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    FAQ/Walkthrough by vals_evil_twin

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 06/17/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                       |                                        |
                       | WHITE GOLD: WAR IN PARADISE (English)  |
                       |                                        |
                       |    aka XENUS II (Ukraine, Russia)      |
                       |                                        |
                        FAQ/Guide/Walkthrough V 0.4   31AUG2010
                                   Platform: PC
                           Copyright 2010 Val's Evil Twin
                        e-mail: vals_evil_twin@australiamail.com
                               TABLE OF CONTENTS
               Navigation:  To quickly find MAKING MONEY, for example,
                press CTRL + F and   enter 5.0 in the search box.
                   - 1.0 -  INTRODUCTION
                   - 1.1 -  INTRODUCTION:  GAME PLAY WARNINGS *SPOILERS*
                   - 2.0 -  BASIC CONTROLS
                   - 2.1 -  ADVANCED CONTROLS
                   - 3.0 -  MAP LOCATIONS
                   - 4.0 -  HINTS & TIPS
                   - 5.0 -  MAKING MONEY
                   - 6.0 -  BEGINNERS GUIDE
                   - 7.0.  - MISSIONS LISTS AND GUIDES
                   - 7.1   - RESOURCE (SIDE) MISSIONS LIST
                   - 7.2   - RESOURCE (SIDE) MISSION GUIDES
                   - 7.2.1 - CIVILIAN MISSIONS GUIDE
                   - 7.2.2 - FROGMEN MISSION GUIDE
                   - 7.2.3 - BANDIT MISSIONS GUIDE
                   - 7.2.4 - MAFIA/SMUGGLERS MISSIONS GUIDE
                   - 7.2.5 - GOVERNMENT MILITARY MISSIONS GUIDE
                   - 7.2.6 - GUERRILLA MISSIONS GUIDE
                   - 7.2.7 - CIA MISSIONS GUIDE
                   - 7.3   - SCENARIO (MAIN) MISSIONS LIST
                   - 7.4.  - SCENARIO (MAIN) MISSION GUIDE
                   - 7.4.1 - ESPADA ISLAND MAIN MISSION GUIDE
                   - 7.4.2 - OLD DIEGO MISSION  GUIDE
                   - 8.0 -  FACTIONS & FACTION RELATIONS
                   - 9.0 -  CHEATS
                   - 10.0 -  LINKS
                   - 11.0 -  FAQ
                   - 12.0 -  VERSION HISTORY
                   - 13.0 -  PERMISSIONS
                   - 14.0 -  CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
                       [1.0]      INTRODUCTION
    At last, we have an English translation patch for Xenus II.
    Sadly the Russian release in DEC2009 was not followed by an English
    localisation.  The translation by wesp5, badmofo and meyers90 has made it
    possible for English speakers to play White Gold.  There is also a German
    translation by Pandur.
    White Gold: War in Paradise is an FPS/RPG hybrid from Ukrainian Developer
    Deep Shadows, and is the spiritual successor to Boiling Point: Road to Hell.
    The Russian version is titled "Xenus II".
    These games are quite different to FPS/RPG produced by Western developers.
    They were popular in CIS countries and have a dedicated following around
    the world.
                   |  WARNING: This Guide contains *SPOILERS*.|
    The game is set across five Caribbean islands.  The action has the many
    factions involved with the cocaine trade pitted against each other.  The main
    hero is again named Saul Myers but he is an entirely different to the Saul
    Meyers character of "Boiling Point: Road to Hell".
    Saul performs missions for the various factions, trying to maintain positive
    relations with them all.  The object is to find the source of poisoned cocaine
    that is killing addicts in the USA.  Is it a CIA plot?  Or are the Indian
    cultists taking revenge for the loss of their culture and lands?
      Play on...
                       [1.1]   GAMEPLAY WARNINGS
    FLICKERING SCREEN:  This occurs with some ATI cards.  The fix is to include a
    "Post Process" text file into the root folder.  This fixes the flickering but
    removes the crosshairs from the sniper scopes!
    YOUR OWN HOUSE:  you have the option to buy your own island, build a house,
    dock and airport, But there is no storage space there.  It is very expensive so
    accumulate pesos ready for this purchase.  Not as good as the house you build
    yourself in Morrowind, but still fun!
    LEVER ON INDIAN ISLAND:  Do not use the lever on the first Indian island unless
    you opened the gate using the six figurines, or it will not work again. (Wesp5)
    CONTAINER SHIP KEY:  Get the first key on the container ship before advancing
    too far into the ship.  You will not be able to return and will have to face
    some bad invisible walls later on! (Wesp5)
    BROKEN SCRIPTS:  It is possible to break the script so that missions will not
    eg  The Don guillermo missions to fly a helicopter to Espada to attack the
        The Don Guillermo Mission to drive two trucks of drugs to his airport.
        The mission to destroy the Guerrillas oil wells.
    If you go to the final island too soon, you will bring on "gloomy weather".
    This is analogous to the sparkling white "Tesla Balls" in Boiling Point that
    disabled the car ingnition.  In White Gold, planes and helicopters are disabled
    in the zone of gloomy weather, but boat travel is permitted.
    Once you have entered this zone you may exit it to restore sunny skies and the
    normal day/night cycle.  However sleeping ("F" + "F2") will cause the gloomy
    weather to return.  To restore fine weather, you must return to the island and
    leave again.  My advice is to avoid the island in the SE corner of the map
    until such time as the main mission arc sends you there.  When you do go there
    make sure you have plenty of AK-47 or M16 ammo.  The antique blunderbuss is
    a novelty and not terribly effective.
                       [2.0]      BASIC CONTROLS
    | W,A,S,D                          | Move, climb up or down a ladder.       |
    | Arrow Keys                       | Movement                               |
    | Space                            | Jump/Jump off ladder/Apply Car Brake   |
    | Left Mouse Button                | Fire/slash, Interact with Inventory    |
    | Right Mouse Button               | Take/Take All/Aim/Use/set Way Point    |
    |                                  |Separate ammo from guns in the Inventory|
    | Enter/E                          | Use/Open/talk/embark/disembark         |
    | ESC                              | Exit Menu/Main Menu/Shorten dialogue   |
    | R                                | Reload                                 |
    | V                                | Switch Ammo                            |
    | F9                               | Quicksave                              |
    | F12                              | Quickload                              |
    | Mouse wheel                      | Zoom /Select weapon, camera etc.       |
    | SHIFT                            | Sprint                                 |
    | CTRL                             | Walk                                   |
    | Page Down                        | Prone                                  |
    | C                                | Crouch                                 |
    | Page Up                          | Stand                                  |
    | Q                                | Start Engine                           |
    | Z                                | Stop Engine                            |
    | J                                | Drop Weapon                            |
    | 0 (ZERO)                         | Holster Weapon                         |
    | 1~9 (Number keys)                | Select dialogue,Select Weapon/Camera   |
    | X                                | Rate of Fire                           |
    | G                                | Throw Grenade                          |
    | NUM LOCK                         | Pause                                  |
                           [2.1]      ADVANCED CONTROLS
    | I                                | Inventory                              |
    | O                                | Objectives/Missions                    |
    | U                                | Upgrades                               |
    | M                                | Map                                    |
    | P                                | Character Profile                      |
    | L                                | Console log                            |
    | Tab                              | Toggle Compass/mini map                |
    | B                                | Binoculars                             |
    | Function Keys  (F1 `~ F6)        | pick up items                          |
    | F                                | Menu for Torch/Sleep/Stealth/Map       |
                       [3.0]      MAP LOCATIONS
     |                    IMPORTANT LOCATIONS ON ESPADA.                         |
     | NW of the island is your starting point. The village with Arturo's bar is |
     | on the north end of the west coast.                                       |
     | The Spider/Car wreck is east of Aturos'Bar                                |
     | The Rino garage is on the west end of the north shore.                    |
     | Janini's Village is south of the Spider/car wreck.                        |
     | The Smugglers' Base (Nelson) is south of Janini's village.                |
     | The military base is SE from Janini's village.                            |
     | N Coast is Old Diego's jetty and the bandit city of Gorrion. (Juarez)     |
     | S Coast is the Government military base, with a village just to its north.|
     | S Coast is the Guerrilla Base, just west of the SE corner.                |
     | SW corner is the Mafia Smugglers' Base (Chief Nelson).                    |
                       [4.0]      HINTS & TIPS
    - Save often. Make a quick save before picking locks in case you break a lot
      of picks, or before exploring a dialogue tree.  Make Hard Saves before
      starting major missions.
    - Talk to everyone for background information and to receive resource missions.
    - Don't kill without reason.  It will seriously affect faction relations.
    - There are two lockpick sellers.  The nightime one near Arturo's bar is the
      cheapest.  The daytime one in gorrion gives the "Lock Pick" perk.
    - Carry a knife when walking, to deal with snakes.
    - Collect snakes, crabs, chicken legs, snakes and fish to cook on the free
      stoves and turn into food.
    - Rmouse is best to pick-up-all and use vehicles.
    - Use the parachute to drop safely off cliffs.
    - Check downed helicopters and planes for ammo crates.
    - Always open clams to collect pearls.
    - Separate ammo from guns before trading them.
    - Keep your carry weight low.  Excess weight slows you down.
    - Keep some corn, avocado, eggs etc. One of the lady NPCs will cook for you.
    - Right click the mini-map to set a way point (Blue Flag).
    - Level up the weight perk and lock picking perk early on!
    - Press "M" for main map, then press Rmouse to set a way point (blue flag).
    - vehicles, eg the quad bike, can be used to store your possessions.
    - When cropdusting or dropping pamphlets from a plane, fly along the long axis
      of the island.
    -  Save games are located at:
                  C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Docs\White Gold\Saves.
    - Disable the opening video (startup) by renaming the appropriate *.ogg video
      files in the White Gold>Video folder to *.oggoriginal.
    -  Avoid the SE corner of the map until the main mission sends you there.
    -  Remove screen flicker with ATI video cards by adding the PostProcess folder
       to the root directory.
                           [5.0]      MAKING MONEY
    - talk to all NPCs to receive Resource Missions with rewards as either cash,
    goods or improved faction relations.
    - cash in excess goods with traders or NPCs.  Be aware that different NPCs pay
    different prices for identical items.
    - Snakes, fish, crabs, roosters etc that are either raw or cooked can be sold.
    - Rats can be sold, but it is a hard way to get rich.
    - Sell pearls, weapons,ammo, fruit, treasure items, etc.
    - Solve Janini's logical puzzles. (SW village on Espada)
    - Loot the Military Fortress in the South for respawning weapons in perfect
    - Retrieve the respawning sunken treasure for Sebastien, Don Guillermo's
    harbour master.
                          [6.0]      BEGINNERS GUIDE
    Start a new game.  After the Russobit and DeepShadows logos, watch the
    opening FMV showing the pole dancers and the backstory of the cocaine problem.
    You can skip this FMV by pressing "ESC", or disable it altogether (See "FAQs"
    section below).
    A second FMV shows Saul pursued by the paramilitary in boats and helicopters.
    This is your introduction to using the game's iron sights.  Whatever kills you
    make here has no benefit in the game, it is just an introduction.
    At the main menu screen make your settings.  In Game Options I suggest enabling
    "HELP" and selecting "EASY" difficulty level!
    You take control of Saul Myers on a dock in the NW of the island Espada.
    Juatinio, the captain of your now shipwrecked charter vessel is there with you.
    You get your first "Help" screen:
    There are two types of mission:
    "Scenario" (Main) missions with a green flag on the HUD
    "Resource" (Side) missions with a red flag.
    There are five islands in White Gold.  Press"M" to view the main map.
    Pressing "I" brings up the inventory/missions screen.
    Pressing "F" brings up the advance features menu: Torch/Sleep/Stealth/Map.
    Pressing "ESC" returns you to the game.
    A message from Jamieson in the top left of screen says, "Glad to be working
    with you again."
    Immediately there's a message you have leveled up.  Push "P" for your profile
    and select the green up arrow for the Perks screen.  Select your first perk,
    eg. "Courier" which increases carrier capacity to 40kg.
    Grey Juatinio was the captain of your now sunken charter vessel, and is just
    ahead on the dock.  Press Rmouse or "E" to talk to him.
    Press "ESC" to hurry through the dialogue, and number keys to select Saul's
    responses.  Giving Grey Juatinio 1000 pesos will increase your Civilian
    relations by 15 points.  Press"P" to check your profile screen and "ESC"
    to return.
    Grey Juatinio tells you the only way off this island is to see Old Diego
    amongst the ruins on the north side of the island.  Pressing "O" will bring
    up the first mission on your Mission/Objectives screen:
    "See Jose Epaulet (aka the Strap) in the village for more information on
    Old Diego."  This is a main mission.
    Press the magnifier or bundle of notes to switch between main/side missions.
    We'll do some side missions first.
    Press "ESC" to return to the game, and now would be a good time to save.
    Press "F9" for quick save.  Or press escape for the main menu and create a hard
    save point.
    Before going further, take a look at your HUD.  Pressing "TAB" will toggle
    between Compass view and mini-map.  Green and red flags indicate Scenario and
    Resource Missions, showing vertical and horizontal distance to each objective.
    The white dot at the centre is Saul.  Enemies will appear as red dots,
    especially in Stealth mode.
    Move forward to the hut. Another message from Jamieson:  "I'll be straight with
    you Myers.  Leave this island for Ballena.  See Jose for  directions to the
    boatman (Old Diego)."  This is the Main Mission.  First, let's do a lot of
    resource missions to earn pesos, stock up on food, trade, converse, and try out
    the weaponry.
    In the hut, focus on the small crate and press "F6" to pick up a coconut,
    a lockpick, some 9mm Uzi ammo and cocaine leaves. Focus on the lockpicks on the
    crate and press a function key to collect them.
    Before you attempt to open the locked ammo box, quicksave(F9).  Attempt to pick
    the lock with Rmouse.  If you fail, press quickload(F12) and try again.
    When you open the lock, press Rmouse to pick up everything. You should level up
    again, so pick another perk from the Profile screen.
    Let's try out the Sleep function.  Here in the hut is a safe location for
    sleeping, so press "F" for advanced features and "F2" for sleep.
    Again, for practice, press 1,2 or 3 keys to enable the knife, handgun or
    camera.  Press 0 (zero) to holster again.
    Now outside the hut talk to the fisherman for some of the back story.  Cycle
    quickly though the dialogue with "1" and "ESC" keys.
    Next talk to the fisherman from the sunken boat, he is standing on the shore
    down to the left.  Accept his mission to retrieve his cargo.  Press"O" for
    missions screen and click the icon with the was of notes to show the resource
    mission screen, and see there "Find Sunken Boat and take the Cargo."
    Your HUD/Compass shows a Red Flag 275m to the West ie out to sea, and
    66m beneath the surface.  Swim out, fighting off the occasional barracuda.
    Any fish you kill, take with Rmouse.  You can cook these later and eat them
    to restore health!  Swim down and take the three bags of cargo, keeping an eye
    on your oxygen meter.  If you consume all your oxygen, you health depletes!
    When you return to shore, your health may be as low as 70.
    Press"0" to holster your knife and talk to the fisherman.  He gives two frag
    grenades and some shrimp as a reward.
    Now restore your health.  Press "I" and drag food items eg. shrimp across and
    drop on an injured body part. Alternatively just double-click on any food item.
    Talk to NPCs.
    Talk to the guys around the shore, checking out crates as you walk around and
    picking up loot with F6.
    -Ector, sitting on a box at the rear of the shed at the start of the dock.
    Ector tells you supplies are available from the trader Arturo in the village,
    and Rodrigo has a car.  You get the resource objective to visit Arturo.
    -The boatmen all refuse to take you off the island, and you are reminded you
    must see old Diego for this.
    -A suspicious guy near some sheds gives you the resource mission to find an
    unknown trader who only sells at night.  The night trader is the best source to
    buy lockpicks.
    -the burly man gives the resource missions to see the doctor, and talk to
    Nelson (Smugglers).
    -an old man tells you to see Juarez for work.
    -the Pearl diver turns out to also be a trader.
    -an old man standing by a pole gives you a resource mission to find a locket on
    a mountain top.
    Let's do the locket mission first.  Follow the minimap to the mountain top and
    pick up the locket.  The red arrow shows the direction, and red numbers give
    distance and height. Watch out for snakes!  As you have positive/neutral
    relations with all factions, you can travel without bandits etc taking potshots
    at you.
    Return to the old man at the pole to complete the mission.
    Reward is +8 Civilian relations.
    Now select the Arturo mission on your Missions menu and head for the trader's
    bar in the centre of town.
    Your friend Jamieson advises you to buy a decent gun. Don't buy one, as you
    will come across many guns, some of them brand new.
    Arturo is a trader, so follow the dialogue and the trading screen will open.
    You can buy/sell here, don't forget to click the trade icon at the top when you
    want to check out!
    Arturo tells you about Enrique Martinez who is sitting under a red umbrella at
    at a table outside.  Enrique is a very important NPC.  He is the man to see if
    you have killed a member of one of the factions and earned negative relations.
    He charges 2500 pesos to restore +20 faction relations.
    Arturo also tells you where to find work:
    -from the military base in the SE of Island Espada
    -from Don Guillermo (Mafia) on Ballena Island
    -from Juarez, the Bandit Chief in the ruined city of Gorrion.
    Go to the shed on the dock and sleep 'til midnight.  Then you can do the
    Resource Mission to find the night trader.  As you approach the  night time
    trader you may get a message from Jamieson,"See a man up high on your left?
    I wonder how he got there?"  This is a reference to the peasant Orgitto,
    standing on a nearby roof.  First, talk to the night time trader.  He sells
    AK-47 and Colt Anaconda ammo for 2 pesos a piece, and lockpicks for 20 pesos.
    He informs you that you can practice lock picking on a simulator in the ruins
    and improve your skills! Spend up big on lockpicks!
    Sleep until morning, then climb the ladder to speak with Orgitto the peasant on
    a nearby rooftop.  Accept 150 pesos and his mission to purchase roof repair
    tools form Dorian at Reno.  Quick save before haggling with Dorian for
    the tools.  You can get the tools for 150 pesos with luck.
    Accepting the 1000 pesos discount price results in a charge of only 150 pesos.
    Level up your perks and return to Orgitto.  Close by the ladder to the roof is
    an outdoor stove.  A civilian tells you, "It is free to use."
    Use it to cook any fish, crabs, chicken legs or snakes in your inventory.
    You can't cook rats!
    On the roof with Orgitto, asking for a reward earns you +3 Civilian relations
    and 250 pesos.  If you pass on the cash, you get +5 Civilian relations.
    Here, by pressing "L" (for 'log') you can open your notebook for a complete
    record of Characters and Conversations.
     Now select the resource mission to talk to Nelson.
    Nelson is the head of the smugglers, (aka Contrabandits, aka Mafia.)
    Firstly, make a Hard Save by pressing "ESC", selecting "SAVE" from
    the Main Menu. Name is something like "01 Mafia Smugglers".
    Now head for the Mafia Base.  Walk to the cliff above and parachute down.  Just
    step off into space, your 'chute will open and you will land uninjured.
    Nelson asks you to deliver a cargo of contraband to Felipe on a nearby island.
    Notice the man next to Nelson.  He is Hector, the Mafia armorer.
    You can buy weapons, ammo and upgrades here as long as you have good relations
    with the Mafia.
    Board the boat and deliver the cargo to Felipe.  You can check your location by
    pressing "M" for the main map.
    Boat Controls:
    F1 for help menu, then to drive the boat.
    Use Q,Z to start/stop engine.
    WASD to steer the boat.
    ENTER to board/disembark.
    Take the Zodiac for the return trip.
    Nelson rewards you with +10 Mafia relations and 300 pesos.
    You now have the opportunity to do more Mafia missions.
    This concludes the "Beginners Guide" section.
      You can now:
    -  Navigate with compass, mini-map and main map
    -  Trade
    -  Level up and select perks
    -  Use the parachute
    -  Cook on a stove
    -  Use all functions via keyboard and mouse
    -  Use all menus and screens
    -  Read the directions and heights on the HUD
    -  Use weapons and vehicles
    -  Enter dialogue with NPCs
    -  Save and Load, quicksave and quickload
    -  Recover from -ve faction relations
    -  complete Resource and Scenario missions
    Do Resource (side) missions to earn experience points/reputation/weapons/money.
    Do Scenario (Main) missions.
    Explore. Enjoy. Good luck, and good adventures!
                          [7.0]   MISSION LISTS AND GUIDES
    Saul:     "What's new around here?"
    Old Man:  "Nothing new.  Usual gunfire and explosions.  Same old crap!"
                       [7.1] RESOURCE (SIDE) MISSIONS LIST
    Visit Arturo’s shop/bar.
    Talk to Arturo.  Open trade window.
    Get a rope from Carlos at Arturo's bar and give to Chavez, the man high up near
    the jetty, and rescue him. Standing on the jetty facing town, Chavez is high up
    on the left.
    Return old Alberto's Egyptian Vase stolen by the bandits.  When you kill the
    bandits, the vase falls into the water.  Dive for it and swim to the coast.
    Give the vase to Alberto and be rewarded with an antique blunderbuss.
    Trade empty bottles to Farchad Radimov, the empty bottle merchant near Arturo's
    bar.  He gives the underwater pistol.
    Deliver explosives to the foreman at the blocked tunnel.
    Survive passage through the tunnel of death near Juarez's base.
    Nicole wants her relationship with Robert mediated.
    Enrique Marchello and Rita need to be brought together.
    Stop Robert the tiresome drunk from annoying Nicole.
    Exchange insults for Lenmar and Demirel.
    Visit the doctor: Find Dr Samuels in Arturo's village.
    Find sunken boat and return the cargo to the captain beside the first jetty
    on Espada.
    Search for lost CIA Agent: see Agent McConaughy on the northern outskirts of
    the village on Espada and locate missing agent Jeremy Dickson.  Juarez's gang
    captured him.  Talk to "Green" in Gorrion City and find where they hold the
    CIA-agent.  (Side note: there is a lot of humour in the game but only some of
    it survives the translation to English.  When you find Green, he asks, "Do I
    look like purple?)
    Escort Paco Casillas from the bus stop to his village over the hill.
    Talk to Nelson, chief of the smugglers on Espada.
    Talk to Juarez, leader of the Bandits in the ruined city of Gorrion.
    Talk to Lame Valerio and recover his stolen emerald from the bandits.
    Take the emerald from the robbers and give it back to lame Valerio.
    Kill Varitto and bring the emerald back to lame Valerio.
    Find Pedritto.
    Bring a bottle of Whisky to Pedritto.
    Find Benitto.
    Kill the padre on Juarez's orders.
    Find a doctor for Rupetto.
    Visit the doctor.
    Talk to Orgitto.
    Buy roofing tools from Dorian.
    Bring the tools to Orgitto.
    Return Lorenzo's fishing tackle guarded by two of Juarez's men.
    Talk to the Tale Teller about the three frogmen.
    Talk to Ernesto about the missing frogman.
    Find Lonzo, obtain the oxygen balloon (SCUBA tank) from the locked trunk.
    Return to Ernesto, and fill the SCUBA tank with air.
    Find the underwater cave and rescue Javier by giving him a SCUBA tank.
    Steal the boat from smugglers and drive it to guerrilla base.
    Pass on insults to Demyrel that he is moron.
    Find the book “Related Souls”.
    Find unknown trader.
    Help an old man search for a locket on the mountain top.
    Take a photo of the smugglers unloading contraband.
    Steal secret documents from the Guerrillas' Base.
    Deliver the documents to the colonel.
    “Clear” the Paramilitaries' Base.
    Find the messenger.
    Take a suitable position for the photography.
    Find the Markes submachine gun.
    Kill the Kolt.
    Kill the bandits.
    Shoot the Guerrillas.
    Destroy geurrilla air defense stations on Maskara, Espejo, Sardina islands
    for the Colonel at the southern Army Fortress.
    Destroy three units of air defence at the Maskara, Espejo, Sardina islands.
    Find the island and turn the Lenin statue in certain direction which is pointed
    by Lieutenant Rudigger.
    Blow up the hootch still.
    Eliminate a several trucks together with escort.
    Steal the hostile helicopter.
    Destroy the hostile helicopters with help of air defence.
    Mine the strategical objects.
    Kill all soldiers on Guerrilla Base.
    Make a photo of helicopters.
    Find Captain Casarda
    Hijack the van with the generator from the smugglers.
    Blow up the military's electrical equipment.
    Find Commandante Bernaditto.
    “Clear” the Paramilitaries’ Base.
    Wrest the oil pumps from the bandits.
    Join the Zemekis squadron.
    Help the Guerrillas against the military.
    Help the Martiness squad to escape the military.
    Keep the attack together with Mertiness squad.
    Return to Commandante Romero after conversation with Martiness.
    Hijack the ammunition truck from the military and drive it to
    the Guerrillas' Base.
    Hijack the tank from the Military Base and drive it to the Guerrillas’ Base.
    Destroy Bandits’ base totally using the tank.
    Elimination all main military forces: Destroy the military base.
    Kill the sniper who lured the Guerrillas into the trap.
    Have a photosession in the estate of Mafia drug baron don Guillermo.
    Promotion in the Guerrilla Company.  Post agitation pamphlets in the center of
    the island.
    Post an agitation pamphlet on don Guillermo's fence.
    Go to the meeting place of don Guillermo's agents and take up a good position
    for sniping.
    Wait for don Guillermo's agents.
    Kill don Guillermo's agents, take the case used in the deal, and bring it to
    El Commandante.
    Take the cutter and meet El Commandante on the open seas.
    Accompany El Commandante to the wharf and defend him from attack.
    Take the plane and spray chemicals over the SDK/cocaine fields.
    Find the man named Antonio.
    At Antonio's request, pack up the cocaine with help of his homemade device.
    Don Guillermo's nephew will fly over the island; go there.
    Shake down the plane with nephew don Guillermo.
    Kill don Guillermo.
    See the locksmith about a lever for the Lenin statue.
    Turn the Lenin statue in the direction shown by Commandante Shell.
    Take the plane and spread the agitation pamphlets leaflets over the town.
    Take the battle helicopter assault the attacking military forces.
    Find the man who can upgrade El Commandante's cutter.
    Go to Espada Island (First Island), see Rodrigo and talk to him about
    cutter tuning.
    Go to the island where Gasparo is living and upgrade cutter with him.
    Drive upgraded cutter back to Commandante Vaskes.
    Take ammunition for the Guerrillas.
    Take the cutter and discover battle points of the enemy.
    Eliminate don Guillermo's boats.
    Destroy military battle vehicles.
    Get 10 doses of the powder for drug mafia fighters.
    Throw a grenade at the soldiers sitting near the pool.
    Kill Corporal Krespo.
    Hide and kill guerrillas in the house.
    Talk to Edgar.
    Find Edgar's personalized pistol.
    Bring some beer to the Mafia drug fighters.
    Separate from the bandits by don Guillermo's order.
    Kill the bandits.
    Kill Sparrow's gang.
    Find out why the goods are being delayed.
    Protect don Guillermo's goods from the Guerrillas.
    Drive the trucks to don Guillermo's air base and leave them near the hangars.
    Talk to Sebastian – director of Don Guillermo’s air base and go to the island.
    Fly the plane on Espada.
    Kill all guerrillas on the base.
    Find Benissio.
    Make military license.
    Arrive on military base.
    Steal coordinates of don Guillermo's cocaine fields and replace them with
    false ones.
    Take the guerrilla uniform from Benissio.
    Track down the guerrilla orator and wait while he goes to a safe place.
    Kill the orator and take the body to the crematorium.
    Burn the body of the orator.
    Don guillermo asks you to give a provocative oration to a guerrilla meeting.
    Defend guerrilla assault on Don Guillermo's estate.
    Kill Commandante Torres.
    Talk to don Guillermo’s harbor master.
    Talk to don Guillermo’s airport controller.
    Kill Gryzmond.
    Fly the Don's helicopter over a marked course.
    Spray pesticide over the island with Don Guillermo's cocaine fields.
    Fly to the guerrilla's transfer point and place explosives near
    El Commandante's house.
    Deliver a cargo of cocaine from the plantation to Don Guillermo.
    Bring the boat to Sebastian.
    Go to the shipwreck location.
    Kill the smugglers, dive and search the sunken ship.
    Kill the shark and take the artifact from its belly.
    Go in search of the paranoiac.
    Bring the paranoiac’s boat to don Guillermo's dock.
    Blow up the Barge.
    Take a photo of official army tanks.
    Find the Indians that caused a riot at Leonardas' cocaine fields.
    Kill the rioters, and bring their heads to Leonardas.
    Place a radio beacon in the center of the military camp.
    Use the cutter to deliver Leonardas' guest on Ballena.
    Counter a guerrilla attack on cocaine plantations.
    Bring 10 bottles of beer to the drug mafia fighter.
    Find Juarez' gang.
    Sit in car and deliver prostitute to the client (town center of Ballena Island)
    Deliver the prostitute to private residence situated on north of the island.
    Deliver the prostitute to the village on south-east of the island.
    Deliver boat with contraband on “Karuga” island and come back to employer.
    Gov. soldiers took the smuggler as prisoner. It’s necessary to release him.
    Come in destroyed town and kill paramilitary squad.
    Accomplish order Fellipe smuggler (kill paramilitaries)
    Find out from Conchita where smugglers are hiding stolen goods.
    Kill Amarillo.
    Find Sevinio, who is in debt to Juarez.
    Kill padre Corache.
    Take the crucifix from padre Corache and bring it to Juarez as a trophy.
    Talk to Lumes,second-in-command to Juarez, about his drinking problem.
    Kill Gatto.
    Bring maps to Juarez.
    Bring helicopter blueprints to Juarez.
    Take the bazooka and shake down military helicopter.
    The bandit sniper Devon who is patrolling the roof for Juarez asks you to place
    an empty bottle below for target practice.
    Shop robbers tell you to gather money from hostages.
    Punish the man named Jeancarlo, who offended one of the Gryzmond prostitutes.
    The best way to do this – break all furniture and equipment.
    Jeancarlo is not at home, it is necessary to talk to the resident of the house.
    Maybe he will give you a suggestion.
    Find Jeancarlo in south-eastern part of the island and talk to him.
    Take the cutter and sail to a meeting with a friend of Grysmond, the pimp.
    The pimp Mason's thugs attack you. Defend yourself from the assault.
    Kill the pimp Mason.
    Kill militaries.
    Place a listening device on the guerrilla base.
    Return to Bonesetter with information from the listening device.
    Take a jeep and attack the soldiers, together with the bandits.
    Eliminate the military squad.
    Talk to the bandit Chief named Bonesetter.
    Find the son of the the Indian chieftain.
    Steal a boat from the Mafia and bring it to the appointed place.
    Report to Myvacho about the ship arrival.
    Bring Myvacho to the entrance of the cave.
    Leave Casco island for the Indians’ island.
    Arrive on your personal island and ask the builder when your house will be
    Ask Goran when will the port and heliport be ready.
    Avenge to paramilitaries fighters and report about Ruppito’s death.
    Talk to Gerardo.
    Find a patron in the sunken ship.
    Old Morvin sends you to talk to  his brother Melvin.  (Broken Mission?)
    Talk to corporal Crespo.
    Get to know about death tunnel.
    Death tunnel.  Pass through the Death Attraction.
    Talk to doctor Petrovsky.
    Talk to Amarillio.
    Talk to Corache.
    Talk to Curizzo.
    Talk to Augusto.
    Find the picklock trader in Gorrion.  He charges 60 pesos, which is too much!
    Old Diego charges 40 pesos, and the Night trader only 20 pesos!
    Come apart with bandit gang as Augusto has asked.
    Find a letter for Fabio.
    Kill the bandits terrorizing local people.
    Find a book “Related souls”.
    Give the book “Related souls” to librarian Curizo.
    Call to Lussil.
    Bring 10 big and 3 small pearls to Gasparo.
    Discover the legend of Ballena Island.
    Find handcuffs for Pepe Lopez.
    Take the communicator from Guan.
    Talk to Simon.
    Bring dynamite to the foreman. Fredi, Juarez's gunsmith, has some TNT, but it
    is cheaper (500 pesos) to buy from Arturo.  The foreman repays 800 pesos!
    Talk to the village chief.
    Kill paramilitary fighters in the village.
    Find the thieves that stole the coil from  Leo's hootch still.
    Replace the coil into the hootch still and talk to Leo.
    Bring the rope to the hungover drunk  who appeared on the hill suffering
    skull cramps.
    Find Amelio.
    Pass the money to Amoku.
    Make a salad, bring avocado, corn, 3 eggs and shrimps.
    Return a letter to Alfora.
    Bring a bottle of cold beer to Rosso.
    Find Mergone,the exterminator.  Get the insecticide (dichlorvos) for 50 pesos
    and return to Vintego for 100 pesos reward.
    Take a set of false teeth from Valensio and give it to old Cramoro.
    Take an eye band from Valensio and return it to blind man.
    Bring to Rolando: 5 regular, 3 big and 10 small pearls.
    Bring pearls to jeweler.
    Talk to fishermen about lost old man.
    Talk to Balto.
    Kill Abraham for 500 pesos.
    Kill Belissario for 800 pesos.
    Kill Abraham for 1000 pesos.
    Kill Belissario for 1250 peso.
    Kill Abraham for 1300 pesos.
    Look at the island offered for sale.
    Talk to Karlson – supervisor of our island.
    Counter an attack of paramilitaries.
    Stealthily place a pack of cigarettes on the old woman Amadeya.
    Find the cap carried away by the stream.
    Bring the coke leaves to Apolynar.
    Talk to sister Rasta about joint.
    Take a joint from sister Rasta and bring it to storyteller.
    Bring the Coop for the Sky Chakra.
    Find sign of shipwreck and show it to Mario Mendoza.
    Raise a chest with gold up from the sea floor.
    Raise a big chest with gold up from the sea floor.
    Find out about the  depth gauge for the diver.
    Find a depth gauge for the diver.
    Deliver the mask to the diver.
    Pass the package.
    Talk to Mario.
    Kill Mario and take information from him.
    Talk to psychiatrist about the young couple's problems.
    Separate the two quarreling technicians.
    Find information for the wife of the suicide.
    Talk to the suicide.
    Bring the boards for bridge repair.
    Put down the boards and return for the fee.
    Bring the communicator to Tobaress.
    Find Uriga.
    Talk things over with Francisco.
    Return the missing parts of the fountain to the chieftain.
    Shop robbery.
    Talk to Commandante Torres.
    Visit the brothel.
    Visit a doctor on Ballen.
    Visit a bar on Ballen.
    Visit a shop on Ballen.
    Find a gun trader.
    Talk to bootlegger Leo.
    Kill all hippies.
    Find the thief and take the girl's stolen handbag away from him.
    Find a garnet for old Enrico.
    Bring 10 fish (yellow streaks) to fisherman.
    Break brand new TV-set of Guard Commander Leonardas.
    Bring 5 seagulls to the hunter.
    Take a picture of porno stars.
    Give a package to Kuista on Ballena.
    Pass the package to Gladis on Casko Island.
    Meet with Myrabell (girl picked up in bar).
    Talk to neighbor about the camera.
    Get out on freedom.
    Crack down on grave profaners (appears at the night).
    Visit hippie island.
                       [7.2] RESOURCE (SIDE) MISSION GUIDES
                       [7.2.1] CIVILIAN MISSIONS
    "Find Sunken Boat and take the Cargo."
    The captain of the sunken boat is standing on the shore to the left of the
    first dock.  Retrieve three bags of cargo.  Reward is + Civilian Relations, two
    frag grenades and some shrimp.
    Paco Casilis at the bus stop near the car crash with the spider, was walking
    with his girlfriend and they were harassed by thugs.  You need to escort him
    past the thugs to return to his village (south of the car/giant spider wreck).
    Stick to the east side of the road to pass the thugs, and escort Paco to the
    village. Talk to him there for a reward of 200 pesos and +8 Civilian relations.
    Kill all the thugs and loot their bodies, or no negative faction relations.
    WARNING:  This mission may cause the main Mission to see
    Jose "The Strap" Epaulet to break, as more than the three paramilitaries
    guarding the house must be killed before the door to Jose's hut will open!
    The talebearer initiates the Frogmen mission.
    An old man near a post to the right of the first dock asks you to retrieve
    a locket from the mountain top.  Reward is +8 Civilian Relations.
    In Gorrion, talk to Alfora at the Simon Bolivar statue.  She asks you to return
    a letter.  pay Anchel 200 pesos for the letter, and receive a reward of
    500 pesos from Alfora.
    Janini, in the village south of the car/spider wreck, asks logical puzzles.
    For practice, in Summer and Winter, a Fir tree looks the same.
    For 50 pesos, H&K created the M5 Assault Rifle.
    For 150 pesos, Don Quixote was the rueful knight.
    For 250 pesos, Ra was the Egyptian Sungod.
    Paula, a girl in the same village, offers to cook you a meal if you have
    an avocado, corn, shrimps and three eggs.  She rewards you with 60 pesos and a
    delicious meal that restores
    +30 health!
    If you have the ingredients, a girl here will cook you a meal.
                            [7.2.2] FROGMEN MISSION
    Various NPCs, including the storyteller in the first village, and Old Diego,
    give this mission, or you can just talk to Ernesto the frogman to initiate.
    Make sure you have good health, plenty of allowance in your backpack, plenty of
    food items to restore health, and a shipload of lockpicks.
    A frogman, Javier, is stranded in an underwater cave, trapped there by
    a monster fish.  You need a SCUBA tank (Air Balloon) from Lonzo in the small
    southern village.  Lonzo will ask 300 pesos, but you can haggle and get it for
    free!  Use his stove to cook any rooster legs, snakes, fish, etc that you have
    caught.  Nearby in the village is Janini, and you can make some money answering
    his "logical puzzles".  Quicksave before answering to be safe!
    Paula, a girl in the village, offers to cook you a meal if you have the
    ingredients.  You probably have an avocado, corn, shrimps and three eggs in
    your pack!  She rewards you with 60 pesos and a delicious meal that restores
    +30 health!
    Near the village is a Government base where you can lockpick a quadbike.  Hold
    "Z" as you drive it to conserve fuel.  You can press F2 to store items on the
    bike.  I found I was carrying a 15kg anchor at this time, which freed up a lot
    of space in my backpack when I stowed it in the bike.
    Drive back to Ernesto with empty tank and fill it with compressed air. Swim out
    500m to the cave and dive 100m.  If you have -ve relations with the bandits,
    patrol boats will fire on you.  Regardless of faction relations, paramilitary
    will attack in Hind helicopters. When you see them approach (as red dots on the
    compass) make a shallow dive.
    On the south side of the shipwreck is the entrance to a maze of underwater
    caves.  Immediately inside the cave, turn right to a cave where you can breathe
    again. Quicksave, then open a chest with spider mandibles and a diamond inside.
    Even with 5% chance, I got lucky after two attempts.
    Work your way through the maze, opening clams and gathering pearls with a quick
    double-press of Rmouse.  Find Javier and give him the SCUBA tank.
    On your return through the maze, be aware that the red arrow points to Ernesto
    back on the coast, and NOT to the cave exit.
    Talk to Javier on the beach and he will reward you with a black pearl
    (necessary to advance the Main Mission with Old Diego).
                                [7.2.3] BANDIT MISSIONS
    Entertain the Bored Ones.
    There are a pair of bandits here idling at a table.  You can entertain them by
    providing a pack of cards.  They give 50 pesos reward and start to play poker.
    Talk to Juarez - Chief of the Local Hoodlums.
    Juarez is the Bandit Leader in the ruined city of Gorrion; he is a crazy
    tattoed bodybuilder with no regard for human life, so be careful.
    Make a Hard Save here called something like "01 Juarez Missions".
    Juarez wants you to get information from the pretty hostage, Conchito.
    Conchito tells you that Adan and Castro, two Mafia smugglers, have decided to
    sting their boss and have stolen a cargo of guns, ammo and grenades.  It is
    hidden near the Guerrilla Base to the south.
    A message from Jamieson warns you against working for the bandits, so take care
    what you do with Conchita's information.
    Option A:  Report the location to Juarez.  This earns +ve relations.  You can
    then ask Juarez for work.
    Option B:  Find the hidden cargo yourself, Kill Adan and Castro, and deliver
    the weapons to the nearby Guerrilla Base.
    On the way, you may pass a battle between Government Soldiers and a hostile
    faction.  Mug the bodies for a pile of loot.  You can parachute off the cliff
    down to Adan and Castro.  Kill them and steal the boat.  This earns -5 Mafia,
    +2 Gov and +1 Guerrillas.  Deliver the boat to the Guerrilla base. Make sure to
    get a soup and a porridge meal from the Field Kitchen there. You can lockpick a
    quadbike here, which makes travel much easier and also gives you a place to
    store your inventory and keep your travel weight low.  Use ENTER/Rmouse/E to
    mount the buggy.  The Guerrillas reward you with 15 frag grenades, 700 pesos,
    200 of 7.62x32 rounds and +8 relations.
    If you report back to Juarez after this mission, you will receive -15 relations
    but you can still work for the bandits.  Take the "Wet Job" mission to kill
    Amarillo.  Talk to Amarillo first, and he asks you to find his brother Perito.
    Perito was captures by the bandits, but has since joined them.  Return to
    Amarillo with the news and he rewards you with 10 smoked fish, some softy
    fishing lures and some Vodka.
    Now kill Amarillo (I felt really bad about this!)
    Return to Juarez for the reward: 320 pesos, +15 Bandit relations, -25 Civilian
    Sniper Devon
    If you want to do it now, search Juarez's building.  On the roof the sniper
    Devon gives a short mission that earns +5 relations.  All you need to do is
    place a bottle down below as target practice.
    Find Sevinio
    Juarez asks you to find Sevinio, who owes him money.  You must kill a bunch of
    soldiers to get to Sevinio, but he is already dead.  Take 500 pesos from his
    body and return to Juarez.  Reward: 700 pesos and +12 relations.
    Kill Padre Corache
    Padre Corache is rallying the civilians against the bandits, so Juarez wants
    him dead.  This is another mission that left me feeling bad!  Killing Padre
    Corache earns -13 Civilian relations.  When you report back to Juarez, he wants
    you to take the padre's crucifix as a trophy.  It is a bit hard to find, but it
    is there on the ground.  Give the Crucifix to Juarez for a reward of 600 pesos,
    +8 Bandit and -13 Civilian relations.
    Wipe Out Alvarez's Gang
    Alvarez has gathered a gang of misfits and it rivalling the bandits.  Juarez
    wants the whole gang wiped out.  No problemo.
    Reward is 1000 pesos and +20 Bandit relations.
    Stop Lumez Drinking
    Juarez's right-hand-man has a drinking problem.
    A simple mission that earns +2 relations.
    Plans of Military Helicopter
    Juarez has a government helicopter but needs the plans so the bandits' mechanic
    Pedro can repair the engine. The army base is easy to reach by quadbike, which
    is also necessary for your getaway.  Steal the blueprints from the desk and
    drive away immediately, killing as few soldiers as possible.  Stow all your
    heavy inventory items in the bike.
    Deliver the plans to Pedro and Juarez rewards you with 1500 pesos and
    +15 Bandit relations.  Unfortunately you also get -35 Gov relations.
    This is the final mission for Juarez.  See Enrique Marchello at Arturo's bar in
    the village and for 2500 pesos he will restore positive relations.
                          [7.2.4] MAFIA/SMUGGLER MISSIONS
    Cargo Delivery
    Nelson asks you to do a delivery to Felipe on an island close by to the west.
    Talk to Felipe, explore and loot the island,maybe shoot some crabs.  Take the
    Zodiac and return to Nelson for a reward of 300 pesos.
    Release a prisoner of the soldiers
    I had -30 relations with the government at this time, but it was still an easy
    mission.  Travel to Gorrion and kill the soldiers guarding the prisoner.
    Lead him back to the motor cruiser and he makes his escape. Loot all the bodies
    and see a trader to unload some weight.  Return to Nelson for 500 pesos reward.
    Shoot all Paramilitaries in Gorrion
    Take the Zodiac to Gorrion and kill all the paramilitaries.  Return to Nelson
    for 700 pesos reward.  A very easy mission.
    Caruga Mission
    Caruga is the small island west of Espada.  Take the Zodiac and see Felipe on
    the beach.  Clear out some paramilitaries standing around an old shipwreck,
    loot their bodies and return to Felipe for 450 pesos reward.  Too easy!
    Press "M", set a blue flag waypoint on Espada, and return.
    While on Caruga, you can explore, loot some crates and kill some thugs.
    There is another small island further west with a paramilitary base if you want
    to explore while you're in the area.
    This is the final Mafia/Smuggler mission on Espada.  Nelson has nothing more.
                             [7.2.5] GOVERNMENT MILITARY
                             Capt. Cardova Military Missions
    The Military Commander does not give any missions until you have completed the
    Main Mission to see Jose "The Strap".
    Private Marquez asks you to retrieve his rifle lost in a battle with the
    paramilitaries.  The reward is a brand new AK-47.
    You must do the Smuggler Missions for Nelson BEFORE this mission it involves
    killing the smugglers.
    Take photos of the Smugglers Unloading Contraband.
    Mission given by Rodrigo.  Captain Cardona requests photos of the smugglers
    unloading contraband.  Private Hastilio (Gacilio) can advise you on a good
    location for snapping the photos. Leave Rodrigo's car with him at Janini's
    Village and hike up the mountain to the vantage point.  A smuggler here starts
    shooting as soon as the photo is taken.
    Pacify him, and report to Captain Cardona with the photos.
    Steal Documents from the Guerrilla Base.
    Mission given by Capt. Cardona.  Make sure you have some decent weapons and
    good health because you will soon have a big battle with the Mafia.
    Creep in at night and steal the Commandante's safe key while he sleeps.
    All hell then breaks loose.  Shoot as many of the Mafia through the windows and
    doorway, going prone frequently to restore health and quick save.  Watch for
    guys in the watch towers and on the ridge.  Lockpick a quadbike and stow all
    your loot.  Open the safe with the key and steal the helicopter blueprints.
    Ride the Quadbike back to the Army base and give the documents to Captain
    Reward is 1300 pesos,loot, experience points and +ve faction relations.
         You can ride the Quadbike back to the mechanic for repairs and refuelling.
         Curizo has a library hut on the ridge above the Smugglers' Base. He gives
    a side mission to find the book "Kindred Spirits" for his libray.  It is on
    another island so leave it for now.
    Courier Delivery to Colonel Perez.
    Mission given by Captain Cardona.  You will have to drive through a Guerrilla
    Blockade on the bridge, to get to Colonel Perez in the far NE of the island.
    You get the keys to a n army jeep with a mounted machine gun.  Unfortunately it
    does not have unlimited ammo and is susceptible to rocket attacks if stationery
    in the open.
    There is a spot to the right of the blockade that is easily driven through.
    Deliver the documents to Colonel Perez for a reward of 1500 pesos.
    Mop up Paramilitaries in Gorrion.
    Mission given by Colonel Perez.  These guys aren't too difficult.  I'm quite
    enjoying the iron sights on the assault rifles too.  Repair your jeep at the
    mechanic if necessary, sell off some loot at Arturo's Bar, and return to
    Captain Cardona for 1500 pesos reward.
    There are no more missions for Captain Cardona.
                          [7.2.6] GUERRILLA MISSIONS GUIDE
    Sabotage the Electrical supply at the Government Army Base.
    Mission given by Rodrigo at the Rino Garage.  Talk to Commandante Bernadito.
    He asks you to steal a trailer loaded with weapons from the smugglers and
    deliver it to Commandante Orlando at the Guerrilla base.
    Take Rodrigo's car, wait for a small army skirmish on the top of the hill, loot
    the bodies, and drive to the trailer location just before the smugglers' camp.
    Kill the two guards and back up to the trailer. Push the trailer close by hand,
    and link it to the car with F1.  Drive to the Guerrilla base and exit the car.
    Reward:  Walk to Commandante Orlando's tent and receive 1000 pesos and a brand
    new AK-47 as reward.
    The Game is Up.
    Mission given by Commandante Orlando.  You require three frag grenades for this
    mission.  Note translation difficulties here, there is no helicopter involved,
    just an armed jeep.
    Take the quadbike to the Army base.  On the way you receive a message advising
    the use of grenades.
    If you crouch in Captain Cardona's tent, you can kill most of the soldiers from
    there in relative safety.
    Blow the three transformers then take the jeep (chopper?) to Commandante
    Orlando for 2200 pesos reward.
    Tip of the Spear.
    Mission given by Commandante Orlando.  The jeep is repaired and refuelled ready
    for your use. Hop in and drive to Commandante Bernadito in the far NE corner of
    Espada.  Give him the report on the electrical supply disruption to the Army,
    for a reward of 400 pesos.
    Clear the Ruins.
    Mission given by Commandante Bernadito. Clear the paramilitaries from the ruins
    of Gorrion City.  Watch out for the big crater in the road as you enter
    the city.  Report your success to Commandante Orlando back at the Guerrilla
    Base for 2000 pesos reward.
    This is the final Guerrilla Mission on Espada.
                          [7.2.7] CIA MISSIONS
    Talk to Agent McConaughy near the blocked underpass on Espada.
    He gives the mission to find the missing agent Jeremy Dickson.
                     |                                        |
                     |  [7.3] SCENARIO (MAIN) MISSIONS LIST   |
                     |  -----------------------------------   |
                     |                                        |
    Talk to Grey Juanitio after the shipwreck.
    Talk to Jose aka "The Strap" (Epaulet).
    Kill paramilitaries fighters near Jose's house, take handcuffs key and enter
    the house.
    Talk to a civilan about Rodrigo and his car.
    Talk to Rodrigo about the car.
    Kill paramilitaries fighters which are pestering the village and take Rodrigo’s
    car away from them.
    Obtain fish for the unlucky fisherman.
    Find Rita and talk to her about Marchello.
    Save Rupert from execution.
    Talk to Old Diego concerning sailing to Ballena Island.
    Bring pesos or black pearl to Old Diego or his granddaughter.
    Talk to scuba diver (Ernest) about the black pearl for Old Diego's payment.
    Return to Old Diego and try to finally leave the island.  But first talk to a
    bandit on Old Diego's jetty.
    You have choices on how to release Old Diego (He is sitting in closed room at
    the bandits' base).
    Come to an agreement with Juarez on releasing Old Diego.
    If you didn't come to an agreement with the brothers and killed Juarez, take
    the key from Juarez' pocket in the room where Diego is sitting.
    If you killed Juarez before you took the mission “Go to Old Diego's
    granddaughter” and bring the black pearl to her, Ramon will be there instead of
    his brother Juarez.
    Talk all things over with Ramon.
    Finally leave Espada for Ballena Island in Old Diego's boat.
    Talk to CIA Agent Weinstein on Ballena.
    Talk to Eudes.
    Bring 10000 peso or Rubies and Emeralds to Eudes.
    Learn what Machetero said to Eudes.
    Follow Eudes to the meeting place.
    Eudes has betrayed you. Special Operations attack you so defend yourself.
    Take TNT from one of the Spec Ops agents and blow up the door.
    Go to Weinstein and tell him what happened.
    Weinstein don’t know where find Eudes' betrayer, but Juan Pereire knows
    exactly where he is.  Talk to him about it.
    Juan Pereire will tell you where to find Eudes if you buy the island.
    Find Eudes at the island Espiga de Muerte.
    Eudes tells you Indians Cultists are guilty in everything; they are living on
    the island of Siniestro de Craneo.  You need to find something that connects
    the Indians with poisoned cocaine at the island.  Sail to island, take
    the tablet from the wall. At this stage there is no need to explore the island,
    or enter the skull cave at the northern end.  Do this later as part of
    a mission.
    Leave the island before cultists kill you.
    Show the tablet to antiquities collector on Ballena Island and pay him to
    translate the stone tablet.  It is by a cult called "Resurrection of the Gods".
    The Collector tells you to gather six statuettes of the Cogi tribe and
    place them near gates on Siniestro de Craneo island.  Only then will the gates
    to the inner sanctum be opened.
    The statuettes are scattered on all over the map area.  Commanders of each
    faction have one statuette each.  You can reduce the asking price by performing
    missions.  ie sink a barge, knock out air defences, rescue Black Beak's son
    Ling from a spider infested cave on Siniestro de Craneo island, etc.
    1. Drug baron
    2. Colonel
    3. Commandante
    4. Indian Chief
    5. Paramilitary
    Buy the sixth statuette from collector for 5000 pesos.
    Take a statuette from Colonel Galindo (buy of take off from dead body).
    Take a statuette from Commandante Vergara (buy of take off from dead body).
    Take a statuette from Don Castello (buy of take off from dead body).
    Take a statuette from paramilitary commander (buy of take off from dead body).
    Take a statuette from Chief “Black Beak” (buy of take off from dead body).
    Place all statuettes on destination points (island Siniestro de Craneo).
    Drop into the cave and pull the lever to discover the conspiracy of the
    "Gods Incarnation Cult".  *SPOILER*  Go across country, not through the ruins,
    to find a hole in the ground.  Drop down to find the lever.
    Shoot at the cultists on the island and then find the CIA agent
    (A photo in the camera tells us about the Cult of Reborn Gods.
    Agent Sommerson tells everything he knows about Cult of Reborn Gods.
    A radio message from Jamieson warns of unfriendly helicopters in the area.
    There will be cut scene after talking with Sommerson and CIA agents capture
    Saul.  He is taken to a cabin on the container ship for interrogation.
    This  mission takes all your property.  Reclaim your property and escape the
    It is necessary to find some keys for gates and to release the boat.  Take the
    boat key from spec op commander, launch the boat and go to the island where the
    Indian Cultists are going to conduct their next ritual.
    This island is in the far SE of the map.  YOu cannot fly here due to bad
    weather, so take the boat.  
    Eliminate all members of the Cult of Reborn Gods (have plenty of ammo).
    Kill the Shaman.
    That's all folks!
                       |                                |
                       |   [7.4] MAIN MISSIONS GUIDE    |
                       |   -------------------------    |
                       |                                |
                 [7.4.1] ESPADA ISLAND MISSIONS FOR Jose "The Strap" Epaulet
    Kill the paramilitaries Holding Jose.
    This quest is given by Old Juatinio.  Jose is held captive in a house to the
    south of the Spider/Car wreck, guarded by three paramilitaries.
    WARNING:  If you did the mission to escort Paco back to his village earlier, it
    may have broken this mission and the door to Jose's hut will remain locked!
    Kill the three paramilitaries guarding the house.  Use stealth ("F" + "F3") to
    approach, kill the soldier with the automatic weapon first then the two others
    armed with revolvers.  Take a handcuff key and release Jose.
    He tells you that the paramilitaries are searching for you, Saul Myers, and
    they have an exact description of you.
    Rewards:  Jose offers to be your guide, trophies from corpses, civilian
    reputation, experience points, contents of the safes in the house.
    You now have both Jamieson AND Jose giving you advice over the same radio
    Jose gives a new Main Mission:  See Old Diego about leaving the island.
    See Rodrigo and get a Car.
    This mission given by Jose.  See his friend Raul in Arturo's village.
    Help Rodrigo
    This mission given by Raul.
    Jose and Jamieson compete for your attention over the radio.  Go and talk to
    Raul, a friend of Rodrigo's, in Arturo's village.  Raul directs you on to
    Rodrigo, but Rodrigo 's car has been commandeered by the paramilitaries.
    Reward: experience.
    Establish Order
    This quest is given by Rodrigo, who wants his car returned.
    When you kill all the paramilitaries that were harassing the village you can
    return the car to Rodrigo.  He gratefully offers to lease you his car for as
    long as you need it.  He also has the news that you activities with the
    paramilitaries on the shore have attracted the attention of two men.  One, by
    his uniform and bearing, is a captain in the army; the other, by his moustache
    and Kalashnikov, is with the Guerrillas.
    Reward: trophies from the corpses, civilian reputation, experience points, use
    of Rodrigo's car and its storage function for your inventory items, and
    interest of the Government Military and the Guerrillas for future missions.
    The mechanic at the Rino Garage will now repair and refuel vehicles at no cost.
    Talk to the Army Captain or the Guerrilla Commandante
    Mission given by Rodrigo.  Here you get conflicting advice from Jamieson and
    Jose over the radio.
    Jamieson advises working for the Military, as they control over 70% of the
    Jose advises it would be more fun to work for the Guerrillas.
    You now must choose between working for the Army Captain OR the
    Guerrilla Commandante.  Both are standing nearby the Rino garage.
    NOTE:  If you chosoe the option to return and talk later, you are able to do
    both army and guerrilla mission arcs.
    This completes the missions for Jose "The Strap"on Espada Island.
                        [7.4.2] OLD DIEGO
    We are getting close to leaving Espada for Ballena Island.
    Talk to Old Diego.
    He is the old guy on the dock who looks remarkably like Hulk Hogan.  He has a
    trade function and has a lot of miscellaneous items you probably already picked
    up for yourself. It is possible to purchase a machine gun, repair kit for TS,
    and good armor with 75% protection.
    He asks 7000 pesos, or a black pearl, to take you to Ballena Island.  Old Diego
    has been looking for this black pearl all his life without success.  But some
    frogmen arrived two weeks ago and found one already.
    Life is unfair!
    If you did the Frogmen Mission already, you have the black pearl.  Old Diego
    asks you to give it to his granddaughter nearby in Gorrion City.  Do that.
    But when you return to the dock, there is a complication. Juarez has imprisoned
    Old Diego because of an unpaid debt of 3000 pesos.  A bandit on the dock tells
    you to sort it out with Juarez.
    Finish the Business with Juarez.
    There are various possibilities here. Juarez may ask you to pay the 3000 pesos,
    plus another 2000 pesos interest.  If you follow the correct conversation you
    won't have to pay the ransom and Juarez hands over the key to Old Diego's cell.
    Release Old Diego.  Follow to the Dock.
    Catch up on any trading etc first and meet Old Diego at the dock.  A long FMV
    loads here, and you arrive at Ballena Island.  You get the message to meet CIA
    agent Weinstein, who will fill you in on the contaminated cocaine problem.
    If you had a talk to Juarez's girlfriends, you will have an idea what to expect
    on Ballena Island.
                       [8.0]      FACTIONS & FACTION RELATIONS
    -  Civilians
    -  Mafia
    -  Government/Officials
    -  Indians
    -  CIA
    -  Guerrillas
    -  Bandits
    When you perform a mission for a faction your relations improve with that
    faction.  At the same time they deteriorate with opposing factions.
    Killing the paramilitaries does not give negative faction relations.
    There are two methods to improve negative faction relations:
    -  firstly, killing members of a friendly faction will improve relations with
    their enemy factions.
    -  secondly, talk to faction representatives at bars.  eg Enrique Marchello at
    Arturo's shop on SW island Espada. (Note: Just to confuse things, there are two
    (2) Enrique Marchellos.  The other one, just East of the first dock, gives a
    short mission to solve problems with his girlfriend Rita.)
    Any faction having negative relations will open fire on sight.
                              [9.0]      CHEATS
    Press the tilde key (~) to enter the console and type:
    addhealth  for +10 health
    addarmor   for +10 armor
    Holding "Z" while some vehicles conserves petrol.
                              [10.0]     LINKS
    Deep Shadows Official site      http://www.whitegold-game.com/
    Deep Shadows English Forum      http://board.deep-shadows.com/index.php?act=idx
                              [11.0]     FAQ
     Q1. How do I use the vehicles?
     A1. Boats and Zodiacs can not be used unless they are authorised by a NPC.
        Quadbikes can be lockpicked.
        Rodrigo's car can be leased as part of the Main Mission, initiated by Jose.
        Jeep is given by Army Capt. Cardona as part of a mission.
        Rmouse is easiest to mount/embark and press"E" to dismount/disembark.
        F2 accesses the vehicle's boot storage.
        F3 repairs a flat tire
        F = F1 turns on headlights.
     Q2 Sometimes the mini-map shows a mission as being "AWAY".  What is this?
     A2 The mission could be on a different island, or it could be at night time.
     Use the sleep function and try at a different time of day.
     Q3 What happens when my vehicle is badly damaged or low on petrol?
     A3 The Rino Garage mechanic on Espada repairs and refuels vehicles.
    Only available after you clear the village of paramilitaries for
    Captain Cardoga.
     Q4 My inventory is too heavy.
     A4 Store your possessions in the trunk of Rodrigo's car, the quadbike or the
    jeep, until you can get them to a trader.  Or let them go into a drop box.
     Q5 Where can I get a decent rifle?
     A5 Private Marquez at the Army Base gives a mission where the reward is
    a new AK-47.
     Q6. Where is the key aboard the ship?
     A6  Start in the stern of the ship.  The gates won't open to the cargo deck,
    and there is an invisible barrier here. Go down into the hold and find the key.
    Go back on deck.  Open the gate and release the inflatable boat.
     Q7 How can I use the SCUBA tank underwater?
     A7 You can't.  You can hold your breath for 30 seconds, or 45 seconds with the
    underwater breathing perk.
     Q8 How can I keep from drowning in the underwater cave?
     A8 Immediately turn right into a dead-end cave to breathe.
       Swim along the shortest routes.
       Save often.
       You swim faster if you are carrying light weight.
     Q9 I cannot find the case for the Guerrillas on the second island?
     A9 Use specially marked transportation:  in this case, the patrol boat.
     Q10 Where can I find large pearls?
     A10 In deep water.
       In the underwater cave of the Frogman Mission.
       From the pearl trader on the first dock at Espada.
     Q11 I keep losing my car/quadbike/jeep.
     A11 Park on a main road, at Arturos's Bar, Juarez's HQ, somewhere obvious.
     Q12 On the first island, how do I entertain the bored ones? (Bandits)
     A12 Bring them playing cards.
     Q13 Can I separate ammo from guns I find?
     A13 Yes.  Right click the gun in the Inventory screen.
     Q14 All of a sudden I am carrying too much weight to move.
     A14 Check your inventory for cannonballs or anchors.
     Q15 I keep getting disoriented in the underwater cave maze.
     A15 Keep an eye on the compass, and stay close to the right hand wall all the
    way in to Javier and out again.
     Q16 What is the purpose of the weapons instructor near the Rino garage?
     A16 He is a rip-off!
     Q17 I am sick of the rain/darkness.
     Q17 Sleep until morning.
                       [12.0]      VERSION HISTORY
    v 0.1  01JAN2008   Began work on layout, including the information that is
    available in the official pre release FAQ.
    v 0.2  28MAY2010 Completed Beginners Guide and Mission Guide for Espada Island.
    v 0.3  19AUG  corrections to acknowledgements (badmofo) and separating ammo
    from guns.
    v 0.4  31AUG2010  Complete Main Missions LIST.
                      Add to Resource Missions.
                      Add to Hints and Tips.
                      Add Gameplay Warnings.
                         [13.0]      PERMISSIONS
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide is my own published work, and copyrighted by
    Val's Evil Twin 2010.
    I prefer this to be hosted on authorised sites only so I can keep it updated.
    I expect to expand the Mission Guide Section in future revisions.
    List of the current known sites that host my Guide:
                       [14.0]      CREDITS & ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS
    Thanks to:
    Iraika for help with Mission Lists.
    DeepShadows for another classic game.
    Peetz, for lots of help.
    The community at www.deepshadows.com, especially Wesp5, badmofo, meyers90,
    guenthar, Anders, mrhtml16, overweightninja, nick-o-teen, bradleypariah.
    ASCII Art courtesy of http://www.network-science.de/ascii/
    Please forgive errors due to translation from the Russian, also probably a few
    errors of my own.  Emails with corrections gratefully accepted.
    Val's Evil Twin
    31AUG2010  v 0.4

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