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    FAQ/Walkthrough by shadowduck

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    Guild Wars Factions
    A Guide by Amrita Pureheart and Mandy Candy version 0.815
    Copyright 2006- Shadowduck and Mandy Memory. All Rights Reserved. This 
    guide can be printed and saved for your personal use. The guide MUST not 
    be sold, or otherwise edited and reposted on the Internet. GameFAQs.com and
    Neoseeker.com are the homes of this guide, and will always have the most 
    current version. If you wish to post this guide on your site, please 
    request permission by emailing jcrompton@gmail.com Thanks!
    NOTE: CheatCC can now host this guide as well.
    This guide covers the starter Isalnd of Guild Wars Factions, and will cover
    all of Nightfall.  
    First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Justin, or in game my 
    main Character (A Monk/Warrior) is Amrita Pureheart. I have been playing 
    Guild Wars since the World Preview Event for the original Guild Wars game 
    back in October 2004. I currently have five level 20 characters in the 
    game world of varying professions. My friend and fellow player Mandy, 
    who's in game main is Mandy Candy (Elem/Monk), has also been playing 
    Guild Wars for a long time. She currently has five Level 20 characters 
    in the game world as well. Together, we hope to bring the reader, the 
    most complete guide to Guild Wars Factions/Nightfall available. As you 
    read this guide, a few things to note: 1) The game world is always changing: 
    any information is this guide is current and correct at the time of writing, 
    but my change in the future. Efforts will be made to update the game as 
    time goes along, but something might be missed. 2) As you read the guide, 
    we will refer to the various panels that give the players information 
    about their characters. The default keyboard assignment to pop-up that panel 
    in game will be given after the name of the panel in parentheses. 
    For example: To access your skills, use the Skills/Attribute Panel (K). 
    By default, pressing the K key on your keyboard will bring up the Skills List. 
    May 23- Added in a new Ritulist Guide by Taka
    April 29- Added in a new Warrior GUide by Taka
    April- Sorry Finally time to play this again!
    November 4-11- Updates adding content to Nightfall Walkthrough sections.
    November 3- Added more of the walkthrough and quests
    October 27- Back from the death or depths of unknown places with Nightfall 
    May 26- Added more quests to Section 13, and added info on Zen Daijun
    May 22- New Section Started 11d- Advanced Training on the starter Island
    Updated section 11c with Assassin training quests. Added new quests in
    Section 12 as well.
    May 20- Completed most of the Primary quests on the island beyond 
    picking your Professions. Monk quests are completed for this as well.
    Added Captured Son quest information in Section 12b.
    May 18- Started the Walkthrough and added about 25 quests
    May 17- Added around 50 skills to the Skills Section, more to come
    May 12- This guide was born with Sections 1-8.
    (Each section can be accessed using the Find feature in Notepad/your web 
    Preface- How Guild Wars Works
    1. Basics
    2. Guild Wars Attribute System
    	2a. Leveling
    	2b. Skills as Related to Attributes
    3. Professions
    	3a. Warrior- Written by Taka Good Guide!
    		I. Introduction					3a.1
    		II.Contact Information				3a.2
    			General Information			3a.G~
    		III.Axe Mastery					3a.3
    		IV. Hammer Mastery				3a.4
    		V. Strength					3a.5
    		VI. Swordsmanship				3a.6
    		VII. Tactics					3a.7
    		VIII. Secondary Profession Choices		3a.8
    		VIV. Your Job					3a.9
    		X. Some Crazy Ideas and Battle Tactics		3a.10
    		XI. Glossary of Terms used In this Guide	3a.11
    		XII. Version History and Credits		3a.12
    	3b. Monk
    	3c. Necromancer
    	3d. Mesmer
    	3e. Elementalist
    	3f. Ranger
    	3g. Assassin (on GW Wiki)
    	3h. Ritualist
    		I. Your Role 					3h.1
    		II. On your Mark, Get Set, Go!			3h.2
    		III. Secondaries				3h.3
    		IV. Build Ideas for Ritualist			3h.4
    	3i. Dervish (on GW Wiki)
    	3j. Paragon (on GW Wiki)
    4. All about your Character and Conditions
    	4a. Conditions
    5. Weapons
    6. Runes
    7. Armor
    8. Upgrades
    9. Items
    Section I- Factions
    10. Skills
    11. Obtaining your Primary and Secondary Class
        11a) Introduction
        11b) New Mission Structure
        11c) Training Quest Walkthroughs for each Profession
    		a. Monk
    		b. Assassin
        11d) Advanced Skills Quests
    12. Primary Quests and Missions for all Professions
    13. Non-Primary Island Quests
    14. The Factions Attribute Quests
    15. Non-Primary Side Quests on the Mainland
    Section II- Nightfall
    16. Nightfall Beginnings
    	16a) Chahbek Village
    17. Primary Training
    	17a) Dervish
    18. Nightfall Mechanics
    19. Kamadan- Jewel of Istan Quests and Getting to Level Five
    20. Secondary Training
    21. Leaving a Legacy- The Quest to Jokanur Diggings
    22. The Path to the Mission of Jokanor Diggings
    23. Misson at Jokanor Diggings
    24. The Path to Blacktide Den
    25. Mission at Blacktide Den
    26. The Path to Consolate Docks
    27. Mission at Consolate Docks
    28. Koss is Captured!
    Section III- Nightfall from Previous Games
    A. Nightfall from Cantha (Factions)
    B. Nightfall from Tyrna (Orginial GW)
    Section IV- Hard Mode
    X. Legal Stuff
    1. Basics
    	Guild Wars Factions is a game developed by ArenaNet based in 
    Washington State USA. This game is an online role playing game. The 
    player must have a connection to the Internet at all times while playing 
    the game. This game is friendly to dial-up users, but having a broadband 
    connection will greatly enhance the gaming experience.  The game is 
    Chapter 2 in the Guild Wars series. The player need not own Chapter 1 of 
    the series to play this game. Guild Wars Factions is completely a self 
    contained adventure. It is not an expansion pack for Guild Wars; however 
    the two games are closely related. When a player installs Guild Wars 
    Factions and creates an account using an email account and entering their 
    access key, they will have full access to the game, and the ability to 
    create four Factions characters. Note, if you own Chapter 1 as well, you 
    have the choice of linking your account or keeping them separate. Linking 
    the account gives you two extra character slots, so a total of 6 
    characters have full access (almost) to both games. 
    2. Guild Wars Attribute System
    	Guild Wars' skills (think of them as spells) are mostly based on 
    its attribute system. Each profession has around 150 skills available for 
    use; however you can only use eight at one time. Each Profession is 
    described in Section 3. This section describes the attribute system used 
    in Guild Wars Factions. 
    2a. Leveling
    	When you create a character, you start a Level 1 with zero 
    attribute points available to you. As your level increases, you gain 
    attribute points to spend on your attributes. Your attributes are 
    determined by the professions you choose for your Primary and Secondary 
    Class. Your character will gain attribute points as follows:
    Levels 2-10: 5 points per level 
    Levels 11-15: 10 points per level
    Levels 16-20: 15 points per level 
    There are total of 200 attribute points in the game. When your character 
    reaches Level 20, he/she will have 170 of these points. The other 30 are 
    available in quests. See the Walkthrough Section for more details on 
    these two quests. 
    As you gain levels, your character will earn attribute points as noted in 
    the list above. These points can be spent as soon as you earn them, and 
    reallocated anyway you wish thereafter as long as you are in a Town or 
    Outpost. Points may not be changed in missions or in explorable areas. 
    Attribute points are changed in the Attribute tab of the Hero's Panel 
    2b. Skills as Related to Attributes
    	Almost all skills in Guild Wars Factions have a related attribute. 
    When pointing to the skill description either on your Skills and Attirbutes 
    Panel or your skill bar at the bottom of the screen the attribute that skill is 
    tied to is shown in parenthesis after the skill description. Also, in 
    your skills list, skills are grouped by their attribute (default- this 
    can be changed using the dropdown at the upper-right corner of the 
    window). For example: The Elementalist skill Fireball says: Spell. Target 
    foe and all adjacent foes are struck for (7..112) fire damage. (Attrib: 
    Fire Magic).  This skill is tied to the attribute of Fire Magic and 
    becomes more effective as points are spent on raising your level in Fire 
    Magic. Any green number in a skill (in this example 7..112) are increased 
    as attribute points are placed into related skill.  Some skills are 
    listed with no attribute: their effects do not change based on an 
    attribute, and they are available to everyone of the profession the skill 
    is tied to. An example of this is the Monk skill Resurrect. Any monk may 
    use this skill and its effects are always the same, target party member 
    is brought back to life. 
    There are twelve attribute levels (or ranks) for each attribute. However, 
    an attribute can be raised beyond twelve using runes, armor, and skills 
    themselves. See the Upgrades Section for more information on runes, and 
    the Armor section for armor information.  The list below lists the amount 
    of attribute points required for each level of an attribute:
    Level	Points Required	Total Invested
    1	1	1
    2	2	3
    3	3	6
    4	4	10
    5	5	15
    6	6	21
    7	7	28
    8	9	37
    9	11	48
    10	13	61
    11	16	77
    12	20	97
    As noted, any green numbers in a skill description are raised when the 
    related attribute for that skill is raised in the Skills and Attirbutes 
    Panel (K). 
    3. Classes/Professions
    There are eight classes or professions available to players in Guild Wars 
    Factions. To experience the best of Factions (if you are a Chapter 1 
    player) create a Factions character.  On the character select screen, 
    click Create. You have two options here: Role-playing character or Player 
    vs. Player Character.  Section 10 covers PVP characters, for now click 
    Role-playing character. You will be asked to pick one of the eight 
    professions as your Primary class. All characters have a primary class 
    and a secondary class. Each class has primary attribute that only a 
    primary user of this class can access. The Professions are: Warrior, 
    Monk, Necromancer, Elementalist, Mesmer, Ranger, Assassin, and Ritualist. 
    Assassin and Ritualist were introduced with Guild Wars Factions are not 
    available in the original Guild Wars game.  Each profession is described 
    below. In these descriptions example Skills will be gives. The ranges 
    given in the skills are based on the attribute the skill is related to 
    being between 1 and 15. For example:  Do damage (9..18) to target. The 
    skill would inflict nine damage if your attribute is level 1, or 18 
    damage if its level 15.  
    3a. Warrior
    	I am replacing what I included about the warrior class with an 
    excellent guide by my good friend Taka Ragranok. Hope you enjoy this!
    Disclaimer: I choose to include this Warrior Guide in mine, because it is much
    more through that what I had. The content is the sole copyright of Taka, and is
    used with his exclusive permission. The same rights that apply to my guide,
    apply to this section as well. Hope you enjoy it.
    	Hey, welcome to my guide! I'm Taka, and I 
    am hoping that you are here to (hopefully) 
    learn something! This guide is dedicated to the most 
    armored Class in Guild Wars, the Warrior!
    To be a proper Warrior, you must realize that you
    are designed to soak up damage (abbreviated as dmg) 
    and dish it out. You are designed to clash weapons 
    with the bosses,
    body blocking them so they don't kill your teammates. 
    You are the first line of defense, complete with skills 
    that block attacks, give you adrenaline, and grant 
    bonuses to the entire party. If people can get through
    or around you, they WILL go after your Monks, and you 
    can't allow that to happen. This guide is dedicated to
    telling you about the various tricks,
    skills, and strategies that you need to know 
    (and some you don't really need, but are there just 
    for fun!). This is, in
    a sense, the G4TV of Warriors: The Warrior's guide for 
    all the stuff you (should) care about.
    Table of Contents: At the beginning of the main guide.
    3a.1- A Hello Like no Other
    	Allow me to formally introduce myself. I go by the penname of Tal, although my
    name is Strad. Don't ask me why, that's just how my parents named me. Anyway, I
    have one level 20 character in Guild Wars, a Warrior by the name of Taka 
    Ragranok. And yes, I know it is not the correct spelling of the Sword. I could
    explain my reasons, but due to certain laws in my state, I cannot. Anyway, I am
    currently working on a Nighfall Monk by the name of Taka of Protection, a 
    Dervish by the name of Taka The Scythe, a Ritualist by the name of Audrey
    Spiritcaller, and a PvP only character called Audrey Battlegirl as well as one 
    Ranger in Prophecies, which is a guy called Cheney Marr. Through all of these,
    I have come to a basic understanding of aspects of almost every class, and will
    try to be as well-rounded as possible in my advice.
    3a.2- Contact Information:
    	If you have questions about a Warrior you can
    email Taka directly at the following address below.
    Please only send focused questions on topic about 
    Guild Wars. DO NOT send Taka e-mail asking him if you
    can host this guide on your site. Please direct all
    emails like that the contact information at the beginning of this guide.
    My email address is:
    AskTakaAboutGuildWars AT gmail.com (AT = @)*
    *For spam control
    As noted earlier, anything I assume to be
    hate mail or spam will instantly be deleted.
    So keep things polite, please!
    3a.G- General Information
    	Alrighty, so you are a Warrior. This is 
    good, because you have the heaviest armor in 
    the game (it can reach an Armor Level 
    -abbreviated as AL- of 100), not including shield 
    bonuses. As a Warrior, you start out with very 
    little energy (abbreviated as E), around 20, 
    I believe...Do yourself a favor and leave all
    of those skills that cost 5 E apiece in your 
    skill inventory. 5 E is a huge amount for a 
    Warrior, since you gain only 2 back
    per second. Once again, the numbers decieve 
    the eye, because a caster (such as an 
    Elementalist, abbreviated as Ele) has a rate
    of 4 E regeneration (abbreviated as regen) 
    per second. In general, focus on having 
    AT LEAST half of your skill bar Adrenaline based,
    and you should be clear. Once you can get armor 
    that increases E, you can add a few more
    E-intensive skills, such as Berserker Stance.
    Keep in mind that you will quickly need to 
    balance your skill set, including Strength 
    skills, your chosen weapon skills, and (in my
    OPINION,) a string of secondary profession 
    skills OR tactics. Here is a quick reference 
    to the attributes of a Warrior:
    Strength, the primary attribute: Increases usefulness
    of related skills and increases % chance for armor 
    penetration by 1% for each rank. It also lets you
    wield more powerful shields.
    Axe/Hammer Mastery/Swordsmanship: With more points 
    here, you can wield more powerful weapons of
    corresponding type. Related skills usefulness is
    increased, as well as your % chance to land a 
    critical hit (abbreviated as crit) by 1% for 
    each rank.
    Tactics: Increases usefulness of skills (duh), 
    which are usually defensive in nature, as well
    as let you wield more powerful shields.
    Often, these defensive skills can be stances 
    that provide defense bonuses, or things like 
    Drunken Blow, which can dmg and inflict
    Status ailments.
    	Please note that Strength is the only 
    attribute unavailable to secondary warriors, 
    considering Warrior isn't their primary class.
    Next, I'll discuss (in much greater depth) 
    the various attributes in Alphabetical order...
    3a.3- Axe Mastery
    	Ah, the axe, probably the most fun of 
    weapons. If you are an axe warrior, you have a lot 
    of power, especially once you can get to Kaineng
    Center. I say this because there are a
    lot of powerful skills there, and, while
    you probably won't be able to utilize them to the 
    max for a while, you can still use 
    them to kick plenty of butt. Take Executioner's 
    Strike, for example. At 9 or 10 in Axe Mastery, 
    it does a massive 34 dmg on 
    top of your axe! That's huge, especially when 
    you consider that that max dmg can reach up to 
    around 41! That is a minimum of 47
    dmg, or a maximum of 69! Combine that with 
    armor penetration,
    and you might just land a triple digit, or close 
    to it.
    As an axe Warrior, you can also equip shields, 
    which provide an extra armor boost 
    (up to 16, which applies to all parts of the
    body). This is especially nice if you gain 
    Health bonuses for being in a stance, or just plain
    old health bonuses period.
    The best ones to get are ones that require 
    strength-having more
    strength gives you higher chances to penetrate 
    opponent's armor.
    Certain Axe skills are almost Area of Effect (AoE),
    the two most prominent being the elite Triple Chop 
    (in Factions) and Cyclone Axe (core). These two 
    skills each cost 5 Energy (abbreviated as E) to use,
    but can be devastating if you have a
    nice axe...
    It is always a good idea to coordinate a spike with
    your teammates if you are an axe warrior, that way,
    you can fully utilize everyone's
    power. Trust me, a 240 dmg Lightning Orb
    (with 20% Armor penetration,ie AP, to boot) plus the 
    58 dmg from your axe (which may be crit,
    AP, or both), plus the dmg from a poisoning arrow is 
    no laughing matter.
    Think of it this way: they are in dire need of healing,
    and they are poisoned. That is effective!
    3a.4- Hammer Mastery
    	In all honesty, I never really used the hammer.
    I honestly couldn't give you a reason, minus the fact 
    that an experienced player gave me a frickin' amazing
    axe on my second day of play. Ah well. Anyway, hammers
    are masters of knocking down opponents, as
    well as having MASSIVE DMG! I am talking more dmg than 
    Executioner's Strike! That is a crapload....Anyway, 
    the max dmg of hammers is somewhere in the 18-35 range,
    and almost all of them are blunt dmg dealers. There
    are two that are different: and both are piercing dmg. 
    Many hammer Warriors use Stoneskin gauntlets to increase
    knockdown time, which is a viable strategy. I'll try to 
    give you more information as I start
    to play with one..
    3a.5- Strength
    	In my personal opinion, strength is just about 
    the best primary skill in the game. Why? As noted earlier,
    per rank in this attribute, you gain 1% more chance of AP! 
    It IS possible to get this rank up to 20, like all others,
    but you have to go through (pardon my language)
    Hell and High Water. Anyway, it can really turn the tide 
    of battle if you can get AP at the right time. But you 
    can't really control it. Oh well.
    3a.6- Swordsmanship
    	Ah, the sword, my favorite real life weapon. 
    People who use a sword can often times inflict near as 
    much dmg as the axe, if not more, because some good sword
    skills inflict Bleeding and Deep Wound; Bleeding causes 
    minor health degen and Deep Wound temporarily lowers
    overall health by 20%, as well as making healing spells 
    used on that character less effective. Swords are also 
    the other weapon of the Warrior that can
    be used in conjunction with shields. Swords have one 
    drawback: A much lower max dmg cap than axes or hammers.
    Swords however, can do better average dmg per
    minute than axes.
    3a.7- Tactics
    	Aside from the Protection Prayers and Earth Magic 
    attributes, this has got to be probably the most defensive 
    I've seen. Various stances, such as Balanced Stance and 
    Defensive Stance, both provide a ample compensation to
    armor. This is useful in high pressure situations against 
    enemies which can deal large amounts of dmg quickly. 
    Balanced Stance is particularly useful against Hammer 
    Warriors; it provides knockdown nullification. Defensive 
    Stance increases your armor temporarily (no, you think?),
    and "Watch Yourself!" provides
    a nice armor bonus to everyone within earshot 
    3a.8- Secondary Professions for Warriors
    	As a general rule of thumb, Warriors do not work 
    well having secondary professions that have skills that 
    require large amounts of energy; instead,
    they usually use only one or two E-intensive skills from 
    the secondary of their choice. There are, of course,
    exceptions to this rule, but still, the guidelines
    usually hold true. Listed below are the ten professions
    available, as well as
    my opinion of how they synergize together.
    Key: W = Warrior, R = Ranger, Me = Mesmer, E = Elementalist
         Mo = Monk, N = Necromancer, D = Dervish, P = Paragon,
    	    Rt = Ritualist, 	A = Assassin
    Personally, I did it for two reasons: Troll Unguet and
    Apply Poison; the former for a pre-battle regen to help 
    lessen the pressure on Monks, if only for a little while.
    I use Apply Poison in conjunction with something like 
    Hundred Blades or Triple Chop to make the poison spread to
    all the foes around me, just to apply pressure to the 
    enemy monks. Soon I'll dabble in Beast Mastery, but the 
    small E pool is gonna be hard to overcome...
    I'll also never go with Marksmanship, if only because: 
    a. Skills are E-intensive
    (for a Warrior, anyway), and b. The Warrior armor is 
    too strong to be used on the
    backlines, unless your guarding a monk, in which case 
    you better have an extra
    melee weapon and some atk skills. Another bonus is 
    "I will Avenge you!" which
    is often used with a pet to increase atk power and 
    spd. A killer choice.
    My rating: 9/10. Apply poison is just too good to pass up.
    I haven't yet tried this, though the low energy pool 
    could really make this one
    suck. You might use conjure phantasm to help you lay 
    the dmg on your opponent,
    but other than that, I honestly don't want to try it. 
    A (in my opinion) bad choice.
    My rating: 4/10. The high energy hexes just don't sit
    well with the base Warrior
    energy pool. An ok choice if you don't go overboard 
    on the hexes.
    This is one of my other favorites. Besides being the 
    required secondary for the
    infamous Shock Axe build, I used some fire spells that
    could be utilized well by a
    Warrior, especially in PvE. I used Inferno as one of 
    my two Elementalist (abbreviated
    as Ele) skills, due to the natural E-intensiveness of 
    Ele Magic. Inferno, at a Rank
    of 10 in Fire Magic, did 100 fire dmg to all adjacent 
    (abbreviated as adj) foes. My other
    skill I used during this time period was Fire Storm, 
    which is a Area of Effect (abbreviated
    as AoE) spell. At a Rank of 10 in Fire Magic, it did 
    25 dmg per second to all enemies in
    the area. So long as you aren't going nuts in terms 
    of number of Ele skills, this could
    really be a sweet build. An all-around good choice.
    My Rating: 6/10. With a few Fire skills, your dmg per 
    second can really shoot through the
    roof. And you save the nuker a little bit of E, too.
    The much hated Paladin setup, used mainly by noobs and 
    runners. I personally hated the
    build; whenever you started to get low on health, you 
    would cast a healing spell, and then
    you'd lose it soon after. That's just my opinion, and 
    I guess that it wouldn't hurt to have
    better timing, but I would much rather let a monk take 
    care of it for me. Thank You, Monks!
    My Rating: 4/10. Unless you realize that Mending sucks 
    and should NEVER be used for anything
    (except maybe casters...eh, still no!) and try to cast 
    it on yourself, you are stupid. If
    you DO realize it, then maybe you could pull it off. 
    A sub-par choice.
    I haven't even touched this one, though I think that it 
    pretty much follows the same
    description of the mesmer secondary. Blood magic could 
    make a very decent choice, though,
    considering you could really release the burden on the 
    few monks that are actually
    by humans. A good example would be blood renewal. You 
    could also utilize Plague touch in
    My Rating: 6/10. A few Blood Magic skills and you might 
    have a workable build, assuming you
    wield a melee weapon. Not too bad, actually.
    Hmm...Haven't tried this one yet, though I do have some 
    speculation. You could pull this off
    if all you used from the dervish side was Scythe Mastery 
    (and a powerful scythe,
    of course), and then Strength and Tactics from the Warrior.
     The Adrenal-based skills would
    charge quickly, considering you get adrenaline everytime 
    you hit with a weapon, and since
    Scythes are the "hit all adjacent foes in front of you" 
    weapon, you can quickly gain 
    adrenaline for Tactics based skills, such as 
    "Watch Yourself!" Combine this with
    "For Great Justice!" and Berserker's Stance, and you can 
    spam "Watch Yourself!" over and
    over again. This could be brilliant. Plus, if you really
    want, you can put Avatar of 
    Balthazar on your skill bar :). Just keep half of your 
    skills adrenal, and you can really
    make this work.....of course, many Scythe Mastery skills
    need to have Enchants......hmmmmmm........
    My Rating: This could very easily work, so long as you
    have good E-management or just
    simply good judgement on skill timing. I say 7/10; it 
    loses one point because you can't
    pump up Avatar of Balthazar. =(
    Once again, haven't quite tried it, but I have played 
    both. My opinion: They could really
    synergize well with each other. Paragons use shouts or 
    chants (and various other types of
    musical singing..) which can often provide decent bonuses. 
    This could be used to really
    pump up you fellow Warriors and the occassional Assassin 
    or Dervish. Of course, all shouts
    can benefit them, but you know what I mean.
    My Rating: 6/10, only because you can't soup up Angelic Bond.
    You have the HP and the
    durability, so that can really stink. of course, you can use 
    it to help absorb some of 
    the dmg and abuse the opposing team hits your monk with. 
    A very good choice overall.
    This was my original combination, and it can really kick 
    butt if you can keep weapon spells
    on you for long enough durations, or if you spam the odd 
    spirit to make your job even
    easier. The other nice thing is that is has a dedicated 
    ressurecting skill, which usually
    belong only to monks: Flesh of My Flesh. Look that up on 
    Guild Wiki. It can really save 
    your butt. Main weakness: Short time frame to _actually_ 
    utilize the weapon enchantments.
    Oh well.
    My rating: 5/10. You get a hard rez, and you can spirit 
    spam. If only the weapon
    enchantments could be fully utilized!
    A mixed bag here. you can dual wield (daggers only, sadly),
    shadow step, and use three
    hit combos that can seriously kill. However, this requires 
    ample investment in Crit. Strikes
    (the Assassin Primary attribute), as well as Dagger Mastery,
    and Deadly Arts. I am not
    a genius of the Assassin, so I can't help you here. See the 
    Factions Assassin Guide for
    help. Pretty much, by dual wielding, you atk faster w/ less 
    atk power, and if those combos
    are interupted, your entire chain is done for. Keep your 
    blades sharp, but keep your wit
    My Rating: 6/10. The shadow stepping is worth at least one 
    point, even if that is the
    only thing you utilize from this setup. Like I said, I can't
    really help you here, albeit
    just a little.
    3a.9- Playing a Warrior
    	You, as a Warrior, have a job on the battle field. 
    If there are two tanks
    (a warrior is a tank, along w/ the flash in-flash out sin, 
    a sword-wielding paragon,
    and a Potent Dervish, preferably w/ the Avatar of Balthazar 
    skill), you will be on
    the front lines, dishing out dmg to enemies and soaking up 
    whatever they throw your
    way. You get to be upfront, telling the warriors who to atk
    and who to leave alone.
    Of course, always listen to your monk; they pretty much 
    control if the team loses or
    wins. Always, always, always, always listen to your Monk. 
    Get that through your head
    and your team will run smoother. Got it? Good.
    	Depeneding upon your secondary, your _methods_ may 
    be different. For example,
    a W/A might shadow step to enemy monks and unleash massive dmg 
    (although shadow steps
    _can_ be bodyblocked), or you might teleport through the use 
    of a Necromancer skill,
    such as Consume Corpse. Of course, the latter method also 
    requires that someone by
    the Monk dies, so it could be a while....
    	Another strategy (and perhaps my personal favorite) is 
    the use of Apply Poison
    if you have a Ranger secondary. This can apply pressure over 
    time, which can kill a team
    if their monks aren't used to having every team member be 
    inflicted with -5 health degen
    per second. Conjure Phantasm during the times you want to 
    inflict serious degen. So can
    an Ele, if they are masters of Meteor Shower and/or 
    Fire Storm.
    	You will probably be the one called on to body-block 
    passageways in arenas,
    considering you have the absolute toughest armor. You will 
    often be the target of AoE
    spells of enemy Eles to try and out -spike or -degen your 
    teams' monks. Try to keep
    the pressure _off_ your monks. I cannot stress this 
    enough! Make sure they never run out of
    energy! =)
    3a.10- Don't Call Me Crazy
    	These ideas are my own. Please don't claim them to be 
    your own, as they are
    obviously not, and that is considered plagarism (ie, stealing 
    another's work and calling
    it your own). I don't do that to you, so I expect that you return 
    the favor. Now, on
    with the absolute crazy ideas! Feel free
    Battle Tactics: As I see more PvP, I will definitely see more. 
    Keep checking back; I
    try to update everything on Sundays.
    	Here's one thought for Warriors: If you are with 2 others
    (making the total 3,
    for you people who can't understand my writing), it _could_ be a 
    good idea to have
    someone be the "Attack and Retreat Tank." I use this term to say 
    this: Have one tank
    always keeping an eye on the monk. Whenever you see an enemy 
    attacker break through
    the lines, the ART should try and head 'em off, giving the monk 
    time to run. An
    assassin or a paragon (with a melee weapon; the spear does little 
    good because it is
    ranged) can also do the job with ease.
    Builds: Here are my ideas for strange builds that could _possibly_ 
    turn the tide of battle.
    All of my builds will follow this format:
    Profession Combination
    Attribute Ranks + Bonuses (provided by runes and armor)  
    recommended suit of armor
    Summary, Advantages, and Disadvantages
    On with the builds! Please note that these are for characters w/ 
    the max 200 attribute points
    Grenth's Paladin
    Weapon Mastery of choice: 5 + 2 from armor + 1 from Rune
    Strength:		  3 + 3 from armor + 1 from Rune
    Death Magic:		  As much as possible after above 
    				requirements are met.
    Weapon of choice (preferably with 15% dmg bonus while hp is 
    		over 50%/max HP bonus)
    Shield of choice with as close to max armor as possible 
    		(dmg ^ while in stance/HP bonus)
    *omit this if you are a hammer warrior!*
    Choice of max Armor that gives E bonuses (gladiator armor
    		 works wonders)
    Berserker's Stance
    3 Weapon Skills of choice, none of which can be Elites
    Animate Flesh Golem (Elite)
    Blood of the Master
    Dark Bond
    Rez Signet
    Summary of Build: Energy is an issue with this build, 
    hence the Gladiator armor, which can raise
    you E to around 30! You start of with 
    Berserker's to help you build up adrenaline 
    and attack faster. After you start to get 
    adrenaline, you can activate your weapon 
    skills. For example, a Sword Warrior
    might choose to go Sever Artery, Gash, 
    Final Thrust for a Small 
    spike with additional degen. There
    are several different choices available, no matter 
    what weapon you specialize in. After a corpse is
    made, quickly make a Flesh Golem (which will greatly
    aid you in battle). Use Blood of the Master
    if you need to heal it, otherwise, just keep fighting.
    If you get in real trouble, use Dark Bond,
    followed by Ctrl Clicking Endure Pain. I say to 
    control click because if you don't, the monk will
    think you gave yourself a health boost, instead of 
    proportinately increasing your health. Before
    battle, tell everyone what you are running, that way 
    the monks know
    to keep you alive more than the
    other tank! If you die, that rogue Flesh Golem will 
    tear your team 
    Poison (insert your weapon choice here) Warrior
    Weapon mastery of choice: 11
    Strength:		  8 + 1 from armor + 1 from rune
    Wilderness Survival:	  10
    Weapon: makes no real dif, though poison duration increases are 
    			a really nice thing to have.
    Shield: read first four words of the above phrase, then add,
    "W/ Max Armor"
    Armor: Max armor w/ E bonuses
    Berserker's Stance
    Endure Pain
    3 Weapon Skills of Choice (although Axe is probably the best 
    		way to go), one an Elite that hits all adjacent 
    Troll Unguet
    Apply Poison
    Rez Signet/"For Great Justice!"
    Summary of Build: Energy is nowhere near as much of a 
    problem as the Grenth's Paladin Build. At the
    beginning of battle, as the gates start to rise, use 
    apply poison. Run into battle and immediately jump
    into the middle of everyone. Use the Elite if you want
    (if you use an Axe, you can make your Elite
    Eviscerate/Decapitate and use Cyclone Axe as the "Hit 
    all Adjacent foes" skill) to spread poison all
    around, and when you get to about 80% health, use 
    troll unguet. You might want to use Berserker's Stance
    after Unguet to make up for the dmg you missed out 
    on dealing while  activating it (Troll Unguet). If you
    wish, you may also desire to activate "For Great 
    Justice!" right  before you use Berserker's Stance 
    for a
    Temporary extra 100% adrenaline gain, which 
    probably charges up your
    weapon skills. Just watch your E,
    and use good judgement.
    More are Coming! I promise!--------------------------------------
    3a.11- No good section is complete without the Glossary
    	Welcome to my Glossary of all the terms used in this guide! 
    I hope this can help to clear any
    confusions my abbreviations caused. Now, get studying! For more 
    information about the words to describe
    skills, look it up on GuildWiki (Run search on wikipedia for guild 
    wars, the link is at the bottom of
    the page) or look it up in the Guild Wars Manuscripts included with
     the game. If you desire, drop me an
    email and I will explain. Get it. Got it? Good!
    Atk: Attack. A physical way of damaging an enemy. Warrior, Assassin, 
    Paragon, and Dervish Weaponry deals
    	physical damage, unless otherwise noted on the weapon's 
    Dmg: Damage. Loss of Health recieved from an attack.
    E:   Energy. 'Nuff said.
    HP:  To those who don't know this one, I pity you. It means Hit 
    	Points or Health Points.
    Rez: Ressurection. Ressurection Signets are commonly called Rez 
    	Signets or Rez Sigs.
    Max Armor: Armor which gives you max protection, duh!
    Max Dmg Weapon: Do I really need to say it? :)
    Adrenal: Having to do with skills that require Adrenaline to use.
    Adrenaline: A Warrior and Paragon way of using skills instead of 
    		E usage. 
    		For each successful hit you make
    		on an enemy with an atk, you gain one strike of 
    Paladin: A W/Mo combination where the monk emphasis is on 
    		Healing/Protection. Associated with Noobs (new
    		players who think they know everything), Newbs 
    		(new players who realize they know nothing),
    		and runners (people who will go with a group to
    		get them to a new destination on the group
    		members' maps.
    More terms to come!------------------------------------------------
    3a.12- Section History (only applies to this section)
    Version 1.0: Started this on the March 17, 2007.
    Version 2.0: Updated this FAQ to send to shadowduck
    Just wanted to thank myself (for writing this and taking time to help 
    you) You, the reader
    All of the writers at GameFaqs, you don't know how much you've 
    helped me 
    CJayC, for posting this,
    Shadowduck (aka Amrita Pureheart) for including my mini-faq in his
    and my fourth grade English teacher, for teaching me to never use 
    the word "stuff" I don't know why; it just drove her up a wall.
    Section Copyright 2007 Strad Kirk Michael. All rights reserved. Usage rights
    are exclusive to shadowduck and any other sites/persons of Taka's choosing. Do
    NOT post this section or this guide without permission.
    3b. Monk
    	The monk is one of the two support classes in Guild Wars. Monks are 
    healers, use spells which protect themselves and other allies, and can 
    deal damage using Holy Magic.  Monks are one of the two classes that can 
    resurrect players using a skill that does not disable itself after one 
    use per quest. Monks have four attributes available to them: Divine Favor 
    (primary), Healing Prayers, Protection Prayers, and Smiting Prayers. 
    	Divine Favor offers a healing bonus of 3 health per point spent in 
    this attribute when casting a monk spell on a target ally (or yourself). 
    So if I cast a healing spell on myself and my level in Divine Favor is 2, 
    I would be healed for 6 + the effect of the spell. Each of the other 
    three monk attributes does not have an effect other than raising the 
    effectiveness of skills tied to them. Note, that any Monk can use the 
    Resurrect skill, and the amount of health/energy given to the revived 
    ally is the same for everyone not affects by attributes. 
    	Healing Prayers is an attribute tied to as the name implies healing 
    spells. A monk specialized in healing prayers will be able to heal 
    himself and others in the party while in battle. There are various 
    healing spells that heal only one player, and one that heal the entire 
    party. Note, any party healing skills will not heal NPCs (Allies) or pets 
    in a particular mission with you such as Master Togo. To heal Togo for 
    example, you must target him directly. Henchmen however are healed when 
    using party healing skills. 
    	Protection Prayers deals with preventing damage from being dealt to 
    a player or redirecting it to the monk. Skills in protection prayers can 
    also raise health and energy of players. Smiting Prayers is the damage 
    attribute for Monks. Smiting Prayers deals with dealing Holy damage to 
    foes your party will face. Holy damage is a special type of damage that 
    ignores armor. So the skill will do exactly the damage listed to all foes 
    regardless of their armor. Holy magic will be dealt double to any undead 
    type creature you might face such as the minion of a Necromancer. A skill 
    listed to deal 15 damage would deal 30 to an undead type creature for 
    3c. Necromancer
    	Necromancer (Necro for short) is the class of death and minions. 
    Necros exploit corpses, steal life using drains and deal curses to foes. 
    Necros attain their energy to cast spells from the death of other 
    creatures around them. Necros are the only class that can create minions 
    to assist the party in a battle. Necros have 4 attributes: Soul Reaping 
    (primary), Death Magic, Blood Magic, and Curses. Soul Reaping gives Necro 
    3 points of energy per point invested in the skill whenever a creature 
    (player or foe) dies near the Necro. Obviously, investing some points in 
    this skill is the key to not running out of energy as a Necro. The other 
    three attributes again, have no effect other than raising the 
    effectiveness of the skills tied to them. Blood Magic deals with stealing 
    health from foes via drain spells or by touching them. A drain spell is 
    different from a damage spell as all health lost by the foe is gained by 
    the Necromancer at the same time. Most drain spells drain health over 
    time and add it to the Necromancer's total. A Necromancer can also deal 
    Shadow damage, which like Holy damage ignores armor. 
    	Death Magic is magic that deals with corpses. A player specializing 
    in death magic is often called a Minion Master (or often just MM in 
    game). Necromancer's experience in Death magic can create minions to 
    fight for the party by using the bodies of dead foes or allies. Each 
    corpse can only be used once, after that it turns blacks and it not 
    useable again. Death magic can also deal damage by create exploding 
    corpses, and be used to give health to the caster. 
    	Curses deal with spells which hinders foes with various negative 
    effects such as disease and poison which damage the player over time (and 
    can add up quickly). Generally, a Necromancer specializes in one of the 
    three magic types available, and adds remaining attribute points in soul 
    reaping, and one attribute from their secondary class.
    3d. Mesmer
    	Mesmers are the class which uses magic to create problems for other 
    players and foes. Mesmers can steal health, interrupt a player's actions, 
    or cast other spells (generally Hexes) that generally hinder (and usually 
    annoy) the player or foe. The Mesmer like most other classes has three 
    classes of magic and one special skill. The primary attribute of the 
    Mesmer is Fast Casting. The three magic attributes are: Domination, 
    Illusion, and Inspiration. Fast Casting for each point invested slightly 
    speeds up the casting time of your speeds. Exactly how much seems to be a 
    mystery however. Domination magic is for controlling the actions of other 
    players, Illusion Magic is used to interrupt players, change their 
    actions and really annoy them in a PVP environment, Inspiration Magic is 
    for energy stealing, and how a Mesmer keeps their energy up. 
    3e. Elementalist
    	Elementalist is the profession of the elements or what most players 
    would consider the Mage. Elementalist's spells come from the 4 elements 
    of the earth (Fire, Wind, Earth, Water). The Elementalist can deal more 
    damage than any other character in a short amount of time. Elementalists 
    also excel in spells that affect multiple foes close to target foes. 
    These spells are called Area of Effect (AoE) spells. There are 5 
    attributes available to the Elmentalist: Energy Storage (primary), Fire, 
    Air, Water, and Earth. 
    	Energy Storage is one of the best primary attributes in the game. 
    The effect is very simple, for every point invented the max energy on 
    your character is raised by 3. Since Elmentalist spells require lots of 
    energy to cast, this is very helpful. It is not uncommon to see 
    Elementalists with 75 or more energy available. Energy Storage also has a 
    very powerful spell tied to it called Aura of Restoration. This spell 
    lasts one minute at a time and heals the Elementalist for between 152 and 
    400% of the energy spent to cast spells while its effective. This works 
    for ANY spell from any class, so this is indeed powerful. However, to 
    counterbalance this, certain Elementalist spells cause Exhaustion. This 
    is a condition that lowers your max energy (it will show up as gray on 
    your energy bar). The energy is gained back on time a few points per 
    second but slower than normal regeneration. So, while your character's 
    max energy is high, casting three or four spells which cause Exhaustion 
    is worse than running out of energy, because your energy will be slower 
    to regenerate. Keep this in mind as you play this class. 
    	Fire magic is the magic class for dealing damage to foes using 
    various AoE spells and spells that target only 1 foe, but usually set 
    them on fire which degenerates health quickly. Generally, AoE spells 
    either cast at the location or the caster or the location of a target 
    foe. All foes in the general area (around 20 feet) are effected by this 
    spell as well. Most AoE spells last for 5-10 seconds and deal damage once 
    per second. 
    	Water magic is the magic class for hindering moving or dealing 
    damage to moving foes. Water's spells usually deal with ice or snow. 
    These spells can damage the foe over a few seconds (like fire), or vastly 
    hinder their movement by slowing them down up to 60%. A slow foe is one 
    who is much easier to strike. There are also various skills in Water 
    magic to cause knockdowns which render a foe helpless until he can get 
    	Air magic is the magic of lightning. Some of the most powerful 
    spells in the game are available in this attribute. Such spells as Chain 
    Lightning can be devastating to an opponent. Some Air magic spells also 
    have armor penetration. Any skill which adds this value benefit notes 
    this in its description. The penetration amount is usually 25%. So your 
    foe's armor level is basically 25% lower against this spell. This is a 
    very nice benefit indeed. Air magic also has spells which can knock a foe 
    or group of foes to the ground. Gale is a good example of such a skill.
    	The final attribute of the Elementalist is Earth magic. Earth magic 
    is the mainly defensive attribute for Elemenalists. Earth spells 
    generally protect the caster or their party from attacks or damage from 
    foes. Earth does have some attack magic as such Stoning, but there are 
    only a few attack spells to be found here. The dedicated earth mage is a 
    support character built to protect the rest of the damage by reducing the 
    chance a foe connects on an attack, or by raising the level of the 
    party's armor. There are also spells here to increase the speed of the 
    casters movement. As with the other classes, the best character will 
    specialize in one of the magic classes, try to max out their Energy 
    storage, and spend the remaining attribute points in their secondary 
    3f. Ranger
    	The last of the "core" (as ArenaNet calls the six professions which 
    were available in the first game in addition to being available in 
    Factions) profession is the Ranger. Rangers are archers, and generally 
    attack with a bow. Rangers also have the unique ability to charm animals 
    scatter through the game world, and have the animal join them in combat. 
    Animal companions' level just like players and their attacks become more 
    effective as they do so. The starting level and leveling rate is 
    different for each animal that is available for charming in the game. 
    Generally any animal whose name shows up in green can be charmed by a 
    Ranger with the appropriate skill. 
    	Rangers have four attribute classes available for use: Expertise 
    (primary), Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, and Wilderness Survival. 
    Expertise lowers the amount of energy requires to cast Ranger 
    preparations and attacks. For each point invested skills require about 3% 
    less energy. Effective use of this attribute ensures a Ranger will rarely 
    run out of energy.
    	Beast Mastery as the name implies deals with animal companions. 
    These skills are solely to enhance the effectiveness of your animal 
    companion in battle, to heal it, or to bring it back to life in case it 
    dies. Only a ranger can revive a fallen animal friend, Resurrection or 
    other Monk spells do not work on animals. 
    	Marksmanship deals with making a Ranger's bow for effective. Like 
    the weapon classes for a Warrior, each point invested in this attribute 
    raises the damage of your bow and increases the chance of a critical hit. 
    Generally, skills in this class raise the max damage one arrow can 
    inflict modify the speed of your arrows, or the number of arrows shot at 
    once. Any good attack ranger will spend attribute points in this skill. 
    	Finally, Wilderness Survival is the class of traps and other 
    Enchantments that effect to environment as a whole. Traps are invisible 
    to players and foes until stepped on, which triggers the trap rather 
    negative effect. Rangers skilled in Wilderness Survival lay traps all 
    over the field, hoping to catch an unsuspecting foe. Enchantments which 
    affect the environment come in the form of rituals which appear in the 
    game world can affect all creatures in range. Environmental enchantments 
    affect all players and foes within range, not just foes hostile to party. 
    Keep this in mind to use them effectively. The rituals modify everything 
    from speed of bow attacks to dealing extra damage to foes struck. 
    The following four professions I do not really know enough about to write
    a decent write, so I will link you to excellent ones on GW Wiki.
    Go to http://gw.gamewikis.org/wiki/Profession. Then click on the the one of
    your choice for lots for information on that Profession!
    3g. Assassin
    3h. Ritualist
    3h.1- Introduction
    Ok, as you all well know, I'm Taka. This is
    my second guide that I have sent to Justin,
    and once again, I hope to make this mini-
    -guide the G4TV for the Ritualist. While
    Guildwiki has a decent Rit guide, I thought
    to offer my experiences w/ the class, which,
    albeit getting to the mainland, I have still
    learned a lot since I first started, and
    have been looking at the skills for a long
    time now. I am trying to get today's Rits
    away from simple spirit-spamming and
    start getting them to actually do stuff that
    is worthwile, such as healing or nuking.
    So read on, Ritualists!
    3h.2 Your Role in Battle
    Ok, so you are a Ritualist. most people
    assume that you are a spirit spammer and,
    because of this, you sometimes have difficulty
    finding a group. first of all, don't spirit
    spam too much. A, it is cheap, and B, spirits
    can't move. Therefore, your minions cannot
    move how the Necro's undead pets do. Your
    main purpose is to help lessen the burden
    on healers, if only a little. You are supposed
    to combine the lightning damage of elementalists
    with the healing of monks. Don't believe me?
    ok, fine. Here is a setup for you:
    You are with a group that has only one tank.
    There is a sin w/ your group as well. You
    have 2 monks, as well as a ranger, 2 nukers
    and a necro (who happens to be a Minion Master)
    in your roster. If your sin dies (which, if 
    you are playing w/ bad sins, will happen very
    quickly), there is only one warrior, which
    can not take a beating from 4 level 22
    afflicted w/out being healed every 5 seconds.
    What should you do in this situation? Quite
    simple: Bring something like Shelter and
    Union (you may want to bring Recuperation
    for a little bit of regen), as well as
    Spirit Light, Spirit Boon Strike, a 
    good rez (Flesh of My Flesh?), a self
    heal (Generous Was Tsungrai works wonders), and
    maybe a spawning power skill or two, as well
    as something like Channeled/Channeling Strike
    (not quite sure which it is...). You help
    to mitigate damage w/ those two spirits,
    can heal for about 100 health w/ Spirit Light,
    and do around 90 damage apiece w/ Spirit Boon
    Strike and Channeled Strike.
    A true Rit's role is never solely nuking, spirit
    spamming, or healing...It is a COMBINATION of
    the 3! You are the jack of all trades (in
    the casting line, anyway). One of the best
    qualities of Rits is to be able to think on
    your feet; you have to figure out how skills
    can stack (Generous followed by Channeled) and
    to think on your feet. You have to always be
    keeping an eye on the health of your party,
    the duration of spirits, and the HP of your
    enemies. Rits require true multi tasking
    capabilites, and that is why there are few good
    ones......no one wants to focus that much.
    In fact, it is similar to a Paragon...A good
    paragon can really buff your team to extremes.
    3h.3- Starting Out..
    Ok, so you chose a rit.....I don't know if you are
    stupid, dedicated, brilliant, or all three. If you
    succeed at your job, people will praise the ground
    that your character walks on. If you fail, on the
    other hand.......well, that is the polar opposite.
    I would recommend starting in the following manner:
    A. Buy Resto Skills at first....they will help get 
    get you in groups and keep that group alive...
    B. then get a few Channeling skills as well as a
    couple of spirits. I would recommend three: Union,
    Shelter, and Bloodsong. The first two help to
    mitigate damage, and the last one STEALS health.
    Not deal, STEAL.
    C. Upgrade your armor (most notably your chest and
    leg armor) at Ran Musu Gardens, if you can. This will
    help to cover your soft underbelly and protect you
    D. Get the 30 bonus skill points quickly. They WILL
    help you when you get to the mainland.
    And finally, E. As soon as you hit mainland, get a
    run to Kaineng Center. There, you can access (and
    buy) every non-elite Rit skill in Factions, which
    will help you deck yourself out even faster.
    After that, you are open to your own whims, but
    remember....Combination of the 3....Do not focus
    on one sole art.
    3h.4- Secondary Profession Opinions
    Once again, I'll be rating the secondaries of a class,
    this time, the Ritualist.
    W = Warrior E = Elementalist R = Ranger D = Dervish
    P = Paragon N = Necromancer Me = Mesmer Mo = Monk
    A = Assassin Rt= Ritualist
    Rt/W: Eh......not so much. You could use the stances
    and some of the tactics skills, but that is about
    My Rating: 3/10
    Rt/E: Hmm.....More access to nuking skills....could
    work, though you lack good Energy Management. Alright,
    My Rating: 5/10
    Rt/Mo: The ULTIMATE healing machine, but unable to
    remove hexes...Resilient weapon can cover for you for
    a little bit however.
    My Rating: 7.5/10
    Rt/R: The ultimate spirit spammer, though I don't know
    why you would want to go this way...Though you do get a
    My rating: 6/10
    Rt/Me: Hmmm. You have hex removal! Yay! This could work,
    too. Very well, at that.
    My rating: 7.5-8/10
    Rt/N: You can summon minions w/ more Hp...but that would
    not be the best way to go...You could hex, though, which
    would make your job easier. Leeching your opponents health
    isn't that bad...
    My rating: 7/10
    Rt/P: Once again, shouts, chants, and stances. Although
    these would work a bit better than the Warrior...after
    all, your buffs would go to casters...If you are back
    there w/ em...
    My Rating: 6/10
    Rt/A: I see very little potential other than shadow arts,
    but that is still very lacking.
    My rating: 3/10
    Rt/D: Read the above, but change Shadow Arts to Earth/
    Wind Prayers. These seem to work a bit better than the
    sin, however...
    My rating: 5/10
    3h.5- Build Ideas
    Ok.....I honestly don't know a whole lot of Rit builds,
    but here are a couple that seem to have worked so far:
    Taka's Pure Shing Jea Monastery restoration Rit:
    Generous Was Tsungrai
    Soothing Memories
    Spirit Light
    Flesh of my Flesh
    Weapon of Warding
    Vengeful Weapon
    Resilient Weapon
    At this point, you would pretty much put everything to
    the Restoration Magic Line. Go figure. No, as in literally,
    go figure.
    Taka's SJ Monastery Combination Ritualist:
    Generous Was Tsungrai
    Weapon of Warding
    Channeled Strike
    Spirit Boon Strike
    Flesh of My Flesh
    For the optional, I would recommend something like
    Resilient Weapon, to lessen the burden on the monks. If you
    are acting as the main healer, find a really good spirit
    or skill that can heal people. I have a Few offensive spells
    to help heal your spirit (Spirit Boon Strike) and Channeled
    Strike to maximize your potential. If people hammer on
    you, then yeah, bring all of your healing prowess, but
    otherwise, bring two nuking skills. Might I recommend 
    Spirit Rift? It has a delayed reaction, so if you know
    that it will kill it in 3 seconds (after all, the Warriors
    are attacking it, you know), fire it to strike the final
    Counters of The Ritualist Rh.6
    Ok..so you know that you must be a jack of all trades....but anyone else that 
    has read this guide now knows that also. They will try to figure out counters 
    to your ways...and it isn't hard. You binding spells take forever to cast...A
    ranger could use Broad Head Arrow, or something similar, just to interupt you. 
    Darn those good rangers! :P Ok...so how are YOU gonna counter their counter? 
    How are you gonna make it so that THEY cannot get the better of you? Any ideas?
    What, you have nothing? Ok, if you have a Mesmer Secondary or on the same team
    as a mesmer.. they can cast Mantra of resolve on you (correct this if I'm 
    Wrong). This makes it so that you do not get interupted on the next spell. If
    that is a spell that is crucial...well, that would not be good if it was 
    interupted. So, get Mantra to effect you.
    Here is another issue: You are a squishy! That means you have little armor! The
    only time I EVER see a rit on the front lines is whenever they have Spiritual
    Strength (or whatever it is) to keep them from getting killed in 3 axe strokes.
    To counter this...remember, you can run! Put anything between you and that 
    annoying warrior! I remember this fact from Nobleman Azure, who inspired me
    to become a rit in the first place: "Your spirits have collision. PUt them
    between you and a warrior. That can buy you a couple of seconds, which helps a
    whole lot in reality." And it is true; 1.5 seconds will help. Think about how 
    far your character runs in one second. You would be running that distance AWAY
    from that warrior. Unless he has Sprint or Enraging Charge, he won't catch up 
    to you. However..he WILL start to go after the monks on your team. I guarantee 
    Now that you know a couple of counters to the rit, I hope that you will be able
    to find a couple on your own. Be smart and creative when in a conundrum, and
    remember to use the enviroment.
    Now, go out there and prove the guy that wrong said, "Blind (wo)men can't 
    My credits, which applies only to
    the rit guide:
    Shadowduck (aka Amrita) for hosting
    this miniguide.
    Nobleman Azure...You don't know how
    your guide helped me to learn the
    way of the Ritualist..for that, I
    thank you, and wrote this guide
    to help lazy people who don't wanna
    click "Back" on their browser to
    go to your guide, which I think is
    definitely WAY better. :P
    Myself, for writing this and proving
    Amrita wrong, that Ritualists are
    crap. In truth, you just pwned! By a
    blind man! (of course..my rit is a
    female w/out the headpiece showin..
    she is waay to cute for the headpiece.
     :P) :)
    You for actually reading this.
    CJayC for making Gamefaqs, often
    called the greatest collection of
    idiots on the intraweb! I love the
    4. All about your Character and Conditions
    	When you create a character of course the character starts at Level 
    1. Your character will have no skills, 100 health and 20-40 energy based 
    on your primary class. Warriors start with the lowest energy, and 
    Elementalists start with the highest. How quickly your energy regenerates 
    also depends on your profession. As with any role playing game as you 
    battle foes and complete quests your character will level. Leveling will 
    allow your character to gain Attribute points as discussed in Section 2, 
    20 health, and 1 skill point. Skill points are used to purchase skills 
    from Skill trainers through the world. This is different from the first 
    Guild Wars game, skills beyond the basic ones earned in training quests 
    are no longer given through quests they must be purchased. As you 
    purchase skills the amount of gold required will increase starting at 100 
    and maxing out at 1000 gold (or 1 Plat). 
    	So, at level 20 (the max level) your character's base health will 
    be 480, and it will have earned 170 attribute points. Energy is not 
    increased by leveling; only skills or armor can raise max energy. Health 
    can be modified with runes, either in positive or negative direction. 
    This will be discussed in the section on Runes. 
    4a. Conditions
    	Various conditions can afflict your character while in the game 
    world. Most of these conditions are negative and generally either cause 
    your character to lose health, reduce the speed in which it moves, or 
    hinder its attacks. The various conditions are described below:
    Poison: Causes health degeneration of four, usually inflicted by a 
    ranger, and usually lasts for 45 seconds or more. Water in various swamps 
    is also poison to players, but usually the health degeneration is only 
    one or two.
    Disease: Causes health degeneration of four also, usually inflicted by a 
    Necromancer. This effect usually lasts for under 30 seconds, unlike 
    Bleeding- Causes health degeneration of three, inflicted by a Warrior 
    type character using an attack skill or a Rangers trap. Generally 
    bleeding lasts for greater than 30 seconds.
    Fire (Burning)- The most damaging condition causes health degeneration of 
    seven, but usually only lasts less than ten seconds.
    Blind: Causes most melee attacks to miss their mark, and generally is 
    most devastating to a Warrior character. Rangers will also miss most of 
    their shots. This effect generally lasts around 30 seconds, and in often 
    inflicted by a Mesmer or Elementalist.
    Deep Wound: Inflicted by a Warrior foe most often using an attack skill, 
    your max health is reduced by 20% for the duration of the effect usually 
    around 30-45 seconds.
    Cripple- Inflicted again by a Warrior or a Rangers traps, being crippled 
    will greatly reduce your spell for the duration of the effect usually 30 
    Dazed- Basically "Blind" for mage characters. The amount of time needed 
    to cast spells doubles, your spells are easily interrupted by attacks, 
    and generally this can cripple a mage. 
    Weakness- Greatly reduces the damage dealt by your character. Again this 
    is most crippling to Warrior characters. Weakness does not effect skills 
    only attacks.
    Exhaustion- See Section 3e the Elementalist for more information on this 
    5. Weapons
    	In addition to skills, of course, all characters can attack with a 
    weapon as well. Weapons come in various types and are either one handed 
    or two handed. Two handed weapons such as staffs are for mage characters 
    and generally offer more bonuses than one handed weapons to make up for 
    the loss of using an off-hand item. Each weapon type is described below:
    Swords: one handed- used by Warriors 15-22 Max Damage range
    Axe- one handed- used by Warriors, 6-28 max damage
    Hammers- two handed- used by Warriors, 19-35 max damage 
    Bows- two handed- used by Rangers, 15-18 max damage
    Wands- two handed weapons used by Necros, Elementlists, Monks, Mesmers, 
    Ritualists, 11-22 max damage
    Staff- two handed- used by Necros, Elementlists, Monks and Ritualists, 
    Mesmers as well, 11-22 max damage range. Generally has an energy bonus 
    between 2 and 12 depending on the staff.
    Daggers- two handed weapon- used by Assassins- Generally attack for low 
    damage but attack must quicker than other weapon types. 7-17 max damage
          Weapons can be modified by a weapons crafter in any town or outpost 
    for 10 gold. This will add 20% damage bonus to the weapon, but this will 
    also customize the weapon for you, meaning it cannot be sold to another 
    player. All but basic weapons also have requirements attached to them. 
    This requirement will be listed in the description of the item. Any 
    character can use any weapon, but to use the weapon as listed, your 
    character needs to meet the requirement. The requirement will be a 
    certain level of an attribute, for example a fire staff will usually have 
    a requirement of fire magic.
    6. Runes
    	Armor can be modified in Guild Wars Factions by using Runes. Runes 
    are purchased from players, the Rune Trainer, or found in the game world 
    from monster loot. Any armor drop whose name is blue, purple, or gold 
    colored in the game world will contain a Rune will salvaged with an 
    Expert Salvage Kit. See the section on Armor for more on Salvage kits. 
    When a player indentifies a Rune using an Identification Kit (purchased 
    at the merchant for 100 gold) that Rune is unlocked on their account. A 
    player may now use this Rune on any player-vs.-player character created. 
    Runes, of course, are not just limited to PVP players. 
    	Runes come in 3 types: minor, major, and superior. Runes raise your 
    level in attributes by up to 3 points. There is a rune for each attribute 
    in the game in each of the three types. Runes can only equipped for your 
    Primary profession, with the exception of Vigor will any player can 
    equip. A minor rune will raise your skill in the related attribute by 1. 
    A major rune will raise your skill by 2, but lower your health by 50. 
    Superior runes, raise your skill by 3, and lower your health by 75. Each 
    player can have 5 runes equipped at any one time (as there are five 
    pieces of armor). Once a rune is equipped, it cannot be removed from the 
    armor without destroying the armor. If a character wishes to change a 
    Rune, they can apply a new rune to the same piece of armor, which will 
    destroy the old Rune.
    	There are 2 special types of Runes that do not modify attributes. 
    They are Vigor and Absorption. Vigor runes raise max health and can be 
    equipped by any player. Absorption Runes absorb damage, and may only be 
    equipped by Warrior characters. Unlike other runes, Vigor and Absorption 
    Runes have no health lowering effect at the major and superior levels. 
    Vigor runes raise max health by 30/40/50 based on level. Absorption runes 
    reduce damage by 1/2/3 based on their level. 
    	When found in the game world a minor rune will be colored blue, a 
    major will be purple, and a superior will be colored gold. The game has 
    been modified so unlike in the past, each color will always produce a 
    Rune of that type. Rune drop can be easily identified as they will always 
    drop on Armor dropped from monster kills. 
    7. Armor
    The most important item you can buy in the game obviously is your armor. 
    Without it, your deaths will come quickly and often. Armor in Guild Wars 
    is handled a little differently than other games in the genre. Armor can 
    only be bought from armor crafters, and is customized for one player. 
    Armor cannot be traded or sold to other players; it is yours and yours 
    alone. The armor a level one character starts it, will not give you very 
    far. Armor Level (how effective your armor is at absorbing damage) varies 
    by class. Warriors can have armor of up to AL 100, Necromancer and 
    Rangers AL 70, Monk and Elmentalists, and Mesmer only are able to craft 
    AL 60 Armor. Armor is crafted by visiting an armor crafter in town. Not 
    all towns have crafters, most outposts do not. To craft armor you will 
    need supplies, usually one common material, and one rare material, plus 
    gold. Basic armor is 150 gold per piece, max armor is 1.5 plat per piece 
    of 15 plat for special armor.  Crafting materials can be purchased from 
    traders (the expensive way), players (the cheaper way) or from armor 
    drops in the world (the free way). Buy an Expert salvage kit from a 
    merchant in any town or outpost (400 gold). This will let you salvage 25 
    times. You can buy Superior kits for two plat that salvage 100 items. 
    	Anyway, once you buy a kit to salvage an item you have picked up, 
    double click your salvage kit, and then you item you wish to salvage. 
    Items given as quest rewards cannot be salvaged, as well as starter items 
    given to you. Almost any other item in the game can be salvaged for 
    materials. Always use expert/superior salvage kits because they give you 
    the chance to salvage rare material like silk or leather. Armor generally 
    requires 20-75 of the common material and 2-12 of the rare material per 
    piece to craft. Once crafted use your Inventory (I) popup to equip your 
    new armor. To add runes to your armor, double click the rune and then 
    double click the piece of armor you wish to add it to. The rune is 
    automatically added and the name of your armor will change to reflect 
    	Guild Wars Factions adds six new sets of Armor for each class. In 
    most towns there are 3 armor crafters each selling a different set of 
    armor. You can also find armor crafters in the Kurzicks and Luxon towns. 
    However, if you have lots of Kurzick faction, don't expect the Luxon 
    armor crafter to talk with you. 
    	There is one piece of armor that does not need to be crafted; this 
    is shields used by Warrior type characters. Shields have an armor level 
    between 1 and 16 and often have requirement to use. The requirement for 
    any shield will be listed in the description. The requirement will be 
    either a certain level in the Strength or Tactics attribute. 
    8. Upgrades
    	All weapons in Guild Wars Factions can be upgraded to perform more 
    effectively in battle. Each weapon can hold up to two upgrades (some 
    purple and gold items you find will already have two, you cannot add 
    more) which are applied by double clicking the upgrade and then the item. 
    Upgrades can be purchased from other players, or salvage from item drops 
    which are upgraded already in the game world. Make sure to use an expert 
    salvage kit to salvage the upgrade. The names for weapon updates are 
    listed below: (The list was compiled using the Guild Wars Wiki.)
    --------------------Weapon Upgrades(Non Stave)-------------
    Sword- Upgraded with a Hilt, Axe/Hammer upgraded with a Haft, Daggers 
    Upgrades with a Tang, and Bows with a String. Unless noted below each 
    upgrade will work with all weapons listed above. The first four all 
    convert physical damage to the listed element. The name of the upgrade is 
    added to the name of the weapon. (Fiery Long Sword for example.)
                  Fiery- Fire Damage
                  Ebon- Earth Damage
                  Icy- Ice Damage
                 Shocking- Lightning Damage
                  Barbed- Lengthens bleeding duration by 33%    
                          (Not available for Hammers)
                  Crippled- Lengthens Crippled duration by 33% 
                            (Not available for Hammers)
                  Cruel- Lengthens Deep Wound duration by 33% 
                         (Not available for Bows)
                  Poisonous- Lengthens Poison duration by 33% 
                          (Not available for Hammers)
                  Heavy- Lengthens Weakness duration by 33% 
                         (Axe and Hammer only)
                  Silencing- Lengthens Dazed duration by 33% 
                             (Bow and Dagger only)
                  Furious- Double Adrenaline on hit (2-10%         
                           chance depending on upgrade- Sword,                  
                            Hammer, Axe only)
                  Sundering- Armor Penetration of 20% on hit  
                             (10%-20% chance depending on        
                             upgrade- not available for Dagger)
                 Vampiric- Life Stealing: 1-3 life per hit (for Swords, Axes 
    and Daggers) Life 
                                   Stealing: 1-5 life per hit (for Hammers 
    and Bows), Health regeneration                   
                                   of -1 for all weapons
                  Zealous- Energy Gain of 1 on hit- Energy regeneration of -1
    ----------------------Weapon Upgrades (Staves) ------------
    Staves (Staffs) are used all classes other than Warrior and Assassin. 
    They can be upgraded as follows, used a Staff Head. (Again, thanks Guild 
    Wars Wiki!)
               Defensive- Armor +4 or +5
                Insightful- Max Energy +1 to +5 
                Hale- Max Health +10 to +30
    ---------------------Weapon Upgrades #2--------------------The second set 
    of weapon upgrades change the name of the weapon by adding to the end of 
    the name. Fiery Long Sword of Defense for example, would be long sword 
    which does fire damage and has been upgraded with a Defensive sword 
    pommel to raise armor. All these upgrades can be applied to any weapon as 
    long as they are the proper type (a sword pommel cannot be applied to a 
    staff). Swords are upgraded with pommels, Axes, Bows, and Hammers with 
    grips, Staffs with wrapping, and Daggers with handles. 
              Defense Armor +4 or +5
              Shelter- Armor +4 to +7 (vs physical attacks only)
              Warding- Armor +4 to +7 (vs elemental attacks only)
              Fortitude- Health +20 to +30
              Enchanting- Enchantments last 10% to 20% longer
             Blood Magic (or any attribute- there is an upgrade for each 
    one)- +1 while using  
                                    skills - 10% to 20% chance
             Slaying a Creature Type- Damage +10% to 20% vs. that Creature 
    10. Skills
    There are 150 skills or so for each profession in Guild Wars Factions. Each 
    of the core 6 classes were given 25 new skills in Factions. I do not even hope
     to cover every skill available in the game as that would take a really 
    long time. Instead, I am going to focus on some of the most used skills 
    in the game using a few builds that I have run in the game. Any numbers 
    in ( ) are effected by the related attribute listed. Note, you only have 
    one elite skill equipped at any one time. Thanks to GameAmp.com 
    (guildwars.gameamp.com) for providing skill descriptions!
    10a) Elementalist Skills:
    These skills are basically for a fire mage or called a Nuker in the game. 
    The skills are mainly AoE skills that effect a foe and any foe around it.
    Aura of Restoration
    Attribute: Energy Storage
    Energy Cost: 10
    Duration: 60 seconds
    Recharge: 20 seconds
    Type: Enchantment
    Effect: For 60 seconds, you are healed for (152%-350%) of the energy cost 
    each time you cast a spell.
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 10
    Duration: (1-3 seconds)
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge: 5 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect:Target foe is struck for (5-41) fire damage and is set on fire for
     (1-3) seconds.
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Recharge: 7 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect:Send out a ball of fire that strikes target foe and all adjacent 
    foes for (7-91) fire damage. If the view of your foe is obstructed 
    this skill will fail.
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 5
    Cast Time: 3 seconds
    Recharge: 30 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Target foe and all adjacent foes are struck for (7-91) damage 
    and knocked down. This spell causes exhaustion.
    Meteor Shower
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 25
    Cast Time: 5 seconds
    Recharge: 60 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect:Create a Meteor Shower at target foe's location. For 9 seconds, 
    foes adjacent to that location are struck for (7-91) fire damage and 
    knocked down every 3 seconds. This Spell causes Exhaustion.
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 15
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge: 20 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: All adjacent foes are struck for (30-114) fire damage.
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 15
    Cast Time: 3 seconds
    Recharge: 25 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: A fiery phoenix rises at your location, striking adjacent foes for 
    (7-91) fire damage, and flies out to your target, exploding on impact. 
    This explosion strikes for an additional (15-75) fire damage.
    Rodgort's Invocation
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 25
    Cast Time: 3 seconds
    Recharge: 15 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Target foe and all nearby foes are struck for (15-99) fire damage 
    and are set on fire for (1-3) seconds.
    Breath of Fire
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Recharge: 30 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Create Breath of Fire at target foe's current location. For 5 seconds, 
    foes adjacent to that location are struck for (5-35) fire damage each second.
    Bed of Coals
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 3 seconds
    Recharge: 30 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: For 10 seconds, foes standing still near this location are struck 
    for (5-29) fire damage each second. Any foe knocked down on the Bed of Coals 
    is set on fire for (3-7) seconds.
    Double Dragon (Elite)
    Attribute: Fire Magic
    Energy Cost: 15
    Cast Time: 3/4 second
    Recharge: 30 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: For two seconds, foes adjacent to this location are struck for (7-112) 
    fire damage each second. This spell causes exhaustion.
    Energy Boon (Elite)
    Attribute: Energy Storage
    Energy Cost: 5
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge: 5 seconds
    Type: spell
    Effect: You gain (10-20) Energy. Energy Boon causes Exhaustion.
    Ether Renewal (Elite)
    Attribute: Energy Storage
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge: 30 seconds
    Type: Enchantment
    Effect: For 7 seconds, each time you cast a spell, you gain (1-5) Energy 
    and (5-20) Health for each enchantment on you.
    Ether Prodigy (Elite)
    Attribute: Energy Storage
    Energy Cost: 5
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge Time: 5 seconds
    Type: Enchantment
    Effect: Lose all Enchantments. For (5-20) seconds, you gain Energy 
    regeneration of 6. When Ether Prodiy ends, you take 2 damage for each 
    point of Energy you have. This spell causes Exhaustion.
    10c: Monk Skills
    Monks can come in three flavors: Healing, Protection, or Smite (Damage 
    Dealing via Holy magic). I will focus on Healing spells for now. 
    Expect Protection and Smite spells to be added in a future update.
    Signet of Devotion
    Attribute: Divine Favor
    Energy Cost: 0
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Recharge: 5 seconds
    Type: Signet
    Effect: Heal target ally for (14-83) health.
    Divine Healing
    Attribute: Divine Favor
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Recharge: 30 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Heal yourself and nearby party members for (10-210) health.
    Heal Other
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge: 3 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Heal target other ally for (35-151) health. (You cannot use this spell 
    to target yourself.)
    Heal Party
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 15
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Recharge: 2 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Heal All party members for (16-67) health. This skill does not heal 
    pets or NPC allies traveling with your party. It also does not heal players 
    out of compass range. (Players whose names are dimmed.)
    Healing Breeze
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 1 second
    Recharge: 2 seconds
    Type: Enchantment
    Effect: For 10 seconds, target ally gains health regeneration of (3-8.)
    One of the best healing spells in the game, especially if Healing Prayers 
    attribute is above around level 9.
    Infuse Health
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast time: 0
    Recharge: 0
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Lose half your current health. Target other ally is healed for 
    (100%-129%) of the amount you lost.
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 2 seconds
    Recharge: 0
    Type: Enchantment
    Effect: While you maintain this enchantment, target ally gains health 
    regeneration of (+1-3.) Caster has one less point of energy 
    regeneration while this enchantment is in effect.
    Word of Healing (Elite)
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 5
    Cast Time: 0
    Recharge: 4 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Heal target other ally for (16-80) points. Heal for an additional 
    (15-100) points if that ally is below 50% health.
    Healing Hands (Elite)
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 5
    Cast Time: 0
    Recharge: 25 seconds
    Type: Enchantment
    Effect: For 10 seconds, whenever target ally is struck by an attack, 
    that ally is healed for (5-35) health.
    Monk Resurrection Spells
    The monk is one of the two classes that an revive fallen party memebers. 
    Resurrection spells will not resurrect pets or NPCs.
    Attribute: None
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 6 seconds
    Recharge: 5 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Resurrect target party member. Target party member is returned 
    to life with 25% Health and zero Energy.
    Restore Life
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 8 seconds
    Recharge: 6 seconds
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Touch the body of a fallen party member. Target party member 
    is returned to life with (20%-65%) health and (42%-80%) energy.
    Attribute: Protection Prayers
    Energy Cost: 10
    Cast Time: 6 seconds
    Recharge: 0
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Resurrect target party member. Target party member is returned to 
    life with 25% Health and zero Energy, and is teleported to your current 
    location. All of target's skills are disabled for (10-4) seconds. This spell 
    consumes all your remaining energy.
    Resurrection Chant
    Attribute: Healing Prayers
    Cast Time: 8 seconds
    Recharge: 0
    Type: Spell
    Effect: Resurrect target party member with up to your current Health and 
    (5%-29%) Energy. This spell has half the normal range. 
    Hands down the BEST resurrection spell in the game. The ONLY spell other 
    than Resurrection Signet that revives a party time with up to 100% health.
    Resurrection Signet
    Attibute: None, any player can use it
    Energy Cost: 0
    Cast Time: ?
    Recharge: WHen a boss is killed in the current mission/quest
    Type: Signet
    Effect: Resurrect target party member. That party member is returned to 
    life with 100% Health and 25% Energy.
    11. Main Factions Walkthrough Part 1: Introduction to Factions
    	To start, create a character as described in Section 3- 
    Professions. Once you create a character you will come into the world as 
    a level 1 character with 100 health and 20-40 energy based on your class. 
    Your character will be in an explorable area with a few NPCs and Master 
    Togo. If you have never played Guild Wars before, it would be wise to run 
    through the tutorial by talking to Instructor Ng. If you are an 
    experienced player, follow Togo to skip the tutorial. You will be 
    teleported to the first town and gain 2000xp + 2 skills for your primary 
    class. If you so choose to complete the tutorial, Ng will lead you around 
    the area having you kill monsters. You will also gain a starter weapon 
    (not very good, try to get a better one ASAP), and a basic idea on how to 
    play the game. This tutorial is not very complete, and does not cover any 
    advanced game play techniques, nor does it explain anything about your 
    class. After each step, talk to Instructor Ng to continue. An NPC that 
    requests your attention or has a quest for you will always have a Green! 
    over his/her head. At the end of this tutorial sequence Ng will set you 
    on your way. Talk to Loco to get your reward (2000xp) and be transported 
    to the first town of the game which is Shing Jea Monastery. Note, to 
    players familiar with the first Guild Wars game, there is no presear area 
    beyond the tutorial. All areas of the game starting from Shing Jea, are 
    accessible at any time by your character. There is not an area of the 
    game in which you are unable to return. Once in town, look around and 
    explore a bit. Shing Jea offers all major services such as armor, traders 
    (rune, scroll, dye) Storage, a new type of collector called 
    Quartermasters, and other services. Quests will reward you will Monastery 
    credits will you can trade into the Quartermasters for various items such 
    as Salvage and Identification kits. Merchants still sell them if you have 
    the gold to buy them of course. The various quests you will receive on 
    the island will be the next update to this walkthrough.
    11b- New Mission Structure
    This seems as good of time as any to cover the new mission system present 
    in Factions. There are a total of 13 missions in which to complete in 
    Factions. Two of them are on the starter island, and eleven are on the 
    mainland. If you are used to the mission structure in the first Guild 
    Wars game, this one will take a little getting used to. Bonus mission 
    objectives have been done away with completely (much to the cheer of many 
    a Guild Wars player), and has been replaced with a 3 level system: 
    Standard, Expert, and Master. Each reward stacks, and achieving a Masters 
    level reward on a mission will earn you the reward for all three levels. 
    The rewards are as follows: 
    Standard- 1000xp, 100 gold, 1 skill point
    Expert: 1500xp, 150 gold, 1 skill point
    Master: 2000xp, 200 gold, 1 skill point
    So completing a mission at Masters Level will earn you 4500xp, 450 gold, 
    and 3 skill points. (To earn the Protectors of Cantha title complete all 
    13 missions at Masters Level). To achieve the 3 levels, most missions 
    time you, and each level is based on how quickly the mission is 
    completed. A few missions base the rewards on how well the objectives are 
    met: like how many NPCs you kept alive out of 12. 
    11c. Training Quest Walkthroughs for each Profession
    More of these will be added all the time! Some of them might be named 
    wrong, but the general idea of them will be correct. I am going to 
    add Monk quests first. The quests are given in order. The person who 
    gave you the reward from the last quest will offer you the next quest.
    Quest Name: Forming a Party
    Type: Primary for ALL Professions
    Given by: Ludo in Shing Jea
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Objective: Form a party with hench or players
    Tips: Talk to Ludo to give this quest, make a party with other players
    or Henchman and go into Sunqua Vale and talk to Ludo again.
    Reward from Ludo: 1000xp, 10 gold, MMonastery Credit
    Quest Name:Locate Sister Tai
    Type: Monk Quest
    Given by: Headmaster Amara in Shing Jea
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Locate Sister Tai in Sunqua Vale
    Skills Given: Healing Breeze, Orison of Healing, Bane Signet
    Tips: After getting the quest from Amara form a party with hench and
    go seek out Sister Tai in Sunqua at the top of the hill almost due
    North from the start in Yundin Circle.
    Reward from Sister Tai: 100xp, 10 gold
    Quest Name: Slate Mate
    Type: Monk Quest
    Given by: Sister Tai in Sunqua Vale
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Heal a Warrior who is fights another Warrior for 1 minute
    skills Given: Healing Touch, Reversal of Fortune
    Tips: Spam Healing Breeze on him, and this is really easy.
    Reward from Sister Tai: 1000xp, 50 gold 
    Quest Name: Track Down Brother Pe Wan
    Type: Monk Quest Only
    Given by: Sister Tai
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Objective: Find Brother Pe Wang 
    Tips: Anyway,
    once Tai gives you this quest, just follow the area to Pe Wang in
    Kinya Province.
    Reward from Pe Wan: 600xp, 50 gold
    Quest Name: Seeking a Cure
    Type: Monk Quest Only
    Given by: Brother Pe Wan 
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Objective: Gather nong berries and tai ling bods. Collect 1 of each 
    and return to Brother Pe Wan.
    Skills Given: Resurrect, Retribution
    Tips: From Pe Wan run past the sign that says Tomatt Pass and across 
    a bridge, the berry bush will be on the left, click it once. The green 
    arrow will now point down the path to the other item. Its not far, 
    its off to the right. Click once and Return to Pe wann. This quest 
    requires no fighting.
    Reward from Pe Wan: 1500xp, 100 gold, Monastery Credit
    END of MOnk Quests
    Continue to Section 12- Island Quests and Missions for All Professions
    Quest Name: Seek out Headmaster Lee
    Type: Assassin Only
    Given by: Ludo
    Objective: Find Headmaster Lee in Shing Jea. He will have a Green !
    over his head.
    Reward from Headmaster Lee: 250xp, 20g
    Quest Name: Locate Jinzo
    Type: Assassin Only
    Given by: Headmaster Lee
    Skills Unlocked: Dancing Daggers
    Objective: Find Jinzo in Sunqua Vale. He is northest of the starting
    Tips: Get at least a monk hench to come with you, Ludo will give you
    1000xp for getting a hench. See Forming a Party above for details.
    Reward from Jinzo: 100xp, 10g
    Quest Name: Opening Strike
    Type: Assassin Only
    Given by: Jinzo
    Difficulty: Easy as can be
    skills Unlocked: Fox Fangs, Death's Charge
    Objectives: Kill 5 Minions
    Tips: Talk to Jinzo again after he gives you the quest to start it.
    Minions will appear one by one. Kill them. A overeager lv 1 NPC will
    help you making this pathetically easy. After five, see Jinzo for
    the reward.
    Reward from Jinzo: 1000xp, 50g
    Quest Name: Track Down Panaku
    Type: Assassin Only
    Given by: Jinzo
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Objective: Find Panaku in Kinya Provence. Just follow the map arrow.
    Try to run by the Crimison on the path. This can be difficult with only
    2 in your party. If you find yourself in trouble, map back to Shing Jea
    and pick up 2 more hench.
    Reward from Panaku: 600xp, 50g
    Quest Name: Dual Strike
    Type: Assassin Only
    Skills Unlocked: Shroud of Distress, Twisting Fangs
    Given by: Panaku
    Difficulty: Fairly Easy
    Objective: Assassinate Swift Honorclaw in Aerie the Tengu Village
    Tips: Speak with Panaku a second time to begin the quest. Just follow
    him to Aerie which is a fairly straight path. Once there, dispatch 
    Honorclaw (easy with 4) and then talk to Panaku for your reward.
    Reward from Panaku: 1500xp, 100g, Monastery Credit
    Continue to Section 12- Island Quests and Missions for All Professions
    11d. Advanced Skills Training
    Once you have a Primary and Secondary profession, there will be new 
    quests available to you from the Trainer from your Primary profession.
    To refresh your memory, the trainers are as follows:
    Warrior- Headmaster Zhan
    Assassin- Headmaster Lee
    Monk- Headmaster Amara
    Ranger- Headmaster Greico
    Necromancer- Headmaster Kuju
    Elementalist- Headmaster Vhang
    Mesmer- Headmaster Kaa
    Ritualist- Headmaster Quin
    Based on your primary profession the trainer will give you a quest called
    <Your Profession Name Here> Insingia. YOu will have to go to the dojo and
    complete quests teaching various skills. If you wait until around level
    10 to do these quests, they are pathetically easy. Each quest Ng offers
    has the same reward: 500xp, 50g. Below is the list of quests you could be 
    offered. The reward for all the Insingia quests is the same. 2500xp, 75g,
    and a Monastery Credit.
    Quest List:
    Advanced Defense Techniques (All) (Weng Gha)
    Condtion Removal (Monk, Necro, Ritualist) (Weng Gha)
    Skill Chanting (All) (Sujun)
    Defense Against Hexes (Mesmer, Monk) (Lo Sha)
    Disruption (Elementalist, Monk, Ranger, Mesmer, Ritualist) (Talon)
    Snaring Course (Assassin, Ranger, Warrior, Ranger) (Kai Ying)
    Disenchantment Course (Assassin, Memser, Necromancer) (Mei Ling)
    Basically all of these quests work the same. Talk to Ng, and request
    access to the Dojo. Once inside talk to the NPC listed above twice
    to start the quest. Most involve killing one or more NPCs. All NPCs are
    level 10. To defeat one, only 50% of their health must be gone. When
    their health bar turns green they are defeated. End each quest by talking
    to the same NPC to talked to start, and return to Ng for your reward.
    Before each quest Ng will give you skills based on your primary and
    secondary class. Equip them if you wish. If you are over level 10
    before trying these, its so easy it does not matter what you bring 
    along skill wise. When done with Ng return your trainer for the
    reward and a new quest based on Primary profession.
    Warrior: The Kaguchi Brothers
    Monk: Port of Plague
    Elementalist: The Stone of the Elements 
    Necromancer: Old Friends, Dark Times
    Mesmer: The Box of Illusions
    Ritualist: Power Surge
    Assassin: Cleansing the Steel
    Ranger: The Red Frog
    The reward for all the above quests (obviously you can only complete
    one) is 2500xp, 100g, and a weapon or armor specific to your class.
    The requirement on the item will always be 4.
    Quest Name: The Kaguchi Brothers
    Type: Primary Warrior Only
    Given by: Headmaster Zhan 
    Requirement: Completed Warrior Insingia
    Difficulty: Moderate especially if under lv 10 with starter armor
    Objective: Kill the two Kaguchi Brothers in Panjiang Peninsula
    Tips: Map to Tsumai Village to start and get a least a monk, if you are
    under level 10 or have starter armor get a full party of 4. Head south-
    west and find the 2 Kaguchi Brother among the Crimson. There are arond
    10 Crimson around and they will all attack you. A warrior over level 
    10 with a monk hench backing them will be fine. Ignore the Crimson 
    totally and attack the brothers. Once they are defeated map back to 
    Shing Jea to collect your reward.
    Reward Item for Warrior: Armor Level 10 Shield (Req 4 Strength)
    Walkthroughs for the rest of these quests- Coming Soon!
    12. Primary Quests and Missions for all Professions
    Primary Quests are listed first. Sections 13 and 15 deal with optional 
    quests. The first quest you will do twice, once when you complete your 
    primary traning and again when you complete training for your secondary
    profession. The quests which are not listed a Primary are Optional. All
    primary quests and missions in the game are covered in this section, in
    the order of the story. The quests basically to be completed in the order
    Audience with Master Togo
    Type: All Secondary Trainers will give this quest when you complete
    their training
    Given by: Brother Pe Wan (Monks), 
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Objective: Return to Shing Jea Monastery, and find Togo in Linnok
    Courtyard (up the white steps).
    Tips: Speak with Togo for Reward
    Reward from Master Togo: 600xp, 50 gold
    Continue to: Return to Section 11c and complete the quests for your 
    Secondary Class, or if this is your secondary do the quest below. If 
    you are doing the quest the FIRST time to pick a secondary, take all 
    the secondary profession quests from Togo. Each one will give you 50xp
    even though you are going to choose one in the end.
    Choose your Profession
    Type: Primary (All Characters)
    Given by: Master Togo in Linnok Courtyard
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Objective: Gain your Secondary Profession
    Tips: Speak to Togo to get the quest and accept the Secondary profession
    you chose before. Speak to Togo again for reward. Togo will also show you
    all secondary skills that were unlocked but not equipped. Just hit Cancel
    to not equip them.
    Reward from Master Togo: 3500xp, 250 gold, Monastery Credit
    Coninute to: A Formal Introduction
    A Formal Introduction
    Type: Primary
    Difficulty: Easy with Togo at Level 20
    Given by: Master Togo in Linnok Courtyard
    Objectives: Speak with Togo in Sunqua Vale and then follow him to 
    Minister's Cho's Estate
    Tips: Togo is slow so be patient, or just run way ahead and he will catch 
    up. He is Level 20 afterall, and the monsters here pose no threat to him. 
    When Togo makes it, speak to Guardmaster Zai.
    Reward from Guardmaster Kayao in Cho's Estate: 2000xp, 150 gold, 
    1 skill point
    Continue to: Minister Cho's Estate Mission
    MISSION: Minister Cho's Estate
    Type: Mission
    Difficulty: Easy with Togo at Level 20 and Yijo Tahn at lv 10
    Given by: Find a party and have the leader hit the Enter Mission button
    to start.
    Objective: Kill off all the sicked soliders as you make your way to 
    Minister Cho. Togo being Level 20 can take a large amount of punishment
    but the Mission will fail if he somehow dies. The mission will also fail
    if Yijo Tahn dies (not likely) The mission concludes with a boss fight 
    against Minister Cho who is Level 11.
    Recommended Party: Tank, Monk, Nuker, and Mesmer (Though for this, 
    it really does not matter.)
    Recommended Party Hard Mode: Healing Monk, Nuker, Tank, Minon Master
    Requirements for each Level of Reward (Actual Mission Rewards are listed
    in Section 11b just above):
    Standard: Complete Mission
    Expert: Complete Mission in under 25 minutes
    Master: Complete the Mission in under 20 minutes
    Location upon Completion: Ran Musu Gardens
    Hard Mode: All the guards are now level 23 and the 2 bosses (warrior and necro)
    are now Level 23. All guards attack 33% faster and have 33% faster recharge. The
    pets are level 23 and use the elite Warrior skill Primal Rage. The guards still
    use Frenzy, and are easy to kill. Just be careful in the middle of the mission
    when there is a group of seven. Make sure your monk stays in the back. The AI
    is much smarter in Hard Mode, and the guards will go after your monk first. If
    you always keep the guards in front of your tanks, this mission is still pretty
    easy. The time limit has not changed for Hard mode. The mission must be 
    completed in 20 minutes for the Masters reward.
    OUTPOST: Ran Musu Gardens
    Here you have the chance to buy better armor. If you can afford it is 
    a good idea to go ahead and do so. Armor is 150 gold for each piece 
    plus crafting materials. YOu will need 5 pieces of armor. The total
    investment should be around 1200 gold. If you are a caster, your armor
    is only level 5, this armor is level 30 a huge jump. This will make
    the second half of the island far easier for you to manage.
    Quest Name: Warning the Tengu
    Type: Primary
    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. Easy with 4 people.
    Given by: Ang the Ephemeral in Rau Musu Gardens
    Objectives: Destory the Afflicted creatute after talking to Sour
    Honorclaw in Aerie the Tengu village of Angchu.
    Tips: Go out into Kinya Province and head west towards the mountains.
    The village in on the top of the hill and will be guarded by Naga.
    After talking to Aerie head southwest and dispatch a lv 14 Assassin
    named "Afflicted Creatue" Return to the village for your reward.
    Reward from Sour Honorclaw: 1500xp, 75 gold
    Continue to: The Threat Grows
    Quest Name: The Threat Grows
    Type: Primary
    Difficulty: Easy with a good group of 4
    Given by: Sour Honorclaw in Aerie upon completion of Warning the Tengu.
    Objectives: Destory the Sickened Guards attacking Kaitan Village.
    Tips: Travel from the Tengu village to Panjiang Peninsula. If you are 
    following this walkthrough and have not been this way before, you can
    pick up an easy 1500xp by escorting the guy at the door to Panjiang 
    Peninsula back to Tengu Village. See the Non-Primary section for more
    details. Anyway, once you get to Panjiang Peninsula locate Sister Tai.
    She will have you kill some sickened guards attacking the village. This
    quest is really easy if you have a good group of 4. When you have
    finished taking care of the guards return to Sister Tai for your reward.
    Reward from Sister Tai in Panjiang Peninsula: 1500xp, 100g
    Continue to: Journey to the Master
    Quest Name: Journey to the Master
    Type: Primary
    Given by: Sister Tai
    Difficulty: Togo might get mad if don't come right away
    Given by: Sister Tai in Panjiang Peninsula after completeing The Threat
    Objective: Go talk to Togo in Linnok Courtyard.
    Tips: Map back to Shing Jea and go to the courtyard. Have a party of 4
    ready if you wish to do the next quest right away, it starts from here.
    Reward from Master Togo: 1500xp, 100g
    Continue to: Road Less Traveled
    Quest Name: The Road Less Traveled
    Type: Primary
    Given by: Master Togo
    Difficulty: Pathetically easy, I soloed it with a Level 9 warrior
    Objective: Escort Pe Wan to Seitung Harbor
    Tips: First after getting the quest from Togo talk to Guard Tsukaro.
    After telling him yes 35 times you want to continue you will be taken
    to an explorable area, Saoshang Trail. Once there speak with Brother
    Pe Wan who will announce he isn't a monk so don't except much. Actually,
    this quest is so easy, he might as well not be there. Fight through the 
    monsters and make your way to the Harbor. See Pe Wan inside for your 
    Reward from Brother Pe Wan in Seitung Harbor: 1500xp, 100g
    Continue to: Looking from Trouble
    From this point on until the end of the island, the max party size 
    icreases to six.
    Quest Name: Looking for Trouble
    Type: Primary
    Given by: Brother Pe wan in Seitung Harbor
    Difficulty: Moderate, Level 15 creatures start appearing
    Objectives: Find the NPCs in Jaya Bluffs, Kill the creatures attacking
    the village.
    Tips: Start out by getting a party of 6 and proceed to Jaya Bluffs.
    Here you will encounter new creatures like Yeti in 3 types, Nerco, Monk,
    and Warrior. The lv 15 Yeti are warriors, Longhaired Yeti are lv 13 and
    monks, and the Red Yeti are lv 12 and Necro. These will be the toughest
    monsters you have faced so far. Take out the Longhaired Yeti first as
    they will heal the other Yeti, making your fights longer. Find Zho, 
    Talon Silverwing, Panaku, and Lo Sha in this area. They are on the 
    western side of the explorable area. Once you find them, you will
    follow them to the Monastery and destory the afflicated creatures. There
    are about 30 of them, so this quest is the hardest quest you have faced
    so far in Factions. With six people however, its not too hard. Once you 
    clear the place out see Zho for your reward.
    Reward from Zho: 2000xp, 100g
    Continue to: To the Rescue
    Quest Name: To the Rescue
    Type: Primary
    Given by: Zho upon completing Looking for Trouble
    Difficulty: Moderate, about the same as the last quest
    Objectives: Find Su, Sister Tai, Kai Ying, and Professor Gai in Haiju
    Lagoon. They wil be in Linkei Township which is east from the starting 
    point. You will face various afflicated creatures who are mostly lv 15.
    Take it slow and you will be fine. Note, the afflicated creatures implode
    on death and do damage to anyone close by. Once you get to Linkei, your
    quest will update and you will have to defend the Township. A couple
    waves of Afflicated creatures will come calling. This won't be harder
    than it was getting to Linkei. When they are all dead, talk to Su for 
    your reward.
    Reward from Su: 2000xp, 150g
    Continue: To Zen Daijun 
    Quest Name: To Zen Daijun
    Type: Primary
    Given by: Su when you complete To the Rescue
    Difficulty: Rather easy compared to the last two quests
    Objectives: Follow the same NPCs from the last quest to Zen Daijun.
    Tips: The path is straight forward, take out the Afflicated as you come
    to them. The NPCs need to make it to Zen Deijun for this quest to be 
    successful. Su tends to get stuck, just talk to her to get her moving 
    again. Once all the NPCs are safely there the quest will update. Speak
    to Master Togo. After this, speak to Brother Manjui. Say yes to him 35
    times to enter Zen Daijun. Inside speak Manjui again for your reward.
    Reward from Brother Manjui: 2500xp, 150g, 1 skill point
    Continue to: Zen Daijun Mission
    MISSION: Zen Daijun
    Type: Mission
    Given by: Find a party and have the leader hit the Enter Mission button
    to start.
    Difficulty: Moderate, not really hard however.
    Objective: Clear out all the Afflicated from the area. Togo must stay
    Tips: Beware of the purple haze. This causes health degen of six, when
    you come in contact with it or touch anyone who has it. Zuurra will 
    cast a spell called Blessing of the Kurin randomly. Using a skill when
    this spell is in effect will remove the degen right then. Also, just
    use any skill. All that really has to be done to beat this mission
    is defeat the 3 bosses at the end (Necro, Monk, Ritualist) but in reality
    you have to clear everything out. Take it also and use a ranger or other
    ranged attacker to pull the Afflicated in manageable groups. Overaggro
    will cause failure. After you beat the three bosses at the end the 
    mission is over. YOu will be transported back to the Harbour.
    Requirements for each Level of Reward (Actual Mission Rewards are listed
    in Section 11b):
    Standard: Complete Mission
    Expert: Complete Mission in under 25 minutes
    Master: Complete Mission in under 20 minutes
    Location upon Completion: Seitung Harbor
    Here you have two choices. You can either talk to First Mate Xiang to
    start the quest to the mainland or talk to Zuura to start the second
    15 point attribute quest which is described in Section 14.
    Quest Name: A Masters Burden (Part 1)
    Type: Primary
    Given by: First Mate Xiang in Seitung Harbor
    Difficulty: Moderate in Part II
    Objectve: Find Togo in Wajjun Bazzar and travel with him to next mission
    Tips: I am going to break the quest into two parts, because it is much 
    better to buy better armor for the second part of the quest and
    especially for the mission. The game here does a poor job to letting you
    know without max armor you will last very long, and gives you no clues
    on where to buy it. Anyway, after getting the quest from First Mate 
    Xiang, talk to him again and request passage to the mainland. Once there
    speak with Headmaster Greico who will tell you to find Togo in Wajjun
    Bazzar. Go into the outpost the Marketplace.
    OUTPOST: Marketplace
    This is the main outpost that offers most services on the western side
    of the island. However, there is an armorer here and thats what we are 
    interesting in at the moment. Find the exit to Bukdek Byway so we can
    make our way to Kaineng City which is the main city here (and has 
    armor crafters).
    Marketplace to Kaineng City: (Solo Route- you don't need hench for this)
    Once out in the Byway head East and take your first path to the North
    (it wont be far). Heading north you will cross two bridges along the way.
    Continue north until you reach a dead-end. Turn left (west) and go down
    the slope, and then resume your journey North. You will come to townsfolk
    and some Afflicited. IGNORE them (they are lv 20) and you only have basic
    armor. Run right past them (they are mostly interested in the townsfolk)
    and up the metal (black) steps. Continue until you reach another dead-end.
    Turn east to arrive at Kaineng City.
    TOWN: Kaineng City
    The main town on the northwestern part of the mainland of Cantha. 
    All services are available here including three armor crafters. Each
    armor crafter sells different style armor, but the protection level
    in the same. This is max armor and costs 1500 gold for each piece plus
    materials. Materials vary but generally 175 of common crafting material
    are required, and 32 of a rare material. When done buying armor, skills,
    and anything else, there are two choices. If you own Guild Wars the 
    orginial game, you can travel to Trynia at this time. Otherwise, return
    to the Marketplace to continue with Masters Burden.
    OPTIONAL Kaineng Quest: Chaos in Kryta
    Given by: Guardsman Chiepo in Kaineng City (he is near the exit to the
    Bejunken Pier)
    Difficulty: No fighting, solo it
    Objective: Find Mhenlo in Bejunken Pier and travel to Lions Gate.
    Follow these steps:
    1. Find Mhenlo and talk to him in the Pier (go up the steps, find 
    steps down to the left once you go up.)
    2. Talk to Armian to secure passage to Lion's Gate
    3. Talk tO Lion Guard Neiro to gain access to Lion's Arch
    4. Claim your reward from Firstwatch Sergio (skills trainer).
    Reward from Sergio: 1000xp, Access to Trynia
    The object of this guide is to cover Factions content only, so for 
    walkthroughs of the orginial game I kindly refer you to GameFAQs for 
    several excellent games which cover Guild Wars Chapter 1.
    Quest Name: A Master's Burden (Part II)
    Assuming you are in the Marketplace again, gather a party of 8 (players
    or hench) and exit to Wajjun Bazzar. 
    13- Non Primary Island Quests
    Quest Name: Study Buddy
    Given by: Yazoying in Shing Jea once you complete A Formal Introduction
    Objective: Escort Yijo Yahn to Tsumai Village
    Difficulty: Easy
    Tips: Get the quest tom Yazoying and then speak to Yijo Tahn in Sunqua Vale.
    Escort him to Tsumai Village, and speak with Sister Choi Ju in Tsumai Village 
    to complete this simple quest.
    Reward from Yazoying: 1500xp, 75 gold, Monastery Credit  
    Quest Name: A Belt Pouch
    Given by: Neing the Tanner
    Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
    Objective: Find Herder Tsiyingju in Panjiang Peninsula and talk to him
    about Hides. Destory a group of Crimson attacking the village, and speak
    with Herder Tsiyingju again.
    Tips: Make sure you have a group of 4, either players or hench. Map to 
    Tsumai Village and enter Panjiang Peninsula. Once there speak to Herder 
    Tsiyingju and go kill the Crimson. The Crimson will be really tough to 
    solo, this is why you have the party of four. Once you dispatch them,
    Tsiyingju will give you the hides you need. Return to Neing for your reward.
    Reward from Neing the Tanner: 1500xp, 75 gold, Belt Pouch
    Quest Name: Appearance of the Naga
    Given by: Captain Zinghu in Shing Jea
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objectives: Map to Tsumai Village and speak to Sister Choi Ju. Go out 
    into Sunqua Vale and find Zen Nai Falls and dispatch the Naga there
    on the island. Reutrn to Zinghu for your reward.
    Reward from Captain Zinghu: 1500xp, 75 gold, Monastrery Credit
    Quest Name: Togo's Ultimatium
    Given by: The Emperor's Blade
    Difficultly: Moderate to Easy depending on level
    Objective: Deliver Togo's Ultimatium to Captain Quimag in Panjiang 
    Tips: Gather a party of four and go out into Panjaing Peninsula. Travel
    to the SW tip of the explorable area killing the Crimson at you go. Once
    you get to the SW tip, find and talk to Quimag. The quest will update.
    Return to the Emperor's Blade to pick up your reward.
    Reward from Emperor's Blade: 3000xp, 150g, Monastrery Credit
    Quest Name: Seige of Tsuami Village
    Given by: The Emperor's Blade
    Requirement: Togo's Ultimatium
    Difficulty: Hard unless you come back and do it after you bought max
    Objective: Destory 18 groups of Crimson, 9 in Sunqua Vale, 9 in Panjiang
    Tips: It does not matter which side you do first, gather a party of 4
    and be prepared to deal with about 50 Crimson in waves. All the Crimson
    at the start with be level 3, and will progress to level 7 and 8. The
    final wave will continue a Level 15 boss like character. Both sides are 
    pretty much exactly the same. There are more NPCs to help you in Panjiang 
    Peninsula however. Once you dispatch all 18 groups, return to Emperor's 
    Blade for your reward.
    Reward from Emperor's Blade: 3500xp, 175g, Monastrery Credit
    Quest Name: Quimang's Last Stand
    Given by: The Emperor's Blade
    Requirement: Togo's Ultimatium and Seige of Tsuami Village
    Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
    Objective: Kill Captain Quimag in Panjiang.
    Tips: Return to the same place as you did in Togo's Ultimatium. There
    Crimson (lv 3-15) will aggro more easily, so a party of 4 is best here.
    Once you get to the SW tip of the explorable, kill Quimang and return
    to the Emperor's Blade for your reward.By heading east at the start,
    you can pick up some NPCs that will help you.
    Reward from The Emperor's Blade: 4000xp, 200g, Monastrery Credit
    Quest Name: The Naga Source
    Given by: Captain Zinghu in Shing Jea
    Requirements: Complete Appearance of the Naga and Minister Cho Mission
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objective: Travel to Haiju Lagoon and talk to Scout Shenfai. Go look for 
    Naga on the north beach past Daochu Village. Three groups of spawn one
    at a time in the water. Dispatch them and then return to Scout Shenfai
    for your reward. 
    Tips: Make SURE you have a party of 6 this quest can be difficult. You
    will encounter new monsters (Yeti) in Jaya Bluffs. These monsters are up 
    to level 15. Take out the Longhaired Yeti first in any mob, they are monks. 
    The game has bene pretty easy up to this point. It gets considerablely more
    difficult here, especially if you didn't buy new armor in Ran Musu Gardens.
    To make this quest much easier start in Zen Daijun and avoid the Yeti.
    Reward from Scount Shenfai: 2000xp, 150 gold, Monastery Credit
    Quest Name: The Thieving Nanny
    Given by: Paomu in Haiju Lagoon (near where you receive the quest To
    Zen Daijun)
    Difficulty: Rather Easy
    Objective: Find Mara and Paomu's coin purse.
    Tips: First talk to Nei, who is standing right next to Paomu. Travel 
    northwest along the beach and past the Dragon Lilly's (which are good 
    experience and rather easy way by the way) to find a pile of bones. 
    Guarding them will be a level 11 Ravenous Drake. Defeat this Drake which 
    will drop the coin purse. Gather the purse and take it to Paomu for your 
    Reward from Paomu: 2500xp, 100g, Monastery Credit
    Quest Name: Setimental Treasures
    Given by: Miller Quong in Haiju Lagoon
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objective: Find Miller Quong's chest on Yuroso Island in Haiju Lagoon.
    Tips: As soon as I complete the quest
    Reward from Miller Quong: 2500xp, 100g, Monastery Credit
    Quest Name: The Captured Son
    Given by: Lady Mukei Musagi in Seitug Harbor
    Difficulty: HARD! This is easily the hardest quest on the island.
    Objective: Save Jatoro from the Crimson Skull.
    Tips: It is best to start this quest from Zen Daijun, as you save quite
    a bit of running. Head north until you see the hoarde of Crimson around
    a bunch of houses. There are around 100 of them and they hit HARD. Kill
    a few at a time and retreat to regain your energy. Running in head first 
    will ensure a quick death. Ranged attacks work better here than tanking 
    with warriors. This quest will be near impossible with henchman because
    they are not understand evade tatics or retreating if they are engaged.
    This quest is best completed with 6 players level 15 or higher. Once
    you take care of all the Crimson, talk to Jatoro to get a letter. Return
    the letter to Lady Mukei Musagi from your (well deserved) reward.
    Reward from Lady Mukei Musagi: 4000xp, 500g, Monastery Credit
    14- Factions Attribute Quests
    This section describes the two quests on the island to gain fifteen
    attribute points, to acheive the total possible of 200. Without these
    quests, a level 20 character will only have 170 attribue points available
    to spend.
    Quest Name: The Lost Treasure
    Given by: Raitahn Nem in Ran Musu Gardens
    Requirement: Successful Completion of Minister Cho's Estate Mission
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objective: Clear Minister Cho's Explorable of Sickened Guards (basically
    repeat the mission). WHen you get to the cave, you will find the treasure.
    Tips: With a group of 4 having bought new armor, this quest is not that
    hard. Remember: Keep Raitahn Nem alive. If he dies, the quest fails.
    Once you find the tresure see Raitahn Nem for your reward.
    Reward from Raitahn Nem: 4000xp, 175g, 15 attribute points
    Quest Name: An Unwelcome Guest
    Given by: Zunraa in Seitug Harbor
    Requirement: Successful Completion of Zen Daijun Mission
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Objective: Restore Zunraa's presence by cleansing the valley of miasma.
    Tips: Once getting the quest go out into Zen Daijun (explorable). Follow
    the quest arrow around making sure to pull Zunraa through the purple mist
    so it will disappear. Zunraa must be alive, but the quest will not fail
    if he dies. To revive him, go ring the bell at one of the Shrines. Once
    you have cleared all the mist, and defeated the Corrupted Zunraa at the 
    end, talk to Zunraa for your reward. If he alive, in the explorable, or
    back in town if he dies.
    Reward from Zunraa: 4000xp, 175g, 15 attribute points.
    16. Nightfall Beginnings
    Ah the new game is upon us- Guild Wars Nightfall. This new chapter in 
    the Guild Wars Trilogy (now) introduces many new features, the most 
    interesting of which is the Hero system. If you want to read all about 
    the game and its new features- please check out GuildWars.com. The 
    point of this guide is how to play the game, not you sell you a copy :P.
    When you start on Elona the new island you can choose to take the
    tutorial, or pass it up. If you have played a Guild Wars game before,
    skip it. You already know everything covered. You will gain 2 skills 
    based on your profession and a Res Sig. Proceed to follow your quest
    arrow to the end and gain enterance to the first mission area.
    16a) First Nightfall Mission- Chahbek Village
    Basically once you get in the mission. Kill everything in sight. There
    are 2 ships and ground units scattered about. Take out all the ground
    units first. Most are lv 0 or 1 and are really easy. There is one level
    4 boss near the north ship. Once you clear out all the ground units, and
    the mission updates, go look for Firing Oil. It is near the 2 giant 
    cataputs in the middle of the mission area. Take 1 oil to each catapult
    and click the firing level 2 times. This will destory both ships and end
    the mission. If no Sunspears die, you acheive Master Reward. If 1 dies,
    Expert, and if 2+ die standard. The reward level breakdown for this 
    Mission is as follows:
    Master- 1000xp, 100 gold, 1 Skill Point
    Expert- 750xp, 75 gold, 1 Skill Point
    Standard- 250xp, 25 gold, 1 Skill Point
    Rewards stack, so the max reward on a mission is 2000xp, 200 gold, and 3
    skill points. 
    17. Primary Training
    Once your party completes the mission, you will drop in an explorable 
    area near an NPC named First Spear Dehvad. Speak with him to gain the quest
    "Primary Training." Based on your profession, you will need to talk to at
    least 1 expert in that area to compelte the quest. However, since each
    expert teachs you skills, its in your best interest to talk to both NPCs
    from your chosen profession. As this guide is updated all professions will
    be listed along with the skills received.
    17a) Dervish
    If you decided to be a Dervish, you are lucky because I did too, so this
    section is updated first. Run around until you find Lisha and Nagozi. Talk
    to both of them to learn 5 skills. Lisha teachs you Chilling Victory and 
    Cripping Sweep. Nagozi tosses in Whirling Charge, Heart of the Holy Flame,
    and Grenth's Fingers. Once you have beat up a few target dolls if you want
    to test the skills return to First Spear Dehvad. 
    ALL Professions
    Have a chat with Devhad to pick up 250xp, 50 gold,
    and 5 Sunspear Promotion Points. Devhad will also teach you 1 more skill
    from your profession. FOr Dervish this is Imbune Health. Devhad will also
    now offer you a new quest "Honing your SKills." To have further dealings with
    Devhad, you must be level 5. By now you should be level 3 or so, but still 2
    to go. Talk to Second Spear Binah to enter Kamadan- Jewel or Istan the first
    town of the game.
    18. Nightfall Mechanics
    There are a few things that directly impact the gameplay of Nightfall
    that actually need to be mentioned in this guide. Not so much to tell you
    how great the game is, but tell you how to use the new features.
    18a) Heroes
    There are tweleve heroes in the game that will join you through the game.
    You may have 3 heroes in your party at any given time. Heroes are like
    Henchman, but the player has vastly more control over them. The player 
    can select the skills a Hero can use, choose their secondary profession,
    and directly control the Hero in battle if he/she wishes. The Hero can be
    given weapons/shields by a player or have runes added to their armor. The
    armor itself auto upgrades as levels are gained, but addtional upgrade
    options can be purchases in towns. Any skills a player has unlocked
    on their account in the primary profession of the Hero is avaiable for
    that Hero to use. So, owning another Guild Wars game gives you a head 
    start with your heroes. Elites can be used by Heroes even at early levels.
    The first hero granted to you is Koss a warrior. As I play through the game, 
    I will provide a complete list of Heroes and their professions here.
    List of Heroes:
    Koss- Warrior
    Dunkoro- Monk
    Melonni- Devrish
    18b) Sunspear Promotion Points
    Directly related to Heroes are Sunspear Promotion Points. As you gain them,
    you advanced in ranks and are granted titles. For each rank gained, you earn
    1 hero skill point. Some towns have special Hero skill trainers which sell
    Hero only skills. Each skill costs 1 point. No gold is required to buy a
    Hero skill. The attibute quests for the 30 attribute points not gained by 
    leveling are also earned by advancing in ranks. There are various ways
    to earn points, the easiest being completing quests and slaying foes of
    the proper type (more on this in the next seciton).
    The ranks are as follows, number of points required are in ().
    Sunspear Sergant- 50 Points
    Sunspear Master Sergant (100)*
    Sunspear Second Spear (175)
    Sunspear First Spear (300)*
    Sunspear Captain (500)
    Sunspear Commander (1,000)
    Sunspear General (2,500)
    Sunspear Castellan (7,500)
    Sunspear Spearmarshal (15,000)
    *When acheiving this rank you will earn 15 attribute points and 2000xp
    after speaking to Runduk in Sunspear Great Hall.
    19. Kamadan- Jewel of Istan
    Now with Section 18 out of the way, so you understand the basics of
    Heroes and points, lets return to the game itself. You should be around
    level 3 at this point and standing in Kamadan the first town. There 
    are quite a few quests here to complete. The order I give the quests is
    not the only order in which to complete them, that is compeltely up to you.
    However, the order I list them is the quickest way to get 100 Sunspear 
    Promotion points, 15 attribute points, and reach level 5. First, I will
    list the quests in the standard format used in this guide, and then
    explain the order I used. So either way you are set. 
    Quest Name: Honing Your Skills
    Given by: First Spear Dehvad
    Difficulty: N/A
    Objective: Reach Level 5
    Tips: Read the walkthrough below on how to reach Level 5. Talk to Dehvad
    once you do.
    Reward: 500xp, 50 good 10 Sunspear Promotion Points
    Quests Given Next: Secondary Training and Command Training
    Quest Name: A Personal Vault
    Given by: Xunlai Agent Juah
    Difficulty: If you can complete this quest, quit the game right now
    Objective: Open a storage account
    Tips: Talk to Juah to pick up the quest and then talk to the Xunlai 
    agent next to her to access your storage. Since this is the first time,
    you will be charged 50 gold. No problem, since we gained 200 on the 
    mission. After opening the account (and getting the storage upgrade for
    another 50 gold too) chat with Juah again to pick up 500xp. Easy eh?
    Quest Name: Need More Stuff
    Given by: Nenah (Collector)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Slay Juenvile Termites until they drop 2 legs.
    Tips: As the objective suggests, so kill juenvile termites until you 
    get 2 legs. Return to Nenah for your reward.
    Reward given by Nenah: 500xp, 50 gold, 5 Sunspear Promotion Points, 
    Belt Pouch, Battle Commendation (can be traded to NPCs for salvage kits,
    bags, and ID kits)
    Quest Name: Armored Transport
    Given by: Mehino (Armor)
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Meet Dengo in Plains of Jarin and escort him to Sunspear
    Great Hall.
    Tips: Before activting Dengo, clear the area on the path to the Hall
    over monsters. Otherwise Dengo stops for every single one which is annoying.
    This way, he only stops once, where you must dispatch 4 corsair. Easy.
    Once he gets to Great Hall, you are done. Return to Mehino for your reward.
    Reward: 500xp, 20 gold, 5 Sunspear Points (SPP from now on- if you dont
    mind!), 2 Tanned Hide Squares, 2 Bolts of Cloth
    Quest Name: Material Girl
    Given by: Kahlm
    Difficulty: Easy
    Objective: Talk to Pelei in Plains of Jarin and kill 10 Killer Iboga.
    Tips: If you want to do this quest, do not kill any Iboga because you
    need them for the quest. Talk to Pelei, (near the door to the east) to 
    active the quest. Kill 10 and talk to Pelei again. Return to Kahlm for
    your reward. Further enchance your cause by having a chat with the Sunspear
    Scout by the Rez Point to pick up double XP and 1 SPP for each plant you kill.
    Reward from Kahlm: 500xp, 100 gold, 5 SPP, Expert Salvage Kit
    Quest Name: Map Travel Inventor
    Given by: Mauban in Plains of Jarin
    Difficulty: Depends on how hard it is to press M on the keyboard
    Objective: Map travel back to Kamadan and speak with Alekaya.
    Tips: Pick up this quest from Mauban, who is near the door of the 
    Sunspear Great Hall on the eastern side. Map back to Kamadan and find
    his mother Alekaya. Talk to her twice to get your reward.
    Reward: 250xp, 50 gold
    Quest Name: Nehdoka's Hog Hunt
    Given by: Nehdoka in Plains of Jarin
    Difficulty: Pretty Easy
    Objective: Lead Nehdoka to the shore and protect him while he tames a 
    Tips: It is easier to clear out the area around the water west of 
    the Sunspear Great Hall before picking up Nehdoka. Otherwise, he likes
    to get involved in fights, and manages to get killed rather easily.
    If you clear the area first, there is no fighting on this quest, just
    leading him to the shore and back to Yapano.
    Reward: 1000xp, 100gp, 10 SPP
    Quest Name: Rising in the Ranks Master Sergent
    Given by: Runduk in Sunspear Great Hall
    Difficulty: N/A
    Objective: Gather 100 SPP
    Tips: Read the walkthrough below for the fastest way of using these
    quests to get to 100. Once you get 100 return to Runduk for your reward.
    Reward: 2000xp, 15 Attribute points
    How to get to Level 5 and 15 Attribute Points:
    The quests above can be done in any order of course, but the way I did
    it seemed the easier. I used my Dervish, Koss, a monk hench, and a 
    Paragon, though any combination will most likely do as long as there
    is 1 healer. From Kamadan, head out into the Plains of Jarin. First all,
    speak with the Sunspear Scout by the Rez Point and accept his offer. He
    will give you a special skill that doubles your XP and awards you 1 SPP
    for every plant monster you kill. Not bad. Your first step is to clear
    the path from Dengo to the Sunspear Great Hall to the north. Do not
    talk to Dengo yet, because he will fight everything which is annoying. 
    Avoid killing insects for the moment that you might see, just take out
    the plants. Once you reach the Sunspear Great Hall, locate the other
    Rez Point and another Sunspear Scout. This one will give you the same 
    double xp and 1 SPP for insects. Now return to Dengo taking out the 
    insects in the way on this pass. Pick up Dengo and follow him to
    the Great Hall. You will have to dispatch 4 Corsair on the way, but
    nothing else. Easy eh? After this, head west and start clearing out
    everything from the Great Hall to the shore. You will encounter several
    Juvenile Termites which might drop the 2 legs you need for "Need More 
    Stuff." Once you get to the shore and all the monsters have been cleared,
    return to The Great Hall and pick up Nehdoka. Lead him back to the western
    shore, where we will tame a hog. Lead him back to Yapano to complete 
    the Hog Hunt quest. Now go back to the water and start exploring. There
    will be two packs of termites to clear out which should give you at least
    the 2 legs you need. You can sell the extras in town to people who don't
    want to find them for some extra gold. Avoid killing any Scale monsters for
    the moment. In the swamp (I guess thats close enough) there is a 3rd Rez
    Point and another Sunspear Scout who gives you double XP and 1SPP per scale.
    Now with all three active, clear out everything in the Plains of Jarin.
    This should get you to around 130 SPP, and enough for the first attribute
    point quest and Level 5. Easy eh? Once you get done killing things walk back
    to the SUnspeear Great Hall and enter. Have a chat with Rundok to pick up your
    rank of Master Sergant, 2000xp, and 15 attribute points. Step back outside and 
    find Mauban to the east of the Hall. Pick up his quest, and map travel (M) back
    to Kamadan and locate Alekaya. Talk to her twice to pick up a quick 250xp and 50
    gold. Get your other rewards while you are here as well to reach Level 5.
    Return to Dehvad and complete Honing your Skills. Now it is time to pick up
    a secondary profession.
    20. Secondary Training
    So now, you are Level Five and have two new quest from Devhad, Secondary 
    Training and Command Training. Yes, I realize there are more quests you 
    can do in Kamadan, but getting a secondary is important, so let's do this
    first. Once you talk to Devhad and get the quests proceed to talk to Second
    Spear Binah to return the Chanbek Village. Talk to Devhad and then go talk
    to one of the Experts in the Secondary Profession of your choice. Consult
    Section 3 Professions for information about the various professions. Once
    you choose one the expert will give you 2 skills. Return to Devhad to receive
    500xp, 50 gold, 5 SPP, and Battle Commendation or BC. Pick your secondary
    to get 500xp more and another 50 gold. He will then give you the quest Leaving
    a Legacy. More on this one in a moment. Also in the same explorable is an NPC
    named Tactian Hai. He is almost back at the village on top of a platform. Go
    find him and talk to him to start Command Training. In this quest your Hero
    (and hench if you have any) must conquer three areas on the map without your
    help. Talk to Haj to start the quest. See the numbers under the compass? Click
    the 1 and then find the pilar labeled "Area One" on the map and click it. A
    flag will appear on the map, and Koss will travel there. When "Area One" in
    the upper left of your screen turns Blue, move on to Area 2. Koss will have to
    take out 2 simple monsters here, no problem. If you want to control Koss, click
    the 1 next to his name in the Party Window (P). This will bring up the skills
    Koss has equipped. Click on a skill to use it. Once Koss dispatches the 2 
    monsters, and the Area Two turns Blue, repeat for area 3. After all 3 are 
    blue, return Koss to Area 1 to compelte the quest. Talk to Devhad back at the
    start to pick up 250xp and 125 gold.
    Before going any further, I would recommend going ahead and killing monsters
    in the Plains of Jarin to get 300 SPP and the rank of First Spear. You will
    also reach Level 6 in the process. Also if you want, compelte all the optional
    quests in Kamadan. I will detail those in a future update. One easy quest
    that will help you is detailed below.
    Quest Name: Suwash the Pirate
    Given by: Sehti in Sunspear Great Hall
    Difficulty: Pretty Easy
    Objective: Locate Suwash the Pirate
    Tips: Return to the Plains of Jarin and follow your quest arrow to locate
    the first group of Corsair. You will have to dispatch 4 small groups
    to complete the quest. Head west from the start, all four groups are 
    this way, with 1 at the beginning of the swamp, 2 and 3 in the swamp,
    and 4 on the other side. After taking out all 4 groups talk to Suwash to
    complete the quest. Return to Sehti for your reward.
    Reward: 500xp, 50 gold, 5 SPP
    21. Leaving a Legacy- The Quest to Jokanur Diggins
    Now that you have 300 Sunspear Promotion Points return to the Sunspear
    Great Hall and talk to Runduk to pick up 2000xp and 15 more attribute
    points. Congrads, you have all 30 bonus ones now! Go back out into Plains
    of Jarin and head west. If you didn't go the quest I talked about just above
    before, you mind as well do it now as its on the way to Champions Dawn, which
    is to the west across the swamp. Once you reach Champions Dawn enter. This is
    an outpost, and your henchman will increase in level to 6 from 3 for the next 
    quest. Anyway, once you enter on the right talk to Mufuun to pick up the quest
    Scholarly Affairs. Its right on the way to where we are going, so no point
    in passing it up. Once you do this, locate Quarrymaster Bohanna and talk to him.
    He will give you orders to meet Dunkoro in Cliffs of Dohjolo. So gather your
    party or hench and proceed to the Cliffs. Once out there, talk to both Zerai
    and Dunkoro. Once you talk to Dunkoro, the next part of the quest will appear
    which is to talk to Hamer on the other side of the area. The reason we 
    picked up Zerai as well, as for this quest you must dispatch 12 Beautiful
    Ibogas and pick up their blossoms. There are 12 in the area around the path,
    and since they are level 10, it's good experience points. Follow your quest
    arrow toward Hamar and you will find 3 Beautiful Ibogas on the path. Kill them
    and pick them their blossoms before moving on the path. Further down the path, 
    there will be 2 or 3 more Iboga, but do not kill them yet. On the east side, you
    will see a Rez Point and a Sunspear Scout. Talk to him to get double XP and 1
    SPP per plant, then take out the Iboga for about 50 xp each. Pick up the 
    blossomsof course as well. Go around to the right when the path splits, 
    unless you want to fight some level 12 monsters. Most likely that is not a 
    good idea at this point. Hamar will be standing there with some bodyguards. 
    Talk to him to move the quest along. 
    Now you have to take out 5 groups of Skee. There is Rez Point to your right
    which will give you double xp and 1 SPP for the skee so take advantage. Lead 
    Hamar using your quest arrow to the first group of skee at a brige. Groups 1 
    2 will end up being one and because of the bridge they cannot scatter. So AoE
    spells like Fire Storm work great here. Move along in the open area along the
    beach I guess and take out the other 3 groups. With a party of four, Dunkoro
    who is a monk and the bodyguards this is really easy. Once you take out all
    five groups the quest will update and tell you to have a visit with Diggmaster
    Gatah in Jokanor Diggins. Well, it just so happens Zerai wants to go there too!
    So, this is why we did both quests at once. On the path to Jakanor, there will
    be five or six more Beautiful Ibogas which will get you to 12. Once you get to 
    Jokanor, wait for Zerai to enter and the quest to update before you do. Welcome
    to Jokanor Diggins!
    Reward for Scholarly Affairs from Midauha: 250xp, 50 gold, 10 SPP, BC
    Reward for Leaving a Legacy from Digmaster Gatch: 1000xp, Dunkoro 
    becomes available to your party, 125 gold, 10 SPP
    Below is the typical quick reference for quests:
    Quest Name: Leaving a Legacy
    Given by: First Spear Devhad in Kamadan
    Difficulty: Pretty Easy
    Objective: Take out 5 groups of Skee aftering contacting Hamar and then
    escort Dunkoro to Jokanor Diggins
    Quest Name: Scholarly Affairs
    Given by: Mufunn in Champions Dawn
    Objective: Escort Zerai to Jokanor Diggins after collecting 12 Beautiful
    Iboga Blossoms from monsters in Cliffs of Dohjolo.
    22. The Path to the Mission of Jokanor Diggins
    Oddly enough the path to the mission of Jokanor Diggins starts at Jokanor
    Diggins. There are two quests we must complete, and another Hero to unlock
    before the mission becomes avaiable. After completing "Leaving a Legacy"
    Digmaster Gatah will offer you "The Honorable General." Accept this quest
    and prepare your party. Make sure Dunkoro is in your party and give him
    all healing spells. This will help you greatly. If you have it unlocked
    you can even equip him with Mending, cast it on your yourself, then disable
    it so he wont spam it on everyone. You must be of rank Second Spear to start
    this quest, but if you are following this walkthrough you are already First
    Leave out of the portal into Zehlon Reach. The monsters here are levels 8 to
    13, so they will be a bit more difficult. If you have been following this 
    walkthrough, you should be Level 7, so it won't be a big problem. The hench
    here are Level 9. Make sure to chat with the Sunspear Scout to pick up the 
    Insect Bonus, and then head east into the water. You will have to fight 
    several groups of termintes and lances on the way. Grub Lances are monks, so 
    take them out first so they cannot heal the termintes. AoE spells work nicely 
    here, as the monsters tend to travel in packs. On the edge of the lake there 
    is a 2nd Rez Point offering Plant Hunt. Pick that up, because there some 
    plants to kill. Once you get the Hunt start going almost west until you find an
    NPC named Hatuk. Ignore his quest from the moment, but just to the west of him
    is the path we need to continue. Head up the path, taking out the monsters you
    see, amd talk to General Morgahn. 
    You have three minutes to defeat all the Kourons in the area or kill more of
    them then they kill of your party. This is not very hard, but find the monk
    (look for the one casting monk spells) and take him out first. Then the rest
    is easy. I took them all out in around 2 minutes. Once you do this, the quest
    will update. Enter The Astralarium and speak with Emissary Dijmir to
    pick up your reward. Dajmir will offer you the next primary quest which is
    Signs and Portants. 
    Koss must be in your party in order to complete this quest. If you are playing
    with a friend, only 1 player needs to bring Koss along. Return to Zehlon Reach
    and talk to Dajmir to start the quest. The objective of the quest is to locate
    your third Hero Melonni. Move back down the path towards Hatuk. If you want to
    score an easy 1000xp accept his quest as its right on the way. Move west across
    the lake back towards Jokanor Diggins. There will be several plant monsters 
    around, take care of them and locate the Great Fire Flower, a Lv 10 monster.
    Take it out quickly and then talk to Hatuk to pick up 1000xp and 100 gold.
    Keep heading west, and Melonni will be in front of the lake. Talk to her
    to start a small cutscene. After the scene, take Melonni back to Joknar Diggins
    and examine the Inscribed Wall (click on it) to start another cutscene. When
    its over, talk to Digmaster Gatch to get your reward. The mission is now 
    accessable. The quests talked about in this section are broken down below with
    their rewards.
    Quest Name: The Honorable General
    Given by: Digmaster Gatch in Jokonar Diggins
    Requirment: Rank of Sunspear Second Spear or Greater
    Objective: Prove yourself worthy to General Morgahn
    Reward from Emissary Dajmir: 2000xp, 250 gold, 20 SPP, and 1 BC
    Quest Name: Signs and Portants
    Given by: Emissary Dajmir in The Astralarium
    Objective: Locate Melonni and take her back to Jokonar Diggins
    Reward from Digmaster Gatah: 1500xp, Melonni becomes a Hero, 125 gold, 15 SPP
    Quest Name: Great Fire Flower
    Given by Hatuk in Zehlon Reach
    Objective: Kill a Level 10 Fire Flower for Hatuk
    Reward from Hatuk: 1000xp, 100 gold
    23. Misson at Jokanor Diggings
    Gather your party, and make sure Melonni is added in the party, because she is
    required for the mission to start. Once in the mission area, Kormir joins the 
    party, and she will remain with you for the duration of the mission. Anyway,
    start off heading North and a little west towards the big castle looking thing
    on your map. This is where the entire mission takes place. There are four trials
    you must pass in order to complete the mission: Stone, Fire, Perseverance, and
    a Boss fight. In the trial of stone, you must defeat all the Restless Dead and
    Restless Corspes in the chamber, and then take out a LV 12 Darehk the Quick 
    who is running around with a stone tablet. Once you defeat him, there will be a
    pedistal by the door at the left of the start on which to put the tablet on.
    This will open the door to the next area, Fire. Before we move on to Fire, a 
    few words on the Trial of Stone. The stone columns will shoot out darts which 
    turns the screen a greenish colour and afflicts you with health degen of 1 for 
    10 seconds. Try to avoid them. Certainly avoid the Stone Crushers which will 
    result in an instant death. Death Penalty is not assessed on deaths that occur
    this way however, nor does it count to your total. 
    Anyway, the Restless Corpses are warrior types and the Restless Dead are
    Necromancer who spam Deadly Swarn and Vile touch. You will also see 
    Level 12 Sunspear Ghosts roaming around. DO NOT KILL THEM. The reward level
    for the mission depends on how many of these stay alive. 
    Back to the mission now, and the Trial of Fire. Here there are two stone
    tablets laying on the ground, once right at the start and one up the steps
    to the right of the start. There are also Restless Dead and Corspes around.
    Deal with them as you move along. There are three places in this chamber where
    there are 2 large columns on either side of the path. Every 10-20 seconds a 
    line of fire will shoot from one column to the other. If you happen to be 
    standing in the middle, expect about 150 damage plus being set of fire. To
    avoid being caught in the middle. Lure the monsters away, so Kormir won't get
    catch in the middle either. Take both stone tablets and place them on the
    two pedistals by the door at the far end of the chamber to open the door.
    This completes the Trial of Fire.
    Next up is the Trial of Perseverance in which you must guard a level 12 NPC,
    Kahdash while he places a stone tablet. Just focus on wiping out all the 
    monsters in the area, and Kahdash should not have to many problems staying 
    alive. He does a good job running around where spawn points. Once he places
    the tablet, the final door will open to a cutscene showing a stone tablet which
    can change forms change to a monster. This is the boss for the mission. 
    Anyway, clear out the chamber to the left and middle of all the monsters before
    going after the boss who is a real pain in the ass. He is a Lv 13, who can use
    skills from three classses including elites. Once you clear out the area of the
    undead, you can tackle the boss: Apocrypha. He will use skills from Devrish,
    Mesmer, and Paragon classes. His elite is the Mesmer skill Crippling Anguish.
    Have you party wail on him, and make sure your monk heals everyone as Apocrypha
    can dish out damage rather quickly. After a while, you will finally defeat him
    which will conclude the mission via a cutscene. The reward breakdown is as 
    follows for this mission:
    Master- 2000xp, 200 gold, 1 skill point
    Expert- 1500xp, 150 gold, 1 skill point
    Standard- 1000xp, 100 gold, 1 skill point
    Again the rewards stack so the max reward is 4500xp, 450 gold, and 3 skill
    points. To acheive masters, all Sunspear Ghosts must remain alive. If one dies
    Expert level is acheive. If both die, Standard reward is given.
    Once the mission is over you will be back in Kamadan, and First Spear Devhad
    will have a new quest for you: Isle of the Dead.
    24. THe Path to Blacktide Den
    Once you accept the quest Isle of the Dead from Devhad, map yourself to
    Champion's Dawn. Gather your party, and leave out into the Cliffs of Dohjok. 
    Go southeast towards the mine, and locate the 2nd Rez point at the top of the 
    hill. Just to the south, you will find the squad led by Nerash. The quest will
    update and you will be directed to Issnar Isles to take out some undead 
    monsters. Head to the south and look for a path going down in between two 
    rocks. This path will lead around and up to an outpost called Bekor Harbor.
    Enter the outpost which allows for a party size of 8! Well add 4 more hench
    or players to your party and prepare to leave out the door to Issnar Isles.
    If your party contains a Devrish or Monk equip a spell that deals holy damage.
    It will double the damage dealt to all the Undead! If you don't have either,
    bring Melonni and equip her with Heart of the Holy Flame. Make sure to keep
    it up on her at all times. 
    The object here is clear out four groups of lv 15 undead. They will be in packs
    of four or five (usually 4) roaming around the area. When you attack one, they
    will all swarn so be ready. Try to lure them away from the normal creatures 
    that are already here before attacking, having Lv 15 Scales and 4 Undead, is
    not a pleasent thing. The first group wil be right near the door alone.
    Dispatch them and move into the water and cross it. Walk up to the Rez Point on
    the other side and pick up Corsair Bounty from the Scout. Now you get the usual
    bonus (double XP + 1SPP) for each Corsair you slay. MOve forward, when you see
    the Corsairs, stand there for a few minutes. It seems as if the Corsair don't 
    like the Undead, and they will take out the 2nd group for you! How nice of them
    eh? Well once the Undead are gone, move forward and dispatch the Corsairs. Keep
    moving east past where the Corsair were, and group 3 will be back in the water.
    Get rid of them and start to move north, up the hill and cross the big bridge
    to meet Group 4. Now the quest will update, and tell you there are 3 more 
    groups in Melntani Keys you need to take out. Move SE and find the portal for
    Kodlano Hamlet which is another outpost.
    Once you are ready, leave out into Mehtani Keys. The first group of Undead is
    just east of the drop point. Take them out as usual, and then follow the water
    until you see a path on the right going up. Head up the path, and cross a 
    bridge. The 2nd group of Undead is just across the bridge. Be careful of the 
    Corsair in the area as well. Take the other path you see back down the hill
    so you can run under the bridge. Run back in the water towards the Rez Point
    on the other side. Just beyond this is group 3 with some Corsair. This time
    the Corsair don't seem so eagar to help you so you will have to fight both 
    sets of monsters at the same time. Try to lure the Undead away from the Corsair
    and dispatch them first, then focus on the Corsair. Once you clean up the Undead
    (you don't have to kill the Corsair, but it's good XP), return to Devhad to
    collect your reward which is 1000xp, 100 gold, and 10 SPP. A new quest will be
    offered now called "Bad Tide Rising."
    Once you get the quest, gather your party and leave via the portal to Sun
    Docks. Here you will meet up with General Yurukaro. He will tell you to protect
    Kamadan from some monsters. There are 10 or so of them and all Level 12. They
    are of the variety from the Underworld or Fissure of Woe just much lower levels.
    However, they are still Chaos monsters, so be careful. Once you kill them all,
    (and close the rifts) return to Devhad from your reward. (1000xp, 100g, 10SPP) 
    You will then pick up a new quest again, this one is called "Special Delivery."
    Return to SUn Docks once getting the quest and speak with General Hayao this
    time. He will deploy some troops and send you to talk to Castellan Puuba in the
    Sunspear Great Hall. Map there and chat with her. She will tell you to go find
    Jerek in Issnar Isle and give him some orders. Map to Kodlano Hamlet, and up
    your party to 8. Leave out to Isle and go due West to find Jerek. He will want
    you to fight him! He is lv 20, but pathetically easy since you have 8 people.
    Once you bash him to 5% health, he will decide to talk to you. Return to Puuba
    in Sunspear Great Hall to collect your reward. (1000XP 100g, 10SPP)
    Puuba will offer you a new quest called "Big News Small Package." Gather your
    party and go out into the Plains of Jarin to find Jerek. Talk to him and return
    to Kodlano Hamlet. Get your party up to 8 and leave out to Mehtani Keys. Go SE
    across the water and down the beach to find a 20 gold and a Cryptic Scroll 
    Piece. Take it back to Jerek in Jarin to pick up your reward. (1000xp, Tahlkora
    joins, 125 gold, 10SPP)
    You now have four heroes! Jerek will give you a quest called "Following the 
    Trail. Tahlkora must be in your party in order to do this quest. Map out to
    Champion's Dawn and leave to Cliffs of Dahjok. There are groups of Corsairs
    here roaming around. Each group will have 4 or 5 Corsair and 1 boss type 
    monster. The Corsair Captains carry the Cryptic Scroll Pieces. You will to find
    5 more (so you have 6 total).
    This quest is the hardest one you have attempted thus far. There are 5 groups
    of Corsair roaming around the Cliffs and you must take out all of them. Each
    group as noted, contains 5 or so Corsair Thugs/Captains etc and then one Lv 14
    or 15 Boss character who carries the Scroll Piece. Just follow your quest arrow
    and slowly take out each group. Try to take out the other non-Corsair monsters
    first, so they don't aggro in making the quest even more difficult. Once you
    get all but the last piece, you will have to talk to Captain Mindhebehh. Once
    you do there will be a cutscene and you will be teleported to Blacktide Den.
    Have a word with Savage Nunbe for your reward. (1000xp, 100g, 100SPP). Now
    the group size goes back to eight and prepare for the mission of Blacktide
    25. Mission at Blacktide Den
    This mission started off the marsh/swamp whatever you want to call it. The
    objective is simple, just make it to the end and kill everything in your path.
    However, this will only get you the standard reward. You have to do a bit more
    to get Expert or Master. The reward level is based on how many Rinkhal Monitors 
    you kill. Expert is 3 or more and Master is all 5. Anyway, when you start the
    mission you are going to be heading south/southwest. The monsters will be 
    Skale levels 13 to 15 with a few level 17 bosses mixed in. The wrong paths will
    be blocked off by Corsair. Heading south you will come to a clearing with
    monsters in which you must fight. This is the Ironfist Envoy. Once you clear
    them out you can steal their gear and look like Corsair.
    Clear it out to start the 2nd half of the mission which is following an NPC 
    Captain Besuz and killing monsters. One of the Monitors you have to kill is 
    right on the path. Around the middle of the mission area there is one path 
    to the east (left) thats is not blocked by Corsair. Take this path and proceed 
    to the left to find 2 more monitors. Three down, two to go. Return to the Cap't
    to follow him and clear out the groups. The Captain will lead you to Kahyet. 
    One of your heroes blows your cover that you are not even Corsair so Kahyet
    and the Captain turn hostile along with two Level 12 Grasping Chaos monsters.
    Take all five down to end the mission. However, don't kill them all just yet.
    Instead, kill all but 1 of the Chaos monsters and head back up the path. Look
    for an opening on the left with Skale. Follow this path until it ends. Along
    the way you will find your last two Rinkhal Monitors. With all five dead,
    return to the end area finish off the Chaos monster to end the mission with 
    Master reward. Rewards are as follows:
    Master- 2000xp, 200 gold, 1 skill point
    Expert- 1500xp, 150 gold, 1 skill point
    Standard- 1000xp, 100 gold, 1 skill point
    Again the rewards stack so the max reward is 4500xp, 450 gold, and 3 skill
    A little more on the fight at the end. Since you have 8 people, even though 
    Kahyet is level 18 and the Captain is level 15, this fight should be very easy.
    I just took out the Cap't and then Kahyet. They won't follow you very far past
    the end area, so if you get in trouble just retreat. When the mission ends you
    are in the Sunspear Great Hall. Puuba has a quest for you, "The Iron Truth."
    Take this quest to continue the storyline.
    26. Path to Consulte Docks
    After getting "The Iron Truth" go talk to Jerek in Plains of Jarin. Then map
    yourself to Blacktide Den and talk with Savage Nunbe. Next, gather your party
    and head to the Mehtani Keys. Your objective here is to defeat Ironfist on the
    SE corner of the map. There will be lots of Corsair on the path, so be careful.
    Follow the path, there is only really one way to go, and you will cross two 
    bridges enroute to Ironfist. WHen you get there, be careful Ironfish is level
    21. However, with 8 people he is not very hard. After you clean up the area,
    talk to him. Then return to Jerek for your reward, and a new quest "Trial by 
    Fire." Reward: 1500xp, 125gold, and 15 SPP.
    The new quest is LAME. I guess they cannot be all good though eh? Talk to Jerek
    and tell him you are ready to go to court. You are in a court trying to 
    convince people to believe the Sunspears. Well whatever. When the Elder tells
    you to summon a witness pick Dunkoro. He will run his mouth and the general 
    will ask you a question. Select the 2nd answer: Without us Apocrypha would have
    killed hundreds of people." Next, send for Ironfist. After he talks it up for
    a while, the answer to the next question is: "We stopped the next Corsair 
    invasion." Finally, send for Melonni and listen to her. Answer the final
    question: "We are at peace with Kourna." After the lameness is over, report to
    Puuba for your reward: 1500xp, 125gold, and 15 SPP.
    Puuba now offers you three quests: War Preprations: Recruiting Training, Wind
    and Water and Ghost Reconnaissance. You can do them in any order you want, and
    they are all very easy. Lets start with Recruit Training. Go into Plains of
    Jarin and find Kormir. Then talk to Nerashi and take the Sunspear Recruits SW
    to the shore and take care of the monsters there. Very easy. Return and talk
    to Ahtok, and then Rojis. Recruit Training Complete.
    Next, map yourself to Kodlano Hamlet and speak with Captain Bolduhr. Go out
    into Mehtani Keys and find some Sailors wanting to perform a ritual. Defend
    them from Level 15 Water Djinn. There are around 10 of them, and they are easy.
    After you finish all of them, Kinya Kela will appear. Talk to her, to receive
    the "Blessings of Wind and Water." Part 2 complete.
    Finally, map to Blacktide Den, gather your party and exit into Lahtenda Bog.
    Follow your quest area, pretty much due south until the path ends at an altar/
    platform. Use the /kneel command in front of it to summon three level 12 
    ghosts. All three are stupid easy, so take them out in any order. Alright
    Part 3 done.
    Return to Sunspear Great Hall and talk to Puuba to pick up 1500xp, 125g, and 15
    SPP for each of the three quests. Also get the quest "The Time is Nigh" from
    her. You must be the rank of Sunspear Captain to accept this quest, but if you
    have been following this walkthrough, you should be at that rank already. Map
    to Kamadan and talk to Second Spear Binah to gain entry to Churrhir Fields.
    Listen to Kormir babble uselessly about stupid things and then talk to her
    when the quest updates. Return to Kamadan and go to the Consulate and talk to
    Assistant Hahnna. She will send you to Consulte Docks where you can pick up 
    your reward from Raidmarshal Mehdara. He will also offer you the next mission
    when you are ready. The reward is the standard one: 1500xp, 125g, 15SPP. 
    Now, if you have one of the other two Guild Wars games, you can take your Elona
    character to those games. Even if you have no interest in ever playing your 
    Elona characters in other areas, do the quests because its an easy 2500xp for
    each one. So, owning both games gets you a quick 5000xp! There are two NPCs
    in Kamadan by the docks that offer you the quests. Both of them have you go
    find Mehlno in Consulte Docks, and he sends you the the proper area. The reward
    as I said for each one is 2500xp. There is no fighting required on either 
    quest. When you are finished (if you did it) with the sideshow, the next step
    in the mission at Consulte Docks. First, I would recommend getting to around
    Level 17. Go do side quests to level up. I will add in side quests in a later 
    27. Mission at Consulte Docks
    The mission is annoying. All party members will have 600 health and 80 armor
    which helps vastly here. The object of the mission is basically to wipe out
    all the enemies in the area. There are a lot of them ranging in level 16 to
    24. A more detailed breakdown of this mission will follow in a future update.
    When the mission is over, you will lose Koss, so your first objective on the 
    mainland is to get him back.
    28. Koss is Captured!
    After the mission you will land at Yohlon Haven. Proceed to speak with Sunspear
    Modiki. Who will give you a quest called "Haunted!" to begin the recuse of
    Koss. Step one is to talk to Zudash Dejarin who is located in in Yoholn Haven
    by the exit. Once talking to him exit into the explorable Marya Coast. Make
    sure to speak with the wandering priest to pick up a bonus for insects. Double
    XP and 4 SPP instead of just 1! Follow the path, N/NW around the rocks to 
    find Elder Jonah in a "town" part of the explorable. There is a merchant here
    as well. When I ran this quest, there were 2 chests in the area that both 
    yielded gold items. The keys are 450g a piece. So, go for it if you wish.
    When finished, speak to Guardsman Bahsi to enter the underground complex. Clear
    out the area of monsters (just follow the quest arrow around). The queens are 
    monks and there is one lv 26 boss in this area. The rest are just garden 
    variety insects. Once you clear out the last group, a cutscene will follow.
    The area will be converted to the Sunspear Sancuary. Talk to Loni to pick up 
    your reward (2500xp, 200g, 100SPP).
    Loni will give you a new quest.
    Section III- Nightfall from Previous Games
    A. Nightfall from Cantha (Factions)
    If you are at level 20 and want to take a Factions character to Elona
    and play Nightfall content start by talking to Imperial Guard Linro in Kaineng
    Center. He will offer you two quests: "SUnspears in Cantha" and a second quest
    [Insert Name Here] that allows you to get a special hero for owning Factions.
    For now, we will cover actually going to Elona. After you take the quest, 
    gather a party of 8 of either players or hench and proceed to Bejunkan Pier.
    Here you will find Kormir, our hero from Elona. Talk to here and accept her
    quest which will transport you to Kaineng Center as an explorable area which
    is under attack. There are four chaos rifts here and lots of lv 24 and 28 
    monsters. Clear the 4 chaos portals by attacking the monsters directly around 
    them. YOu will pretty much have to clear the entire area to proceed. It is not
    hard really, just there are quite a few of them. Once you clear all 4 portals,
    a timer will start to count down and you will return to the Pier. Talk to 
    Kormir again and you will be transported to Sun Docks. Pick up your reward of 
    1000xp from Seamarshal Bendro. He will then offer you a quest called "Battle
    Preparations." Accept this quest and proceed to the Plains of Jarin, which
    is accessable outside of Kamadan.
    Once outside on the Plains, talk to Kormir. This will cause 4 heroes to be 
    unlocked for your use: Koss, Dunkoro, Melonni, and Tahlkara. Tahlkara will
    also learn Shield of Absorption. Once you are done here return to Kamadan
    and talk to First Spear Dehvad. Before you leave, fix your Heroes skills. 
    Any skill unlocked on your account is avaiable, so upgrade them from their
    defaults. This won't matter now, but will soon. You can also give your heroes
    any secondary profession you wish.Now talk to Second Spear Binch to enter 
    Churrnir Fields, after adding one hero (does not matter who) to your party.
    You will have to complete the Command Training quest here. 
    To begin talk to Tactian Hai. In this quest your Hero (and hench if you have 
    any) must conquer three areas on the map without your help. Talk to Haj to 
    start the quest. See the numbers under the compass? Click the 1 and then find 
    the pilar labeled "Area One" on the map and click it. Aflag will appear on the 
    map, and Koss will travel there. When "Area One" in the upper left of your 
    screen turns Blue, move on to Area 2. Koss will have to take out 2 simple 
    monsters here, no problem. If you want to control Koss, click the 1 next to his
    name in the Party Window (P). This will bring up the skills Koss has equipped. 
    Click on a skill to use it. Once Koss dispatches the 2 monsters, and the Area
    Two turns Blue, repeat for area 3. After all 3 are blue, return Koss to Area 1
    to compelte the quest. Talk to Devhad back at the start to pick up 250xp and 
    125 gold. Since I am lazy, and just copy and pasted this from above, Koss can
    mean whatever hero you brought along. However, since Koss is a warrior, he is
    the best one to bring probably. 
    After completing Command Training, Devhad will send you to the Sunspear Great
    Hall to see Costellan Puuba. Travel there by going into the Plains of Jarin
    and going north and a little west into the desert. Puuba is on the left as you
    enter the Great Hall. She will give you 1500xp, 15 SPP, and a BC. She will also
    offer the a quest "The Time is Nigh." Accept this quest and return to Churrnir
    Fields. Listen to Kormir babble by the shore with the Sunspears and then talk
    to her. This will start a cutscene. After she is finished, return to Kamadan,
    and leave through the exit to the Consolate. Talk to Asst Hahnna. When you 
    are done, you will be in Consolate Docks a mission area. Speak with Raid-
    marshall Mahdara to finish the quest and pick up 1500xp, 125 gold, and 15 SPP.
    From here on out, the story joins the main game, so refer to the "Mission at
    Consolate Docks" above to continue with the walkthrough.
    Section IV- Hard Mode
    On April 19, Arena Net added a new mode to Guild Wars called "Hard Mode." This
    mode is vastly more difficult then the old game, now called "Normal Mode." To
    access Hard Mode, you need to of beaten one of the three GW games at least once.
    All level 20 characters on your account will then have access to Hard Mode for 
    that game. I will have notes for Hard Mode in the mission write-ups for each 
    mission describing the differences. 
    To access Hard Mode- just click on the Red Helment at the top of you party
    window. The map will change, and the fun begins!
    X. Legal
    Entire guide copyright 2006 by Justin Crompton. All rights reserved. 
    Guid Wars Factions & Guild Wars Nightfall are a registered trademarks of 
    Arenanet. All other trademarkers are the property of their owners.
    You not under any condition sell this guide or otherwise profit from it.
    This guide is written solely to benefit the Guild Wars community. If you
    find this guide a website other than GameFAQs, NeoSeeker, or 1up.com 
    please email me at: jcrompton@gmail.com The latest guide will always appear
    at these sites, and they are the ONLY sites authorized to display this guide.

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