• Make MILLIONS of credits in minutes

    This cheat works due to a glitch with cargo pricing when you first enter space. The prices for all space cargo are fixed in the 4~5 thousand range for all star systems, except the ZIRIT system, in the bottom right of the map on the outskirts, is an anomaly: its prices start in the couple of hundred range, and only normalise after you've been in space for a while. This glitch must be exploited EARLY, as soon as you first go into space - the glitch was likely not spotted during Q&A because it's only available for a short time. Before going into space make sure you have about 30'000 credits. You can farm assault rifles from bandits. Sell off EVERYTHING. All your ammo. All your medkits. Literally everything worth even a single credit. Dump it all, because in a moment you're going to be filthy rich. Once in space immediately head to ZIRIT (you might need to buy more fuel on the spacestation first!). Once at ZIRIT start with the cheapest stuff and buy it all. Buy as much as you can hold. Buy whatever else is cheap too if you have spare funds/space. You've got one, maybe two chances to do this before prices normalise. Head then to your nearest neighbouring system, or the starting Goldin system. Sell all cargo, and use the money to upgrade fuel tanks and cargo holds, stock up on fuel. Head back to ZIRIT, time is important! Once you return you'll find prices are now in the thousand range, but that's OK. They keep increasing the longer you wait. Stock up on everything that's cheap. Just buy as much as you can, because after your second visit the prices will have normalised to galaxy-wide prices. Return to the Goldin system, sell everything, upgrade your ship to maximum, and then enjoy your remaining credits.

    Contributed By: Otaku84 returns.

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