually doesn't
    give you much of anything.
    +Identify Kits- With these you can identify unique and rare items and runes.
    That way you unlock the item in your PvP character generator, so you will be
    able to use with any PvP character you create. You will also get more money for
    it if you sell it to an NPC (not recommended).
    +Dyes- With dyes you can color your Armor. This is purely graphical and is only
    for fun and individuality. You can also mix dyes to get new colors from them.
    N6. Saving GP
    If you are just starting out, Gold will be something that is most likely going
    to be difficult to come by.  So listed below are some quick tips to conserving
    your hard earned gold pieces...
    1. Do not buy from players.  Do not buy green items.  Until you get further
    into the game and get a decent GP flow, you are only going to get ripped off
    buying from other people.  And when you do go to buy, research the item first
    and see about how much it goes for.
    2. Do not sell your Black Dye in Pre Searing.  Black Dye is the most sought
    after dye, and is generally worth 7-8k from the Dye Trader.
    3. Exchange items with the collectors whenever possible.  For more information
    on collectors and what they posses, please see hahnsoo's excellent guide to
    Collector Items, located just below mine in the FAQ Index.
    4. Be wise about selling.  If you find something you think might be worth
    something, ask around and find out.
    5. Use the right salvage kit.  For example, Bow's will ALWAYS yield wood when
    you salvage them with a Normal or Expert Salvage Kit.  If it is magic it may
    have a bow grip or a string.  But if you only want the Common Materials, use
    the standard Salvage Kit.
    6. Don't buy what you don't need.
    7. Sometimes being unable to kill monsters does not mean you need to go out and
    buy a new weapon, often it is that you have a messy skill bar or Attribute
    layout.  Also remember that you can customize a weapon for a 20% damage boost.
    N7. Observer Mode (B) & FAQ About Observer Mode
    Added December 21st, Observer Mode allows anyone inside of a town, outpost, or
    Guild Hall (Basically anywhere but a combat zone) to view matches going on in
    Tombs or a RATED GvG.  The catch?  The only matches that show up are the ones
    involving a guild ranked 100 or better.  Even if in a tombs match you don't see
    a guild that is 100, it is often not on the cover (What you see when you press
    B and is listed as "Others."  An example would be "Unnatural Signet's team vs.
    Others").  Each shown match is delayed 15 minutes to prevent cheating.  You can
    chat with others watching the matches, but sadly a lot of it is just random
    chatter, people recruiting for guilds, and people trying to sell items...  There
    are also the people who talk like they know what is going on but really haven't
    even the most remote clue as to what is up.  And of course trash talk a top
    ranked guild for getting beaten by a lower ranked one, even though the trash
    talkers guild has probably never GvG'd or is sadly ranked.
    *Ahem*, but enough of my ramblings.  There are a lot of questions that are
    asked in Observer Mode, and it's the same old questions over and over again.
    So I will attempt to answer these questions as best as I can.
    Q: Is Observer Mode live?
    A: Observer Mode works on a 5 minute delay, so what you see happened
    approximately 5 minutes ago.
    Q: How long do the matches last?
    A: Depends on who is playing really.  Some last but five minutes, others can go
    on for an hour or more.  We once got owned by iQ in 4 minutes flat...
    Q: Why are there so many of X?
    A: Either the guild doesn't know what it is doing, or it is part of a build as
    to why they have so many of a certain class.
    Q: How do I exit?
    A: Press B again.
    Q: Is the Hall of Heroes match really called the Hall of Heroes?
    A: Yes.
    Q: Can I record this somehow?
    A: Unless you have a third party program such as Fraps or Gamecam, no you
    Q: Will other things be shown using Observer Mode?
    A: Yes, often competitions are broadcasted.
    Q: Can they see what I'm typing?
    A: No, unless of course the match is over by the time it becomes observable and
    the combatants are in the channel also watching. :P
    A: Cool.
    N8. PvE Builds
    Please note that I do little to no PvE on a regular basis, and these builds are
    the absolute most BASIC builds when it comes to PvE.  I've also tried to pick
    and use skills that most likely will not be adjusted or nerfed any time soon.
    X1. Dragon Slasher
    W/X Pure Damage, no defense bar
    16 Swordsmanship
    13 Strength
    Dragon Slash
    Sever Artery
    Sun and Moon Slash
    Protector's Strike
    Tiger's Stance
    Endure Pain/Lion's Might
    Resurrection Signet/Rebirth
    X2. Minion Master
    16 Death Magic
    10-11 Soul Reaping
    9-10 or so Healing Prayers (OPTIONAL)
    Animate Flesh Golem
    Blood of the Master
    Verata's Sacrifice
    Heal Area/Feast for the Dead/Taste of Death
    (Whatever you want)
    Death Nova
    Animate Bone Fiend/Vampiric Horror/Shambling Horror
    Resurrection Signet/Rebirth
    X3. Fire Nuker
    16 Fire Magic
    13 Energy Storage
    Fire Attunement
    Elemental Attunement/Other Fire Elite/Glyph of Energy/Searing Flames
    Rodgorts Invocation
    Meteor Shower
    Incendiary Bonds/Glowing Gaze (If you are using a skill that causes
    Immolate/Other Fire Skil
    Resurrection Signet/Rebirth
    Note: If you take Searing Flames, drop Immolate for Glowing Gaze.  I
    also listed Searing Flames as the last elite choice due to the fact
    that it may very well be nerfed very soon.
    X4. Heal Monk
    15-16 Healing Prayers
    10 or so Divine
    rest in Inspiration Magic
    Word of Healing/Healing Light/Glimmer of Light
    Orison of Healing
    Heal Other
    Healing Seed
    Mend Condition (Remove if a Protection Monk in your party has this)
    Inspired Hex
    NOTE: While I am against having a Res on the Monks, PvErs will get cry
    a lot if you don't bring it.
    X5. Spiteful Necro
    16 Curses
    13 Soul Reaping (Unless you want Inspiration energy Management, in
    which case this should become 9-10 so)
    Spiteful Spirit
    Reckless Haste
    Price of Failure
    Spinal Shivers/Shivers of Dread
    Desecrate Enchantments
    (Whatever You Want)
    (Whatever You Want)
    Resurrection Signet
    NOTE: Some take Arcane Echo to get two copies of Spiteful Spirit.
    X6. B/P Ranger
    16 Marksmanship
    11-13 Expertise
    Rest in Beast Mastery
    Savage Shot
    Charm Animal
    Comfort Animal
    Whirling Defense
    Throw Dirt/(Skill of your choice)
    Some may want to pack attack skills on the pets, but keep in mind the pets are
    generally used just to hold aggro or be killed to use as minions.
    X7. Protection Monk
    13 Protection
    10 Healing Prayers
    10 Divine Favor
    9 Inspiration Magic
    Life Sheath
    Reversal of Fortune
    Gift of Health
    Protective Spirit
    Shield of Absorption
    Dismiss Condition
    Power Drain
    NOTE: At the time of this writing, the skill update is coming.  If Shield of
    Absorption is made into a crappy skill, it can be replaced with either
    Shielding Hands or Inspired Hex/Holy Veil.
    N9. Heroes
    With the addition of Nightfall, Heroes were added to the game.  Heroes are like
    henchman, except that you can customize them as you would your own character.
    You can give them runes, change their gear, and change their skills.  You can
    also move them about in any way you desire, making them very flexible.  It is
    also worth noting that only 3 can be used at a time, so you would have to still
    take four henchmen with you in an 8 man area.
    Heroes are not without flaws, however.  They tend to ball up severely, and
    must often be flagged in order to keep them from getting literally blown
    up because they stand practically on top of one another.
    IV. Crossing Into Cantha
    With the release of Guild Wars: Factions, the land of Cantha became accessable
    to those who purchased GW:F.  The land of Cantha offers new armor, weapons, two
    new classes, new character models, monster battles, and MORE.  Before stepping
    into too much, you should know how to get to Cantha.
    To Get To Cantha If Your Character Is TYRIAN
    Go to Lion's Arch, and speak to Firstwatch Sergio.  He will give you a quick
    quest which will take you to Cantha.
    To Get To Tyria If Your Character Is CANTHAN
    Go to Kaineng Center, and speak to Guardsman Chienpo.  He will give you a quick
    quest which will take you to Tyria.
    If you decide to make a Faction's Roleplaying Character, then you will
    automatically start out in Cantha
    H1. Welcome to Cantha!
    With the addition of Cantha, a whole new story is ready for your playing.
    Armor has been changed quite a bit, now you can get any skin armor with any
    mods you want on it.  So you can get that Kurzick 15k with Sentinals stats if
    you desire. :)
    Also coming to the table is loads of new quests, gear, and the "Factions Line".
    Battles won and lost in Alliance Battles determines which side, the Kurzicks or
    the Luxons, controls the most land.
    H2. Cantha FAQ Section
    Q: How can I get to Vizunah Square Foreign/Local Quarter?
    A: Vizunah Square is a two team mission, two teams of 8 (Hopefully) work
    together to accomplish the mission.  If the character you are playing is from
    Tyria, you will end up in Vizunah Square FOREIGN Quarters and you will be
    tasked with keeping Mhenlo alive and reaching Master Togo at the start of the
    mission.  If you are playing as a character created in Cantha, you will end up
    in Vizunah Square LOCAL Quarter.
    Q: Where do I get green items from?
    A: Most bosses in the game have potential to drop green items, for more
    information on Green Item's go to
    And check out their EXCELLENT listing of Green Items.
    Q: What should I make in Cantha first?
    A: If you don't have one, make a Monk.  As a Monk you will never be hard
    pressed to find a group.
    Q: What do I do now?
    A: Any quest that is listed as Primary is considered part of the main story and
    it is these and only these quests that will advance the game for you.  After
    every mission there is generally some NPC in the area that will offer you a new
    Primary Quest.
    H3. Welcome to Elona!
    Elona brought the most radical and dynamic changes to the game when it was
    added.  Introducing Heroes (Explained in a previous section), insignias (Allows
    you to fully customize your armor), Inscriptions (Fully allows you to change
    mods on any inscriptable weapon and shield), and an all new and extremely
    challenging elite mission.  The campaign as a whole is also much longer than
    Factions, and is much more in depth storyline wise.  You can get to Elona
    through Lion's Arch by going to the NPC past the stairs going to storage, and
    in Cantha by talking to the NPC near the exit to the docks from which foreign
    characters enter.
    H4. Elona FAQ Section
    Q: How do I get heroes?
    A: Heroes will be given to you through quests as you play through the story.
    Q: I've come to a branch in the story, which should I take?  Is there a right
    or wrong choice?
    A: There is never a wrong choice, and ultimately it makes little difference as
    to which mission you choose.
    Q: Where can I get high end armor?
    A: Complete the quest line: "Building the Base" in the Sunspear Sanctuary to
    access 15k Sunspear, reach the Kodash Baazar for 5k Gem armor, reach the Bone
    Palace for 10k Armor, and complete the game for 15k Armor.
    Q: Wait so there is armor at the end of the game?
    A: Yes, like in Cantha, upon completing the game you can craft 15k armor.  You
    are also give a "Book of Secrets" with which you can trade for an item of your
    choice from the traders there.  So make sure you take all the materials needed
    to craft the armor when you go.
    V. Choosing the Class that is Best for You
    The descriptions of the classes are that of the Guild Wars team, and are posted
    because they do a much more eloquent job of describing them than I could.
    Everything besides the introductory paragraph of each class is my work,
    C1. Ranger
    Rangers are unique in their ability to succeed with the help of, or even in
    spite of, their environment. Nature rituals allow them to manipulate the
    environment to hinder their enemies, or borrow the very power of creation to
    heal and aid their allies. They favor long-range combat, the bow being their
    weapon of choice, and can be especially effective from elevated locations such
    as bridges and cliffs. They are the only profession with the ability to charm
    animals, which then accompany them on their travels and assist them in battle,
    gaining experience and levels over time. Rangers are also blessed with survival
    skills that help keep them alive.
    Expertise: Points in Expertise decrease the energy cost of all skills.
    Wilderness Survival: Improves damage of the linked attribute skills.
    Marksmanship: Improves the damage of linked attribute skills and makes your
    bows deal more damage.
    Beast Mastery: Improves damage of the linked attribute skill and strengthens
    your animal companion.
    Commonly asked question: How much energy does X cost at X Expertise?
    Made this in my free time back in beta, should still be the same.
    Expertise Amount  5EC 10EC 15EC 25EC
    0			5   10   15   25
    1			5   10   14   24
    2			5   9    14   23
    3			4   9    13   22
    4			4   8    13   21
    5			4   8    12   20
    6			4   8    11   19
    7			4   7    11   18
    8			3   7    10   17
    9			3   6    9    16
    10			3   6    9    15
    11			3   6    8    14
    12			3   6    8    13
    13			2   5	   7    12
    14			2   5    7    11
    15			2   4	   6    10
    16			2   4    6    9
    Find an error?  E-mail me.
    Secondary Options
    R/Mo: You can pack a hard Res (A Hard Res is something like Restore Life or
    Resurrect, not a Resurrection Signet)and Mend Touch,
    R/N: You can make use of some Blood spells for added damage, and you can
    utilize them for added Damage Over Time.  Only thing I would honestly use is
    Plague Touch, to keep yourself condition free and to hurt the enemy.
    R/E: Conjure <Element you use>, + Barrage or other attacks = Good damage.
    R/W: Not the best choice for PvE in my opinion, unless you plan on actually
    using the /W to attack with (Axe, Hammer, Sword) I wouldn't go /W.  However, if
    you are confident in yourself and plan to only use your primary, this is also a
    VERY good choice.  Because you are in the back with your Bow, Frenzy makes for
    an excellent attack speed booster, and it is very safe if you make proper use
    of it but make sure your bar supports DPS.
    R/Me: Stacking DoT is very easy to do here, so you can get some decent damage
    going fairly easily.  Pretty decent choice.
    What I recommend: R/Mo or R/N or R/E.
    What I went with in PvE: R/Mo.
    C2. Monk
    Monks employ a direct conduit to the gods, and the answers to their prayers
    come in the form of healing and protection for their allies and damage to their
    enemies. Combined with any other profession, Monks can alternate between
    supporting their party and dealing damage to opponents. Monks enjoy Divine
    Favor, which provides extra healing power, while their healing and Protection
    Prayers help to keep their allies strong and healthy. Smiting Prayers, on the
    other hand, call down divine anger on enemies, exacting holy damage that
    ignores armor, though damage-dealing is not the Monk's specialty. What Monks
    lack in firepower they make up for with their unparalleled gift for keeping
    their allies alive.
    Divine Favor: Improves spells in attribute line, any MONK spell you cast on an
    ally gets a bonus in healing based on amount of DF.  The amount is 3 per point
    in Divine Favor.
    Healing Prayers: Improves spells in attribute line healing wise.
    Protection Prayers: Improves spells in attribute line.
    Smiting Prayers: Improves damage of the spells and duration on some.
    Because Monks are almost always not doing damage, I will focus on keeping
    yourself alive and your party here with the secondary options.
    Secondary Options
    Mo/Me- Very good energy management options here.  Channeling is a great skill
    for energy management once you get it.  Only thing is that it forces you to get
    a little close to the enemy, which can kill you.
    Mo/N- Offering of Blood is your best option here, but you won't get it for a
    very long time.
    Mo/R- Melandru's Resilience is the only energy gainer here, but is risky due to
    needing Hexes/Conditions to operate.
    Mo/W- Bonneti's Defense is too situational and your only option.
    Mo/E- Unless you are using a lot of Heal Party or Aegis, the glyphs won't do
    much good for you.
    Mo/A- There are a few defensive skills that may interest you.
    Mo/P- No reason.
    Mo/Rt- See above.
    Mo/D- See above, above.
    What I recommend: Mo/N or Mo/Me.
    What I went with: Mo/Me generally.
    C3. Warrior
    Warriors rely on stout hearts, brute strength, and melee weapons to subdue
    their enemies and protect their allies. They generally disdain long-range
    warfare, preferring instead to charge directly into the fray swinging their
    weapon of choice. They can take a beating unlike anyone else. Warriors are
    equally comfortable wielding axe, hammer, or sword, though many choose to
    master one weapon over all others. Many Warrior skills require adrenaline,
    which builds up during combat to enable those skills, and usually results in
    major damage. Defensive tactics help the Warrior to avoid damage and protect
    allies, but Strength is the Warrior's biggest asset, allowing this hero to do
    more damage with every attack.
    Strength- Improves the skills in the attribute line, adds 1% bonus armor
    penetration to attacks.
    Swordsmanship- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line.
    Hammer Mastery- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line.
    Axe Master- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line.
    Tactics- Improves the skills in the attribute line.
    Secondary Options
    W/Mo- The "Paladin".  You WILL get hated on at some point in your trek through
    the game.  W/Mo is generally associated with Newbies.  W/Mo is the standard
    solo character besides invinci monks.  You can do good damage, keep yourself
    alive, and solo parts of the game no problem here.
    W/Me- Not a viable PvE option.
    W/N- Okay PvE option, though all I see worthwhile is again Plague Touch.
    W/E- Good option if you use hammers.  Earth line is what your interest will be
    in if you swing a hammer.  You could also choose an Element and use a Conjure
    out of one of them, just make sure you have a matching weapon hilt (Icy, Fiery,
    and Shocking).
    W/R- IWAY... I mean, this option is fairly decent.  You can Apply Poison to your
    weapons and attack for a bonus Damage Over Time effective, or you can get
    Tiger's Fury out of the Beast Mastery line and use that for an attack speed
    W/P- Signet of Aggression can be nice but to be honest its unnecessary in PvE.
    W/Rt- Not much reason to be /Rt.
    W/D- Rending Touch in PvP
    What I recommend: W/Mo or W/R or W/E
    What I went with: W/Mo up until I could change my secondary, then I unlocked
    all the secondaries and I just switch between them as I feel like.  I have a
    weapon/skills for each type of weapon.
    C4. Mesmer
    Mesmers are masters of illusion and control, subverting the enemy's Energy for
    their own use, and that of their allies. Combined with any other profession,
    their skills provide excellent support, turning enemies' powers against them
    and changing the very fabric of reality to hinder foes and help allies. Mesmers
    have the ability to cast spells quickly, which can make all the difference in
    the heat of battle. Their powers of domination allow them to take control of
    enemy skills and Energy. Their unique illusionary talents can slow or even halt
    enemy movement and skill casting, or cause imaginary illnesses that drain
    Health and Energy from foes while healing and energizing allies. While Mesmers
    are not known for brute strength, their ability to confuse, distract, and drain
    the enemy's resources more than compensates.
    Fast Casting- Improves casting speed of all SPELLS.  I really don't know the
    exact numbers here, but I generally have 8 Fast Casting+1 from a minor rune or
    Domination Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and
    duration of some skills.
    Illusion Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and
    duration of some skills.
    Inspiration Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and
    duration of some skills.
    Secondary Options
    Me/Mo- Unless you plan on using some smiting from the /Mo (Only thing I'd
    really use would be Scourge Healing) or want to heal for some reason, I
    wouldn't go /Mo.
    Me/W- Not a good choice for PvE in most cases.
    Me/N- You can get some good hex synergy going later in the game, and can backup
    your party with some Blood Skills.  An okay choice.
    Me/E- Not a good choice for PvE, you just don't have a good enough energy pool
    like the Elementalist primary.
    Me/R- Worst choice.
    What I recommend: Really when I had a PvE Mesmer, I never used my secondary.
    So I'd say just go Me/N, or if you want to unlock skills for PvP, choose the
    secondary that you will never have as a Primary.
    What I went with: Me/N, just because I needed unlocks.
    C5. Necromancer
    Necromancers are masters of the dark arts, calling on the spirits of the dead,
    and even death itself, to overpower enemies and assist allies. In sacrificing
    Health and taking curses and diseases upon themselves, they can deal large
    amounts of damage to those foolish enough to oppose them. Dead and dying
    enemies become unwilling allies in their hands. Necromancers have the singular
    ability to absorb Energy from an enemy's death, and can raise a fighting force
    from the corpses of their foes. Curses, which often cost the Necromancer
    dearly, exact an even greater toll from enemies, who find that their
    Enchantments and healing skills are rendered useless. Due to the sacrificial
    nature of their methods, Necromancers must practice patience and self-
    discipline to survive.
    Soul Reaping- For each person who dies in the area, you will receive 1 energy.
    Blood Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration
    of some skills.
    Death Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration
    of some skills and improves minions.
    Curses- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration of
    some skills.
    Secondary Options
    N/Mo- If you want to be a Minion Master, this is probably the best way to go.
    If you don't want to be a Minion Master, I would pass up this choice.
    N/E- Like the Me/E, you lack a strong enough energy pool to make effective use
    of this secondary.
    N/Me- Very good choice here.  The hexes from both sides synergize together
    very, very, very well.
    N/W- Bad choice, Necromancer lacks strong armor to keep him alive when he is in
    the thick of it all.
    N/R- If you wanted a pet for support of your Minions, go with this option.
    Otherwise, the skills are mostly useless for what you will be doing.
    What I Recommend: N/Me, if you want to be a Minion Master go N/Mo.
    What I went with: I've never had a PvE Necromancer, though I would go with N/Me
    if I did.
    C6. Elementalist
    Elementalists summon the powers of earth, air, fire, and water and command them
    at will. They can inflict more damage in a single strike than any other
    profession. Earth Magic summons quakes and eruptions, encases enemies in stone,
    or protects allies. Air Magic harnesses the power of tempests to strike foes
    down with lightning or enable allies to run like the wind. Fire Magic manifests
    flames, fireballs, molten lava, and even meteors to burn enemies to a crisp.
    Water Magic conjures mist and ice to slow enemy movement and attacks, blur
    vision, protect allies against magic, and inflict cold damage on enemies.
    Elementalists have access to Energy regenerating skills, and when chosen as a
    primary character, they can increase their maximum Energy over time. The wise
    Elementalist avoids becoming surrounded, but keeps a local area-of-effect spell
    on hand just in case.
    Energy Storage- For each point in energy storage, you get 3 bonus energy.
    Fire Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration of
    some skills.
    Water Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration
    of some skills.
    Earth Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration
    of some skills.
    Air Magic- Improves damage of the skills in the attribute line and duration of
    some skills.
    Secondary Options
    E/Mo- Unless you want to Heal (E/Mo's make okay healers), don't go with this
    E/Me- Very good choice here.  What you want are the skills you get further into
    the game, such as Arcane Echo.
    E/N- Okay choice, you can keep conditions off with Plague Touch or heal
    yourself a little.
    E/W- Bad choice, not quite as bad if you use Earth Magic with armor skills from
    that side.
    E/R- No reason to go this way except for unlocks.
    What I recommend: E/Mo or E/Me or E/N.
    What I went with: E/R, purely for unlocks.  At the time I had no desire for a
    PvE Ranger.
    C7. Assassin
    Assassins are an interesting class.  For one, they have the ability to dual
    wield.  While the damage on the two weapons is a bit lower then anything else,
    they still can put out amazing damage.  Assassin skills work differently then
    most others, working in combo chains.  You must first use a Lead Attack,
    followed by a Dual Attack, and finally a Off-hand Attack.  If you try to use
    one before the other, they will miss.  Assassins also gain energy per critical
    hit, allowing them to keep up their chains painlessly.  If one attack from your
    combo is blocked or misses, then the entire chain is ruined.
    Critical Strikes- For each level of Critical Strikes you have, you gain
    an additional 1% chance to critical hit. You will receive 2 energy per
    critical hit.
    Dagger Mastery- Dagger Mastery increases the damage you do with daggers
    and your chance to inflict a critical hit when using a dagger. Skills
    linked to Dagger Mastery also become stronger..
    Deadly Arts- Improves damage of related skills.
    Shadow Arts- Improves damage of related skills.
    Secondary Options (To be filled out)
    A/Me- I see zero reason for this secondary.
    A/R- Same as above.
    A/W- Not a bad choice, you can utilize tactics as a means of staying alive a
    little longer.
    A/Ri- Weapon skills are an option here, but certainly not the best option.
    A/N- Plague Touch?  That's about it.
    A/E- Conjure <Element here> would be a fairly decent damage booster.
    A/Mo- I don't see a reason for this secondary.
    What I recommend: A/W, A/E, A/N
    What I went with: Haven't made one yet, and I honestly don't plan to make one.
    The majority of guild went /Ri for unlocks or /W.
    C8. Ritualist
    Relying mostly on Spirits, the Ritualist is going to be a ground-breaking
    class.  They can also double as Monks, casting spells that benefit allies in
    the area or make them harder to kill.  They even have buff's that can be casted
    on allies to increase their damage potential.
    Channeling Magic: Improves damage/duration of related skills.
    Communing: Improves damage/duration of related skills.
    Restoration Magic: Improves damage/duration of related skills.
    Spawning Power: For each point in Spawning Power, your conjured Spirits
    get a 4% bonus to their HP.  Also improves damage/duration of related
    Secondary Options
    Ri/N- Could use some of the curses I guess, not a great choice in my opinion.
    Ri/W- Bad choice.
    Ri/R- Not too bad of a choice, you can use spirits from both sides in
    conjunction with one another.
    Ri/Me- Mantra of Resolve for-the-win.
    Ri/E- No reason to go /E
    R/Mo- You can use the healing from the /Mo as well
    What I recommend: Though the class isn't even out, and I barely played it
    during the first preview event, I can already tell that Ri/Me will probably be
    the best choice.  With the extremely long cast times of all the sprits, Mantra
    of Resolve would be VERY useful in keeping your Rituals from being interrupted.
    What I went with: If I decide to make a Ritualist, I will definitely go Ri/Me
    C9. Dervish
    "A Scythe wielding Holy Warrior", they Dervish attacks with a Scythe and can
    utilize many useful enchantments and "God Forms" to become a powerful attacker.
    Mysticism (Primary Attribute): Whenever an Enchantment ends, you gain 1
    Health for each rank of Mysticism and 1 Energy for every 3 ranks of
    Scythe Mastery: Scythe Mastery increases the damage you do with scythes
    and your chance to inflict a critical hit when using a scythe. Many
    skills, especially scythe attack skills, become more effective with
    higher Scythe Mastery.
    Wind Prayers: No inherent effect. Many Dervish Spells, especially those
    dealing with movement or cold damage, become more effective with higher
    Wind Prayers.
    Earth Prayers: No inherent effect. Many Dervish Spells, especially
    those dealing with defense or Earth damage, become more effective with
    higher Earth Prayers.
    D/Mo- Can heal others and function as a monk like this.  A good choice.
    D/W- Several good options for offense here.
    What I recommend: D/W.
    C10. Paragon
    The "Guardian Angels of the Elonian People", Paragons attack with their Spears
    and offer a great deal of party support in the form of added defense and added
    Leadership (Primary Attribute): You gain 1 Energy for each ally
    affected by one of your Shouts or Chants (maximum 1 Energy for every 3
    Spear Mastery: Spear Mastery increases the damage you do with spears
    and your chance to inflict a critical hit when using a spear. Many
    skills, especially spear attack skills, become more effective with
    higher Spear Mastery.
    Command: No inherent effect. Many Paragon skills, especially those that
    protect your allies or increase your tactical position on the
    battlefield, become more effective with higher Command.
    Motivation: No inherent effect. Many Paragon skills, especially those
    related to Energy management or that inspire your allies, become more
    effective with higher Motivation.
    P/W- Warrior shouts work very well with the Paragon, an excellent
    choice and really the only truly good one.
    P/Me- Pack an interrupt like Power Spike or Power Return, thats
    about it really.
    V. Introduction to PvP
    Ah yes, PvP.  Player vs. Player combat is quite possibly the highlight of Guild
    Wars.  By not going into PvP you will miss out on a good portion of the game
    and a good amount of fun and glory.  PvP is not an easy thing to get in to, and
    finding a decent group for Heroes' Ascent when you are just starting out is
    very difficult.  I can remember when I first got into Tomb of the Primeval
    Kings (The old HA), finding a group was insanely difficult and I was a pretty
    bad player for the most part. :)  But perseverance paid off and I eventually
    found a good Dual E/Mo smite group that I played with fairly often and
    eventually managed to get enough fame for Rank 3 out of it.  One thing leads to
    another, and now I'm up to having 2,301 fame (Rank 7) and have won and held
    Hall of Heroe's many a time.  But doing this is no easy feat, and learning how
    to respond to various situations is difficult as well.  But do not fear, I will
    do my best to facilitate your transition into PvP and make you a better player.
    P1. Great Temple of Balthazar
    The Great Temple of Balthazar are a sort of PvP Training area, they exist to
    get the total newbie to PvP more prepared for what real PvP is.  Know that no
    matter how many of the Zaishen Challenges you do; there is no way to prepare
    for PvP but to actually play real 4v4 or 8v8 PvP.  The Isle of the Nameless is
    your PvP Bootcamp, all the basics of PvP are covered including AoE splash
    damage, Conditions, Enchantments, Bodyblocking, Catapults, and Flag Stands.
    Z1. Isle of the Nameless
    Player vs. Player (PvP) is any form of combat done versus other human players.
    Random Arena's, Team Arena's, Heroes' Ascent, and Guild vs. Guild (GvG) are all
    forms of PvP combat.  The Isle of the Nameless covers many of the basics of
    Guild Wars PvP Combat.  I would recommend that you defiantly check out all the
    different parts of the island and familiarize yourself with the concepts
    presented to you.  If you ever wanted to know how much damage a certain spell
    or weapon did to a target with a certain armor level, try bashing the dummies
    around.  They all have different levels of armor and will give you an idea of
    how much damage you would do to an appropriately armored target.
    When you are ready to move on, speak to the Master of Paths (Near the entrance
    to the temple).  You will be taken into some practice PvP scenarios.  Upon
    successfully completing them, you will find yourself in the...
    Z2. Zaishen Challenge
    The Zaishen Challenges present you against some basic things that players will
    find themselves against in real combat.  Each represents something that is or
    has been very popular or is a common build to encounter in PvP.  While the
    number of Illusionary Weaponry Mesmers in 8v8 are very few, the number in 4v4
    Combat are somewhat common.  Play through the various levels and learn how to
    fight various opponents.  In ZC you choose all your opponents and the level you
    face them on.  Each map has its own advantages/disadvantages to it.
    Z3. Zaishen Elite
    Zaishen Elite is almost the exact same as Zaishen Challenge, except that your
    opponents/stages are chosen at total random and slowly become more difficult.
    More enemies are also added as you progress.
    P2. Learning Your Role
    The following sections will cover some of the basics of each class, and will
    offer tips on how to play them more effectively.  While reading about how to do
    something helps you become better, the only true way to learn is to practice
    your class and learn how to handle yourself in various situations.
    L1. Warrior
    You are the one that gets up close and in the enemy's faces.  You bring the
    battle to them, attacking like a shark with ADD.  You are most likely the
    target caller, though whether or not your small party listens to you is a
    different story entirely.  While attacking is important, watching your
    positioning and where everyone is at key.  Don't get led away from the group,
    and watch for Trappers and where they lay their traps.  You need to be smart
    about your attacking, it is almost always best to get all your skills fully
    charged and then unload on a single target as opposed to just using them as
    they come up ready to go.  Bodyblocking is also key, learn to bodyblock
    opponents and keep them from escaping your weapon of death.
    L2. Mesmer
    If you are a good Mesmer, you will be hated.  A Mesmer must be
    extremely aware of his surroundings, and depending on what Magic's you
    are using you need to have good twitch reflexes.  Knowing what the
    enemy is using is key.  Is that a Protection Monk?  A Healer?  What
    about that Elementalist?  Fire Elementalist?  Water Elementalist?
    Proper skill chaining is also key.  If a Monk has Shame on him, and he
    is not casting, he is shut down.  If he has a Backfire on himself, he
    has a deterrent to casting (150 damage anyone?).  If you can interrupt
    everything the guy is casting, he is losing energy, the skill (Till it
    recharges), and is most likely getting frustrated.  Being a good Mesmer
    is as much about timing as it is having the proper set of skills to
    make sure the job gets done quickly, effectively, and efficiently.
    L3. Elementalist
    BOOM HEADSHOT!  You bring the big guns to the battle, whether you be
    Air, Fire, Earth, or a Water Elementalist.  You bring pain and death
    wherever you go to.  Remember to bring your proper Attunement, and if
    you are casting a good number of energy intensive skills, you may
    consider bringing Elemental Attunement for more energy back per cast.
    There is also Glyph of Energy, which makes the next spell cost less and
    ignores Exhaustion.  But when is it best to use Glyph of Energy and
    when is it best to use Elemental Attunement you ask?
    Glyph of Energy is best saved for high cost spells, especially ones
    that cause Exhaustion such as Meteor Shower, Earthquake, and Deep
    Freeze.  Elemental Attunement is best used if you need to do rapid
    casts, such as a combo of Lightning Orb-Lightning Strike-Enervating
    Charge, where you are casting many spells over a short amount of time.
    You have in you the ability to kill, but most likely you will assist in
    the kill.  Just be smart about your skill order.  For example, how
    about an Incendiary Bonds-Meteor-Fireball combo?  Bonds will go off as
    they are on the ground, Fireball will hit them as they rise and try to
    run.  This also gives your Warrior or Ranger the opportunity to swoop
    in and deal some damage.  Is a Warrior harassing your Monks and using
    Frenzy?  Throw a Lightning Orb his way and hit him for 240 damage.
    L4. Monk
    Supporting your party is your focus unless you are smiting, in which
    case you can ignore a lot of what I'm about to say.  Keep your eyes on
    the Health Bars, and make sure they don't turn gray.  Keeping yourself
    alive is also a priority; if you die there will most likely be a mass
    domino effect on your party.  If it comes down to saving yourself or
    someone else, save yourself.  If a party member runs off half way
    across the map, don't abandon your party to go heal him.  If Warriors
    bear down on your, kite them.  Kiting is executed simply by running
    from them.  No not half way across the map!  Simply run from them.
    Essentially keep making loops.  A Warrior is only effective if he can
    hit his target.  If he can only hit you a few times every 10 seconds,
    he is ineffective.  As a Healer you are at your core just a watcher of
    health.  A Protection Monk, however, is a different story.  Protection
    Monks (Prot Monk, Protty) generally do not heal damage; rather, they
    focus on minimizing or negating damage.  Eviscerate is a strong skill
    indeed, but not if it only hits for 10 damage due to Reversal of
    Fortune.  Punishing Shot hurts bad and is annoying, but if it gets
    blocked it's harmless.  Air Magic hurting bad?  Getting tired of
    getting hit for 150 per Orb?  Let Protective Spirit bring that damage
    down to about 40.  Remember...
    +Be aware of enemy offense
    +Be aware of the hexes present
    +Be aware of interrupts present
    +Be aware of number of Warrior's present
    +Be aware of your energy
    +Be aware of your party members and their positioning
    L5. Necromancer
    So much versatility and chances for pain.  Whether your specialty be
    Blood, Death, or Curses Magic the Necromancer is loaded with potential
    Hexes.  Blood has excellent offensive power, and a lot of it can even
    restore a portion of your health.  Curses are available to assist in
    making kills and providing pressure on the enemy players.  Death has
    pretty good damage and you can raise Minion's in this line.  As a
    Necromancer, you should be aware of what the enemy team has
    offensve/defense wise and be able to hinder the appropriate targets.
    Spiteful Spirit is a great skill, but on a Mesmer it loses much of its
    possible effectiveness.  Try throwing it on a Warrior, where his
    constant attacking will trigger it numerous times.  Learn to prioritize
    targets, be smart about your hexes by always covering your important
    ones with another hex (Usually Parasitic Bond), and you will be one
    step closer to becoming a better Necromancer.
    L6. Ranger
    Jack of all trades, master of none.  That is the way of the Ranger.  With your
    arrows you can inflict great damage upon your targets, and with Degeneration
    skills you can increase the damage potential upon your foes.  Interrupts are
    also very potent, knocking out a Healing Monk's Orison for 24 seconds with your
    Distracting Shot cripples their skillbar partially and makes them less
    effective for the duration.  Trapping is also effective, luring a dumb Warrior
    into a patch of traps hurts them greatly.  Monks can also utilize the traps
    defensively, trap around or near a Monk and if he needs to get an enemy off
    himself he can simply run through them.  This was the first class I ever played
    in Guild Wars, and to this day it remains my all time favorite.
    L7. Ritualist
    Somewhat of a strange class, you can have very different roles here.  Much like
    a Monk, the Ritualist features some high damage skills and a whole lot of
    healing and defensive ones.  The Primary Attribute will increase the health of
    your spirits, Channeling Magic will give you damage, Restoration is exactly how
    it sounds, it is healing and support skills.  Communing will allow you to
    summon supportive and offensive spirits to aid your party and attack and damage
    the enemy parties.  Overall it requires little skill to run most Ritualist
    builds, aside from learning where to position yourself in relation to the enemy
    and knowing the range of your spirits.
    L8. Assassin
    A truly fun class to play, Assassins specialize in dealing quick bursts of
    damage and then escaping back to safety.  A good Assassin will need to quickly
    learn how to get in and out of unfavorable situations and how to make the best
    of these situations when encountered.  Analyze each and every situation and
    figure out the best route in, and also keep in mind the best path out if you
    need to make a hasty retreat.  To be truly useful, your team must also be able
    to and vocal enough to communicate enemy positions and tell you if the enemy
    team is responding to your presence, such as if you are in the enemy base
    killing NPC's.
    L9. Paragon
    The button mash class.  Damage from Spears are extremely powerful, not to
    mention the shear amount of support that they can offer and the damage buffs
    they can give a party.  Skills such as "Go for the Eyes!" and Crippling Anthem
    are extremely potent in PvP, and skills such as "Incoming!" can stop an entire
    enemy spike when used properly.
    L10. Dervish
    Extreme damage and the Avatars make the Dervish a very formidable foe.  Scythe
    attacks can easily hit for 110+ damage, add to this some of the abilities of
    the various Avatars (Grenths removes enchantments, Melandru cannot take
    conditions) and you have ridiculously high damage output.  While they aren't
    quite as good at spiking as Warriors and don't split off as well (In my
    opinion), they are still a great force to be reckoned with.  If you can play a
    Warrior with some proficiency, you will have no trouble with the Dervish.
    S0. Build Format and Disclaimer (Yes that is a Zero)
    The following is the format I will be using for the builds, because the
    Premades do not include runes in the Premades Selection window.  They
    also do not include upgrade components as well.
    Noob Slasher W/R
    Difficulty: x/5
    General Effectiveness: PWN.
    "For Great Noobdom!"
    Desperation Spam*
    Signet of WTB/Conjure Chuck Norris
    Animate Ecto/Rage Quit
    Forget Spirits
    Bad Attitude/Coreaann Hax
    Execute Pet
    Resurrection Signet
    Swordsmanship: 10+1(H)
    Tactics: 5,+3(R)
    Beast Mastery: 9
    Suggested Gear Setup
    15^50% Sword
    Tactics shield with -2 Reduction to physical while in a stance
    H=Head Piece
    R=Rune Choice
    *=Elite Skill
    Comments: This build is the best build ever; you will win Halls A LOT
    if you run this!  Add in two Necro's for even more fun and 5 other Noob
    Slashers for more total pwnage!
    I will not always include the Suggested Gear Setup, only if the build
    is one in which it would be beneficial to use a certain setup.
    DISCLAIMER: You are in no way guaranteed great success with any of
    these builds.  Legions of enemy teams will not always fall below your
    mighty wrath as you cut a path through each and every last one of them.
    Being a competent player, and being given a competent build, are two
    completely separate things.  The opinions that follow are mine and do
    not represent the feeling or thoughts of Arena Net, NCSoft, or any of
    its subsidiaries.  The opinions are that of a long time player of the
    game, and of someone who probably plays more then he should. :P
    P3. Better Builds: CA/Single Player Builds
    Builds best used in CA and somewhat TA, while some can be applied to 8v8
    combat, they would not be nearly as effective as other builds.
    A1. Melandru's Warrior
    Melandru's Warrior R/N
    Difficulty: 2/5
    General Effectiveness: It's fun and a good diversion from your typical
    Savage Shot
    Dual Shot
    Distracting Shot
    Melandru's Arrows*
    Troll Unguent
    Throw Dirt
    Plague Touch
    Resurrection Signet
    11+2 (R+H) Expertise
    10+1 (R) Wilderness Survival
    10+1 (R) Marksmanship
    Comments: My personal favorite CA Ranger build.  Melandru's Arrows is
    an all purpose preparation.  Good against Elementalists, good against
    Paladins (The other white meat) which are extremely common in CA, and
    can take down a helpless Monk.  Because CA monks like to use Healing
    Breeze, Melandru's Arrows only adds fuel on the damage due to the
    enchant.  It's not uncommon to hit for 110+ damage on an enchanted soft
    target.  Distracting Shot to disable Resurrection Signets/Skills, Troll
    Unguent for self healing, Throw Dirt to buy time versus Melee/Arrow
    attackers, and Plague Touch to keep yourself Blind Free and Condition
    A2. True Warrior's Bane
    True Warrior's Bane Me/X
    Difficulty: 3/5
    General Effectiveness: Good against Warriors, which you find a lot of
    in RA/TA.
    Crippling Anguish/Ineptitude*
    Conjure Phantasm
    Ether Feast
    Energy Tap
    Drain Enchantment/Inspired Hex
    Resurrection Signet
    12+4 (R+H) Illusion Magic
    10+1 (R) Inspiration Magic
    8+1 (R) Fast Casting
    Comments: Pick your target.  Put Crippling Anguish on a Warrior and
    cover it with Conjure Phantasm.  From here just keep up with Conjure
    Phantasm's & Clumsiness.  If you chose to bring Spirit Shackles, it's
    best used on a Ranger due to the fact that they need their energy to
    use their attack skills.  This build is purely anti pressure from
    Warriors, this build does not kill the party, but rather it relieves
    pressure from melee offenders.  If there is only a single Warrior, just
    throw on a CA/CP combo and laugh and walk circles around them.
    A3. WoH Monk
    WoH Monk Mo/A
    Difficulty: 5/5
    General Effectiveness: Very good
    Word of Healing
    Words of Comfort
    Signet of Rejuvination
    Dismiss Condition
    Reversal of Fortune/Guardian
    Protective Spirit/Guardian
    Dark Escape
    Cure Hex/Holy Veil
    12+2 (R+H) Healing Prayers
    10+1 (R) Protection Prayers
    8+1 (R) Divine Favor
    Comments: This is a standard Monk bar, since WoH was buffed to being
    self it is very good.  The first 4 skills are self explanatory, RoF
    is like a a clutch heal you use to preprot some damage and Guardian
    is much of the same thing.  Dark Escape is your survival skill but
    really you could take anything else in that slot.
    A4. Shattered Necromancer
    Shattered Necromancer N/Me
    Difficulty: 3/5
    General Effectiveness: The amount of chaos this Necromancer brings is
    beyond hilarity.
    Spiteful Spirit*
    Parasitic Bond
    Suffering/Insidious Parasite
    Desecrate Enchantments/Rend Enchantments/Insidious Parasite
    Weaken Armor/Price of Failure/Insidious Parasite
    Signet of Lost Souls
    <Whatever you want>
    Resurrection Signet
    12+2 (H+R) Curses
    12+1 (R) Soul Reaping
    Comments: Works fine for beginners in RA.  While Spiteful Spirit isn't
    very much useful anywhere else, it works okay for what it is in RA.
    A5. Battle Rager
    Battle Rager W/Mo
    Difficulty: 2/5
    General Effectiveness: Very good DPS and some support.
    Crippling Slash*
    Sun and Moon Slash
    Healing Signet
    Resurrection Signet
    Rending Touch/Bull's Strike/Whatever You Want
    12+2 (H+R) Swordsmanship
    9+1 (R) Strength
    10+1 (R) Tactics
    Comments: Make sure you cancel Frenzy when it becomes dangerous
    to have up.  Other than that the bar is pretty self-explanatory.
    A6. KD Warrior
    KD Warrior
    Difficulty: 2/5
    General Effectiveness: If done right and assisted in the kill, you can
    make kills very quickly.
    Backbreaker/Devastating Hammer*
    Mighty Blow/Bull's Strike
    Crushing Blow
    Heavy Blow (Only Use Heavy if you use Devastating)/Bull's Strike
    Enraging Charge
    Resurrection Signet
    12+2 (H+R) Hammer Mastery
    12+1 (R) Strength
    Comments: Very fun build to play, though certainly not one of my
    favorite Warriors to use (I much prefer Axe).  Get into the battle and
    build up on your target, then choose who you want to kill and go...
    Backbreaker-Crushing Blow-Mighty Blow.  You should JUST have enough
    time to do these.  If you are using Devastating Hammer, do...
    Devastating Hammer-Crushing Blow-Heavy Blow (If you brought it, if you
    did, lead off the chain with Mighty Blow).
    A7. Toucher
    Toucher R/N
    Difficulty: 1/5
    General Effectiveness: Pretty decent damage
    Vampiric Touch
    <Up to you>
    Offering of Blood*
    Zojun's Haste
    Vampiric Bite
    Plague Touch
    Resurrection Signet
    12 Blood Magic
    12+2 R+H) Expertise
    Comments: You will be called a noob if you run this build. With
    Expertise affecting the touch skills you will have tons of
    energy, you'll have durability, and you'll have steady DPS and
    Healing assuming you constantly hit.
    A8. Illusionary Weapon Master
    Illusionary Weapon Master Me/W
    Difficulty: 3/5
    General Effectiveness: If you get Illusionary Weaponry removed, you are
    useless.  But nonetheless, IW gives you a good learning experience
    as to why some things do and don't work in GW.
    Illusionary Weaponry*
    Illusion of Weakness
    Clumsiness/Arcane Conundrum/Distortion
    Spirit of Failure
    Healing Signet
    "Shields Up!"
    Resurrection Signet
    12+2 (R+H) Illusion Magic
    5+1 (R) Inspiration
    4+1 (R) Fast Casting
    10-11 Tactics
    Comments: At the start of the battle, use Illusion of Weakness.  You
    now have 200 or so HP in the back of your pocket that will fire off the
    instant you drop below 25% Health.  Once you get to the battle, cast
    Illusionary Weaponry.  Now attack your target, using Flurry when you
    get into Range to swing.  Spirit of Failure should go on a melee/bow
    user if there is one so that it provides practically a battery for you.
    "Shields Up!" is your anti-ranger skill; if there is an interrupter
    then I would recommend using it before you renew IW, as a Distracting
    Shot will hurt you badly.  Clumsiness for Warrior damage if you brought
    it, otherwise put Arcane Conundrum on either a Monk or an Elementalist
    for the best results.  If neither exists, use your best judgment.
    This build has severe weaknesses, but it is a good learning experience.
    A9. Misty Eyes
    Misty Eyes E/Mo
    Difficulty: 2/5
    General Effectiveness: Damage is pretty good, Blurred Vision makes for
    a great assist, and Mist Form helps to keep you alive.
    Water Trident*
    Blurred Vision
    Water Attunement
    Healing Breeze (Optional)/ Heal Area (OPTIONAL)/Frozen Burst
    Resurrection Signet
    Freezing Gust
    12+2 (H+R) Water Magic
    10+1 (R) Energy Storage
    8 Healing Prayers
    Comments: This build is very fun and has pretty good damage.  Put your
    Attunement before you go into battle, and snare melee offenders always
    Concentrate on your target with your Water Skills, and use
    Blurred Vision to make the Rangers/Warriors less effective.  If you
    decided to bring Healing, use your spell as you need to.
    A10. Monk's Nightmare
    Monk's Nightmare Me/X
    Difficulty: 2/5
    General Effectiveness: If I want a Monk dead, it will die fairly
    quickly with a little party support.  Also carries a little Warrior
    hate since there are so many warriors running around the Arenas.
    Energy Surge*
    Energy Burn
    Shatter Enchantment
    Glyph of Lesser Energy
    Resurrection Signet
    12+2 (H+R) Domination Magic
    9+1 (R) Fast Casting
    9+1 (R) Inspiration Magic (IF YOU BRING ETHER FEAST)
    Comments: Monks will most certainly die with a little support from the party
    Start off with an Energy Burn, if your team is even semi-smart the rest
    of the party is also on your target.  Follow up with a Shame,
    IF they cast through it, quickly follow with Blackout, followed by
    Shatter Enchantment as soon as it is ready and if they have an
    enchantment on them.  You can also try Blackout then following with a
    Shame, as they will be needing to heal themselves if they took any damage
    during the Blackout time.  It's a very simple build but very effective.
    Also remember that using Blackout on a Warrior wipes his adrenaline, meaning he
    will start back at zero adrenaline.
    A11. Slice Slice Dead
    Slice Slice Dead A/W
    General Effectiveness: Very deadly.
    Shadow Prison
    Black Spider Strike (Attack 1)
    Twisting Fangs (Attack 2)
    Black Lotus Strike (Attack 3)
    Blades of Steel (Attack 4)
    Feign Neutrality/Shadow Refuge
    Tiger's Stance
    Resurreciton Signet
    10+1 (R) Critical Strikes
    12+4 (R+H) Dagger Mastery
    8+1 (R) Shadow Arts
    Comments: Most 60 and 70 AL targets will die almost instantly upon
    completion of this combo.
    VII. Terminology
    The following list is a list of much of the Guild Wars slang that you will find
    in-game, abbreviations, words, etc.
    Aggro- The range at which an enemy monster will move to attack you.  If you
    look at the map located in the top right corner of the interface, you will see
    a dot in the middle and a circular field that emanates from it.  Any enemy that
    comes within that range will attack you.
    Captain Suicide- One of the many nick-names of Prince Rurik.
    Lyssa- The dominating goddess of the Mesmer class.
    Balthazar- The dominating god of the Warrior class.
    Melandru- The dominating goddess of the Ranger class.
    Grenth- The dominating god of the Necromancer class.
    Dwayna- The dominating goddess of the Monk class.
    UW- Abbreviation of the Underworld, a World at War area.
    FoW- Abbreviation of the Fissure of Woe, a World at War area.
    Bork!  Bork!  Bork!-Swedish Chef talk, for more information press F11 and go
    into languages.  Look for Bork!  Bork!  Bork!
    Old Ascalon-A reference to Ascalon before The Searing occurred.
    New Ascalon-A reference to Ascalon after The Searing
    Whammo-Just another way of saying Warrior/Monk
    AL - Armor Level.
    Buff- Something that increases your damage, such as "Go for the Eyes!"
    ToA- Temple of Ages, the location of the Fissure of Woe and the Underworld.
    WaW- World at War.  During your adventure you will see a message that says X
    person has taken the Hall of Heroes.  So long as your realm holds the hall then
    the ToA areas will be open for you to adventure into.
    AOE - Area of Effect or Area Effect.
    EA- Short for Explorable Area.
    WTB-Want to buy
    WTS-Want to sell
    WTT-Want to trade
    DS-Dragon Sword
    PUG- Pick up group, usually used in reference to PvP areas.  PUG's are
    essentially just random people thrown together that plunge into tombs, not
    HoH- Hall of Heroes, the final stage in the Tomb of the Primeval Kings.
    Farming-This is the process of doing something repetitively in hopes that a
    rare item or armor will drop that may hold a potential value at market.
    Body Blocking - Blocking someone by walking in front of them, thus slowing
    their path.
    Beta - The portion of development after the alpha portion of the game.
    CC - Crowd control.
    CQC- Close-quarters-combat
    DOT - Damage over time.
    DPS - Damage per second.
    Nerf - An action taken by the developers, usually a nerf is applied to a skill
    or an area due to high loot drops.  Most people do not like these.
    IWAY- An old PvP build.
    Think of another popular acronym that should be added?  E-mail me. :)
    VIII. Emote List
    The following is a list of the various emotes in Guild Wars.
    /age *
    /deaths **
    /fame ***
    /friend <player>
    /ignore <player>
    /petname (name)
    /rock, paper, scissors ****
    /roll <#> *****
    *This will tell you how many hours and days you have played on this character,
    and how many you have logged total into your account.
    **This will tell you how many times you have died.
    ***Available to players with Rank 3+ only.
    ****You must specify which you want to do here.  For example, if you want to do
    rock, then just type /rock.
    *****No longer works in Towns/Outposts.
    R3-5 Emote- http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y90/xSentience4/gw794.jpg
    R6-8 Emote- http://img8.imageshack.us/my.php?image=balto8yl.jpg
    R9-11 Emote- http://img146.imageshack.us/my.php?image=blairqu3.jpg
    IX. Guild Creation & Conscription
    Guild's themselves are a major part of Guild Wars.  Those who are not in one
    miss out on one of the greatest parts of the game, Guild versus Guild.
    Currently to form a guild you must see a person known as the "Guild Register."
    There are Guild Registers in Old Ascalon City, New Ascalon City, and Lion's
    Arch.  The City Registers will only register your guild name and cape, to
    acquire a guild hall you must venture to Lion's Arch.  A name costs 100 GP
    currently and a cape costs 2 platinum; a hall requires a Celestial Sigil that
    you win by holding the Hall of Heroes or by purchasing one.  When you go to
    create your guild, you will be taken to a screen to first type your desired
    guild name, and then you will be able to create a guild cape.  Try to pick
    something that compliments your guild's name.  To join a guild, a leader or an
    officer only has to invite you to join it.  You then must go to the guild
    screen (G by default) and accept the invite to join the guild.  However there
    is much more to guilds then this.  A successful guild needs competent leaders
    and officers.
    First off, shouting for members in every district of every last mission and
    town is not generally a smooth move.  For one, people will tire of the constant
    spam.  The main thing here is that you have no idea what kind of people you are
    bringing in.  True this method may be a quick fix to get some members, but it
    is not the ultimate solution.  If you can't tolerate the person, then chances
    are your guild members won't be able to as well.  People who type in all caps
    tend to be somewhat intolerable, just think of it if it was in real life.
    Would you like someone YELLING AT YOU TO GET INTO YOUR CLUB LIKE THIS?  Didn't
    think so.
    The best way is to get to know someone before you issue an invite, know your
    members on personal basis if you want them to stay.  You need members more then
    members need you.  Getting to know each member forms a close connection to the
    guild they have joined, and they feel more apart of it.  You will also be more
    assured as to the quality of the people you have. If you cannot trust your
    members then something is seriously wrong.  Officers should be people that you
    know you can trust, people you know that if you ask them to do something they
    will happily do it.  Giving someone the position of Officer is like giving your
    car keys to someone, you wouldn't trust just anyone with your car and you must
    be able to trust them enough to know that they won't go wrecking it(IE, destroy
    your guild).  I have heard of many guilds that had their rating totally RUINED
    because the leader made someone an officer who they really shouldn't have, more
    specifically, SOMEONE WHO JUST JOINED THE GUILD!  This certain guild ended up
    receiving 10 GvG losses, and in the end the evil doer kicked everyone out of
    the guild and then left.  This particular individual did this 3 times, and
    actually scammed over 100k GP from guilds, promising to take the GP they had
    and along with his buy them a Sigil.  DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!
    If you are in need of a guild, e-mail me and I will do my best to find you a
    guild.  Include pertinent information, such as...
    In-game Name(s) & Professions: Self explanatory.
    What you want in a guild: Such as you want only PVE, someday PvP, etc.
    Activity: How often can you play and for how long?
    Others: Do you want the guild to have forums?  How about TS?
    X. FAQ
    What follows is a collection of questions that people have e-mailed to me and
    that I have seen asked constantly in-game.
    Q1. General Game Related Questions
    Q: Is any class combination not really useful? I'm a XX/XX, but do decent
    guilds only accept certain groups/classes?
    A: This really varies depending on what guild you are trying to get in to.  It
    depends on what the guild is looking for as to whether or not they let you in.
    For example, let's say that Bob's Friendly Guild has just been created.
    Obviously Bob need's members to fill his guild with, so he will probably accept
    anyone and everyone into it.  Usually the hardcore PvP guilds are the most
    stringent on this kind of thing, since they desire to have power and glory they
    want only the best people they can find.
    Q: I can't seem to find any new skills in Old Ascalon, where can I obtain new
    A: In Old Ascalon there aren't a whole lot of skills you can obtain.  99% of
    all your skills will be found outside of Old Ascalon.  I am planning on adding
    a section to the guide about the locations of each trainer, but at this time I
    do not have the time to compile a list of them and where they are.
    Q: What is the best class in the game?
    A: The best class in the game is... Well actually there is none!  Your success
    the game is based on how you play.  There is no X character template that
    guarantee's that you will be the greatest there is, any character can be
    countered with the right skill set.
    Q: Where can I craft better armor?
    A: This really depends on where you are.  Armor Crafters are scattered all over
    the world.  Some are in smaller outpost areas like Beetletun and the Bergen Hot
    Springs; others reside within towns like Lion's Arch and Droknar's Forge.  The
    best armor is available in Droknar's Forge, unless you want the 15k armor.  The
    only difference here is that the 15k gear looks better, graphics wise, then its
    non 15k counterpart.
    Q: What is "Ascension"?
    A: Ascension is a process that occurs in the Crystal Desert.  The actual
    Ascension process is a series of missions, 3 to be exact, that are really
    nothing more then Tombs practice.  Each mission has some sort of resemblance to
    a map in the Tombs.  Upon completion of this process you must fight your
    "mirror" self, your mirror uses all the skills you bring with you into battle.
    Q: I am interested in trying to be a Healer Monk, but I am not sure if I will
    make a good Monk, are there any certain things I should know before trying it?
    A: A good Healer Monk does just that, he heals, and he focuses himself on it.
    You cannot heal AND attack, the two just consume too much energy and you will
    find yourself inadequate in both.  As a Healing Monk, your job is to watch
    little red bars all battle long.  Here are a few tips to keep yourself alive
    and those red bars red, not black.
    *Stay as far back from the combat zone as possible, concentrate on keeping up
    the healing.
    *Do not heal people the second they take damage!  This is the mistake that the
    Healer Hench Alesia makes, the henchman is good in healing for a few moments in
    battle, and then she is useless.  She exhausts her mana way too fast for her to
    be useful.  I usually wait until the person gets a little above half health to
    start pouring on the heals.  Use Heal Other for massive healing, Healing Breeze
    to counter massive DoT, Orison of Healing for self-healing and some party
    healing, and obtain Word of Healing as your elite skill.  Healing Touch is your
    ultimate self heal, use this to heal yourself especially.  Word of Healing is
    simply a skill that a healer must have, unless you are running some sort of
    Essence Bond/Divine Boon combo (Tricky to pull off effectively).  Also learn to
    prioritize your healing targets, watch to see who is getting focused and who is
    just getting scratches in comparison.
    *Use Restore Life instead of Resurrect whenever possible. Resurrect brings back
    the target with almost no HP and Mana, whereas a fairly strong Restore Life
    will bring a person back with 45% hp and 70% or so mana(Based on level of
    heals).  Rebirth is useful late in the game, but as a Healer Monk you should
    not bring this with you if you can avoid doing so, have a Tank or Ranger with
    Monk secondary equip this.  Rebirth will completely drain your energy away,
    something that is not good for a Healer obviously.
    *Bring a Hex Removal skill, such as Remove Hex.
    Q: I seem to be missing 30 attribute points and I am level 20... Where do I get
    A: There is a quest in the Crystal Desert that will send you to meet a
    Forgotten in Skyward Reach.  The person who you receive the quest from
    apparently varies, so check Augury Rock and the other Outposts if you do not
    find it at Augury first.  Upon talking to the Forgotten, the quest will
    complete.  Talk to him after completing the quest and he will offer another
    quest.  This one will send you to the Arid Sea.  On a plateau in the middle of
    the map, you will find the forgotten you need to talk to.  Finish the quest and
    you will receive the first 15 attribute points.  Now you must complete a class
    switch QUEST.  Play till you reach Droknar's Forge.  Near the storage is a
    woman who will tell you to seek out her sister Sanjyi.  She will first tell you
    to go to 3 places in the desert, do so.  Complete a secondary switch while
    here, and return to her.  YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SWITCH YOUR SECONDARY CLASS!!  Do
    not make this mistake!  The quests for a secondary class switch are found in
    Seekers Passage, Destiny's Gorge, and Heroes Audience, the 3 places that you
    are required to visit.  They range in difficulty, with the Ranger switch being
    one of the harder ones and the Elementalist one being painfully easy.  After
    completing this quest, return to her.  She will give a second quest to seek out
    her sister.  Head to the Copperhammer Mines.  Now simply follow her and do as
    she says.  Upon doing this return to Droknar's and claim your last 15 attribute
    points!  Please note that it is possible to do the one in Droknar's Forge
    before completing the first, I unexpectedly did that with my Ranger.
    Q: I was reading something in another FAQ about switching secondary classes and
    I wanted to know if this is possible and where I could do this.
    A: It is very possible to switch your secondary.  The option to do so
    opens up after you ascend in the Crystal Desert.  You can switch your
    secondary in Hero's Audience, Destiny's Gorge, and Seeker's Passage.
    Q: Is it true the Assassin is going to be a Chapter II profession?
    A: Yes.  Start dreaming of the possibilities now.
    Q2. Guild Related Questions
    Q: Is there a limit to how many people you can have in a guild?
    A: The current number is 100 people, but most guilds don't usually go over 40
    people.  There is nothing close knit in a guild made of 70 people, remember
    Q: Is there a certain mix of professions that guilds generally like to run in a
    A: Because of the diversity of characters and the sheer possibilities for team
    builds, there is no particular mix that people bring.  Some team builds consist
    of numerous Warriors that build up adrenaline skills and then spam these filled
    up attacks on a single target.  Other builds are tuned to be more defensive,and
    simply spike when able.  The best thing to do is to utilize the players you have
    and their talents, then challenge them to do something that is just OUT of their
    Q: What is a Celestial Sigil?
    A: A Celestial Sigil is used to purchase a guild hall.  To obtain one you must
    go to the Hall of Heroes and take control of it.  There you may obtain the
    Sigil.  If you cannot do this, you can go to Lion's Arch and look for someone
    selling one.  You can also buy from the Sigil Seller in the Tombs or go looking
    at a guild hall, and you can find the trader there as well.
    Q: I'm having a lot of members become inactive, what should I do?
    A: Kick them.  Seriously, if people stop logging on, then they are doing
    nothing but taking up a roster spot.  We have a rule that anyone who doesn't
    log on for 2 weeks gets kicked, unless they have a valid reason to be absent.
    Q: I can't find a good guild!
    A: E-mail me what you are looking for in one and I'll do my best to find one
    for you.  No joke, I will.
    Q: How can my guild get Guild of the Week?
    A: You have to be able to prove to A-net that your guild is special, and is
    unique.  Unlike the thousands of other guilds, you need to be able to show them
    that yours is one that truly stands a cut above those other guilds, better,
    stronger, and superior to the competition.  Having an active website/forum is a
    key part, having a good ladder rank is always good, and being active in the
    community is another good qualifier.  You have to work long and hard if you
    want to someday get GoTW, I know I had to as the leader of TSH (Guild of the
    Week #36).  We all had to at the end of the day.
    Here is the link to our GoTW interview.
    Valentines Day GoTW FTW!
    Q3. Miscellaneous Questions
    Q: My system specs are XXXXXXXX and I have XXXXXXXX, will this run on my
    A: I have no idea!  I am not a computer expert by any means, but I can run GW
    on max settings (No anti-aliasing) with a GeForce 4 MX420 and 512mb SD RAM.
    Q: Is there a ranking of guilds somewhere?
    A: Yes, the official ladder standings can be found at
    http://ladder.guildwars.com/ , the ladder is updated constantly and always
    displays the current rankings of each and every guild who has participated in
    Guild versus Guild combat.
    Q: Do you plan on doing other guide's in the future?
    A: Maybe... Only time will tell. ;)
    Q: What's with the sudden PvP information?
    A: I was originally making a Beginner's Guide to PvP, but I scrapped it and
    merged much of the resources with my current one.  All of the PvP section was
    pulled from it.
    Q: Will more character slots be added?
    A: Each expansion pack will add more slots, in addition to this, starting this
    summer you will be able to purchase additional slots for $9.99 each.  When you
    consider that you will get at the bare minimum 100 hours of gameplay out of
    that character, it is a steal.  How many games can give you 100 hours of
    gameplay for $9.99?:P
    Q: Do you work for ArenaNet?
    A: No, I am a player (A fanatical one at that) of the game Guild Wars and
    nothing more.  I am also a devout fan of ANET and everything it stands for,
    which led me to write this guide and, time permitting, others as well.
    Q: May I join your guild?
    A: No.  Maybe if you give me some godly PvE gear we can work something out. :P
    Q: Do I need my CD to play the game, or can I just DL the client and play from
    A: You can play the game from any PC that will run it, you need only DL the
    client and login to your account.  But remember, you will have to DL
    Q: When are the Summer Update areas coming out?
    A: It was released September 7th, 2005.
    Q: This or WoW?
    A: I really despise this question; this is like trying to compare a first
    person shooter to a real time strategy game.  Both are good, but play very
    differently from each other.
    World of Warcraft
    +Good graphics if you like that style
    +Made by Blizzard (If you like them)
    +Massive World
    +Lots to do
    +Tons of items/gear to collect
    +Tons of quests
    +A MASSIVE Amount of people playing
    -Horrible PVP (Want to argue this?  E-mail me)
    -Pay to play
    -Made by Blizzard (I don't like Blizz :( )
    -Gross Grind
    -You can play for several hours and really have done nothing
    -Very difficult to start into
    -Extremely Laggy at times
    -If Mining/Fishing appeals to you, then THIS is the game for you
    Guild Wars
    +Superb & Fluid PvP
    +Beautiful Graphics
    +Can play only a little at a time and still get something done
    +Good amount of players online
    +Good support for guilds
    +Easy to get into
    +Little to No lag
    -Not much left after you finish the game (PvE wise)
    -PvE is repetitive and monotonous and there is nothing in PvE after you finish
    the game
    -Farming required in order to get the "cooler gear", which can be difficult
    -LOTS of annoying/bratty children playing
    -PvP can be difficult to break into
    Q: Congrats on getting Guild of the Week!
    A: Thanks a lot! :D
    Q: What makes you a good person to do this guide?
    A: I'm leet.
    Q4. Chapter II Questions
    Q: What is the name of the expansion pack?
    A: Guild Wars: Factions
    Q: Will I have to buy Guild Wars: Factions and if so, how much will it be?
    A: You do not have to buy it, but you will not be able to access the new areas
    and classes if you don't buy it.  You can still, however, trade for and use
    Chapter 2 weaponry.  As far as price, it will be priced competitively.
    Q: Are Assassin's and Ritualist's the only two new classes?
    A: Yes.
    Q: When is it being released?
    A: April 24th.
    Q: What else is new?
    A: The game will take place in Cantha.  Besides many new areas to explore, PvP
    is getting a massive face lift.  There will be 2 New Guild Halls, multiple new
    modes of PvP, and Alliances.  Alliances will be a maximum of 10 Guilds, of
    which Alliances and take control of towns and areas.  Control of these areas
    grants Alliance members better prices on wares from that area in addition to
    other goodies.  For the PvErs, many new missions and quests await them.
    According to some readings, Cantha is approximately the size of Tyria.  For the
    most up to date information on Chapter II, keep an eye on www.guildwars.com
    Q: Will there be a preview event?
    A: There was already one for soley PvP, but there will be another event in
    March which will allow players to play through several of the Canthan Missions
    and play the two new classes.  The FPE will begin at 12:01 a.m. PST on Friday
    morning, March 24, and will end at 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday night, March 26.
    For more information on the Preview, check out this link.
    Q: Which one should I make first?
    A: Both?
    Q5. Chapter III Questions
    Q: Paragon or Dervish?
    A: Both are extremely versatile and fun to play, but I prefer the Paragon due
    to its ability to support its party.
    Q: How many Heroes are there?
    A: There are 2 Warriors, 2 Necromancers, 1 Mesmer, 1 very expensive Ritualist,
    1 Assassin, 2 Elementalists, 2 Monks, 2 Rangers, 1 Dervish, 1 Paragon.
    Q: What do you mean by expensive Ritualist.
    A: You must first beat the game and then travel to the Domain of Anguish, upon
    getting there you must take the quest to get Razah, and then you must pay the
    Gatekeeper one of each of the Domain of Anguish gemstones in order to get to
    Razah.  This costs well over 100k+.
    Q: Why is a Ritualist Hero so expensive?
    A: Ask A-Net.
    Q: Are there items at the end of the game?
    A: Yes, like Factions you get a free item at the end of the game.
    XI. Contact Information
    If you have a question about the guide or a correction, or would just like to
    thank me you can reach me at Providence53-at-gmail.com Do NOT e-mail me about
    spelling mistakes or anything of that nature either...  If you want my IM names
    then you must ask.  You can also reach me in game under the names
    Main Account
    (R/N) Kaiser Dune
    (W/E) Raiker Slerius
    (Mo/Me) Lucia Hylallu
    (Me/N) Dalmar Spellbreaker
    (A/W) Fae Roivas
    (N/Mo) Sapphire Rynalt
    (D/W) Selene Evermonde
    (PVP) Unnatural Signet
    Second Account (Holding onto TSH)
    (PVP) Superior Leadership
    Third Account (Guesting/Membering/Etc)
    Raiker Failurus
    I will answer any questions should you have them when you PM me, I'm so-so on
    trade values (I can definitely tell you if an item has a value or not and give
    a ballpark estimate on gold value) and I can usually give you a hand with a
    mission/quest, though I do only a modest amount of PvE.
    XI. Credits
    ArenaNet- For creating such an incredible game and being so dedicated since the
    start.  I would also like to thank them for giving us the honor of being Guild
    of the Week.
    CjayC- For keeping Gamefaqs up and running.
    My GF Allie- For being so understanding during the BWE's... haha...
    My guild- The Shattered Hand, thank you for the wonderful two and a half years.
    I learned a lot about life being the leader for that time, and its unfortunate
    that we had to disband after all that time.
    Gaile Gray- <3
    John Stumme aka Spooky Electric- For coordinating our GoTW article.
    Nightfire X- RIP, thanks for all the great times in Heroes Ascent.  You're the
    only person in GW that has my complete respect.
    XII. Copyright Information
    This FAQ is my property and no one else's.  So don't go ripping it off.  This
    document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
    or private use. It may not be placed on any web site without my permission.
    The sites that I have given permission to to use it on their site may grab the
    newest version at anytime I update the guide.
    (C) 2008, Providence53 aka Sentience

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